Religion vs. Spirituality: Get out of the Box of Religion

Religion vs. Spirituality: Get out of the Box of Religion

Many people, they are confused that religion is spirituality. Many people, they are confused that religion is spirituality. And spirituality is religion. I want to make a
big difference here that religion is not spirituality. Neither spirituality is a religion. Religion simply is
a way of life in the society. Other special sects, they teach certain ways, certain paths,
and they think that is the religion. It can be Hindu religion, Jain, Buddhist. They all have different paths. They all have different ways to teach the person. Sometimes we think that religion means religion [etymology of the
word], that you have to connect with the God. Yes, people think that way in the religious teachings, that when
a person is connecting with the God is following religion. Or, they converse with the God is religion. Or
they have certain code of dress is religion. They wear turban or they wear cross or they wear
on their neck Krishna’s picture or Rama’s picture. They think this is religion. I have mentioned that so many religions in
this world, and every religion is trying to bring peace in the world. But their own way. And the more they try to
bring the peace, instead of peace it is war. Recent incident, in Sudan, a British teacher, she was teaching little children. And children love teddy bears. Maybe the children ask her, “Can I give this
teddy bear name Krishna or Rama or Muhammad?” Maybe she accepted, “Yes, you can give this teddy bear the name Muhammad.” And there is chaos in the world, because Muslim think
you cannot give name Muhammad to any animal. But there are many human, they all seem to be Muhammad. So religion, instead of bringing peace, there are demonstrations everywhere
and they want to hang this teacher. Just give the name. Religion doesn’t bring peace. Even though religion has lot of good things. I remember many years ago, somebody asked me, “What is religion to you?” “All the religions, what do you think about?” I answered very simply, “Religion is like a big garden. All the
religions. And in the garden there are different kind of flowers…” “Could be lotus flower, could be Chameli [Jasmine], could be Ketaki flower,
could be roses, could be any other kind of beautiful flowers…” And they have, all flowers, they have fragrance,
except a few flowers they have fragrance. So most of religions, they are very good to teach in the society. But when they brainwashed to people, then they
will fight for their religion until death. And that is wrong. It means they
need to make people just good, only. Not to be religious. I think spirituality is the best way to follow. Spirituality doesn’t teach you religion, doesn’t teach you the way. Spirituality is the pathless path. Spirituality doesn’t take you anywhere. Spirituality takes you backwards to look at yourself. If you look deep down into your being, it means you are spiritual. You are not looking at, you are not looking
at anyone else, what they are doing. You are looking at yourself. And this is my very strongly knowing. Not belief, knowing. That spirituality will lead you to the God. Or to the higher power, whatever you put the name. Religion cannot blossom you. But, spirituality can blossom you. And spirituality brings peace in the world. It makes you peaceful. That’s what spirituality means. Spiritual. It comes
from the spirit. Spirit means soul. Soul means aatma. Aatma, also it is a different
name in Sanskrit. It is called purusha. Purusha means the light which is hidden inside of your body. And when this light leaves this body, so this body is dead. No matter it is animal’s body or human body, or
insect’s body or bird’s body, or tree’s body. It dies. Without that light it cannot survive. Look, when
person is dead, why we declare the person is dead? Because it has 5 senses, but 5 senses, they don’t function. Eyes cannot see. Ears cannot hear. Nose cannot smell. Mouth cannot taste. And your
body cannot feel anything if it is warm or cold, or it is light or heavy. So those things, they work only when soul is there. So it is called spirit also. It is called,
people call many spirit different way like lost spirit. Ghost, or this and that. But in Sanskrit, it is purusha,
it is aatma. And aatma becomes mahaatma, great soul. And mahaatma becomes paramaatma. That is called paramaatma, God. So if you follow spirituality, you have 100% chance that you become such a
peaceful person by yourself that you will create peace among the world. That nobody can stop it. That’s why if you are peaceful, everybody’s peaceful. Don’t try to change a person. Don’t try
to spread peace. Just be peaceful first. So spirituality is the best principle to understand. So I think it is better than religion. And I hope the people become
more spiritual. The more spiritual this world be, it will be very peaceful. And we can, we can also reach by understanding spiritual quality
to the Moon or to the galaxies, to other galaxies. Because soul doesn’t need oxygen. Light doesn’t need
oxygen to go to any other planets. But our body needs it. If we expand our own soul in
such a way that it has to blossom, it has to bloom. There is no one who can stop it. So, if we understand that, we will be expanded one day. And there will not be difference between you and whatever people call God. God is peaceful. God is loving. God is compassionate. And if you understand spirituality, you will be same. You will
be compassionate, you will be loving, and you will expand yourself. So follow spirituality. And spirituality doesn’t brainwash us. Spirituality blossoms you.

