Religious Nut Threatens Hurricane in Name of Jesus

it’s been a while since I had it flipped for
you have just good old fashioned religious [inaudible]. It’s indistinguishable from mental illness.
And I’ve sort of been getting away from these sorts of clips unless they’re linked to something
in the news because I think most of the audience at this point has a pretty good understanding
and sense of this completely unhinged religious zealotry. But today we actually have a, an
example of religious nuttery that’s directly linked to, uh, the news. And specifically
Hurricane Dorian. Hurricane Dorian is a real thing. People have died. Untold damage is
being done. President Trump sending confusing messages about it, saying it’s going to hit
Alabama, but it isn’t. And there are people refusing to evacuate. This is, this is real.
It’s as real as real gets. There are people who are, uh, losing their lives and at risk
of losing their lives because of this storm. And in the midst of all this incomes, a grifter
named Kat Kerr who shows up and records herself commanding the hurricane with a stick in the
name of Jesus and some kind of bizarre, uh, a prayer. I don’t even know what to call it.
My question is, can we call this anything other than mental illness? Is there any other
categories, nation for what I’m about to show you. Let’s look at it together. So right now, this moment we take authority
over. Dorian has no right off the coast of this state or anywhere and we hit that storm
to the east right now. And I’m gonna do it three times. We headed to the east, we headed
to the commander. You [inaudible] away from land, we declared or you would do no destruction.
And anyway, what won’t tolerate it. So Barlow, thank you for this honor. Yeah, I probably it to be here on the little coast
of Florida and we said that storm, your end is coming. We don’t tolerate your presence.
We won’t tolerate you coming to shore anywhere or causing any harm, death or destruction.
We speak on behalf of those who’ve already been affected by it. God, we thank you for
rapid recovery and restoration for all of them. Right now. We decree and declare you
Dorian, your days and hours are numbered and we bosh you, she tells the storm that its end is coming.
Well, yeah, I mean storms end eventually. That’s not much a uh, that’s not very prosaic,
I must say. Do we just need to call this what it is? Mental illness. How else would we describe
something like this? This is like a, a crazy person, uh, yelling at a cloud. I mean, this
is no different and if you look more into, I’ve never heard of this person before, but
so many people emailed me that I said, I’ve got to figure out more about her. She has
a website called the revelation zone. It has a whole bunch of stuff on it, including videos,
frequently asked questions about eternity. Some of the stuff seems straight up satirical,
but I don’t, I don’t think it is like, I wonder is it possible this is all a joke because
no other explanation would suffice. Check out some of the questions she answers
from kids on her website. 14 year old Emily from Jacksonville, Florida wrote, are there
oceans with sharks and jellyfish and heaven and Cat Kerr Road? Yes. There is a crystal
see which comes from the river of life that flows out of God’s throne. Oh yeah. Of course.
Also the Bible states that there are fish of all kinds in the water and the crystal
sea is big enough to hold huge sailing ships. Another question from Trey who is age six
from Richmond, Virginia. Question is letting tray write to this woman a form of child abuse.
I think that’s something we should consider six-year-old. Trey asks, is there an art easel
and a t rex in heaven? Cat Curse says yes to both questions. Since I saw art galleries
there, I don’t know if she means she was in heaven at one point. I am certain they would have easels to paint
on. Also, there are representations of an [inaudible] of all animal life that God originally
created, so dinosaurs including the t rex can be seen in the park area of heaven. Ah,
the park area. Of course, they are so tame that you can actually ride on them. That’s
right. There are tamed t Rex’s living in the park area of heaven next to the easels, which
must exist because cat her knows that there are art galleries in heaven and if there are
art galleries, there must be easels with which the art is made. This is dangerous. This is
dangerous. Children should not be exposed to this woman we we’ve previously discussed
on the program. It’s a, we haven’t done this for awhile and I’m now getting myself fired
up and talking about it. We’ve previously discussed on the program, is it a form of
child abuse to place the irrational fear of going to hell in the minds of children from
a young age? It is other forms of causing irrational fear
or persistent fear in children can be considered child abuse is the fear of Ha of hell. Rather
a consider child abuse in some way, shape or form. That’s something we’ve discussed.
This is crazy to let children interact with this woman, and this might not come as a huge
shock to you. This woman is a big Trumpist. I was looking through her Twitter account
yesterday. She has tweets about Trump 2020 events and just how great the national day
of prayer is and this type of thing. Is that surprising to you? Did anybody think from
the video of her trying to hit the hurricane with a stick and the name of Jesus that she
might’ve been a Bernie supporter? I don’t know that that many people were confused about
that, but in case we were, this is a major Trump supporter, really wacky stuff. And I guess what she did didn’t work because
the storm still hit, but the way that these folks work, if you were to confront her, she
would say, well, no, no, no. I did move the hurricane. My prayer with the stick, uh, made
it so that even more people weren’t killed by Hurricane Dorian, which is of course exactly
the type of unfalsifiable belief that doesn’t really pass muster. If you apply even an iota
of critical thinking, uh, this is not a joke. This stuff ruins people’s lives. It completely
takes over their worldview and is sort of unrelated but related story of religious notary.
We really recently found out that one of the main pushers are advocates of so-called conversion
therapy where people can get therapy to stop being gay, um, is a gay man. And uh, I know
it didn’t come as a shock to me. I’m guessing it doesn’t come as a shock to
many people in our audience, but this stuff is not just, oh, these are just their beliefs
and everyone’s entitled to their beliefs and all blah, blah, blah. Okay. They’re, they’re
entitled to their beliefs, but they’re using those beliefs in a weaponized form to ruin
the lives of gay and lesbian people to ruin the lives of children with a rational fears
and beliefs that are not based in reality. This actually has a real world impact. Uh,
and it also has the impact, by the way, if you’re really religious and you think something
like this works, you might choose not to evacuated for the hurricane because you think Kat Kerr
is going to use her stick and get the hurricane out of the way. Then you get killed by the
hurricane. This stuff has a real world impact and we cannot write it off as just benign
spirituality because it’s simply not that

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