Prophetic Prayer: Who Let The Dogs (Religious Spirits) Out

Prophetic Prayer: Who Let The Dogs (Religious Spirits) Out

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here with you senior leader The Awakening House of Prayer the epicenter
for Holy Spirit church life equipping family in South Florida founder of the
ignite network of apostolic and prophetic people and of course author of
our devotional mornings with the Holy Spirit listening daily to the still
small voice of God and today’s devotion title don’t let conviction steal your
joy my my my my don’t let the conviction steal your joy
here’s whatever the Lord say I give life I give liberty and I’m just in my
convictions of sin unrighteousness and injustice my convictions work to bring
life liberty liberty and justice to your soul
so when I convinced as the spirit of grace don’t let your conviction steal
your joy let it don’t let it press you down don’t let it make you feel as if I
am against you realize that I have come to shine a light on those things that
hinder our relationship because I love you get an agreement with me says God
turn away from those things I show you and the blood of Jesus will cleanse you
from all sin unrighteousness and injustice a man amen amen
John 16 verses 7 through 15 Romans 8 verses 1 & 2 & 1st John 1 verse 9 are
the scripture references for today and the prayer starter thank you for your
grace and mercy there is no one like you you are kind to me even when I’m not
kind to myself will you help me to be as quick to forgive myself as you are to
forgive me when I fail to walk in your word and of course his answer is yes
because he is a long-suffering God he is a God who was meek in all his power in
all his glory in all his creative instinct he is meek he is not a proud
haughty God demanding our service demanding our worship but he is a good
good father and he humbled himself Jesus to the point of death even the
death of the cross he came and found himself in the form of man and chose to
be a servant to all father help us today to come to an understanding of you as a
meek God not a God ready to kill us God ready to hit us over the head with a
mallet not a God who is constantly disappointed and looking for a reason to
suspend our love or suspend our gifts or suspend our financial wealth god help us
Lord to see you as you are help us Lord to see you to understand your character
help us Lord to dive deep into understanding who you are you are worthy
of our praise you are worthy of our honor because of who you are not because
even of what you’ve done although that is praiseworthy as well what you’ve done
what you’re doing what you’re going to do all of these things are worthy of
praise but God let us boil it down let us get back to the heart of worship
because it’s all about you as the song says it’s all about you lord help us to
separate your who from your do what you do for us God we can’t live without it
we need what you do for us you saved us we could not even enter into this place
of praise had you not say this we appreciate what you do what you’re doing
what you’re going to do those things are vital to our existence because you
breathe the breath of life into our hearts you wake us up every morning you
heal our bodies you reconcile relationships you provide for our needs
we love what you do God but help us to drill down deeper help us to get to the
essence of who you are so that we can love you more because we do we love you
for what you do but what if you didn’t do that thing what if you didn’t do what
we wanted you to do would we still love you with the same passion with the same
fervor with the same intensity god help us to drill down our faith beyond the
due phase and into the who face who you are because of who you are we give you
glory because of who you are we give you praise not because of whatever action
you perform or whatever prayer you answer
whatever blessing you bestow upon us we love that God we don’t want that to stop
we need that we enjoy that but we want to enjoy you as a person you
as the creator of the universe you as the one who loves our soul we want to
drill down to the depths of who you are deep cries unto deep God would you help
us today to go deeper in you to understand who you really are to
understand to study your emotions like David did to understand you to the point
that we know what grieves you and so we don’t want to do those things that
grieve you but deeper deeper deeper I just feel a call to go into the depths
of God and there’s no no misunderstanding as to why this week
we’ve not seen as many people on this broadcast because I’ve been praying for
the deep things I’ve been praying to go deeper the self sacrificial stuff that
died to self stuff no fewer people want to pray those prayers but I’d rather
pray with a thousand that want to go deeper than a million that just want to
bless me only Christianity father help us to go deeper to understand who you
are your emotions what grieves you not just okay the sin greed you know to be
so sensitive to understand you with such accuracy that we would understand even
the little tiniest things that grieve you we know people that well come on
think about it if you’re married you probably if you’ve
been married for any length of time you probably know what really grieves your
spouse just by the lifting of their eyebrow or just by the way that they
breathe you know that something happens you know that something went wrong you
know that you’ve done something or someone else has done something to cause
a schism I want us to know God that much in that way at that depth father help us
to go deeper help us to get beyond the religiosity of the age the religiosity
of the church the religiosity of even the world who creates its own systems of
worship like whatever feels good do it like new-age mentalities like
universalistic Gospels where there is no hell and we all get saved even the devil
is going to get saved in the end bogus rubbish help us Lord to know you
intimately help us Lord to know you experientially help us Lord to know you
because you want to be known and you’re not hiding who you are from us you’ve
explained who you are in your word and we can start there God give us a hunger
for real theology not the theology to build a good message to preach not the
theology to build a good case to justify our sin not the theology that this makes
us sound intelligent but what is theology in essence it’s the study of
God it’s the study of God Moses he knew the ways of God and he was the meekest
