Rare glimpse inside Blake’s Auto Salvage | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 57

(upbeat music) – Right now we’re heading back to a junkyard that we have been told about by a number of people. But they also told us,
you’ll never get in there. The guy doesn’t allow
anybody to go in there. Well I went there and they were closed, but there was a phone number and I called it. And I left a nice message and
he called me back last night. He said, “Why don’t you
guys meet me us over there tomorrow morning at 10 o’clock
and I’ll show you around”. Wow, so that’s what, that’s
where we’re headin’ right now. Hello. He’s walkin’ the other way, I don’t know if he needs his keys or what. Let’s go. Come on, come on, come
on, come on, come on! Hello sir. Are you Red? We’re in Southern Utah,
near the border of Arizona. And we’ve been allowed
into a really special junkyard, for lack of a better word. It’s been closed to
the public for decades. And Jim McEwin doesn’t own the place, but he is gonna be our spokesperson to walk us around and
tell us about these cars, how they wind up here. So Jim, thanks so much for…
– No problem. Yeah, I’ll do my best
– allowing us and spending your day with us.
– I’ll do my best. Good, so it’s so hard to kind of grasp how large this place is And we’re gonna shrink you down and put you on a drone and take you for a little ride around this junkyard. (upbeat music) We’re just gonna follow Jim and he’s gonna tell us
how these cars got here, where they’re going. Are they available for sale, whatever. So, I’m interested in
that big block Impala you talked about. I didn’t see it.
– Okay, well lets, we’ll check out this,
this is the Northwest side of the yard. – [Tom] Now how long have
you been coming here? – [Jim] I’ve known Red for many years and we kinda partnered up about, almost three years ago. – [Tom] So you’re the sales arm? – [Jim] You know, yeah, keep
Red’s phone from ringing. – [Tom] Now we’re walkin’ past cars and people are gonna freak
out when they see this. “Oh my God, how could you
walk past that Camaro”. – Yeah so, you know, one
of the cars I really like in this yard. And I’ve actually been in contact with a family member. And this is a 1940 Hudson Business Coupe. I’ve been in contact with Mr. Hudson out of somewhere in Oregon. And he’s the great-nephew of Hudson Automobile Manufacturing. – I’ve never seen a license
plate like that in my life. – This car is, is just so cool. And so I’ve been in contact with him and it’s probably gonna go
back to the Hudson family. And so, in fact I gotta call
him today, as a matter of fact. – Still got a hubcap on it, wow. – Yeah there’s engine
transit, it’s a fairly, it’s a pretty complete car, for sure. – [Tom] And there’s really
no rush down here, is there? There’s no big cancerous
rust in the floors. – Yeah, no but, you know when
cars do sit on the ground, if they do they, you know you get some moisture up in ’em. But yeah, for the most part, you know, you come to the Southwest for metal and go to the North for interiors. Cause there’s no interiors
here that made it through these hot summers here. – Wow. – [Jim] This is an
interesting car, ’68 GTO. – [Tom] It looks like
something from “Mad Max”. – [Jim] Yeah, and you know it’s funny, I’ve been trying to sell this car. Actually got ahold of the owner that had this car in the ’80s,
it was his high school car. And he came in and he
thought about buying it, but he thought it was too far gone. And he told me some history of the car, this car had the hideaway
headlights in it. – [Tom] Oh really? – Yeah, but they, his
brother wrecked the car, and they ended up putting a
different GTO front end on it. Yeah, when he came out and looked at it, he came in the gate
and I showed it to him. And he, “Oh there’s my, there’s my wheels and tires I bought” when he was, you know, 17 or 18 years old, or whatever. – [Tom] Is he interested in buying it? – [Jim] You know he
thought about it and he had another Mustang he was buildin’ and I think it was just
too much to take on. – Yeah, yeah. Now is Red a car guy? Is he a hot rodder, does he restore cars? – Yeah he’s restored a lot of cars. He was a paint and body guy for years. And he’s been, yeah he’s
done a lot a custom stuff, won a lot of awards for his lacquer paint that he used to do. You know, he’s been there done that. – How bout you, you a car guy? You restore things?
