proyecto ufo Sighting 4013: The St. Hillary Incident

proyecto ufo Sighting 4013: The St. Hillary Incident

leasing deals for the wheel this is the we’ll he said he saw on these are coming to an applied flying
objects that people say they are seeing now are they proof that we are being visited
by civilizations from other stars or just what are they the united states air force began an
investigation of this high strangeness in a search for the truth what you’re about to see him and his
bargain of that twenty years search diminish scandal one sad finding the centuries personally in seventeen twenty cubans
what he wants simply would i want to know systemic what do you want when i was the only one of them around
and then as i was wrong minimizing that he had just completed harlingen has a very much for them and to live in
a leading to step out what is known as a friend of listeners in israel you’re listening we’ll take it anymore handling the new huh need to resend done in the next thing and even
listening to doing business in london lily to you he actually communicating in english in
the mornings when i did not have spoken language in the simple direct belongs serpentine communicated and needed battle my mind is completely gone saturdays we seen enough when we were
talking before being turned denies someone number and you’re on your own home has dropped
since your honor p_h_d_ expert on the same kind of problems you do you
remember back in time to time we didn’t really get into they we’re going to move out there right now
and revel in their front doors if we can find mine blast allegheny listening down in the the ninth scaring people have to do we want to know what your mother will be among the eating any religion
and i i don’t think it was satisfy my curiosity listened to music does not like ounces
came along and still sinking in command here our teaching lauren and it was a swarm of hungry germs knowingly and
cellular phones killing all itself everybody begins k they’re not kitty’s sister anna couple months and there’s another
building meters this teacher decision became too close the do you famous little anytime soon stains months time ninety two species soon it the leisure starts crystals are a little bit buffalo with christmas sadly some low-level they before the feast day of the words
of the world a little bit well the biggest solace from mexicans in
the whole year no matter which side of the border of
the little what’d you do read adore skied to the southwest peaceful u_s_ all until the language of the style as you
know f_b_i_’s aged deadline i see but that killed welcome to one of those navigation must have been excellent up
the mess darling citing a report padwal driver mahmud barlow collector astoria pressure shows
prevailed what would i have started for god major hiding at your disposal now and that any time here’s my god those too young to so they sort of
europe that none of them i missed and the one closest to lucy’s
just visiting there cancer patients democrats sailors athletic club it is a kind of a hospital for the old
and sick for some with just plain uterus the sister lucy she’s been working with
an observatory near tucson they felt it needed a vacation seasoned astronomer will qualify was a uh… that i do not know sir should be attacked what she has had some
experience you to meet a little bit later there we are just before the persians
feast day at a u_f_o_ listing but to holy sisters and the poor people here they walk merit and what dreams to come true yes major you fellows have you worked it out for
you is great i was in the ocean acts mama and papa and jump in and i’m going
to be less anti-static i really miss lilac if you can release usually so
uncomfortable nights you curiosities genome picture yeah city to building you
stop talking what did you catch tell me it appears we are sharing our adventure
with half the county maybe inherent state how cold weather cease to secure your weekend mary over her chest telling statistic
period last night maria from him from rebate nice indian sequencing went straight home and kept a secret she only talk to her and and his sister and her brother in
law and with the racial species starting to come from fields around however she was going to happen what are you doing this to you but i
think the emma no i have to see what’s going to extinction by what you want she’s just a few years previewed major teaching the reasons i drafted deal with a deep breath myself you can’t blame him out and justice you didn’t get back to sleep easier you know considering a shape everything when i
first came here last night just about pushed me over the edge have all of those people want to all the
way out here dot t_ o_ came out here from the
observatory few soared after problems not add to anti winch akkada terrible decision to make an i kept it off in hong kong do you feel like talking why do you think that campaign i’m thinking pretty of leaving the order earlier it was changed title flourishes science whereby heard about that complicated but even before i went to work with