man on the earth he knew the what God we want to know your ways so we could jump
on board with you so we can move the way that you move because that’s where
freedom is true joy is in knowing who God is for real knowing who he really is
father help us to get to that place help us to do the work on our side to spend
the time with you to search your scriptures to see how you dealt with
David to see how you dealt with Moses to see how you dealt with Abraham your
faithfulness yes there was conviction of sin yes there was these issues that had
to be dealt with in their lives but they were no different than us you deal with
things in our lives as well that’s part of your goodness and it’s part of your
grace help us to see even your discipline as a part of the package of
your love and to receive it help us Lord to stop being so selfish and self
centered but to be God centered because religion has done us no favors Lord we
want that relationship with you we don’t want to be the kinds of Christians that
go to church on Christmas and Easter only we don’t want to be the kind of
Christians that go and punch a card a membership card so that just in case we
have a problem one day pastor will counsel us just in case we have a demon
one day they’ll cast it out just in case we fall a little short on our rent the
church will give us money that is not our motive for going to church and if it
be that way God convict our hearts because that is the wrong reason the
reason that we want to congregate is to rejoice in you corporately to testify to
your goodness corporately to pray corporately to worship corporately to
learn and grow together corporately as your family god help us to get back to
the apostolic Christianity the book of Acts Christianity it’s about family it’s
about growing and learning of Christ together
it’s about seeking to do his will as a company of believers of like precious
faith God help us to get back to the foundations of your gospel the
foundations of discipleship the foundations of your church your ekklesia
gathering together of the set one’s a governing body of believers God help us
to get back to that which you created us for to know you and to make it make you
known we thank you Lord that we can return today to our first love
despite the religious spirits that have seeped into the church to try to focus
our attention on something else but your glories something else but your love these religious spirits that steal our
joy with rules and regulations and laws and and performance-oriented church
systems where we can never ever ever live up to what pastor wants us to do
it’s never good enough it’s never good enough it’s never good enough come on
who let the dogs out who let the dogs out who let the religious spirits out
who let who loose to the religious spirits in the church we don’t why we
remember that song and actually went to listen to it oh no
when you grew up and there was a song that was popular when I was growing up
who let the dogs out hoo-hoo-hoo-hoo and I’m thinking somebody has let the
religious dogs they’re really just spirits out in the church and if you
look at symbolism of dogs in the realm of dreams or in the realm of the Bible
it’s almost never good Paul warned about the dogs and if you’re a dog lover no
offense it has nothing to do with a real dog but dogs are a symbol many times of
backbiting of a betrayal of wagging tongues gossiping dogs symbolize many
negative things in the Bible and so I ask you today who let the dogs out who
let the dogs out who let the religious spirits out in your church who let the
religious spirits out in your city in your town in your mind where are all
these religious concepts of God coming from who let the dogs out and I would
say to you that the devil let the dogs out because they’re the devil’s dogs
they come to steal they come to kill they come to destroy so many churches
don’t have evangelism programs at all anymore you know why that religious
spirit that’s why the joy killers it’s all religion we can’t worship this long
because we got a program and bless God and we’ve got a we’ve got everything
timed out to the minute so our worship is going to be 15 minutes and 37 seconds
and then we’re going to do 2 minutes and 15 seconds of announcements and we’re
going to preach for 20 minutes and 15 seconds
who let the dogs out who let the dogs out to bite and devour our faith god
help us Lord to return to the simplicity of the gospel oh shut up oh shut up a
shake help us Lord to get back to the roots of
our faith help us Lord to see you as you really are who let the dogs out who
allowed these religious spirits in our church is it us as it the intercessors
how did this leaven get into our faith a little leaven leavens the whole lump
religious spirit is an antichrist spirit and anti anointing spirit you know why
so many churches don’t have any anointing there’s no nothing
there’s no life there’s no shibby shake a Tama I’m gonna get myself
in trouble here ain’t nobody getting saved
ain’t nobody getting healed ain’t nobody gettin a prophesy
ain’t nobody getting a zap from the Holy Ghost ain’t nobody gettin delivered
ain’t nobody free why because religious that religious spirit that religious a
dog it’s an anti anointing Antichrist spirit the religious Pharisees were they
not Anti Christ come on father help us to repent of our religious thinking that
has been sowed into our hearts by whatever religious system that we
submitted ourselves to when we did no better because we were just hungry for
you we stumbled into a church we thought oh they’re so nice yeah they’re nice
until they bite you we didn’t know they were gossiping about us we didn’t know
they were cursing us we didn’t know we didn’t know we didn’t know god help us
Lord to land in the right with the right congregation in the right people here
would notice religious people have no joy they look sour they look so and they
got no power help us Lord if we have taken on this
mindset God would repent there was a man who we had a testimony service on Sunday
it was impromptu didn’t plan to do it but we went into a place in worship
where there was just there was nothing else to do but just testify to the glory
of God and this one man came and I’d never seen him before and honestly I
didn’t know what he might say you never know when you give somebody the mic in
your church what they might say and all these people we did know were coming in
to testify and this man I did not know who he was and I know if he was gonna
rebuke the church or what but I felt it was okay but she just never know and he