– I’m a car guy myself, yeah. – What’s your thing? – So my thing right now is
2nd generation early Camaros. And I’m putting one together
and Red’s helped out with that. So I just found out, in
a Firebird yesterday, Red let me take it. Brand new PPG side windows. Tinted window.
– Brand new? New stuff? – New old stock, but it was inside a car. – Oh man.
– Yeah. – Is this the Impala? – Yeah this is a ’66
Impala, this is a 396. Red just picked this one up yesterday and I got some pictures up underneath it. – Yesterday? – No, no, no. He picked it up from over there. – Oh okay
– Yeah on his lift. – And, no this car’s
probably been here for 35 years. – No kidding. – You know, it still has
the Utah ’73 plates on it. The big block is, the
big block is in place and I don’t have any reason to doubt that that’s not the original engine. So it’s funny, it’s a big
block air conditioning manual brake car. – No kidding. – [Jim] With power steering. I imagine this was a lot of
fun to stop back in the day. – What an odd combination. It’s drum brakes too probably, right? – Oh I’m sure. Yeah I’m sure. – So to you, is that a
restoration candidate? – Oh I think so. – Yeah. – Yeah I think so. So the last time this car was registered, it looks like it was about ’82. – [Tom] So it’s probably been
here since around that time. – [Jim] Yeah, it could have
been here even the year before. And so this car, Red did tell me that a police officer owned this car. And how he knows that, I don’t know. But he knows the history
on almost all these cars. It’s amazing. – So, all right, what do you a value with something like that? Have you, do you have a price sheet or something?
– You know, that, no I don’t have a price sheet. And so, you know, and Red doesn’t have a value on ’em either. And we like to put ’em out there and then see what the interest is on it. As of right now, we don’t
have set prices on anything. Like I say, Red’s really
never sold anything out of the yard. It’s just a private collection of cars. (rock music) An old pace car. – Yeah. – [Jim] An ’82 Camaro pace car. (rock music) And then some cars, like this car, was probably one that was at
the body shop at one time, and was gonna be fixed. And that’s a ’76 Formula
400 four speed car. And I believe that’s a
’73 455 engine in it. It doesn’t have the original engine in it. – [Tom] Got it. – [Jim] And it was carousel
red with a white interior. You know something like this
would be a really neat car if it wasn’t in the
condition that it’s in. – [Tom] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Jim] Corvair vans. – [Tom] Yeah. – [Jim] Now this is a rare vehicle here. I, no, no, I’ve heard different rumors about these things here. – The Corvair Rampside. When I was a kid these came out and they advertised on
TV, had a baby elephant walk up the ramp and go
in the back of the car. – [Jim] Oh is that right? Yeah, so there’s rumor
that there’s handfuls of these left in the country. Now I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t see any for sale
on Ebay or anything else. – [Tom] Yeah. – [Jim] So this is something
that I would like to, we’d like to move. You know, I’ve seen these
restored and they’re pretty nice. – [Tom] Yeah they are. – [Jim] You know, and they’re unique. – You know anything about that Scout? – That’s one of about 10. (laughing) You know there’s just various
stuff all over the place. You know, Corvair’s, and
more Camaro’s, and an Apollo. – Have you ever had like a group, a camera crew come in here
and do anything like this? – No, no I’ve been the
only guy with a camera in here pretty much. – I’m lookin’, is that
a Hudson over there? – [Jim] That’s a Nash. – I gotta take a look at that thing. I mean it looks complete. Look at all the trims on
there, the bumper, grill. Ambassador Classic. – And its got the continental kit. – No kidding. What car in its day? That was the cat’s meow. – Talk about a shoe box, huh? – Oh V8, so this has been hot rodded. – Yeah it’s been hot rodded. This looks like it’s got
a small block Chevy in it. Or what does it have, yeah I think it’s got a small block in it. – It’s a Chevy. That’s a cool car. (rock music) Is that a jet drive boat? – [Jim] Yeah. – [Tom] With a big block Ford? – I think that is a big block Ford. – [Tom] Yeah, that’s probably a 428, 429 something like that, wow. (rock music) – [Jim] We’re passin’ up cars
