Prophetic prayer: Spiritually cleansing your home…

Prophetic prayer: Spiritually cleansing your home…

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here with the author of our devotional mornings with the Holy Spirit listening
daily to the still small voice of God today’s devotion titled who do you say
that I am and here’s what I heard the Lord say Jesus wants to asked his
disciples who do you say that I am many people knew he was a great prophet but
only Peter received the revelation that he was the Christ the Son of the Living
God now I ask you who do you say that I am many people disregard my work in
their lives because they don’t understand who I am says God even those
who know me don’t always have a continual awareness of my presence and a
deep revelation of my love for them who do you say that I am search my heart and
I will show you a new realm of my faithfulness my kindness and so much
more search my heart now that is more than a suggestion that’s a strong
invitation intimacy with God is what it’s all about at the end of the day
that’s all that matters it’s all that will sustain you it’s all that will keep
you it’s all that will prevent you from being offended in the last days Luke 9
and 18 through 21 Isaiah 11 verse 2 and Galatians 5:22 and 23 and the prayer
started for today Holy Spirit I know what Jesus said about
you and I’ve read about you in Scripture but I want to know you more and more
experiential II I want to experience who you are in a fresh way help me to search
your heart and show me more about yourself father we thank you this
morning that you are awesome we say that you are an awesome God you
are awesome there is no other God like you you are worthy of all of the praise
you are worthy of all of the honor all of our praise all of our honor we give
you honor we give you glory we thank you Lord for the heavy weighty glory that’s
on upon our lives you’ve crowned us with glory
we thank you Lord for a greater revelation of your glory that we might
pray in the glory that we might move live have our being in the glory that we
might prophesy in the glory we thank you Lord for your splendor for your majesty
for that revelation God we cry out like Moses in Exodus 33 when he said show me
your glory show me your glory he wasn’t satisfied with what he knew about you he
wanted a little more he just had to know more he was hungry
to know more those who hunger and hunger and thirst after righteousness they
shall be filled God we’re hungry for your glory we want
to press in to your glory we want to press on past the things that have that
have defiled the revelation of your glory the wrong teachings the false the
false revelation of Scripture that we’ve been taught that religious spirit that
comes to steal the revelation of your glory God we thank you this morning we
give you praise and honor and glory somebody needs to press into this glory
revelation with me I feel resistance I feel a resistance let me tell you
something the knowledge of the glory of God
will cover the earth I thank you Lord let the knowledge of the glory of God
cover our minds let the knowledge of the glory of God cover our very being our
very essence God just help us to we just we just want to see your glory there’s
nothing like your glory that Chabad of God we thank you Lord for that splendor
that excellence that Majesty that revelation God wake us up to your glory
oh Jesus I’m just I just see a picture it’s Jesus standing on the Mount of
Transfiguration with Moses and Elijah and they were talking about the things
he would have to endure in the days ahead and it says in the Bible it says
it says the disciples Peter John and James they were asleep they were
slumbering they were they would they had just let’s sleep overtake them but the
Bible says when they were fully awake they saw the glory of God his clothes
were white with splendor they were almost glowing
it was almost translucent they saw the glory when they were fully awake God
would you wake us up today wake up this morning wake us up god to your
glory not just a physical sense of what is going on in the world around us but
let us see your glory let us see your glory in nature let us see your glory in
other people because you’ve crowned man with glory let us see the glory of God
even on our own lives God we want to see your goodness God told Moses oh I will
pass before you and show you my goodness Moses said show me your glory God said
I’ll show you my goodness Lord Moses said show me your glory God said I’ll
show you my goodness his goodness is his glory god help us Lord to see you as
good I say there it is right there thank you Jesus
religion has painted you as a mean spirited monarch religion has painted
you as a condemning judge religion has painted you as one who demands
performance but we thank you Lord that’s your good is God really good yes God is
good we thank you Lord for your goodness give us a revelation of your goodness
and your glory in Jesus name oh god we can’t experience your glory until we
understand that you are good we can’t experience all the best you
have for us the blessings we can’t experience these things your love oh da
darada Bible says to know the love of God that passes the passes knowledge to
know the love of God that passes knowledge we just don’t want to know
that Jesus loves me this I know for the Bible tells me so we want to experience
your love we don’t want to just know about it we just don’t want to talk
about it we don’t just want to just sing about it we want to start just want to
just yeah yeah God loves me yes God no no we want to experience an absolute
avalanche and outpouring a monumental just-just-just it’s like a deluge of
your love God just overtake us with the revelation of your goodness with the
revelation of your love with the revelation of your glory we thank you
lord this morning we’re pressing it come on somebody press in to the glory it’s a
realm it’s a realm it’s a realm it’s a realm the God’s glory is all around you
come on begin to press into the glory ah there’s so much resistance to the to
this revelation we’re going to press into it until we get all the way to the
other side yeah coach O’Shea Misaka terracotta
thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus we will not
bow to religion we will not bow to who religion says