got up there and he was listen to me he was an ex Muslim from Iran spoke with
a very thick accent you can go watch this on my Instagram page at V Jennifer
LeClair and he got up there he said I don’t know what you’re going through and
it gave testimony four five six seven minutes and he said I served all out for
thirty years and he did nothing for me and he said Oh ever since I’ve been
serving Jesus he said 15 minutes anything I asked for he does it for me
because he’s faithful that religious spirit holds us into
false ideologies false theologies faults this false that fault that we get set
free and we see Christ for who he really is we’re so grateful this man was so
grateful he was so grateful his life had changed he was free of religion and he
said I’ve got a scripture for you he said I love this place
he said where the Spirit of the Lord is there is Liberty and he said there’s
Liberty here he felt the presence of God religious quote/unquote churches you
can’t feel God it’s like yeah God may have visited at some point in time but I
don’t know if he’s been here in awhile and of course we know he’s there where
anybody’s gathered together but you can’t feel his presence father help us
Lord and I’m not trying to listen I just heard somebody criticizing out there in
the spirit I’m not trying to get anybody to leave their church or to be critical
of their church I’m trying to get you to be passionate about Jesus and if your
church is not giving you what you need then you need to do that on your own if
there’s nowhere else you can go to church in your city where you can find a
place where there is freedom if you’re just living in a town where there ain’t
no where every church is you know what then you have to seek it out on your own
god help us to seek you for who you really are help us to see you for who
you really are because you are worthy you are holy we don’t want to live in a
subpar experience of who you are we don’t want to live below our spiritual
means we don’t want to walk in a religiosity that causes us to reject
your love or not to fully embrace our calling help us Lord Lord we just need
to go right back to this place we started in a minute for a minute
father we have religious concepts that we have believed if we believed a lie
about who you are if religion has painted a picture of you in our heart
that is inaccurate God if we have allowed the leaven of the fair
cease to be sown in our hearts in our souls God we’re asking you to uproot it
now in Jesus name Lord if we have come into the clutches of religious control
religious performance-oriented Christianity religious rules and
regulations that cause us to be less than joyful less than peaceful that
calls us to walk around in angst wondering if we’re good enough for God
if we’ve done enough today if we’ve come under that religious condemnation if
we’ve if we’ve allowed ourselves to be tricked and fooled by these dogs lord
help us to see the light help us to see the truth Lord your word says the Holy
Spirit leads us and guides us into all truth not some truth not just the truth
about other people oh we like that oh I see what’s wrong with her
uh-huh you see the truth sometimes sometimes we see the truth about
everybody but ourselves and so I can even be praying along these lines you
could say yeah who let the dogs out put them back in the cage get rid of those
demons but you’re actually walking yourself under a religious canopy
because you can’t see it because we don’t know what we don’t know and we
can’t see what we can’t see so father we open our hearts today and we ask your
Lord to deliver us from the spirit of religion whether it has attacked us
whether we’re walking in it either way God deliver us from this evil deliver us
from these dogs I see that Lord some of you you’ve just come under attack from
the outside maybe not even in your church maybe you’re in there in your
workplace you know people who are not saved can be religious if you look up
the definition it’s it’s telling some of you have come under attack by dogs by
people with a religious spirit or religious attitude and you’re it’s like
in the book of Acts when Paul said they came to spy out our Liberty in Christ
some of you are so free some of you are so happy some of you are so full of joy
and these dogs have come to attack you to try to
ding your piece ding you’re calm these religious dogs have come out to attack
you they’ve spied out your liberty and they think it’s not godly because you’re
just a little too loud in church or you’re just a little too happy you’re
just a little too joyful you’re just a little too generous ol shorter Amish are
a Bosch 800 she’s just sewing to get pastor’s favor well I would hate to
think that what if she’s just sewing because God told her to sew father help
us Lord deliver us from the attacks of the religious spirit and the religious
system deliver us Lord from the backbiting the betrayals of religion
religion betrayed Jesus religion betrayed Jesus don’t you think it would
like to betray you I’m talking about a system I’m talking about a mindset I’m
talking about a spirit who let the dogs out who let the dogs out I hope that
song sticks in your head all day I hope it sticks in your head all day I hope
that song sticks in your head for days until you get rid until the Lord rids
you of every religious mindset from the inside and every religious attack coming
at you from the outside I hope God reminds you of this song yeah well
that’s a secular song and what’s wrong with it it’s just one phrase who let the
dogs out who let the dogs out so that you’ll remember because religion is
deadly relationship brings life father help us today to step into a deeper
place with you a deeper place with you a deeper place with you where we will shun
every inkling of religion and that we will embrace relationship with you and
higher in higher levels because we need it God we want to know as we began
praying at the beginning of this call we want to know you for who you are come on
don’t you feel that way don’t you feel that way
with other people how would you like it if people just knew you for what you
could do but they never really knew your heart people recognized you and wanted
to be your friend and wanted to get close to you because of what you could
do for them instead of who you really are it’s offensive but that’s part of
that religious mindset I’m gonna study and I’m gonna fast because if I do then
God’s gonna do this for me no that’s not the motive you want to study and you