place six and i mean even before to usa colitis drifting away astrophysics is mentally to my work is
to commit perjury i’m not a cistern organ a scientist walking around the nuns have ninety seven ninety six so you are came here to pray and meditate on asks god i presume to help you make the
right decision and the first ninety at the sky insects so i have to whiny with all the other nuns with all the staff why don’t we the only two ways students taking into account spaceship visits to not use when getting ready to die the other looking around for a way to live point in heaven’s name a few times
tennis mysteriously insists he’s missed specific period would like to talk to
write about ceased anna as opposed to be vestiges don’t mind he’s stuckey but i am not
taking for the week and i am not adult hit me three sisters disappears talking shit two years and to air force of sps project blue book wright-patterson air
base in ohio you know all about you but a few dozen christians but a much
though it is not a regular members really millions and millions and millions faith major gatlin faggett that’s the air force firing technology division
indigent nothing big fight worthless that but too much but the fact that i thought
it was that a it get proper that and i thought that the calendar and if you well excuse that space craft beers and i have a little figuring
incredibly understand spent most of last year the
observatory yepsen astrophys three sixty kind of contacts they offered me the are
not here to take place let you gave the sister superior that was certainly clear and concise but about three pictures subject kamusta citadel cheaply made you have to
realize that i gave her older sister agnes she’s been
taking pictures of this region over the years has a very good don’t print i hope by this afternoon when on her
thigh got lucky enough i certainly hope you did not we all did one of the carolinas help virginia make no definitely carolina south carolina you from south carolina i’ll be dog logs and the name of cottages zero in on it like the map interesting geography as a hobby i got lucky with that one month’s
loyalty six mile south carolina ma’am northern border state i’m sorry major what did you want and
skin resources for their sqm from the beginning indiana right right ’cause the rain in spain students aspire to accomplish now if we can just figure out what it
was last night un relief and i’ve done something was right at the spa tons which i’ll carry on with the test for
you to talk i think i saw the photo to the northwest
but i’m not sure if but first attracted me was the object itself what’s
reflection my window i was writing letters i looked up and saw something bright side came
outside i came along that walk and finally came out to about that voted to stop if there was a tryout ic shaky like three spacecraft connected together
triad it started to a stop of forbade seventy
or eighty feet above the ground to just parked informed beams of light commercial
underneath the to hire cylinders here in here i think they were the lead ending here but they were recognizing that the pure
light or you fairly certain of the size you
mentioned sure as i can be under the circumstances span of about seventy or eighty feet as i said each of the three sections but
if we do see connected to try it very unusual looking machine age nothing like we have i know there’s not much in the way
physical evidence that’s no landing gear marks trash bags pellagra space flags planted no golf
balls memorial plaques but everything i would assume at
sergeant fits but finds the nominees in the soil now to the nitty-gritty couple of medicare is about what your sister so you saw isn’t the somewhere from several sides at seeing images of claims the flowers is just the levee
lightning temperatures thing that and i saw at the same thing we have
the same reaction wild we both saw this unusual nothing to do with religion nature sent by saying that some of them experiences is nothing but
a vision from on high anyway please ignore my nun’s habit ignore that
weights and hilarious trial of connie is a civilian both of us out between us in the vehicle the suddenly out of nowhere sort of moving hologram it’s like a pinko we both saw ukande fire with flames just banging and
banging with no heat and in the middle of that they were set
a flower some carnation yellow rosanna got the tulip psoriasis and chantilly dispose of this plane will more by the
communications and you had with the vehicle before someone inside uconn quite dramatic displaying they were simply several fought suddenly
inside my consciousness i know they came in piece that they
meant no harm and definitely but i don’t know if you meant sink area so it makes a co-op within a thousand miles difficult thoughts and your head mail seem strange they didn’t put the
explanation in your manners will that is what is so terribly strange isn’t it we want to be examiners transmission errors scanners pastor and his son writing another faction didn’t so they try to show his initially all i think it was something about it her we will never cease we were all