that you are who do you say that I am oh we’re not going to take religions
definition of our God any longer we’re not going to accept religions
definition of our Jesus any longer oh can God heal me I don’t know maybe if
it’s God’s will I’ll break that religious thought in the
name of the Lord Oh God just wants me to live in poverty
I break that in the name of Jesus the lies of religion we cast down the lies
of religion and we embrace the glory of God the goodness of God the mercy of God
the love of God I thank you Lord we’re not gonna listen to religion any longer
that demonic voice of religion that tries to rob us of who we are in Christ
that tries to rob us of the blessings of God that maketh us rich i thank you lord
i thank you lord i thank allah yeah I do see somebody’s somebody’s mind is
beginning to open and somebody out there you’re even getting mad at me you’re
saying how dare you how dare you how dare you you know what you need to catch
that religious spirit off you this morning in the name of Jesus God is good
he’s good all the time he didn’t send that fire to burn down your house he
didn’t send that sickness to burn up your body he didn’t send you that flat
tire the broken leg I break in behind this this this false perception that
religion has has has has painted of Jesus oh my lord my lord my lord
yeah his shake a tail coat or a dicot tuck
pray with me now pray with me and I’ll pray the religious spirit is opposing us
today because the religious spirit does not want to to to to us to understand
that the goodness and the glory of God come on let’s keep pressing there’s
going to be a mighty breakthrough this morning I decree and declare a mighty
breakthrough this morning whoa my Jesus yes shake a tail coat or a rocket arm HD
yeah Kate enemies too short to embrace toccata Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus yes Lord yes unilateral court or Mashti oh and
the Lord would say to you today that this revelry
my glory is for whosoever will whosoever will press into it
whosoever will receive it whosoever will pay the price for it for the Lord would
say to you then it takes time it takes an effort on your part
it takes a seeking of my heart it takes a willingness to lay aside things that
are matter that are hindering you says God it takes a willingness to see those
things that are hindering you says God it takes a willingness to be willing to
see the things that hinder you says God for some of you are holding on to things
from your past and they seem good and they seem fine to you says the Lord but
they’re actually detrimental they’re actually they’re actually causing you to
stumble they’re actually creating for you obstacles and you don’t see them
because you haven’t been willing to see them because you’ve wanted to hold on
because these things are dear and precious to you the Lord is showing me
right now that there are some of you that you just really need to let go of
some thing and someone’s your god here we go
yes shorter Hakata shake it and shake it a there’s some people in your life
listen to me the Lord showed me there’s some people in your life and they don’t
want what you want they say all the right things they say well let’s pray
let’s pray it again let’s pray they say let’s pray together they don’t ever pray
all they do is talk all they do is gossip all they do is covet all they do
is complain they don’t pray they come to you under the pretense of you want to
pray there’s some prophetic intercessors listening to me and you want to pray
when people say I want to pray like y’all that’s awesome but there’s some
people they want to pull you out of prayer there’s some people it’s let’s
search search seek and worship the Lord together but they don’t want to search
seek and worship the Lord they just want to talk they just want to play games you
need to disconnect yourself in the spirit from those who are dragging you
down that’s why you’re not seeing the measure of glory that you want to see in
your life because you’re connected to people from your past some of them
you’re they’re not even physically present anymore the Lord just showing me
some of them already even even physically not even physically present
anymore they’re not even physically in your life it’s just the memory of them
it’s just the old ty to them it’s just come on we’ve got to press on God wants
you to press into the glory but you cannot press into the glory until you
press on past them in your past that are defiling oh Jesus
don’t get mad at me now I’m trying to help you I don’t know who I’m talking to
there’s some people on this broadcast and you just need to let go you’ve got
to let go you’ve got to let go you’ve got to let
go come on we’re talking this month about pressing on we’re praying this
month about pressing on we’re praying this month about pressing on Yokota
Rakata medicated rocoto Rivage d o shorter Takata pre stick yeah k Terra
Bosch – a my god the resistance dear God were breaking through I bind
all resistance to these prayers I break the powers of every demon spirit that is
trying to hinder the revelation of Jesus this morning I break the powers of
religious spirits that are trying to hinder the revelation of our Lord Jesus
Christ I thank you Lord we will press on we’re gonna press on we’re gonna press
on we’re gonna press on we’re gonna press on holy I see that I see that Lord
the Lord showed me you know in the Bible House I was asking keep on asking
knocking keep on knocking she can keep on seeking in the amplified version but
the Lord this morning is saying press in keep on pressing because pressing is not
for the faint of heart says God you cannot just press one time like you
press a button as if you waved a magic wand and expect your life to change says
the Lord it’s not about pressing a button it’s not about just pressing a
button it’s about pressing past your flesh says
God it’s about pressing past your past says God it’s about pressing past all
those things I’m putting before you showing you to get rid of them the Lord
says in the next 17 days I’m going to begin to show you things that I want you
to press past and if you’ll set your heart to press past them you can beep
through and over and done and into the next before the new year begins says the
