Reminder: God Loves You

Reminder: God Loves You

– right in the frame okay anyways hi my name is father Mike Schmidt and this is essential reasons so um I don’t know if it was a video that came out recently or a video it’s going to come out about humility um in the video I think I would stand by most everything that I said there but um I did a comparison where I that comparison I I noted the song this is me from the musical the greatest showman and I was like oh my gosh are you kidding me another song that’s like this triumphant anthem of someone like singing about like this is me I’m glorious how I am and I’m fine how I am you have to love me because I am me all those kinds of things and I was like a little bit maybe cantankerous is that the right word cantankerous maybe curmudgeon II probably yes because I was like are you kidding me dala back I still maintain in this very important thing is that yes the bearded lady is worth loving this is so important she’s worth loving but my issue was why is she worth loving it’s because she’s been made in the image and likeness of God himself this is the most important thing on our own just that collection molecules not enough but if God has made us on purpose then that’s enough but here’s the problem here’s the problem after I made this video that video I went and watched won’t you be my neighbor about mr. Rogers about Reverend Fred Rogers and I was like oh my gosh what the heck father Mike why are you such a moron why are you so stupid because in that video in that part of that video what I forgot was there are some people who actually don’t know that it’s good that they exist that might be you right now that might have been you watching that video and you’d be like wow yes thanks a lot uh I bet that song gave me a lot of encouragement that song made me feel better about myself and now you’re saying that I’m terrible I say that’s not what I said but I get it there are people and I know this I you know people every single day I just kind of forgot in the moment that there are many people who wonder what it says if mr. Rogers he says there are people who asked the question am i a mistake and I just heard that on the movie and I was like oh my gosh there are people who actually asked that question am i a mistake you know and I should have known this I wrote a whole book over the book it’s called a I made for love this isn’t an advertisement thing but it’s like in the book like when I was writing the book the actual working title of this book was called it is good that you exist so that’s that’s the title that I had written on the document as I was writing the rest wrote righted the rest of the man wrote the rest of the manuscript because why because there’s a lot of people who wonder am i a mistake now if you’re watching yours like that you know what mr. Rogers he’s the problem mr. Rogers and his like you know you’re everyone’s special kind of a mentality mr. Rogers and his let me encourage you for doing nothing mentality that’s what’s wrong with the world we’ll listen mr. Rogers and Pope Benedict the sixteenth have a lot in common why miss Pope Benedict himself says almost exactly what mr. Rogers says I just think he says a little more eloquently and with the German accent but here’s what Pope Benedict says about this whole thing of like the question am i a mistake being to know when someone says hey I like you as you are here’s what Pope Benedict says he said when I know that I’m wanted that I have a task in history like you know basically when you know you’re on a mistake when you know that you’re not an accident you’re not a cosmic accident that you exist because God wants you to exist so when I know that I’m wanted to have a task in history that I’m accepted and loved man can only accept himself if he knows he’s accepted by someone else it was on until I am accepted and loved by another I cannot accept and love myself this is not mr. Rogers this is Pope Benedict the sixteenth until I’m accepted and loved by another I actually can’t accept and love myself to have someone come along and say I like you as you are you are not a mistake is so important and so critical that yes it makes sense that people would resonate with the song this is me because they’re like I don’t know if anyone likes me like that I don’t know if anyone accepts me like that I don’t know if anyone wants me like that Pope any of this goes on to say though I says but then even then the sense is fragile because all human acceptance is fragile this is so profound because it’s not just about like someone coming along and saying hey you’re good enough you’re smart enough and doggone it people like you it’s God Himself looks at you and here’s what he says ultimately we need a sense of being accepted unconditionally only if God accepts me and I have become convinced of this do I know definitively it is good that I exist amazing that is only when God accepts me and I become convinced of this that I can know definitively it is good that I exist I like you as you are you are not a mistake and how do you know that if God accepts you unconditionally Romans chapter 5 God proves his love for us and that while we were still sinners Christ died for us BAM here it is God saying oh I know you’ve got wounds I know you’ve got wounds I know you struggle I know there’s things in your life that you are not proud of and there’s choices you’ve made that you should not have made I know that there’s a brokenness inside of you that no one else sees but I’m gonna prove my love for you and that while you are still wounded and still we can and still making bad decisions I’ll die for you and this is the heart of Christianity if we forget this heart of Christianity that God proves his love for us and that while we were still sinners Christ died for us I might not like the song and I might not like the musical but I like you you’re not a mistake and it is good that you exist from all of us here at accenture presents my name is father Mike god bless sure to like subscribe make a comment [Music] you

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  1. There's another video post (1 day ago)..20,000+ views!?!! (…topic. .single vs married life) Lots of unfulfilled folks or is it the presenter? Fr. Mike. ..maybe it is about people finding fulfillment in the "every day"…not thinking when I get the (…you name it)…happiness will be….just a thought

  2. Maybe the best video yet coming out Ascension — maybe the most necessary — and that's saying a lot since they've all been good and necessary. Thank you. Thank you.

