Religion In Numbers

Religion In Numbers

5.8 billion believers worldwide, and infinite
Gods …it’s religion in numbers! Today there are 19 major religions in the
world, and the oldest is Hinduism. Hinduism is thought to have originated almost 3000
years ago in North India. It has 950 million followers and some religious
scholars estimate that there are as many as 330 million Hindu gods. Today, 31.4% of the world’s population is
Christian. The world’s most popular religion was adopted by the Roman Empire in 392AD,
but not before centuries of persecution to try and suppress Christian beliefs. But Islam is predicted to become the world’s
largest religion by 2070, rising from today’s 23.2% to 34.9% in the next century. The richest religion in the world is the Roman
Catholic Church, which has an annual budget of $170 billion – that’s more than Apple’s
and General Motors’. In contrast, Buddhists are very anti-materialist.
They value the concept of ‘Sunyata’, meaning [on-screen: ‘0’] ‘nothing’, or ‘emptiness’,
to help cleanse the ego. Judaism originated around 3500 years ago.
The Torah makes up the 1st 5 books of the Bible. Like Christians, most Jews follow the
10 Commandments, but Orthodox Jews follow 613. One of the weirdest religions in the world
is the Church of Euthanasia, a religion built on the 4 pillars of suicide, abortion, cannibalism,
and Sodomy. Their slogan is ‘save the planet – kill
yourself’, and they follow just 1 commandment: ‘Thou shalt not procreate’. Thanks for watching this holy edition of Alltime

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  1. Religion is a very fascinating subject. From how it originates to why so many people actually believe them. Perhaps our species isn't so great at telling the difference between reality and fantasy after all. Perhaps the only real difference between reality and fantasy is simply how many people believe the fantasy is true. 

    With the cooperation of enough people, surely we could raise a generation to believe that Harry Potter is real. They wouldn't know any better and have no reason to question the validity. Then as they begin to have children the belief will grow.
    There are many ways that people in primitive civilizations may have invented religion, many reasons for them to believe its true. They actually had nothing to understand the world except the reasons they invented. With human imagination, the stories and gods became more and more creative over time. Evolving as it spread orally through generations.

    Religion is the prime example of a blatant fault in humanity. Our susceptibility to adopting fictional beliefs. There's nothing else quite like it.. and frankly before we had real evidence and properly supported explanations for the universe, religion was quite a reasonable option for understanding the world. 
    I was a serious protestant Christian for the first 20 years of my life. I know that there is no magic secret to religion. It's just a pleasant community and people who blindly accept whatever ridiculous non-biblical jargon the pastor spews out. When we speak theology, half the stuff we say is made-up based on what we think. If atheism wasn't demonized so much then perhaps religious people would discover a more fulfilling life through legitimate and absolute truths. No more of this wishy-washy Gods magic, we can't understand things, what do you think nonsense. Absolutes. Proven. Supported properly with evidence. Atheism is seeing reality as it actually is and having good proper reasons for what we know instead of made-up, unsupported nonsense based incredibly loosely on old pieces of writing that speak of magic unlike anything we've ever seen.

  2. There are some REALLY stupid people here all of a sudden, i know the topic is religion but if you neckbeards could just keep your sweaty rants on your own blogs and if you evangelicals could save it for the people who want to listen then maybe we could drive out the darkness with light instead of just adding more darkness

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  4. Ok supposedly Islam will become the largest religion by 2070 but I really doubt this trend will continue for that long.

  5. "Thou shalt not procreate"

    How many short ass years do you think it'll be before this religion goes extinct. lol.

  6. Christianity will always be the largest VOLUNTARY faith. You leave Islam, your family disown you and you might be stoned.

  7. I can understand people wanting to believe different things. But what I can't understand is when people kill others over their religion. I thought one of the most basic rules of religion was to not murder, then you hear about things like the 7/7 bombings and more recently the Tunisian beach massacre. Why do people behave in such a way?

  8. Wait u said hinduism was made around 3000 years ago and u say its the oldest but when u talk about judaism u say its 3500 so that does not make sence #incorrect

  9. I don't get it.. how can the Church of Euthanasia have any members? They should be killing themselves and each other off

  10. I don't like when people predict numbers of religious people in the future as it doesn't count for those who turn to, usually, atheism or agnosticism and only counts birth rate. From what I can remember, there was a study done in America that said that more than half of atheists in America were raised Christian or religious.

  11. Thought they were gonna mention how Jews dont even make 1% of the worlds population, and yet they are consideredd a major global faith….

  12. Im an atheist and i don't particularly like religion but saying if it wasen't for religion X percent of wars wouldn't happen is bullshit , Humans are dicks we evolved to be Dicks and wars would still happen. What is much more accurate is that we would be more technologically advanced without religion becaude there would be no crusades to stunt scientific development.

  13. Here comes the butthirt atheists and Christians and Muslims who cares no matter what we all believe we are all Human and let's not fight over this let's just laugh it out

  14. What I would respectfully like to know from a religious person is why do you bend and scrape to your god? Anything that requires you to worship, scrabble around on the ground is no better than some mad Roman Emperor. Your Bishops and Priests wear dresses to beguile you. Do you think they would look the same to you if they were in jeans and a tee shirt? Why do you follow this stuff?

  15. Ho ho! Let's make a religion with a goal of human extinction and everyone not procreating! Then let's be anti-gay because why not?