and people are gonna say, “Why didn’t you take a look at that one?”. – They always do. – And I got people that want
to come in all the time, but it’s, it’s like I tell ’em, I don’t have five hours
to show you the yard. – Right. – [Jim] You know what’s interesting, with some of these cars, is a lot of these cars were
towed here from off the highway with peoples’, all their belongings in it. All their stuff in it. – [Tom] Oh like they broke down? – [Jim] Yeah, like they broke down and all their belongings. And I found a suitcase, a round suitcase, I opened it up and it
was full of pictures. And I thought, oh man,
it was, vintage pictures from, you know, from the ’50s and ’60s. And then some newer stuff in there. But we actually found the
person by name on Facebook. – And you were able to return them? – And we got ahold of them, and they were really
sketchy to talk to us, because I guess she was
in an abusive relationship or something and she’s got a
man that wants to find her. – Oh man. – And so we finally had
to show ’em a picture and say, “Look, is this you guys?”. And then they started talking to us. And they said, “Oh that’s my mother’s and that’s all of my stuff and I really really want it back”. And Red told me, I said,
“Hey Red, do you mind if I contact these people?”. And he says, “Go ahead and do it”. He says, “But Jim I want to tell ya, they’re not gonna do nothin’ with them. They’re gonna say they want ’em a and then say they’re
gonna come pick ’em up”. And he says, “They’ll never do it”. And sure as heck, they never, they wouldn’t give me and
address to send it to. And then they were gonna send
a UPS package to pick it up, which was fine with me. And they never did it. And he, and so Red’s
been around this stuff for so many years. That he knows, he says
everybody has these intentions, “I need this one thing out of the car”, and they never come get it. – I love this line-up of Suburbans, just like the history of
the Chevy Suburban, wow. And another Scout. I don’t think this hood ornament
was originally on there. I like it. (laughing) Okay we’re walking around, you know, literally hundreds maybe
thousands of cars here. Why are we stopping and looking
at this International Scout? Well, because I want to. It’s complete, we open the hood and, wow, look it’s even clean. If you wipe the dust off,
I can still see paint from the valve cover. It’s a sled four. Is that International Motor, or was that an AMC motor V8 cut in half? I don’t know. We think it’s probably a ’64, although somebody watching this
is gonna tell me I’m wrong, but so what. So if this is a ’64 and it
was in concourse condition, it would be valued at 25,400 bucks. In fair condition, which
is all the way down to level four, 6,700 bucks. So, I mean I would
imagine this is, you know, maybe a 5,000 dollar car. That would be a pretty
good family project. Because it’s solid, it’s complete, you could bring this home, pressure wash it in your driveway. Little by little work your way back. Work on components, the
hydraulics, we do the brakes. The engines complete. And make, lastly work on the body, if you even want to do that. So that’s a nice car and you know, maybe you could buy this one for somethin’ like 5,000
dollars, I’m not sure. So you got a Marty car here. – I think so. I think so. You can tell me, since you’re a Ford guy. – Tarino ’69. – I believe it’s ’69. – ’68-’69. – It’s got tow hooks on the front. – [Tom] Well it could’ve
been a drag car I guess. – [Jim] It’s an R Code. – [Tom] It’s an R Code. It’s a 428. – [Jim] Bramair. Four speed. – Really? – [Jim] Yeah. – [Tom] I see headers in there, yeah this was a hot rod. – [Jim] And so I’d like to, you know, I think this was a project that someone had in their garage and
then they got tired of it. And Red ended up picking it up. – [Tom] Yup. – [Jim] But the, the tag is on
the, there’s the aluminum tag and it’s an R Code. – Really? And so this was probably
a 428 Cobra Jet car. – [Jim] Yeah. – And… – [Jim] Yeah. – This is a Hurst shifter. – [Jim] Yeah. – Wow. – [Jim] Yeah. – That would be worth,
