Religion vs Spirituality: Which Religion Holds the MOST Truth?

Religion vs Spirituality: Which Religion Holds the MOST Truth?

Acharya Shree, in your opinion, which religion is closest to the truth? It’s a very very very good question. Because people are confused about religion. And they think their religion is super. And their religion is close to the truth. Every person you talk to on the earth, “Which religion do you follow?” They will say Christian, Baptist, Catholic, Bahai, Zen, Buddhist, Islam, or any other. Or Sikh. And they think their religion is super and their religion is closest to the truth. I am going to tell you now, today, a very bitter truth. The bitter truth is none of the religions are closest to the truth. But if you have to make a choice, I will suggest to you the religion which doesn’t teach you to worship the idols… The religion which doesn’t teach you to worship the pictures… The religions which doesn’t teach you who is your saviour. They are not close to the truth at all. They are far away from the truth and the reality. Maybe there are a few religions you can count, you can consider them a little bit close to the truth. Sāṃkhya Darshan. It is the oldest one. Sāṃkhya System was started by Kapila Muni a long time ago. Maybe 3,000 years minimum. Sāṃkhya System has 24 elements, 24 substances. And if you understand all of those, you can get rid of their grip, get out of their grip. But their system makes 2 main substances. One is purusha. Another is prakriti. Purusha is soul and prakriti is matter. There is a combination of purusha – soul – and prakriti – matter. So our body is a combination also of soul plus matter. And these two things seem to be eternal to me. That’s why Sāṃkhya system is Dvaitavadi. It is close to the truth, because the truth can be revealed if you follow the system. Another system is considered, now it is considered, the Jain System. But it unfortunately has become a religion. And they got trapped into rituals, traditions, and worshipping the tirthankaras. Even the Tirthankaras themselves, they never spoke about worshipping like Krishna did in the Gita. That, “If you surrender to me, if you come to me, I will release you from all the sufferings.” The highest, most egoistic statement ever made in the world by Krishna. I never recommend you to get trapped into it. But the Jain religions is doing the same thing. The tirthankara, they achieved in their lifetime the kevala jnana. Kevala jnana is the highest supreme bliss. The highest state of consciousness. And they try to teach the truth. Their teachings are very valuable. And they try to teach the truth that there is no God which is sitting on the golden chair wearing a diamond crown or something — who is a person. They say no, God is hidden in us. And you have to improve it. So the third religion I can tell you is Buddhist, a little bit. Because they talk about soul. Even though they talk about soul, in their denial they accept the soul. Even they deny it. They say they are shunyavad, and shunyavad means they don’t believe in anything. Shunya means void, zero. And they deny everything. When they deny, in their denial, somehow they accept the soul. So there is a little truth about it, because at least they teach you how to improve and not to cling to God. That such a God that Hindus believe or Christians believe or Islamic people believe. That God, according to different religions, is a very different God. There is no one God. Different religions believe in different God. Jewish people believe in a very jealous God and cruel God. “This for that.” Hindus believe in like a king God. Can be happy on you, can shower a lot of rewards on you. If he’s happy. Or, if he’s angry on you, gets mad at you, can destroy all of you. That kind of God, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, they all believe that. We don’t need that. Those religions are not close to religion. Even among the Hindu culture there are a few religions which are very close to the truth, like I mentioned. Samkhya system. I mentioned Jain system. I mentioned Buddhist system. Originally. Not right now. What you see is too much expanded. So they are going too far from the truth. Or the teachings which were taught by Lao-Tzu (Laozi, Lao-tze). It is close to the truth. So, there are a few religions. But, I never accept the people who consider ‘God is our father’. Mostly, the well-known religions believe that God is a father. And we are his children. It means they accept God as a male. Because the society is dominated by the male. Male-oriented society is…This era is a male-oriented society. My friends, there is no need to believe that God is a father. God is above all of them. There is no such a God, like a person God. God is like a siddha. And siddha means formless, shapeless, bodiless, like a light. But not this kind of light. It is a different kind of light, if you will enter into your own deep being. And you will hit one day your deepest core of your heart, deepest core of your being. You will see that light. And that light can be God light. You are surrounded by it. So there are a few religions which are talking about the truth. And a few saints like Kabira, like Saint Fareed. There are a few saints who talk about it. But I don’t see that Christianity talks about it or Judaism talks about it, or Islam talks about it, or most of Hinduism talks about it. I doubt it. They don’t know the truth. They don’t know the reality. Just a few religions are close to the truth. And you have to know it more.

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  1. Ism is a suffix just like these -ian -ize/-ise -fy -ly -ful -able/-ible -hood -ness -less -ment -ist -al -ish, it is needed to clearly commincate with others, or explain a representative way of life.

  2. I agree that the God energy does not possess human negative qualities. God is a powerful unconditional love and light energy and so I believe it would be difficult to describe this energy as male or female. Spirituality is simple in that God is love and love is truth. God is positive energy and we are able to have this energy flowing in us in our natural state of being where our energy centers are open and flowing and our intuition is open to see this truth. I go to church to fill up with love

  3. Water is consciousness itself. in fact the atom has consciousness. Of course there is an almighty creator. The universe is a creation. Creation has purpose, therefore the universe has purpose and one of the main purposes is to acknowledge our creator.

  4. dear!your own book accepts our prophet and our quran describe your prophet stories and it is a perfect book which can guide u in any matter plz recite it and then judge ur decision.

  5. why do you people always say this. before major religions there were still genocides, and actually there were genocides in religious states when the religion itself condemned it. did you ever consider that humans are the one that is destructive, and not religion destroys human. yes there is some cases religion created war, but there are more were there religion condemned it, but genocide still happened. and there is a right religion but not all religious teachings are true.

