Ravens vs. Patriots: 2012 AFC Championship | Joe Flacco vs. Tom Brady | NFL Full Game

Ravens vs. Patriots: 2012 AFC Championship | Joe Flacco vs. Tom Brady | NFL Full Game

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  1. 38:49 Ray Rice 2-yard TD Run

    47:36 Tom Brady 1-yard TD Pass to W. Welker

    1:18:00 Flacco 5-yard TD Pass to D. Pitta

    1:31:24 Flacco 3-yard TD Pass to A. Boldin

    1:40:16 Flacco 11-yard TD Pass to A. Boldin

    1:47:17 Ravens Stop Brady on Fourth Down

    1:51:50 Brady Picked Off by D. Ellerbe

    2:05:47 Brady Picked Off by C. Williams

  2. patriots are an amazing team… the ravens Dline, line backers even CBs built like brick shyt houses.. something you just don't see now a days in the NFL, and still the Pats Oline held back such massive men .. I think Brady only got roughed up maybe 3-4 times… they made the ravens win the game by a full blown air asult.. playing into the patriots strengths… what saved the ravens they had two hall of famer OL anchoring the line and the kind of coverage that hasn't been seen since the seahawks defense ..plus the massive hitting that scared the pats WRs and for good reason

  3. 22:06 that was a good clean hit by Ray Lewis…Hernandez lowered his shoulder he just got clocked ,the commentators don’t know what they’re talking about!!!

  4. Hate the Patriots but this would’ve been a completely different game had Wes Welker caught that pass at the beginning of the 3rd quarter

  5. Glad the ravens won the sb that year. I like small teams in the Super Bowl.ca,e back from bucks vs raiders.

  6. Im ravens fan .. honestly the game changed when Talib got hurt Boldin owned their secondary after that !


  8. I miss Brandon lloyd the Patriot made some great plays outside if Josh Gordon could look like that then we'll be Llll Champs… #letsgopatsNATION #blitzfor6

  9. Damn I miss this so much. Our rivalry with New England was awesome almost comparable to ravens Steelers. Since we faced them in 2014 playoffs we have been mediocre at best

  10. The best moment after the game is when Ed Reed and Coach Belichik hug and Coach says "go finish it." It gives me chills. I can never find a clip of it though.

  11. I bet people thought brady fell off a cliff after this game! But but but he went to 3 superbowls after and won 2..and 5 straight afc Championships..but he prob fell off a cliff this year..til he turns it around and goes to 3 more 😏

  12. Why cant god invent a time machine. I want to reminisce the good ol days of Football. TG, Roddy White, Ray Lewis, Ray Rice, Aaron Hernandez + Michael Turner.

  13. 2018- 19 Baltimore Ravens need a real OC and a veteran OL and some aggressive fast big receivers, to compliment Lamar Jackson who is now Flacco's replacement, also think RG3 should stay Lamars backup!

  14. If welker catches that 3rd and 7 on their first drive of the 2nd half i think the pats win this game. Even losing Gronk and Talib I think they still win with that catch. That was the play of the game

  15. It's kind of funny looking at this struggle at Tom Brady's face and Bill Belichick they're thinking I can't get away with the cheat this time

  16. We Should Have Won This Game….. Ravens got lucky in regular season on a 4th and 29 and a Mile high city miracle 🙁

  17. if you beat Andrew Luck, Peyton Manning in Denver, and Brady in New England you are in the misdt of greatness

  18. 2011 still hurts. Could have been 2 rings. Even 2014 was good but our defense was so depleted, so many injuries that year.

  19. If the Patriots had won this game, I would've been interested to see how 1. The Pats would've matched up against the 49ers and Kaepernick and 2. How Belichick would've reacted to the Black Out power outage in Super Bowl 47. Would've probably been hilarious lol

  20. Just think about what the WR core could of been with the Patriots if everyone was healthy and or didnt end up in jail. Gronk, Hernandez, Welker and Edelman. Wow…

  21. Miss you lots Hernandez…!!!! You got screwed over by a broken ass sellout Corporate Murikkka justice system……. RIP Bro…..!

  22. at this point brady had a record of 67-0 at home while leading at halftime…only the ravens who broke the bronco's 11 game streak could do it, as ray lewis said it, they were destined

  23. damn yo , Ray Rice was otw to being the best RB in Ravens history (I literally watched Jamal Lewis run for 295yds , don't talk to me)

  24. Top 2 Christmas gifts of magical 2012 year; my college degree, and the payback AFC title on the road #ravensfansince2008

  25. Ravens receiving core was super underrated. Anquan Boldin hall of famer,Dennis Pitta who was super underrated during this time

  26. 1:58:45 Brady's mind: DAMMIT I knew I should have taken that playbook! 😖

  27. F*cked up Ray Rice wasn't signed by a team after the incident. I could see maybe two years out of the league, but never play in the NFL again? Never offered a scouting job or coaching job? I can only speak on what I saw in the video. She spat on him and things escalated. I've never had that happen to me so I don't know how I'd react. He did what he did which we've all seen. Not long after this incident they got married. Far as I know, they're still married. I think they had another child a couple of years ago. I'm not in any way supporting his actions, but I think he did a great job owning up to what he did and acknowledging his fault in the situation.

  28. Thats butch bull crap no call at all case he tom brady he could hurt him real bad stick his leg out its dangous he wasn't protect himself with slide its broadcaster blind yep

  29. Ravens Fans Since 2002. First Played With Them On Madden 2004 Gaining Alot Of Credit From Me While Watching Them On TV. Love My Baltimore Ravens Organization. 2019 _2020 Season Great Season Hea We Come.

  30. Ravens were fully loaded on offense and defense. So much gas it took the power out of a superbowl stadium. I have seen this team argued as one of the best. Beat Manning and Brady back to back to get and then win the superbowl, it is hard to argue against that.

  31. Flacco without Boldin and Boldin without Flacco is just sad. They should have stayed together. They made magic happen.

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