restriction almost falling apart when they are together one what is to go we have no idea i couldn’t get it and then it it took off with an
incredible intake of air sister lucy sister agnes said she has your picture i’m sure i didn’t make any mistakes i was still very great care i know how important do you know i’m
sure you can’t completely father the whole role radiation when you say is still active problem we’ve been certainly yukio insertions confined in
image out what i thought i was so calm and
collected on flustered to go and get my camera take pictures of it that a tiny city of doubt in your mind
saddam unreliability no male model bid he hadn’t even tried to take pictures than a little bit if you don’t mind we’d also like to keep
them from opal sister lucy cm sensors consistory for you somewhat pants disappointment certainly
expand just passed loudly behind telling and i should have a great feared a grandmother chicco we were one of the loan cricket base if you like me like i like u that’s
because and school yet units and i could come in third-grade ortiz there’s or kansas city missouri
nineteen twenty one wonder why she kept just seven month i’m sorry gentlemen but he said well you know just
restaurant as i’ve been confirmed doctor robinson verified it was an
embolism the result of the chronic bones we
should do something from arms show your to know that compete medical file where fiction from outer space to them stiff simple deadly plot missy was amazed to learn she was in the
library this morning but in all of that is something standing
on the leading whichever doctor appt would you mind if we ask you a few
personal questions about his troops not at all i can see how you last ban is dead that leaves us jealousy is the only
witness basically would you say that she’s in good health it’s lucy came here the tenth of last month berry sucks after demanding year-and-a-half at the
observatory shiver suffered any emotional disturbs up to my knowledge reputation has always been that at this
table hard working woman professional dr gleason can go into more detail i’m
sure she worked on doctor places patch i have a poem with him first him math class connie seeing it but thanks to preempt attitudes are reporting sister lives he’s been invited to meet
with the archbishops assistant tasty afternoon would be it breakup you could ride over with u wide delighted ma’am the archbishops assistant that would be a monsignor yes of course mancini kellyanne in connection with the the rumors already reached the may want
to get the details straight peta when they start of miracles a certain amount of everest
disincentives can’t i can understand how could be plenty of
questions in our business and in yours just summon up the system it’s just one day i don’t mind getting
away sure open finish interviews on time tended to back friends service i forty second place finish bremer secure people like me this tradition changed they’re they’re usually will we need
people that it’s all foes i think just a little february do they
have mysteries of hallucinations the tranny
detention made is a sister all caps most over a legitimate believe they did
say something certainly thought was so little and all
that can be as plain weather balloons aircraft unusual selena unusual circumstances meteorological disturbances perfection
of the party what’s love your way to get out of the
bulls game we just started like but the whole fantastic still it
started aka detail recommendations even afford
to assist also use it all i’d just stopped proper appendix harry choice of words mister perhaps it was not intentional though i
do wish you were taken time to consider the ultimate effective discussing it block catering to human week ignorance superstition sister an area told only on security i reported only what i saw i am not interested in what you thought
you sources to to my mind that oh story is highly irresponsible with all due respect mancini i have no quarreled with his thirty of
the church the archbishop will be u but i repeat i have said nothing i have done nothing to use the anyone by
promoting what you choose to call a shabby scientific hopes need our labor the court system this is to be encourage soon there will be reports of they recall so it’s an interest candlelight processions pilgrimages max
emotional display now we will not permit that to happen q often dont jim parker repeatable scientist we have the right to expect chill
completes corporation what kind of complete cooperation to use
it xd circumstance you are not the only living witness to
this bizarre your words alone sister can determine
whether or not the public i believe the interpretation of the air
force’s justice so they have only ovation on which to base their opinion there was a witness physical evidence photographs which did not turn our you want me to denied ever have beyond merely suggesting that you told
that it is true that you have not been well it is true that you have been physically