if that bodies good, that would be worth reviving for sure. – [Jim] I think the body’s pretty good. – Yeah somebody did a little
dance on the hood here. – [Jim] Yeah. – So when then this kind of
rust, when you sand blast that, does it clean up pretty well? – [Jim] Oh yeah, yeah it’s still
pretty good metal for sure. – So we’re walkin’
through the yard with Jim and he said, “Oh I got a Ford over here I want to show you”. So this is the Ford and it’s intriguing looking because well, okay there’s a hood pin, we
see headers inside there, there’s a Hurst shifter in the trunk. Jim said, “I think this
was a Cobra Jet car”. So we came over and
look at the VIN number, and ran it through Hagerty’s
evaluation guide here. Okay so this is a ’69 Tarino
Cobra, two door sports roof, eight cylinder, 428 cubic inch,
360 horsepower four barrel, and it was a super Cobra Jet. But the say the average
value was 38,700 dollars. I don’t have it broken
down by different levels. But yeah, this is certainly
not worth 38,000 dollars. But it’s a good starting point for somebody that wanted a rare car. Which you know, it’s all spelled out on this little VIN number right here. You could go to the MODY report
or the Hagerty Price Guide see where this car was made. It happened to be made in Kansas City and it was all loaded
up with all the options for high performance. I don’t think it had a drag pack. At least the VIN number doesn’t show that. This would be a neat car to kind of bring back from the dead. Here it is sittin’ here
for probably two decades. But it hasn’t gotten’ much worse. It’s a solid car. And all the ID numbers point
to this is a pretty rare factory sports car. So amazing what you can find back here. (jazz music) ♪ Hey brown baby ♪ ♪ Sweet as can be ♪ ♪ For your love I’d
beg, borrow, or steal ♪ ♪ Beg, borrow, or steal ♪ ♪ Beg, borrow, or steal ♪ ♪ For a love like yours I’d ♪ ♪ Beg, borrow, or steal ♪ – [Tom] Oh there’s a school bus. – [Jim] That’s not a school bus. See there’s no doors on this side here. And then you’ve got four
doors down this side. – [Tom] So what brand is that? – [Jim] Don’t know, it’s
got a flat head in it. – [Tom] Oh it’s a Ford then. Probably a ’35 Ford. So this was, tell me again,
this was a Grand Canyon… – [Jim] No this was Yellowstone. – [Tom] Yellowstone tour vehicle. – Yeah. And so it had this top that was removable. And then the doors just on this side here. This is where it would
have said Yellowstone, right through here. – Isn’t that somethin’. Wonder if you could
find any like liveries, any notes on there, marks
that said Yellowstone. – [Jim] Vintage Yellowstone tour bus. – So that wall, I guess
that was where people put their luggage in the back. – Here check this out. – Oh you found a picture of it. – Oh yeah. – [Tom] Oh look at that. – [Jim] See it’s got the step. – [Tom] Oh yeah. – [Jim] Okay other step. It’s got, this is for sure
a Yellowstone vintage bus. I’ve contacted ’em, I’ve tried to. I don’t know if they got my email or not. And asked if they wanted to preserve this. – [Tom] Yeah. – [Jim] ‘Cause they do
have some vintage stuff up there in Yellowstone,
they still run these things. But how it ended up here, I have no idea. – [Tom] Well we met this
guy is Midland, Texas, who would hot rod this thing. – [Jim] Oh yeah. – He’d leave the paint just the way it is. So this is where they’d put the
luggage in the back I guess. – [Jim] Well I think they
were just for day tours. Or for a couple a, you know, go drive around Yellowstone, or whatever. – There’s a wall here. – [Jim] Oh okay. – There’s a wall here,
probably held luggage back. Look at this style right here. It’s almost like it had landour roof. – [Jim] Yeah, then the
top, it was a fabric top. – [Tom] Man I wonder what
body company made that. – [Jim] There’s some
information online on it. – See these hooks up here? There’s a vinyl top or a gray canvas top, it fastens on to there. So you could take it off in nice weather and just have a open convertible. – [Jim] Let’s go this way. Let’s go look over here. – Oh here’s an old drag ’55 Chevy. – This car’s really cool. – Look at the way the
fender’s are cut out. Massive wheels.