  3. God is love and all you need is love. Sadly, Trump lies daily and divides and attacks all who dare disagree or criticize him. Even sadder, most of the Catholics I know worship and agree with Trump more than they do God or the Pope. Seriously.

  4. "Until I am accepted and liked by somebody else, I cannot accept and love myself." Thank you God for loving an unworthy, hopeless sinner like me

  5. And we love you too Fr. Shmidt, keep spreading the word and the love. You are something very special, The Almighty will give you love and help you bring that love to others. Tough it out, Father Mike, you are the best! We love you!

  6. The mystery to me isn’t so much that God loves us, but really who is He? I want to see Him one day, to be with Him in heaven. I don’t accept the alternative.

  7. Father Mike this so moved me I had to share it on my facebook. It is hard sometimes to trust because when we trust we are vulnerable. Thank You so much for this💕

  8. Yeah…only God loves me unconditionally. Because even my most precious family members can unaccept my behaviour when I act pestish. What hurts me most is when people ask if tbe unborn child you are carrying was conceived by mistake, an unplanned pregnancy, so that makes the baby to be unloved. How cruel. I am a mum of 6 kids and many times I was confronted with this question. Even if children are conceived outside wedlock or though within marriage but unplanned…they were ALWAYS in God's plan are still a joy and a person to be cherished and greatly loved.
    Thank you Fr Mike…great video as usual.

  9. Where does Pope Benedict say: "Man can only accept himself if he knows he's accepted by someone else. Until I am accepted and loved by another I cannot accept and love myself."?

  10. Cool Fr Mike I get it. God's love for us is our reason for being. Any other love apart from His is fragile and self centred . this is me.

  11. A TriUneTrinity votive candle cross was lit this morning at the Cathedral after the morning Mass……the votive candle stand holds at least 50 of the smaller candles in dark red glass holders…..the votive candles are aligned so a proper cross  +  can be formed when 6 votive candles are lit… 1st Holy Water from the dispenser close to the votive candles was carried by hand and let to drop on the votive candle where the vertical and horizontal -> + <- portions of the TriUneTrinity cross connected…2nd the central votive candle with the drops of Holy Water was lit…then the remaining 5 candles were lit….3rd the votive intention and prayer(s) were recited….  An older woman who regularly attends morning Mass at the Cathedral was watching from the aisle about 30 ft. away…she was staring, 'mesmerized', motionless, comprehending each of the progressive elements…1st the Holy Water, 2nd the votive candle and 3rd the cross ……a definite compounded to the power of 3 attempt to communicate to God the Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit   Mercy+Mercy+Mercy+  Amen

  12. Bringin' yer Guardian Angel to church-> to right in front of the Tabernacle  ….Chronic sinfulness, with a capital 'C' and so many other self wrought afflictions cause spiritual self paralysis, particularly when our sinfulness damages others  …..guilt, actually being guilty results in 'How can I even confess this filth?'  …an initial response to chronic sinfulness is to not consider yourself ….acknowledge that you have dragged your Guardian Angel around with you , Yes, right over your shoulder there….as each mortal sin was considered, implemented and the damage inflicted…  Your divine, celestial Guardian Angel, tethered to your mind, heart, soul and body is subjected to your every…every…everything   ….so 'reject' yourself, consider your Guardian Angel and provide a sanctuary in response to all the events of mortal sin specifically with bringing not you but your Guardian Angel to the Tabernacle  …..ask God to shield your Guardian Angel from your mortal sins  …..then the 1st prayer requesting protection for your Guardian Angel from your sinfulness ….then another prayer for forgiveness from your Guardian Angel …keep going….Amen?  …hope so…..

  13. Hello Father Mike. My boyfriend of 16 years died 2 weeks ago. I am 41 years old. I am very confused and lonely. Please pray for me.

  14. Wow Fr Mike! Just wow thank you for this word of encouragement. I love what God does through you, please pray for me.

  15. Please pray for me. I truggle with anxiety disorders on a daily basis. I love art, painting and taking photos and I want to serve God with my artwork. I work in industry as a logistics engineer but the stress is killing me. God bless you all!

  16. God Wanted me to watch this a couple days ago, but I was afraid. I heard it today, and I thank you, God. Thanks fr. Mike for allowing God to use you as His middle man.

