Roamin’ Catholic – Treasures of the Church

[♪] [♪] Rob:This is great![♪] I think it’s gonna, I think it’s gonna really help. [♪] Now you’re sure this thing’s gonna work, right? Elias: What? Rob: Oh. Oh, yeah, yeah. You’re sure this is gonna work. Right? Elias: I’ve worked on this contraption for a year now. Of course, it’ll work. I guarantee we’ll find every scrap of metal you ever dropped in this yard. Rob: Great! Elias: See this screen here?This showseverything underground,so that you don’t have todig up anythingthat you don’t want to.Rob: Good. You know, I used a metal detector when I went to the beach. It was so much fun. It would ping and ping and ping. And I’d be like, “This is it. This is a treasure. I’m gonna be rich.” And it was usually like, you know, a soda pop tab or some random piece of garbage. I don’t know! [metal detector buzzing] Lia: Wow! What is that thing? Rob: It’s a cool thing that Elias invented.Well, he didn’t inventthe metal detector part,but he putsome really cool gadget to go along with it. Lia: So, what are you doing with it? Looking for buried treasure? Rob:Buried treasure?Well, ha-ha, I wish it wasthat exciting. No. I’m looking for nails in the backyard. Remember when I had some work done on my roof?You know,I just wanna make
that all the nails are gone,because I don’t want Pete to step on one. He always comes in the backyard without shoes. He says, “I like to feel the grass on my flippers. C-c-c-cool! Lia: Well, that’s kind of boring! I thought maybe you were looking for buried treasure or something. I’ve always wanted to be a treasure hunter. Rob: You know what? I thought the same thing. When I was young, I thought I would grow up to be a pirate! You know, get on a pirate ship, wear an eyepatch, brandish a sword, ‘Aargh, matey!’ [laughs] Elias: You know, pirates aren’t exactly good guys, right? Rob: Yeah. I found that out. That’s why I became the Roamin Catholic, so I could travel the world, searching for treasure and not have to walk the plank. But, you know what? Maybe I could ask the Boss if, for one episode at least, I could wear one of those pirate bandanas, and an eyepatch. ARGH Matey! I’ll get’cha! Ha-ha-ha-ha! Argh! Ha-ha-ha! [♪] Lia: Yeah, he always does that when he gets inspired by a new idea. You never know when he’s just gonna get up and walk off. Rob: Yeah, I remember you told me he went swimming once, he dove in the water. Then, he popped right back out, got his notebook, got it completely wet. And then, took off, writing down ideas. You didn’t see him for a week. Lia: Yeah, that was when he invented the refracting-tele modulator, for testing deep-water currents. Rob: Oh, is that what it did? Lia: Anyway, let’s get back to talking about treasure. In my religion class we’ve been learning about the Treasures of the Church. Rob: Ah, one of my favorite topics! [metal detector buzzing] [♪] [knocks on door] Pete: What? Who’s there? I’m in the middle of watching my favorite ‘Space Penguin Heroes’ episode! [♪] Jacek: Surprise, Peep! Pete: And what a surprise, Jacek! I always enjoy a visit from my favorite neighbor. Jacek: Guess what, Pete? I think there’s treasurein yourbackyard.I saw Mr Robusing a metal detector. [♪] Rob: I think we got everything! It would be nice if there was buried treasure. Wouldn’t there? Wait, I’m sorry. It would be nice if there was buried treasure in the backyard, but I don’t think there’s going to be. You know, the Roman Catholic Church has so many incredible treasures, the great Churches, the amazing Artwork, but by far, one of the greatest treasures of the Church is Holy Scripture. [opens door] [♪] Lia: Yeah. That’s one of the things that… [♪] Pete: Someone’s coming! Lia: … our teacher said, too. Pete: Go hide! [♪] Rob: Hey! Hey! Whoa! Whoa! Just buzz by here! Be careful little guy! Now Pete, [closes door] why is your freezer door open? And Jacek is running out of here. Are you two up to something? Pete: Oh Robert, you’re always so suspicious! Jacek and I are best friends! Why would you think that we were up to something? Rob: Well, the