Red Square in MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Saint Basil’s Cathedral tour + GUM (Vlog 2)

Red Square in MOSCOW, RUSSIA: Saint Basil’s Cathedral tour + GUM (Vlog 2)

Good morning! I’m back at the Red Square. Yesterday I showed you guys this side. Today I’m showing two others. Over the years, the Red Square has been the site of various public exhibitions, proclamations, demonstrations, beheadings… Today it’s considered the central square of Moscow since all mayor avenues, which connect to Russia’s main highways, originate from here. This is kilometer zero. Yes, it’s really like that. Now, one of the most famous attractions in Moscow:
St. Basil’s Cathedral. This building is from the 1500s, can you believe it? It was ordered by Tsar Ivan the Terrible and rumor has it that when he was done, he blinded the architect so that he could never build never something so beautiful again. St. Basil himself is buried underneath. These are smaller churches inside the cathedral. 10 churches reflect the four-century history of the cathedral. Very different this cathedral, huh? You get in expecting a huge room for the services, but no. I’m glad you guys could see a little bit of the icons of the Orthodox church, as yesterday I couldn’t take any picture at the Kremlin. You’re probably wondering, what is this enormous structure here? This is the most sofisticated shopping mall in Russia. Moscow has the world’s highest concentration of billionaires. Welcome to the GUM. This was the name given to top department stores during the Soviet Union. Here there were no shortages of consumer goods. Look at that, some old pictures of the GUM during the Soviet Union. You know why everyone has an ice cream?
‘Cuz is really good! It’s also a tradition here!
A gentleman stopped me on the street and told me I should definitely try this ice cream, because is the same recipe since the Soviet times. And he guaranteed it’s delicious. The pink one Strawberry Yes Only 50 Rubles! Less than US$ 1! Thanks! Near the Red Square there are some major attractions,
expect a long walk as everything is spread out, although in the map they look side by side. So, I’ll take the easy route. The advantage of the Sightseeing bus is that there is also an audio guide, so you can learn about what you are seeing. And of course you can get in, get out in as many places as you want so it’s very convenient too. Traffic in Moscow tends to be very slow sometimes.
While drivers hate it, I love it, as it gives me more time to photograph
especially from up here. I was getting kind of hungry so we stopped here at the mall to eat something. Guys, this mall is crazy! Russians love a mall. This area must be so cool at night, look at the amount of bars and restaurants. Tonight, I’ll visit the highest point in Moscow, the TV Tower. The metro is very good here in Moscow, you never wait more than two minutes for a train. 20 million people live in the metropolitan area and this is their main transport. Some of the stations here are so beautiful! Tip to ride the metro: always bring the name of your destination also in the Cyrillic alphabet, not all signs are translated into English. This is the tallest freestanding structure in Europe. You know when you take the candy out of the kid? The tower is closed! Much early than the website says, I guess they don’t update the English version accordingly. Even here it says that it goes until 10 PM I went back to their office to complain And they explained me that yeah, you can stay there until ten, but you have to buy the ticket before nine and I arrived at 9:03 PM But that´s okay, tomorrow is a new day.

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  1. Another great n colorful vlog! I also liked the music U chose for this video.Spasiba.P.S. I adore the melon n pistacchio ice cream from GUM.Try it next time!

  2. There are plenty of places to see in Moscow! Hundreds! Thousands! But all the tourists keep showing only Red Square, Kremlin and GUM…

  3. Thank you for the video It’s an enormous help for my upcoming visit to moscow and st. Petersburg on April. I watched all of your vblogs.

  4. I really loves your videos.. amazing video quality… loves … your night shooting… which gear you used ?? sony rx 100 mark iv?? wide angle shots??…

  5. Renata, thank you so much for your vlog! I have seen many Youtube videos about Moscow and Saint Petersburg. Your videos are among the best: informative, entertaining and visually beautiful. Спасибо огромное!