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  1. Cosmic consciousness. Its about gaining spiritual enlightenment. That's the book I loan to my Muslim friend who has yet to return me many years ago…lol.

  2. Introspection makes sense, only if you have accumalated sufficient data from the outside world.
    Empty head is incapable to introspect, only perceptive people can.

    The spiritual guy is implicitly pushing men to live in their own delusions. Cut off and indifferent to the outside world.
    At least religion attempts to integrate mind and body…(Though I reject both its axioms and the process).

  3. True, religion is more about culture than self awareness, though it's difficult to get my mind around that concept, in that the two are well integrated. Something to contemplate.

  4. Luv it! So glad I found your page. Those that claim 2 B so religious R the least connected people. They're not connected to other people, animals, nature, or the universe. They can quote the bible all day, but what do they actually FEEL? I FEEL that the world is in for some extraordinary changes in the next few years, & it won't mater what political party or religion people are affiliated with. If they don't get connected & spirituality grounded those changes will be beyond their comprehension.

  5. I guess.religious people are who brainwash us but the spiritualists are our brain cleaners.
    (om .. gurave namaha)

  6. Why are his eyes going left to right rapidly and constantly? It's so distracting and suspect. Good words though. Much wisdom.

  7. I am catholic. When I am in a church I pray together with other people, I follow the priest, but this is not enough to say I am doing something important for me. only if my participation involves my heart an my spirit when I pronounce my prayer I feel the benefit of my action. Religion and spirituality are not in opposition each other for me. But this is only my experience…meditation and prayer are not detached each other for me. But when I travel I have to live all this in a different way…

  8. an interesting linguistic fact to ponder:
    1)religion – comes from the latin word 'religio' or 'religare' meaning 'to tie fast'
    2)spirituality – comes from another latin word 'spiritus' meaning 'to breathe'.

    clearly, 'religion' is material 'spiritual' is immaterial…

    one is 'communal', another is 'individual'…

    they were never meant to be 'the same'..
    they are not 'the same'…
    they never will be 'the same'…

  9. after thousands of years of religion doing nothing but harm…you would have thought people would have learned by now!!!

  10. Religion is a congregation of a flock who follow each other, in a state of lower consciousness. Spirituality is totally the opposite. At last a person who tell the truth!

  11. Great commentary:) I believe that LOVE is the only religion GOD wants us to worship. Nothing can go wrong if we become loving individuals. Heaven is not limited to religious beliefs. I am a former Christian who didn't understand how a LOVING person would go to hell just because of a lack of acceptance of a "savior." May peace be upon everyone:)

  12. steps to inner knowledge…Instinct and Intuition are but the surface of your own inner guidence system..internet search Marshall Vian Summers or new message from God.

  13. You have interesting points. But many people look inside themselves, and get immersed in their imagination, and then they deviate from reality, by claiming whatever makes them feel good, even though its unrealistic, doesn't make sense or impossible in reality. As long as they force themselves in their beliefs (religion/spirituality), they don't see the truth. This also lets them justify acts like murder or environmental destruction. I prefer to study, explore the reality, while being respectful.

  14. how about don't classify anything. And don't say things you cannot prove. And don't dis something you don't understand. For ex, crosses represent something, and that's why they are worn. It isn't part iof what religion is..

  15. in total silence of the mind, observe, and you will see the truth, the actual reality. the reality outside is an illusion. it aligns perfectly like math to make one thing this works like this, that works like that, but it actually doesn't, it just looks that way.