last time you and Jacek were “talking as best friends” and then he went running out, I had a mountain full of bubbles in my basement. Pete: Yeah, that was fun. Wasn’t it? Who knew you weren’t supposed to use the entire bottle of detergent?! I mean, my clothes were really dirty. More dirt, more Detergent! Right? Rob: Yeah, it took me a year to actually clean that up! Pete: Please close the door. I need to get back to Space Penguin Heroes! “Dat, dat, dom!” Rob: Well, we need to finish this conversation, after your show! Don’t forget! Boss:Calling Rob Wahl,the Roamin’ Catholic!Lia: Rob, I think you need to forget about Pete for a minute. [Siren] There’s someone more important that needs your attention. Rob: Who? Oh! Oh, my Myphone! It’s The Boss. It’s The Boss calling. Boss:Calling Rob Wahl,the Roamin’ Catholic!Please come in!Rob: I can’t get the… Boss:Rob Wahl.[siren]Rob: …I can’t get the phone. I can’t get the phone out of my pocket. Here we go. Oh, okay. I got it! I’m fine! Everybody’s fine! Okay. Boss:Rob Wahl,the Roamin’ Catholic![siren]Rob: Can you see my leg? Boss:Are you there?Rob:My leg is, my leg is like stuck on the… No! Don’t push me! Pull my leg off. Come around. Pull my foot. C’mon. Boss:Calling Rob Wahl[siren]the Roamin’ Catholic!Rob: C’mon around, I got to tell you, you come around and pull my foot. Boss:Please come in!Rob: I can’t… Boss:Rob Wahl!Rob: He’s gonna be really mad, if I don’t hurry up. Just pull my leg, it’s stuck in the couch. Okay. Alright, that’s good. Boss:Rob Wahl,the Roamin’ Catholic,please pick up your Myphone!Rob: Okay. [♪] Okay. Whew! How do I look? Do I look okay? Alright, here we go. Okay. [♪] It’s okay, Boss! I’m here! I’m just a little out of breath. I had the phone. That’s why it took me so long to answer the phone in the thing. And I was like, WHOA! WHEW! Just let me catch my breath a second. Boss: Good day, Rob Wahl, the Roamin’ Catholic! Oh, have you been training for one of those extreme races, where you run through puddles, and leap over logs, and that sort of thing? Rob: No, I just…. hold on just a second! Boss: We can’t have you spraining your back, trying to make it over one of those 10 foot walls again. I need you in shape for your next mission. Rob: Well, I wasn’t even officially in that race! I was just trying to chase my Mom! I sprained my ankle. And it’s amazing how fast she could go over obstacles. I couldn’t even catch her! [chuckles] Boss: Your Mom is pretty impressive! I mean, she did raise you! [laughs]She raised, did raise you![laughs/coughs] Now back to the business at hand. I’m going to send you to learn about St Jerome, one of my favorite saints. He was quite a spectacular scholar, a master of 4 languages: Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and Chaldaic. Rob: Wow! That is impressive! I only know 2 languages. [chuckles] English and Penguin. But, I’d love to learn more.Put those in there for me.I’d love to learn more.I’m thinking, you know, maybe Arabic or,ah, just put that in therefor me,or maybe Mandarin.I’d love to learn Mandarin.I’d maybe like to learn,I don’t know, Latin. You know, maybe St Jerome could help me with Latin?Just put that in there.Boss: No. Unfortunately not, Rob. St Jerome lived a very long time ago. Rob: Oh. Boss: In the 4th century. Rob: Well, it was worth a shot! [chuckle] Maybe I could take one of those; I love this book, maybe I can put that in there. Maybe I could one of thoseonline courses,where I, you know, I don’t have to leave at all. And I could just stay home, and, you know, Pete could learn it with me. It’d be great! Maybe we could, maybe we could do that? Boss: But Rob, can we please stay focused? Rob: Might need these. Put those in there. I’m, I’m sorry. I just, I wanna multitask, right? You’re explaining the trip to me. And I’m multitasking so that I can be more efficient. And when I am done speaking with you, I can just go right out the door. Boss: It’s not efficient, if you’re not listening, and I have to repeat myself! Now, you don’t have to bother with packing. I’m not sending you