  17. I'm learning from God, my sponsor/alcoholics anonymous that self-centered fear is my main character defect. I have to ask God to remove my fears so that I can be of service to Him, and others. Amen. We always need to pray no matter how we're feeling.

  18. But I don't understand…wat about those who begs for money and sleep on the street? Is that who God created them to be?

  19. With Halloween coming up. Can you please make a video about Halloween? Like is it Okay for Catholics to celebrate this holiday?

  20. Thankyou so much Fr. MIKE Smitz I'm glad you exist to be here and talk on your videos. I think we all need to hear what you have tell us. I'm glad God created us,but right now I don't feel appreciated and i'm sad. Please say a prayer for me. Thankyou, peace and love to you. Carol

  21. Agree to disagree on The Greatest Showman, but what an important message in this post! It would be such a gift to everyone single person on this planet if for just one moment, we could see ourselves as God sees us. We would never question our worth again. Thank Fr. Mike.

  22. Father..can you explain about halloween and catholic church?..i saw an article said that halloween is actually a celebration of saint it true?..thank you

  23. Father Mike, how might you respond to someone who says “If God loves me as I am then why change?” Or something along those lines? I could see someone replying with that.

  24. * unless you don't believe he exists, in which case he'll keep you locked up in a concentration camp for all eternity

  25. You are the coolest priest ever, after Jesus ofc. I am sure you have heard about and he about you. You should totally do a coop video.

  26. This video brought me to tears! I have so many things in my life that I hate and I am not proud of, but yet Fr. Mike shows me that God still loves me!

  27. I just got home, from a very rough night.. I work for an EMS service, and came home.. covered in blood, and on the verge of tears, wondering if I am making a difference.. and, as strange as it sounds.. hearing the words, "it is good, that you exists", that "I have a purpose".. quieted the doubt, and gave me peace.. thank you Father Mike, so very much..

  28. As the youngest of eight I can relate to this. There is a six year gap between me and my next older sibling. When I asked my mom if I was an accident she jokingly replied that I was a mistake. I must admit I got my sarcasm from her, but I often wonder what Gods purpose is for me.

  29. I don't typically think I'm not accepted but goodness Father this video seriously got me choked up. Just knowing through all of my faults and all of my shortcomings that God is still and always with me and loves me is so humbling. Who am I to be worthy of such love? Lord, I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.

  30. thank you for this. i’ve been struggling with myself. with my worth. and people saying God isn’t real. He is real. thank you again. 💛

  31. I know that I am not a mistake, however, I know that I’ve committed unforgivable mistakes. I’ve misused my creation.

  32. Can one of you kind souls tell me which video it is that for mike says that comment that an evil act doesn’t make a right or something like that ( he used it in regards to it would not be okay to kill a baby hitler to avoid all the damage he caused) thanks… I was trying to explain it to a loved one and I can’t find the video

  33. Father Mike, thank you. Both my parents at different times have told me they wished they didn't have me. My mother said once if she knew I would be her child, she would have aborted me. And I was bullied a lot. I struggle with religious teachings because I have seen religion twisted to harm people and that scares me. But your videos bring me peace and you have a very calming effect on me. Your eyes shine with very strong compassion and empathy. Thank you.

  34. I have always struggled with this my parents didn’t want kids and they had three. Good message I need to ponder on this one.

  35. For many of us God says he loves us using his fist, many many times. While I appreciate the attempt here His love seems aloof and distant if not at times cold.

  36. I cannot thank you enough for this video. I am going to show this video to my sister in law who is going through a hard time and thinks God has abandoned her. Thank you father Mike!

  37. I’ve had literally such a rough first year in college, and a very rough time for the past 6-8 months in general.
    Contemplating suicide, questioning God, family relations and relationships that have just went sour, and nothing has seemed to go right.
    First Sunday in a long time I chose not to go to church.
    But I went to this video trying to find an answer and was so moved by it that I began to cry, because in my heart and in my faith I know that this message is true that God loves me. Just as he loves whoever is reading this.

  38. Abortion in the uk was legalised in 1967.i was born in my mother told me and other family members that im a mistaken birth.if GOD wants me to exist then why have i had a job experience for 52 years? 😢

  39. Fr. Mike, It is soooooo good that you exist!! You are pure gift! What a blessing your video clips are for me! Seriously! Thank you!💜🙏🏼🤗

  40. I am thankful to you God for accepting me as I am broken and hurt and sinning…. I want to be your child. Bless me father !

  41. Tears… SO many tears. Thank you for this video and for caring about those of us who really needed to hear it. God bless you and your ministry!

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