  6. Hi this is Sharleen from the Golden Nugget at Lake Charles I checked you into the hotel. I hoped you enjoyed staying there with us. Here is my YouTube channel : Sharleen kelly👩🏼‍💼

  7. Renata, the real Russia begins beyond the Urals.
    Come for a visit.

  8. As a Russian its sort of offensive that you keep calling our Tsar Ivan "the terrible". Thats not his name. Its Ivan Grozny. That translates to Ivan the Fearsome, or Ivan the Formidable. His actual name was Ivan Vasilyevich.
    Ivan the "terrible" is anti-Russian propaganda to demonize us throughout history.

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  10. Renata лучшая, хорошо разбирается в истории России! Удачи вам во всём!

  11. Renata, то мороженное в ГУМе делают не с Советских времен, а с времен Российской Империи…

  12. Who's excited for the World Cup? ⚽️⚽️⚽️ Here are all my vlogs in Russia:

  13. I want you to go to the Ostankino tower and make a video. This is really a good place!

  14. Whats all the song used in this video ?
    I want one of them as ringtone :)))
    Thx for beautiful video about my country and thanks for coming,Russia welcome you 🙂

  15. Ms.Rena. The architect of St. Basil's Cathedral, nobody was blinding. He later restored after the conquest of Kazan by Ivan 4 Kazan. To my shame I don't remember the name of that great man sorry for Google translator.

  16. Это не собор Василия блаженного, он правильно назыапется собор Покрова Пресвятой богородицы. А в народе его прозвали храм Василия блаженного.

  17. Рената, ваши фильмы хороши, а вы прекрасны! У вас всё с любовью)

  18. Renata, отличное видео! Посмотрите этот мультфильм о Василии Блаженном – Вам, надеюсь, понравится 🙂

  19. Царь никого не ослеплял. Такие здания, как собор Василия Блаженного на Руси строили и до него.

  20. I want to thank you for what you're doing and show Russia the way it really is. Most of the people in the west know Russia as Western media shows. And Western media demonize Russia by cultivating stereotypes in people's minds. I guess in order to know Russia, people need to go there and see for themselves. Or …… watch your video. Here in America, some people seriously think that in Russia, drunken, evil and aggressive people and bears are walking the streets. Your video opens eyes for many people. Thanks again.

  21. Renata, Russian master Barma Postnik(-ov), who constructed St. Basil's Temple, was not blinded by Tsar. In 1560, when there were started interior works, he was directed to Kazan and then to Simbirsk, where he built some more churches. Before coming to Moscow from Pskov he was already famous church architect there. He passed away after 1562.
    St. Basil,s Temple was not Cathedral – it was Tsar's family church. That is why, there are several small chapels inside the Temple.

  22. Рената! Но это русское имя, вернее татарское и еще кучи народностей.)) От куда за океаном русские имена?))

  23. En France, il y a des Français qui regarde vos vidéos, alors , svp, donnez des traductions en français !

  24. 1) Orthodox icons depict Christ and the saints are not like in the West painted them. Because the Orthodox are not supposed to humanize God. Believers should remember that God is above all things. such tradition.
    2) I believe that Ivan the terrible is not the right translation. And he was not worse than the Western rulers of that time. Compared to them, he was still very peaceful. It's just politics: all our rulers who have achieved something big called in the West dictators. Sorry about politics. But sometimes without it in any way. I'm sick of our President being called a dictator. It's meanness. But in Western politics all methods are good. I'm sorry again.
    3) And your video is amazing!!!!

  25. The hottest and most luxurious fashion spot is now TSUM)) also a historic department store
    Laughed out loud at the Evropeiskiy mall part. 😀 Btw, it's pretty controversial (but not exceedingly so).
    Such a shame you couldn't visit the Ostankino Tower and they didn't let you in at 21.03(( It's so frustrating when such things happen. I really think they should have let you enter. By the way, this is a pretty strong tradition among museums, at least in Russia, to close the ticket office an hour before the end of working hours, so beware.)) This knowledge may help you in future.
    P.S. I really like your vlog!