very far. In fact, you can walk there!I’m sending you down the street,to the library.I want you to learn what St Jerome’s connection is to the Bible. I’ve heard that it’s a pretty big deal. Rob: Okay! Then, it’s off to the library! St Jerome, with a J, I’ll look in the J section. So, [chuckles] okay. Thank you! [♪] Okay. Let’s get this going. [♪] Oh, can you hand me my selfie-stick? [♪] And can you get my camera? [♪] And I’m gonna put the camera on. Yes, very good. And can you get my boomerang? Please? I’ll need that [♪] and probably my alarm clock.. [♪] Okay.Let’s go!Lia: Rob, why are you still taking a suitcase? Rob: In case I find some good books at the library, and I’m there for a few days. [♪] [chuckles] [♪] [tip-toe music] Pete: It’s okay, Jacek! The coast is clear! You can come out now! [bell] [tip-toe music] Elias: Okay, Pete, what’s going on? Jacek told me that you need me to invent something special for you. Pete: We need a device that makes it super easy to dig holes. We need to dig a lot of them! Elias: Why are you digging holes? Pete: [laughs] A very good question. And I have a very good, perfectly normal answer. You see, Jacek and I decided to….um… plant a garden this year. Yes, a huge garden with lots and lots of.. gardening things in it! Elias: Since when have you been into gardening? Pete: Well, um, since we decided to eat more fruits and vegetables! You know, eat more healthy sorts of food. I thought we’d plant some asparagus, cucumber, and maybe some snap peas. Jacek: And broccoli! I love broccoli! Pete: Yep, a nice big vegetable garden. I used to do it all the time back home. Elias: Back home, in the South Pole, where it’s cold? Pete: Uh, yeah! Where do you think frozen vegetables come from? Huh? Elias: Okay. I’ll get started. Meet you outside at 3 o’clock. Pete: That was great thinking, Jacek! If Elias creates a machine that can dig holes quickly, we’ll be able to search the backyard, and find the treasure before Robert gets home from his library trip! Jacek: You’re the best-est, Peep! Pete: Thanks Jacek! Soon we’ll be rich beyond our wildest dreams. Rich! Rich! Rich! “Mmmmwwwahahahahaha!…” [evil laugh] [♪] [♪] Rob: Well, hello friends! This is Rob Wahl, the Roamin’ Catholic, traveling the globe to learn about the faith for you! Today, I am at a fascinating place, my local library! Yes. I’ve been doing some research on St Jerome. He happens to be the patron saint of translators, scholars, and librarians! C’mon, let’s go! [♪] This place is huge! [♪] Now, where? [♪] Where do I need..? [♪] Oh, here we are! [♪] Uhmm? No. Dit, dit, dit, dit, dit. [chuckles] [♪] [clears throat] Yeah. You know, St Jerome lived a long time ago.He was a very smart manwho loved to learn.And his most well-known projectthat took many yearsofpreparation and study?Translatingmost of the Old Testamentfrom its originalHebrew and Greekinto Latin.And that was the languagethat most people knewat that time.By doing this,more people were able to readand study the Bible.That was his goal!His translation of the Bible came to be known as the Vulgate. And is a true treasure of the Church.[♪] [phone ringing] Uh woof, I’m sorry! Sorry, I’ve gotta… Man in library: Shhh! Rob: Oh! Sorry! [phone rings] I, I….um… I’ll be quiet! I just gotta; sorry. [phone rings] Okay. Okay. Hello! Lia: Hi Rob! How’s your trip going? Did you find any treasure? Rob: Oh, yes! I found treasure! Man in library: Shhhhh! Rob: I’m really sorry! Shushing now! Right now! Starting now! Shush. [whispers] Sorry. [clears throat] Let’s go over here. [♪] Oh, it was great Lia! You’re gonna love what I found! Lia: What did you find? [♪] Rob: A treasure for everyone! The Holy Bible! Just like we talked about, but listen to this. St Jerome knew that translating such an important bookwould be difficult.So, before he got started,he spent many yearspreparing to do it.He studied in Rome,in Germany for a few years,always seeking outthe best teachers.Then, St Jerome traveled throughout Palestine, seeking out each spot of Christ’s life. Wow! He devoted himself to