(RE)MARKS: Two of the Panthers back up quarterbacks will survive preseason. Here’s who they are.

(RE)MARKS: Two of the Panthers back up quarterbacks will survive preseason. Here’s who they are.

[MUSIC]>>The mobile ticketing for
the Panthers sucks, it’s terrible.>>Back to the I’m sure
my fake Silver Club PSL. Okay.>>Okay.
Well that’s an overreaction. The Panthers debuted their
mobile only ticketing this last week in their home preseason
opener against Buffalo. It didn’t suck. It wasn’t great. There were a couple of long lines. Couple of people who didn’t
know what was going on. But the bigger problem if anything
was known was at the game because it was so hot. If you’re selling your PSLs over that
that’s a you problem not a team problem.>>This is the way for quarterback. Will Grier, Kyle Allen,
Cam Newton winning season.>>Well, that’s wrong,
makes no sense at all. And I think that was the same caller
both times, but anonymous calls, you can’t track those. It makes a lot more sense if you just
flip that order all the way around. The real battle and our main story this
week is talking about those two backup quarterbacks Kyle Allen, and Will Grier. And Will Grier, obviously when he was
drafted in the third round this year, got so much hype and hoopla and it’s not just because he’s a Charlotte
native and one of Charlotte’s chosen sons. Although. Some of these videos and pictures that
we have of him playing in high school, I mean, these are fantastic,
look at the guy. No beard on like no beard on James Harden,
it just doesn’t look right anymore. He looks like a true baby. Obviously Will Grier come
a long way since then. He set numerous records while he was
at West Virginia, in Florida, and before that. The Panthers taking the third
round pick 100 overall. And that’s because he has
such a long term upside. Now that said, that long-term upside,
there’s an emphasis on the long-term. It doesn’t necessarily mean that
Will Grier is there right now. So as you can see in this play, Will’s gonna drop back, gonna get a little
bit of pressure, and then he throws. And stop, stop the camera. Where’s that ball going? Where the hell is he throwing it to? Is he throwing it behind him? Is he throwing it underneath? We had no idea watching the game live. It looked like he basically
just threw it away. That is a ball that I would have
thrown a fire playing quarterback. Now when you see the same error twice,
it’s fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me. When you’re doing that in back
to back games, even as a rookie, even in the preseason,
that’s some cause for concern. And basically that’s the one thing
that coach Ron Rivera has said so far. He wants to see Will continue to improve
on is going through his progressions and making sure that he’s not making
ridiculous interceptions into double coverage like this. So that brings us to Kyle Allen,
who has been the number two quarterback throughout most of this summer and
throughout the first two preseason games. And for anybody who’s
wondering who was Kyle Allen? Where did he come from? I’ve never heard of this guy,
blah, blah, blah. He did this last year against
the New Orleans Saints. Yeah, that team that beat the Panthers and went to the NFC Championship and
should have been in the Super Bowl. Yeah, well, obviously Kyle Allen
as you can see in this clip, didn’t have any regard for human life during this past occur to
Samuel, that connect deep touchdown. Check out that score line Panthers fans
if you need a glimmer of hope from last season, that’s about all there was. And one of the things that Ron Rivera
has stressed over and over and over about Kyle Allen, is that he’s calm. And for a quarterback that may not seem
like much, especially when the guy you’re backing up is Cam Newton who I don’t know
if I would call this calm or this calm? Or this calm. But Cam does win and obviously that
emotion is part of what makes him such a great teammate and leader. Kyle is the opposite, even when he
does well he’s never getting too high. And when he does poorly, when he throws
interceptions or has missed passes like he did to Curtis Samuel against the Buffalo
Bills, he’s not getting too low either. What we’ve seen is that Kyle has
a better understanding of the offense, he’s more even keeled,
he reads his progressions better, and he has a years worth of experience. Now, for those of you watching,
you’re thinking, wait, hold on, you’re forgetting someone. You’re forgetting about a nice tall
glass of Taylor Heinicke here. [MUSIC] Just the way the Panthers quarterback
room is set up right now. I don’t think there makes sense for
the team to keep him and I would be shocked if he ends up
back on the 53 man roster this year. So with that all said. Let’s go to the final 40,
start the play clock. Basically so far Kyle Allen has
almost done everything in his power to win the backup quarterback job. He and Will Grier have both
been far from perfect, but Kyle has been infinitely superior. Better timing, better connection
with receivers, more calmness. He’s better at reading the field. Basically everything that you would
want in someone who’s going to be replacing Cam Newton. If Cam for any reason, and
knock on Wood Panthers fans, goes out for any period of length this season, you don’t want Will Grier with his
inexperience stepping in right away. Kyle Allen is a better fit right now, and that’s not gonna be something
that a lot of fans wanna hear. And it doesn’t mean that that’s
the best backup option, but these guys are backups for a reason. You have to understand that [SOUND]
right now Kyle Allen gives the team a much better chance to win. Thanks so much, guys. Those are my final remarks,
we’ll see you next week. [MUSIC] [BLANK_AUDIO]

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  1. What games r u watching?? T.Henny has by far been the better QB this year. He out played Kyle last year for #2 and when ever they do put Taylor in (with the 4th string) he performs better than Kyle with the 1st string. That's Facts sir!!! Believe dat!!….. #KeepPounding

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