  26. By the way That point Zero is fake!!Just for Touristr! Zero point in Moscow is at the Central Post Office at Tverskaya street! 700

  27. 6:30 This is a new monument to St. Vladimir, the Baptist of Ancient Russia.
    Vladimir Svyatoslavich (960 – July 15, 1015) – Prince of Novgorod (970–988), Prince of Kiev (978–1015), at which the Baptism of Russia took place.
    He became Novgorod prince in 970, seized the throne of Kiev in 978. In 988 he adopted Christianity according to the Greek rite, and also made it the state religion of Kievan Rus. In baptism he received the Christian name Vasily. Known by the names of Vladimir I, St. Vladimir, Vladimir the Great, Vladimir the Baptist (in church history).

  28. Наша программа на телеканале пятница "орёл и решка" (как говорят у нас в России) просто курит в сторонке посравнению с тобой

  29. Классные видео обзоры про Москву! Спасибо! С меня подписка + лайк. Удачи вам!!!

  30. 1:05, "демонстраций, обезглавливаний"… распространенный миф и предмет споров для историков, что на красной площади казнили. Если в средневековье кого-то и казнили, то на Болотной площади

  31. Столько время мимо проходил не замечал время. Работы в Москве слишком много, чтоб обращать своё внимание на "мелочи", но ваше видео открыло мне глаза на эту красоту. Спасибо.

  32. Рената! А вы всё-таки, действительно, бразильянка, скорее даже мексиканка!

  33. Очень качественный блог!
    Очень качественный Блогер!
    Очень качественное видео!

  34. Yet another comment on Ivan The Formidable (with a comedy movie link!): they call him paranoidal and yet he has been slowly poisoned for a long time with arsenic/mercury mix (mercury was a part of ancient recepies but levels in his remains are considerably off the charts either way). When he was a kid many people wanted to get power by getting into position of young tzar' tutors or smth, so many(!) relatives and official tutors (by distant blood) of Ivan died under suspicious circumstances, including his mother who has been poisoned. It was actually open season, everyone knew that there is fight for power going on, including young Ivan who witnessed all those deaths and most likely knew who caused them (even modern history is quite certain on many cases so people back then totally knew whatswhat). It sounds completely insane but that's how it was in medieval times, so when you step into Ivan shoes, you'll probably think that he was too nice to many of those traitors and conspirators. And there were a lot of them: even after he became a legit ruler, he fought all the time against boyars/local rulers cz Russia was more like a number of more or less independant states back then and many merchant families, boyars and stuff, acted against common country interests. He did a lot to gather those proto-states into one mighty Russia thus allowing it to withstand invasions of khanates, mongolians and europeans like Grand Duchy (proto-Poland, lol), sweds, etc. If you spend some time and trace all those sources in wikipedia (even in russian one), you'll found out that most of negative emm.. reviews of Ivan' deeds coming either from foreigners or local authors from communistic era, when anything even remotely connected to actual orthodox monarchy has been thrashed by al means. Modern history sheds light on many topics and Ivan kinda looks quite prettier than I've been told in school (yep, it was back in Soviet Union). Also, there is a nice comedy movie related to Ivan, you can find it online with many subtitles available here or look it up with english dubbing (published as

  35. И вообще это Собор Покрова Пресвяиой Богородицы на рву. Там только маленький придел в честь Василия Блаженного. Но так как на Руси этот святой почитался очень сильно еще даже при жизни то и храм стали называть в честь него.

  36. You did not mention that the mall at about 8:50 is a 3 story under ground mall that sits under stained glass domes (for light effect). It's location is just about between the main road, and the front wall of the Kremlin. A must see, but the food court is very $$$$.

  37. People, do not attempt to use the metro at rush hour times! You could be crushed by the mass of people trying to get to work. I am serious, it's that bad, real bad. But do go. It's a must see.

  38. that giant statue of the man with the cross was for Vladimir the Great. The man who adopted Christianity for Ukraine and Russia!

  39. Спасибо, интересно. Но небольшое замечание- если в дальнейшем Вы будете посещать церкви, храмы и соборы в России, даже если они имеют статус музея, – Вам нужно накинуть на голову платок, женщина входит в православный храм с покрытой головой, а мужчина наоборот – без головного убора. Это почтение Богу. Вы заходите в его Дом на земле. И еще, надеюсь, что когда-нибудь Вы покорите Останкинскую башню!)))

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