prayer, penance, and studying.St Jerome spent 5 yearsliving in the desert even.Eventually,he went to Bethlehem,and lived in the cavethat is believed to bethe birthplace of Jesus. [♪] [text alert] [♪] Lia: Why was it such a big deal that people could read the Bible? [♪] Rob: Well, that’s a good question, Lia. [♪] The Bible is not just any ole book that could be checked out of a library, like this. It’s a very special book.It is Sacred Scripture;the inspired word of God.The Bible is the storyof God’s relationshipwith His people.The Old Testament relates tothe New Testament.And together,they help us understandGod’s plan,for all of us,for humanity.Even though it was written way before any of us were born, it is still relevant to us today. You know, by reading the Bible, and learning how to understand Sacred Scripture, we can hear God talking to us. [♪] [text alert] [♪] Lia: If St Jerome translated the Bible, who actually wrote it? [♪] Rob: Ah, another good question! [♪] The Bible was written by many human authors.But, those authorswere inspiredby the Holy Spirit!The Bible is the Word of God.As St Jerome said, [chuckle] We can follow in Jerome’s evangelizing footsteps by loving the Word of God. Oh, and one more thing, and this is really cool, especially because I’m standing in the middle of a library. The Bible could really be considered a library in itself. It’s made up of 73 books, you know. It took many centuries for all of these books to be written. And the books contain stories of creation, and the history of God’s people. It has poetry, songs, letters to the first Christians and believers, eyewitness accounts of the life, death, and Resurrection of Jesus. It’s so much stuff! [♪] [text alert] [♪] Lia: That’s awesome! Thanks for teaching everyone about St Jerome and the Bible! Rob:You are welcome!Agh, now where was I? Man in library: Shhh! Rob: Oh! I’m so sorry! Listen, um… I have something for you. Yeah. [clears throat] Hold this. That’s not it! Man in library: Shhh! Rob: That’s not it. Ready? [clears throat] Huh? Huh? [whispers] Give me that, take those. Put those on. Huh? Can you hear me? Man in library: [whispers] Thank you. Rob: Glad you like ’em! [♪] Now, where was I? Oh, yes! The Bible! One more neat thing I wanted to tell you, when I was researching St Jerome, I started reading about a lot of different saints, you see. They led such amazing lives. I was remembering my conversation about ‘The treasures of the Church,’ when I read the story of St Lawrence. [clears throat] Here we go! He lived at the time when the Romans were persecuting Christians.Lawrence was a Deacon,in charge of taking care ofthe materials of the Churchand giving alms to the poor.When the Prefect of Rome,that’s the guywho was in charge of the city, when he heard that Lawrence was giving money to the poor, he thought, you know the Church must have many treasures. So, he ordered Lawrence, to give all the treasures of the Church to Rome. Ah! Lawrence said, that the Church was indeed rich, but he would, you know, he would need 3 days to gather everything up. So, Lawrence spent the next few days gathering the poor, the lame, the orphaned, the widowed, and many other people together, so when the Prefect came to collect all of the riches that he expected, Lawrence presented the people, and said, “They were the true Treasures of the Church.” [♪] [text alert] [♪] Oh, hi Lia! Lia: So, was the Prefect of Rome angry at St Lawrence? Rob: Huh! Was he ever?! [♪] The Prefect was so angry, he gave the order to have Lawrence executed. St Lawrence was martyredfor his strong faith.[♪] Lia:Wow!Saint Lawrence was a brave man.Rob:Yes, indeed, he was.