want to fast so you can renew your mind and put down your flesh so that you can
hear his voice better and yes he will do things for you but that’s not our motive
but would help us get the religiosity out of our motivations help us Lord to
grab ahold of purity of heart that concept where it’s not about what you
can do for us it’s about who you are to us you are everything God you are our
everything we give you praise we honor you we we magnify you we adore you and
exalt you for who you are and we’re grateful for what you do but it’s about
who you are God because you are kind as the song says you are the kindest one I
know gracious and your anger slow I love the way you think I love the way you
move help us Lord to press in to the reality of who you are and embrace that
because you’ve embraced who we you love us for you love us for who we are not
what we can do for you let’s flip it you love us because of who we are not
because of what we can do for you you expect us to do the works of Christ but
you love us even if we never do we don’t have to perform it’s not a circus father
we thank you today for helping us to break through this especially at this
time of the year help us to break through completely of
every wrong mindset we have about you who you are what you did what you’ve
done what you’re going to do why you do it help us Lord to grab hold at new
levels deeper levels because it’s this
revelation that’s going to sustain us in the hard times and we all walk through
trials it’s this revelation that’s going to sustain us call we need this
revelation thank you Lord we give you praise we honor your Most Holy Name
there’s no one like you we’re so grateful we’re so grateful we’re so
grateful we’re so grateful we’re so grateful we’re so grateful God give us
the grace to press in and press through for your glory so we can bring somebody
else up and say you know what you don’t have to perform for God’s you know what
you don’t have to sit in a dead dumb Church just because your grandma and
your mama and your daddy and your brothers and sisters went there or go
there you don’t have to stay in that system well that’s dead
help us Lord in Jesus name Amen and amen hallelujah thought is good you know
sometimes whole entire weeks of this broadcast take on this kind of flow or
some kind of flow and this week it’s just been that pressing in for deeper
realities of who he is and who we are and that intimacy and I know that many
people don’t like these prayers they want to hear me prophesy about blessings
and breakthroughs you know if that’s all I ever did I’d have to stand before God
and repent on Judgment Day because I wouldn’t be following the leading of a
spirit God wants to prophesy to you about your blessings and your
vindication and you know he wants to encourage you individually but he also
wants you to know him more so thank you all the new Hardcore sold-out believers
who have joined me this week because I see attendance is largely down since
Monday if I did this for the numbers I never would have started as we started
with about 50 and now we’re reaching a million God is
good god is good Holly I’ve encouraged myself in the Lord
today amen god is good listen I’ve got a couple of
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started off as a house of prayer if you want to start an awakening House of
Prayer you need to go to the awakening House of Prayer calm go into the
ministries tab and hit plant and a hop plant and a hop so the awakening blaze
is intended to be for people who out are there in churches they have no intention
of planting a church or a house of prayer but they maybe they don’t have
enough intercessors they want to really gather the city people intercessors from
different churches and so it’s a neutral ground the awakening ounce of prayer
becomes it’s also a neutral ground in a sense but many of the a house of prayers
end up becoming churches so there’s the awakening how because people are asking
right now hit on the wakening house church movement is awakening house calm
that’s if you want to start a house church you don’t have a building you
don’t even want a building necessarily you just you just want to start a house
church that’s awakening house calm right and then awakening blaze calm that is
the groups of intercessors maybe you don’t ever want to start a full-blown
ministry you just want to gather intercessors you want that covering you
want our training our teaching that’s awakening blaze calm and then
awakening house of prayer to plant one of those that’s actually a you get a lot
of leader a lot more leadership training a lot of marketing a lot of you know
when I say marketing I mean I let people know you’re there through my media
influence so let me go through this again we’re gonna shift awakening house
calm that’s the house church movement I don’t
talk much about these things so today I’m just spending a couple minutes on it
even though I know most people have gone on awakening awakening blaze calm Awakening House of
Prayer calm is where you go to fill out the form to plant a church does that
make sense I need to talk more about these things
but it’s just not been a real focus it’s been very organic it’s been very organic
if it’s your group of intercessors it makes sense to have an awakening House
of Prayer to build and grow on that if you’re bringing in a lot of different
intercessors from different churches or whatever it’s it’s makes more sense to
do an awakening blaze yeah yes yes yes yes yes hello Anthony 2019
open doors amen Annalise yes wish you had some croissants you know what are
you joking we’re talking about serious things here and you’re talking about you
want some croissants Patricia yes
I know we need to get back to the problem is I’m in studio all week I
don’t have a count of how many people I need a venue for Patricia I have no idea how many people are going to show up so
I guess I need some options it needs to be it doesn’t have to be in the center
of London it could be in Windsor somewhere that’s easy enough for
Londoners to get to but it doesn’t have to be you know smack dab in the middle
of the city it needs to be affordable because we’re doing all this on our own
and I don’t know and yeah there’s this venue that brother
Sidhu uses there but it’s probably a very big venue I’ll try to find that
promise I don’t know how many people we need so if it was a venue that had
different size rooms we could kind of go from there hallelujah Kimberly scans is saying possibly near
Kings Cross amen all right Facebook I’ll see you
later love you

