Public Invited to Tour Paris France Temple

Public Invited to Tour Paris France Temple

One of the truly international destinations
of the world, and a centerpiece of Western Europe in culture, religion, education and
commerce, has the well-earned moniker, The City of Lights. Now, adding to that light, after nearly six
years of development The Paris, France Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day
Saints is complete it’s an answer to prayers. And to thousands of prayers, members of the
Church in France have been looking forward to a temple to be built for years. It is the first Latter-day Saint temple built
in the nation of France Entering its doors the grand spiral staircase
and skylight come into view A centerpiece that gives visitors a glimpse
of what they’ll experience in other sacred rooms of the temple. Their natural eyes will see a beautiful building
with an architecture, a design that blends into the French culture, and it will say it’s
very French. But I think then they will look with a special
eye and realize that there is a feeling about it. It’s not just a beautiful building, but there
is a feeling of peace when you go there. Inspired by the early artistry of Monet…
the partnership between classic French artistic expression, and the workmanship of Utah-based
craftsman, is especially evident in the floral stained glass, where sunflowers, water lilies,
and lilacs, grace nearly every room in the temple. The light, which comes through it’s kind of
unreal. And you can feel the same thing that you can
feel when you’re with God. These interiors include the work and installation
of French craftsmen in the interior furnishings and exquisite finishings… all of it viewed
by Parisian guests during the temple’s open house It’s just wonderful, amazing. And I really
feel that I still feel the spirit of God. In this setting, visiting guests will view
the temple from the guided perspective of Latter-day Saint beliefs, as they learn of
eternal marriage in the Sealing rooms The promises of God and covenants made by
the faithful in the ordinance rooms and ultimately, visit the Celestial room,
that symbolizes Heaven itself Visitors may notice that the Paris Temple
has a unique design that sets it apart from other temple locations. This temple does not have a Moroni, there
were some height restrictions in our neighborhood. However, we… have a Christus statue in that it’s beautiful, made of stone, in Italy, and it’s a great addition to our beautiful garden. Many people in France don’t think that we are Christian. And to have this Christus in the garden of the temple, it’s to testify that we are a Christian church and that we believe in Christ and we know that is our Savior and redeemer. The Temple is located in Paris’ suburban community of Le Chesnay, which is about 10 miles west of Central Paris and a very short distance from its neighboring city of Versailles, the location of the iconic palace and gardens of King Louis the Fourteenth. And now five minutes from there, there is a house of the Lord. It’s a different kind of king. It’s a king of kings. A temple brings peace, joy, and love to the community, and goodness So my hope, and also my faith is that this temple will bring that, exactly that to the people around the place and to the entire country.

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  1. Qu'il est beau notre temple ! Je suis si heureuse.
    How beautiful is our temple! I am just so happy.

  2. Great video indeed. There is however an erroneous statement in the comment: "It is the first Latter-Day Saint temple built in the nation of France". I respectfully remind the author of that video that a temple was dedicated in Papeete (French Polynesia) in 1983.

  3. I would much prefer that the French were still Catholic since you know the Church is 2000 years old and Mormonism only started in about 1829

  4. Beautiful & Inspiring and a monument to the dedication of those who came before to make this a reality and to bless the lives of many.

  5. Vive la France to Saints of France and to it's people you have waited this long for the blessings of the Lord now it comes to you through temple of our God! Lord bless you all !

  6. Did you know that  in Paris many parents ignore traffic laws with their children and many of these parents are Mormons?
    Sustainable tourism in Paris depends upon a robust and vigorous attitude towards tourist safety. In Paris many of the parents ignore traffic laws and many of these parents are civil servants. Youth in France deserve law-abiding, ethical and conscientious civil servants, their future actually depends upon it. Let's double traffic fines in capital cities and watch long overdue streets and adults appear, in Paris. The World Health Organization, Road Safety Office, feels that law-abiding streets and highways are long overdue, in France. What do you think? Please send ushers out, to direct traffic before and after religious services. The parking lot might need attention.

  7. A Paris, in grande nombre de parents ignorent les regles sur la circulation lorsque leurs enfants sont avec eux, et bon nombre de ces parents sont des fonctionaires. En France les juenes meritent d'etre entoures de fonctionnaires responsables, consciencieux et respectueux des lois; leur avenir en depend. Si nous doublons les amendes routieres dans les capitales, nous verrons apparaitre des rues et des adultes respecteux de la loi, ce qu'on attend depuis longtemps a Paris. L'Organisation Mondiale de la Sante, Bureau de Securite Routiere, estime que le respect des regles sur la circulation est souhaitable depuis longtemps en France. Que pensez-vous?

  8. Quel bel édifice! Another excuse to visit France again—as if I needed one!—but this makes it extra special.

  9. Que hermoso Templo! Cada tempo es una bendición para los miembros de la iglesia. Francia es maravillosa y ahora mas con un templo, la casa del Señor.

  10. you know we have records from the first second third fourth Century before Constantine legalized Christianity that shows indisputable evidence that Church history is Catholic so if the Mormons are right in the church fell into apostasy it would have had to do it soon after the Ascension of Jesus into heaven. I think it important to take into consideration that Mormonism arose in the 19th century during the same time that groups like The millerites were claiming to be restored Christianity

  11. My tears begun to fell down when seeing the wonderful temple.. The HOLY GHOST was rest upon me, I felt so great feelings.. ILOVE IT.. I felt the SPIRIT OF THE LORD..

  12. I'm sorry to say this but Mormons will be going to hell for taking Christs glory in vain. The Book of Mormon is not widely accepted as well as the false prophet Joseph smith. What will you say when you stand before God on judgement day? You will be thrown into a lake of fire to burn in hell for eternity. It is not to late to repent to Christ and renew your love in him and the Bible.

  13. This i s really a beautiful temple. I'd sure love to be able to visit there, but I know that will never happen in this life. Maybe in the after-life.

  14. Stunning Beauty. We have the opportunity to participate in the dedication of the Tucson Temple. As a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints the Lord is truly blessing the world with each new temple. Amazing spiritual growth in those areas where new temples are built.

  15. Perhaps, once the French see & experience this American-rewrite of Christianity, they will return more informed to their own True Church & be grateful for the gifts of Catholic culture, traditions, and  faith.

  16. Selling a false Jesus ….. and a false system…. stinks of business and demonic foundations…. “church of Nice”

  17. et encore une nouvelle secte au même titre que la Scientologie, les Témoins de Jéhovah, etc…
    Secte très riche puisque l'investissement n'est pas inférieur à 80 millions

  18. why no Moroni???? Height restrictions…. sad… but this is a absolutely gorgeous temple…. what a blessing for those of France to be able to go to their temple!!! love it

  19. I know for a fact France was the country to own invent the marriage certificate. My cousin is king Gange of France with my grampa Skinner and I.ny 5th cousin says the latter day saints with my brother Ross

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