  16. i am Catholic but i am not very rich and i'm not trying to be rich because i don't care about money.
    People do evil things for money.

  17. I'm Muslim

    No i am not a terrorist,i don't know anything about 9/11,i am not circumscribed , i was not forced to be Muslim,i don't have a beard or will i ever grow one, I'M SO FUCKING STEREOTYPICAL !

  18. Wait a minute, you said the oldest religion is Hinduism, thought to have been founded 3000 years ago, then said Judaism is thought to have been founded 3500 years ago.

  19. You mentioned that Hinduism is the Oldest religion and it's originated almost 3000 years ago and then you said that Judaism Originated almost 3500 years ago. Then how come Hinduism is the Oldest religion???

  20. Wait, Hinduism is the world's oldest religion at 3,000years ago, but Judaism has been around for 3,500 years?  Huh?

  21. It's easy the reason why Islam will be the largest religion in 55 years

    It's because they are fucking everywhere, and not many of them won't stop bitching around, i'm looking at you, random typical terrorist groups

  22. The Roman Catholic church is not a religion in itself it is part of Christianity. so the richest belief is Christianity not the Roman Catholic church.

  23. Below this line radical Gnostic theists and atheists are fighting each other, proceed with caution

  24. Hinduism- almost 3000 years ago in north India.
    Judaism- about 3500 years ago.

    So, Hinduism is not the oldest religion. Judaism is the oldest. It was the true religion up to Christ, then was split between those who followed Christ as the Messiah (Christianity) and those who rejected him and are still waiting for the first coming of the Messiah (Judaism).

  25. None of us can prove if there is or is no God(s), the most we can do is choose to believe either one. It's all individual perspectives on life and should end there; no conflict, no imposing, no influence where it shouldn't belong, just tolerance of other peoples beliefs. If we can one day set our religious beliefs aside and learn to work with one another diplomatically, then the world would be a much better place.

  26. How can Hinduism be the oldest at 3,000 years if Judaism was founded 3,500 years ago? Judaism has 500 years on Hinduism.

  27. Why when people do future estimates they always assume the event will continue at the same rate every year?

    The thing is Islam is only growing because of the Muslims populations are growing tremendously. There was points in history where European population were growing at a super fast rate but then it slowed down as everyone became high income workers and make less babies. Today most of the top 10 countries that are creating the most babies are Muslim countries.

    I don't think Islam will outnumber Christians any time, and Atheism seems to be on the rise.

  28. I am the Chinese Christian , I wanted to know why that Chinese Folks Religion, Buddhist and Hinduism keep praying to the false Gods , all I know that total has over 3000 Gods , most of "those" Gods is general . someone can give me a answer ?

  29. The catholic church has an ANNUAL budget of 170 billion dollars?!
    If that's accurate, couldnt they literally fund the infrastructure and development of entire countries?
    That's got to be larger than the GDP of several poor countries put together!

  30. The catholic church has an annual budget of 170 billion? according to their bank records they have less than 100 million, And thats after an upturn.

  31. All those atheist are giving me cancer … Stop complaining everyone have the freedom to choose to believe or not …

    Also you are believing in nothing … you believe too Hah

  32. As someone born and raised in a Muslim household, I truly believe in God and his existence. After all, it wouls make sense that there must've been a higher power which created the universe in which we live in.

    I however, refuse to accept the mere fact that this Supreme entity is used by rulers (government officials, monarchs, religious leaders, etc…) as a means to scare people into submission. I don't wanna show kindness to others in hopes of going to 'Heaven'; I wanna do nice things for others just 'cause i want to! I wanna pay alms and charity outta the kindness of my heart, not because of some big bully in the sky is forcing me to do so. It just saddens me to see people i care about living their lives in constant fear because their indulgence might lead to their eternal damnation.

    Yes it's a good thing to believe in God. But worshipping Him is a completely different story in my opinion.

  33. Gee, there sure are a lot of arguments going on in this comment section! It's like people are purposely trying to get other users upset!

  34. hold on you said that hinduism is thought to be the oldest and was thought to have originated 3000 years ago, but then you go on to say judaism originated 3500 years ago?

  35. Wait a second… I thought Zoroastrianism was the oldest. It was founded in like 3500 BC in Ancient Iran.

  36. Appreciate how the comment section is quite civil! good job both athiest and theist!
    EDIT:TBH expected more than "here comes the religious/athiest fuckboys"
    expected something under like 100 reply debates/arguements(turns ugly sometimes(MOST OF THE TIME))

  37. Christians don't follow the 10 commandments

    Because if they did they wouldn't be christians

    They would be jews or Muslims

    The christians completely disregard the first 2 commandments because they worship Jesus as God

    Which is blasphemy

    Thats what the Lord of Abraham says

  38. Is the Church of Euthanasia really an actual thing? I feel like if it was featured in a fictional story it would be criticized for being too mustache-twirlingly evil.

  39. Church of Euthanasia REPRESENT!

    Unfortunately, we've been having some trouble keeping our numbers up

  40. Animism doesn't count? We got lots of them in USA: traditional Navaho, Hopi, peyote-eating Native American Church, Inuits, etc.

  41. Some of the information on this video is inaccurate, Hinduism has around about 1.15 Billion followers, not 900 million.

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