[♪]Well, that’s all the timewe have today.This is Rob Wahl…Lia: And Lia. Rob: …saying “Goodbye and God bless!” And keep a look out for buried treasure. Our Faith is filled with it, and it just takes a little digging to discover amazing riches! [♪] [camera flash sound] [♪] Elias: Let me show you how this digging machine works. Jacek:Wow!That’s awesome![♪] Elias: Have fun digging. I’m off to the Young Inventors Convention. Pete: So long Elias! We’ll share some treasure, I mean, some asparagus with you when it’s ready to be harvested! I’m sure glad that Elias didn’t stick around. Now we can start searching for that treasure! Jacek: I wonder, what we’ll find? Pete: Gold? Jewels? A pirate’s chest?! Argh! And it’s all mine! Mine! [honks] Jacek: All yours? Pete: Eer.., I mean Ours. [honks] Oh now, let’s get digging, Jacek! [♪] Pete: A hundred and eleventeen holes and no treasure!Nothing, but an old dog bone![footsteps approaching] Oh no! I hear Robert coming home!QuickJacek, let’s hide![♪] Rob: [humming] Wow! I love this book. Haah! Heh! I know what I’m doing tonight, reading a few chapters. [humming] [♪] Rob: This book really is amazing! When I read it, I feel like God is talking directly to me. What is that? I really do need to read more of this. Pete:Robert!Robert, the Roamin’ Catholic!Would you pleaseopen the freezer?!I have an important questionto ask you.Robert!Rob: Wait. Pete:Robert!Robert!Rob: Wow! Pete:Robert!Rob: Wow, Pete! You have one powerful set of lungs! Pete: Well, thanks! I think I get that from my Great-Grandma Ester. That penguin had a great set of pipes! Great Grandpa Earl used to say that she could be heard all the way from the North Pole to the South Pole. Rob: Huh. You knew your Great Grandparents? That’s pretty amazing! Pete: Yeah, penguins in my family have always had the gift of great health. So, we live very long lives. I’ll probably outlive you! Rob: Oh, yeah. Well, I just need to live long enough to get my hearing back now. Wow! So, what was all the hollering about anyway? Pete: Um, I was welcoming you back! Rob: Oh. Pete: Welcome back. Jacek: Welcome back, Mr Rob. Pete: I’m glad that Jacek and I were able to watch your show about The Treasures of the Church. The Bible can enrich our lives in so many ways. It is a great treasure! By the way, Robert, I have one more question for you. Rob: Yeah? Pete:Why were you usinga metal detector in the yard? Rob: Metal detector? Oh, yeah, I was. That was, I was trying to find all the nails in the yard. You know, I had some work done on the roof. And the construction and the nails fell. And I just didn’t want anybody stepping on them. So, I was using a metal detector to find the nails. Why? Pete: You mean you weren’t looking for buried treasure? I thought you and Lia were talking about treasure buried in the yard. Rob: [laughs] What? No! Not buried treasure. The Treasures of the Church, you know, like Holy Scripture, the Bible. Pete: I’m so sorry! I guess Jacek and I got carried away. I’ll have to tell Elias I’m sorry I lied to him about the garden. I just started thinking about being rich and buying lots of stuff. Now I see the Real Treasure is Holy Scripture! Rob: Well, that’s right. And it’s good that you actually learned something from all this. Pete: And well, there’s, there’s… Robert, there’s one more thing. Rob: Okay. Pete: Well, maybe you should stay out of the yard for a while, maybe even a year… Rob: Wait, wait, wait, wait! Pete: … or maybe 2? Rob: What do you mean stay out of the yard, for a year? Well, no… Pete: In fact, I wouldn’t even look out there. Rob: No, I’m gonna look out there right now! Pete: Robert, don’t, don’t. Rob:No, because you’re saying,‘Don’t look in the yard.’Of course, I want to go look in the yard. Pete: Robert, I’m… Rob: For a year? Pete: … just telling you… Rob:Well, I knowyou’re telling me.Pete: …you, you, you would be happier… Rob: But, why don’t youtell me….Pete: …if you didn’t look in the yard. Rob:…why I shouldn’t?When, you said, a yearor 2,how about right now? I’ll go check it out right now. Pete: Robert, have you ever thought about a garden? Rob: That does not sound good. Pete, what did you do? Never mind! I’m just gonna see for myself what happened. Pete: It’d be nice to have some fresh carrots once in a while. Rob: Whoa, ho-ho, Pete! Whoa! [screaming] What’s going on?! [♪] Whew! Oh, woo! Uh, how deep can a hole in the earth be? Oh, oh no! [screaming] [♪]

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