18 Replies to “Prophetic Prayer: Who Let The Dogs (Religious Spirits) Out”

  1. I thank God for you, and these morning prayers. It is difficult to find those searching for the deeper things of God. So I thank God for you and the God that is in you. Be blessed❤

  2. They run in packs looking for money and power….not seeking God's will or allowing God to lead.
    ..seeking what they can get from others..stirring up chaos wherever they are. Praying our brothers and sisters will see the error of their ways. Open their hearts and minds to the truth. Ahmen.

  3. I love you my you tube pastor I love today’s message like I do all your messages and your the message today was wonderful and I am still feasting on the Floodgates going over the notes I took and I am so glad I listen to you daily and will play it over again and I am so happy about your Jezebel post cause I am fighting this in house demon daily and I am breaking away from religious traps was a Cogic member for years and I have seen the change and I am so glad you helped me to see a lot of things and I am not afraid angry or bitter at anyone but the Devil 👿 So Pastor Jennifer Keep on keeping on and if you move to Europe I will still find you lol 😂 thank you so much

  4. Thank you. The ones coming out of the caves are deep, they plow deep, they sow deep, they need to feed deeply. Today I sowed into your ministry and it will multiply for us both , this year, 2019. Thank you again

  5. I stay away from periscope! If people do not like you on there they creep to your Facebook page and steal family pictures and call your jobs and family members. It is a haven for witchcraft and immorality. I will not subject my spirit to the evil there. Whatever you do please do not give to anyone on that application.

  6. Really good raw prayers… thank you… so refreshing! Religious spirits are from someone in the church that is in sin and not repenting….

  7. The lord knew I needed to see this… I was hearing voices condemning me that I wasn’t worthy and that Jesus doesn’t love me…I wasn’t reading the Bible.. but I knew i needed to read it…. but couldn’t… but I’ve been reading it for the past couple of days actually starting in genesis so I can know god for who he really is… not what these religious spirits say he is….

  8. So good thank u!! What a lesson , I’m very careful choosing. A local church it’s been 3 years and I have not liked in my spirit what I have seen prayers would be so greatfully appreciated

  9. Thank You, Father God! Thank You, Lord! It's all about You. Help us to accept correction, be teachable and see it as a part of Your love in the name of Jesus. You have pity / compassion on those You love like a (earthly) father does toward his children. Thank You for your patience; You're long suffering and kind. You're always with us; You never leave us or forsake us. Thank You for liberty!

  10. I'm grateful for you! Thank you for always being obedient and sharing what the Lord would have you to say to us. It is not in vain.

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