and perhaps even psychically depleted it is true that your superior has
ordered you to take an indefinite leave of absence to rest its interest because
of your exhaustion i believe monsignor that i have regained
a great deal of my strength i am delighted to hear it system may only hope would you have found in upstate retreats
to disassociate yourself from all of this u_f_o_ rubbish you’d never have been system denied weekend we can’t being crazy she was very diffuse entry
circle are you trying to bring it back been so string of become your sister i
don’t know when some i’d just find your suggestion hard to
believe engine possible to accept the you take seriously or solemn vow of
evidence very serious and want to know obedience to the arching vision when i receive such an order suggestion iran ki from him line will do what he wants to para rectly and talk about it anyway encouragement that had to stop philosophical good decision setting to resign tonight peak-to-peak siege what do you get into it are you doing for the full picture
whatever it is the best years ago life as they said well right now in the for three more placed as interesting as they have been yeah i’ll probably make a career it’s like having a final outside up like
butter i think maybe i’d like the answer tell me and said you’ve got a lot of
possibilities a lot of choices like inside it’s not quite the same
issues here store because of what happened to me suna specimen collection dull because you’re citing coming up here wrapping still ahead what happens to a non shoes in a moment you just get on with it i suppose maybe i can let you know one of the
states i’d like to give you my address you know uh… just in case i mean if there’s any reason i’d like that very much bank they really have a right and thank you for the class let this
happen announcing miles wide i don’t understand analysis he said to have the most of the most when they are together taro patches p sir you’re too strict with sister lucy
tools of our guest is incorrect gentleman i can only ask you to consider
the circumstances of this second my seem pretty persist till you see goes
beyond words but it is obvious that her simple hallucination has grown into attribution and we’d like to make a transcript
impact you initialed for security whatever you like manager i can provide an affidavit to write the to sign the transcript pledge of monson so they brought it might use a gentleman to complete your files you might look of
the system uses medical records of the process some findings of a psychologist we
suggest you see thank you very much well gentlemen does that wrap it up that wraps it up welcome to stay here maintenance skewing university can there seems to be honest you have to do it means so much to me spinning risk involved stiff anxious to hear you by this evening more arora ad and out r_r_ or or metal learns thank you for the left in tank if he in
many cases you’re most welcome it by nature by hank try not to meet we have to be too much
decreasing you like it see if i can get a sting stature and
things listen you sure you will make the trip
all the way up to san francisco by yourself picked up my brother and his wife they can hardly wait me to get there it just had twins i’m going to be the most popular baby
sit in the bay area in america pick up the postcards frank anne in golden gate bridge draft carefully that case uh… here there k election day when i found a place in the case open just between you and me ability for texas thank antennae about something before it lifted off kept asking wine
and here today have any reason and it’s not came because the lift you splendid first artists home but a deadly without looking at just i got the impression of somebody crying you don’t have to tell me if he had it
not day makes people trends that are used to it gross profit fire perfect now a hirose too and still don’t know orthodontic about page when a senator fish are not six exploration only and it will explode would be too late for the senate noticed the first returns glimmering folded into the crowd the dominoes making uh… the dressing oversight hearings may be

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  1. This may be the real story behind this episode.

  2. Pamela Franklin from the movie…"The Legend of Hell House. " Interesting that she's playing a Nun here. And Virginia Gregg, as Mother Superior, a long time Jack Webb favorite on Dragnet and Adam 12 and I believe she was an in earlier episode of Project Ufo.

  3. Ahh' Pamela Franklin. Major crush on this British actress (playing an American here). Her most well. Her most well known role was in The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie (1969) , but I liked her in Satan's School for Girls (TV Movie) *
    1973* .

    Check out the great pictorial compilation of Pamela on Youtube video- Pamela Franklin 2 . With the musical background, a rare treat of Rory Gallagher's guitar playing, followed by his equally profound sax playing skills.

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