  16. What is spirituality anyway ? "He(God) has made everything beautiful in its time; also he has put eternity into man’s mind, yet so that he cannot find out what God has done from the beginning to the end" (Ecclesiastes 3:11). What is true spirituality? Is it not seeking and understanding  the spiritual things?But Apostle Paul has said, "But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; nor can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned".(2 Corinthians 2 :14). Now Lord Jesus said ,"God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the Spirit and in truth.” (John 4:24).

  17. In reply to John Simon below…   +Johns Simon <<… But Apostle Paul has said, "But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him …>>

    FR: Well, Paul was partly correct… our souls are not given this information right away…. to say, the non-dual information which Jesus and Enlightened BEings have access to … however…. WHEN each soul is ready …. in some lifetime …. we are ALL given this Information of Divine Nature. A soul, typically, takes many many lifetimes to mature Spiritiually … but when they ARE ready their spiritual ignorance is shattered … by an act of Supreme Grace … from within…. and in that moment they are changed forever.

    Typically Man is only able to perceive Reality from the lower realms of Consciousness but when Grace Strikes one is LIFTED out of their normal way of perceiving things, God , and Themselves …. and are allowed to Transcend the Mind and perceive reality NOT as Man sees but as "God" sees…. from the Highest Realm of Consciousness. Here there is no veil to distort our view, here Humanity no longer " Looks through the Glass Darkly"…. and we are finally ABLE to perceive Divine Perfection everywhere… in each person, action, and event. 

    However… until this moment of Awakening into "God's" own Non-Dual State … the Mind is incapable of even imagining this Most Divine State. Grace strikes when we are READY, NOT when our ego veiled Mind THINKS we are. : ) In the meantime it is wise to practice thinkgs such as Kindness, Patience, Love, Compassion, and Tollerence since these are thing which help us HOLD that Grace once it is received.   Grace IS The Ultimate Gift , which grants us far more than a "good seat' in heaven. AND … "God" does not really care what religion or belief system our Mind's are drawn to, what does matter is the condition of our Hearts.

    In the meantime … whatever our veiled Mind THINKS or BELIEVES the Ultimate Reality of "God' is… will, MUST, fall far short of THAT Ultimate Reality.
    ~ Peace ~

  18. O dear non-Muslim,
    We both, the Muslims and the non-Muslims have to work together for world peace. For this reason we have to understand each other's ideologies in an honest and critical way. So please, don't form an opinion of Islam solely on the basis of Islam-haters' propaganda. Both, blind hatred and blind love is misleading and destructive. Please, also give a good hearing to the other side. Please, remember according to the Quran and science, life on earth will not go on for forever; all life will come to an end. The other major event, according to the Quran,4 is the total destruction of this entire universe (the Doomsday). The Quran tells in detail about the birth of this universe (the Big Bang), its constant expansion, and how it is going to be destroyed by Allah. We, the Muslims believe in Allah, the One True God, the Invisible and Unimaginable Being. And, we also believe in fulfilling the purpose of our lives according to His Guidance. For this reason Allah will reward us with eternal and blissful life in Paradise. please note, we get life in this world only once; we Don't keep coming into this world again and again as the Hindus believe in the idea of "punarjanma." Don't waste this opportunity. please read the book: "Muhammad, Man and Prophet" by Adil Salahi (the best biography). Please, listen to Islamic preachers on You Tube: (1) Yusuf Estes (2) Abdurraheem Green (4) Zakir Naik. You can also download FOR FREE great Islamic BOOKS: Books: 1: Islam in Focus. 2: The Cross & the Crescent; by Jerald Dirks. 3: A Brief Illustrated Guide to Understanding Islam. 5: The Meaning of the Holy Quran in Today's English (Extended Study Edition), by Yahiya Emerick. Some good web & chat sites: 1: 2: Dear Muslims. My comments are brief articles, highly informative. Please, post these on social media and spread my messages. My comments are meant to help Muslims and the entire humanity not to come under the spell and the influence of the Satanic cult Hinduism. To understand the significance of this matter please watch the videos of Carly Patriciana, and also ghar vapasi campaign by the Brahmins, which is to convert Muslims to Hinduism forcibly.

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