  6. He keeps going on about "The Truth". Please could he explain what "The Truth" is?? Only God is Truth, humans cant decide this

  7. I thought that Hindus believe in a 'god' but deny that it actually exists in a sense that we can understand.
    'god' is the energy that created the universe. everything that exists is a part of 'god'.
    they give names and images to 'god' and gods to explain natural forces of the universe.

    is my understanding wrong?
    I was quite confused to hear him say, 'the hindu god can get angry at you' as I don't understand how something like this can have emotions.

  8. Could it be possible that everyone religion has carries a degree of truth at the core?

    What if a New Message from God came into the world? Not a new religion. But a new and original message from the creator.

  9. I have been reading a lot of testemonies of people who have come close to death and temporarily passed on to the other side. A lot of people have asked the entities on the other side what is the right religion and they have been told, "it doesn't matter, it's the one that brings you closest to God".

  10. We are all gods, we are lost in this world because those with power have convinced us to lose our ways. We are all men and all men are us. We live the same lives at different moments and we are just constantly running into ourselves.Some of us have had our spiritual awakening and some of us have been convinced that they should not worship themselves. We should find oneness with who we are and see all as a message from ourselves so we better understand how to live life. We can have what we want.

  11. The truest religion is that which sends its doctors nurses and aid workers to help in countries that are starving or where there are victims of war. This should not depend on those victims' race or religion. Does Islam send out their aid workers to Africa or Indonesia or anywhere else who desperately need help, regardless of their religion? The Western World certainly does – all over the globe.

  12. There is no sin on worshiping idols if it helps you to connect with god,humans need that link even if you think god has no form that no form becomes your idol the important thing is to understand and improve as humans.

  13. Even the Bible says we are ALL in God's IMAGE. Everyone, no matter what religion, is made in God's IMAGE, all ancient scripture says. What is that IMAGE, what does that mean?  That image of God that we all share is the truth, is the reality. Learn what that means and that is all the religion you need. No need for ancient scriptures. God is your true nature within, in your heart, in your conscience, in your mind and emotions. YOU are in the image of God.

  14. Acharyyaji, what lord krishna said in geeta, only a supreme knowledge person can understand his words. an ordinary man cannot understand the words in geeta, "If you surrender to me , if u come to me , i will release u from all the sufferings". please understand these supreme words,……if u surrender to me…it means….When the person surrender to the creator, who is formless, then the question is  who is the surrnder….the " I" thought which is identify with " I am this or that" has to be surrender to the creator….the other thoughts will vanish… when the  "I" thought will vanish….. there is  a vast peace will raise within the body and it is the kingdom of heaven….every one of us has this peace….it is not special for the poor or milleneour and abode of bliss is kingdom of heaven….all suffering will vanish when the mind free from subjects and objects, All relegions teach us …..about the creator,,,,, All relegions are great and near to the truth……..the ways are different but the goal is one…..goal is to love all people….serve all people……..soul is the wittness for everthing…..when there is mind….there is world….when there is no mind….no world….but creator exist all the time…….Hari : OM

  15. If nobody can agree about who or what God is, why even bother with this concept I wonder? We need to replace this with something more tangible like the energy of the universe. People can agree at least on what that is. All we need to consider is the unseen or potential energy and the manifested which is referred to as matter. What is so complicated about that? Nature is the playground, the source of knowledge and wisdom and the church all rolled into one. 

  16. Yogeeshji why should we agree with you on that point that Sankhya philosophy or some other religions you mentioned are true? Is it becasue you believe in them to be true? And how can you say Hindus worship God who is sometimes happy with you and other times angry? Where have you got this definition of God in Hinduism? Are you sure you were talking about Hindu or Christian-Islamic God. And also do you want to say countless people who have attained perfection in Krishna and sung his glories are all wrong and misguided people and you alone are closest to truth. I might agree with you on certain points but I definitely don't on your above video at all.
    And God being person or spirit or anything else question I want to ask you only one thing: Is the Supreme Being capable of taking any form and shape or not?

  17. Unfortunately you are misinterpreting the significance of krishna. Krishna is the way of life. It's not some individual trying to establish his ego. When krishna said surrender yourself completely to me what it simply meant was to leave our egos completely to the energy which created us. Thats what it meant. It's stupid to say that krishna made an egoistic statement as krishna is not a person. Krishna was just the pure consciousness in the form of body.

  18. Unfortunately you don't understand Krishna!! Goodbye achayara ji no loger subscribed to you. Hope krishna helps you find the truth

  19. Hinduism is not a religion. It is a way of life. Acharya need to understand about sanatha dharma more.

  20. The only unedited book from God is the Quran. The original vedas, torah, bible etc have all be edited by man to suit his own needs. Some of them completely misinterpreted to a whole new meaning. What you should understand is that God has no creator and has no partners. He is unseen. He prohibits idol worship. All these are mentioned in the hindu scriptures as well. These are more or less common in all religions but can you say which religion actually does follow this? The answer is Islam. Cuz jews claim moses saw god, hindus do idol worship, Christians think god is jesus or part of jesus.

    The Quran was memorized by more than 10,000 followers of muhammed pbuh. Even today majority of the Muslims knows the complete Quran by heart from as young as age 3-4. So the Quran can never be edited, not even a single letter. It has scientific facts well before any man even predicted. Read the Quran to find the real words of God.

  21. Meditation caused me lots of mental problems even doctors could not figure it out ended up loosing my job.Its Demonic stay away from it and can trigger any time.Doctors told me if it cured stress all the companies making medicine for it would have gone out of business.

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