– [Jim] It’s kinda like a.. “Two-Lane Blacktop” car. – Oh yeah, the worst movie of all time, that we can’t see enough of. – [Jim] It’s a terrible
show, I agree with that. But the cars are cool. – So it’s got all the decals they used to put on the windows. Hurst, it’s got Cragar Mags. You know what, pretty damn solid car. The floors are good. – [Jim] Yeah. – Man, it doesn’t have
a Strayfor axle does it? I dig those Strayfor axles. – [Jim] Oh yeah, gassers. – Yup, nope. We’ve walked around this yard now for a couple of hours, 20 acres,
and couple thousand cars. Lots of Ranchero’s, Volkswagen
Beetles, you name it. But I’ve decided this is the car that I enjoy the most of this yard. If the owner Red says,
“Take any car you want”, it would be this one. It’s impressive first of all, not because it’s sitting on a dumpster, but here’s a car that’s 61 years old. It’s a 1958. It’s still got three of
the original hubcaps on it. For all we know the fourth
hubcap could be in the trunk. The body seems to be solid as a rock. It’s got green leather interior. And it’s the interiors not ripped. I think, you know a few
hours with a soapy sponge and leather treatment, that
interior could look beautiful. It’s got a 430 cubic inch,
big V8 engine, 375 horsepower. This is called a Continental Mark III, which is interesting because,
Lincoln used the name Mark III in the ’60s again. So they used Continental Mark
III twice, that I can tell. It’s a two door which is just
highly unusual for a Lincoln. It’s got this slant back window back here, I don’t know if you can see it. And the window has an electric
motor and it rolls down. So you know, my friend’s
mother had a Lincoln, a Mercury like this and we used to put our surfboards in the back. We surfed on Long Island as a kid. And best guess is that this cars probably 10,000 dollars to own. I’m guessing, you could get this thing running in your driveway, cleaned up, and in a couple of weeks
have a really cool cruiser. We looked up in Hagerty how
much a car like this is worth. If this was in concourse condition, which certainly it’s not, it would probably cost
$100,000 to get this in concourse condition. It’d be worth 41,300 dollars. So if you were gonna do that, this is the wrong car to do it with. If it was excellent condition, it would be $28,900. In good condition $17,200
and in fair $11,900. So this I probably, you know, fair price and it would be a fair deal if
you can get it for that much. So this is the car I
would drive home for sure. And we’re standing, well walkin’ around for the last several hours
in this yard, 20 acre yard, loaded with cars. People said all over town,
“You’ll never get in there, you’ll never get in there”. You know what, I made a nice phone call and the man that owned the place, said you can come in. And Jim has been touring us around. He knows all the cars in this place. I want to thank you so much. Because nobody gave us any
encouragement to come in here that we’d ever get inside the gate. – That’s how we like it. – Thanks so much and you know, like hopefully if you
want to sell these cars, somebody who’s watching this show will get ahold of us
– Great, awesome. – And we’ll turn ’em on to you. Thank you man, thank you. – Thank you guys for coming out. Pleasure to have you. – Thank you. – Now this car probably would have come from up at, Red’s father’s place Okay. And you can tell because the
hoods have been welded shut. And they, they didn’t have a fortress, like this has built around it. And so people were able
to get access to ’em. And the best way to keep
people out of the cars and stealin’ all the parts was to come in and lay a
bead and weld the hood shut. So as we get back into
the older part of the yard you’ll see hoods that have been
welded shut on these things.

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