Lord I am faithful to complete the good work I’ve started in you for the next
seven days says 17 days says the Lord some of you need to some of you need a
shorter docket on eboshit a shake it a I just sees some of you on your face
that’s what I saw I saw a picture of some of you just on your face just
laying prostrate before the Lord there’s been some things in your life they’re
just they seem like they don’t even know what they are but there’s a hindrance
you know something is blocking you you want more of
but you can’t seem to get more of God you want to go deeper in prayer but you
can’t seem to get deeper in prayer you want to to walk in peace but you can’t
seem to consistently walk in peace your peace is based on your circumstances
rather than your spirit show man being inclined and filled with the spirit
there’s so many I just see you on your face for the next 17 days just getting
on your face you just laying prostrate before God just entering into that holy
place it’s in that oh come on it’s in that holy place you need to enter into
the Holy of Holies come on you’re in the outer court you know you know you don’t
just need to be in the outer court you don’t need to hang out in the inner
court you need to get on your face and go into the Holy of Holies and that is
where you’re going to get your breakthrough that’s it right there 17
days I don’t know what the number 17 means maybe some of you people out there
can tell me what the number 17 means I’m telling you it means something 17 days
17 days 17 days 17 days to get on your face
get into the Holy of Holies that is where you’re going to get a revelation
of the love of God the love of God that cast out all fear the love of God that
breaks every tie that binds the love of God the oh come on that cast out
rejection the love of God that just fills you with the knowledge of the
glory come on the knowledge of the holy you need to get into the holy of the
whole come on the holy of holies it’s time to get somebody needs to get on
their face somebody needs to accept the challenge of the Holy Spirit
somebody needs to accept the invitation of the Lord somebody needs to say yes
Lord I’m gonna turn off the television for the next 17 days I’m gonna get on my
face when I get home from work or I’m gonna get on my face when I get up in
the morning I’m gonna get on my face I’m gonna lay prostrate before you I’m gonna
humble myself before the mighty hand of God I’m going to seek you with
everything that’s in me I’m going to find you because you’ve told me if I
seek you can find me that needs to be your prayer for the next 17 days
somebody let me know what 17 means somebody let me know what the 17th day
is because I’m pressing in with you because I’m pressing in with you we’re
gonna put them on it means deliverance you’re telling me that I just looked at
my comment 17 means deliverance well hallelujah come on press it’s time to
keep on pressing you’re gonna have to press past the past God has a future and
a hope for you dear God thank you Jesus saying
galore 17 means victory well praise be to Jesus hallelujah for the neck who’s
with me I want to know who’s with me I want to know who’s gonna get on their
face with me for the next 17 days turn off the TV turn off the telephone
turn off the Facebook come on turn it all off turn it all off turn it all off
and turn on the light turn on the light Lord says let there be light when you
get in the Holy of Holies you’re gonna find a new light when you get in the
Holy of Holies you’re gonna find a new life when you get in the holy of holies
you’re gonna find a new revelation of Jesus when you get into the holy of
holies you’re gonna find deliverance you’re gonna find healing when you get
into hope that’s what it’s that’s that’s that’s it’s all there it’s all there
it’s all there it’s all there it’s all there it’s all there it’s all there it
come on it’s all there it’s all there it’s all there it’s all
there in the Holy of Holies who’s gonna get on their face with me come on whoa
Jesus that’s the breakthrough that’s the revelation that is what you needed to
know that is the word for the day it’s time to get into the Holy of Holies
it is not time anymore to play with God time is short
Oh Sherlock a terrible terrible shock a travesty
Osaka travesty chokotto ricotta yes a katana bestow Sukkot oh yay Katie
rocoto Vashti me shake a terracotta Osaka tornavoz tisha Katara Basti yay
Katie a rocket or no kitaro kitaro kitaro mostly shaky terra cotta yay
Katie dr. Abbas DeCoteau rocket amirite a rocket or a Bose Tasha cotton brushed
a rocket a rocket embraced a chatot a beastie more Lakota robust Isha cotton
Rasta Chaka Terra Basti also cateura Vashti she kitty kitty
Roberto Roberto Roberto Shakira quartermasters Chiquita Oh me and shake the spice Oh Jesus Lord just led me to that song I’ve
never heard it before in my life as from my friend Catherine Mullins it’s called
take me in that will be a great theme song for these next 17 days it’s time to
go into the Holy of Holies there’s some of you have have been struggling with
temptations with sinful temptations and it’s like they almost overtake you get
into the Holy of Holies and God will burn away everything that hinders love
the next yes start today’s 70 days just start today start today I’ve never heard
that song before I just had an unction to to find a song about the Holy of
Holies and I came up with that list Katharine Mullins take me in let that be
your theme song I’m telling you you will see I’m telling you listen to me I’m
talking to you by the Spirit of God you will see such a dramatic turnaround in
your life of victory of deliverance if you press in to the Holy of Holies
let me just give you a heads up it might not feel like anything is changing the
devil is gonna make you think you’re wasting your time he’s gonna bring
everything to your mind that you need to be doing in that moment he’s gonna put
stress and pressure on you thinking about what could be done that’s not
getting done he’s gonna bring to you memories of people that hurt you this is
part of your cleansing it’s part of the process of forgiveness God is gonna
bring things up to your heart that you need to deal with he’s gonna put his
finger on that he wants to to set you free from that you didn’t even know were
there listen to me I’m speaking to you by the
Spirit of God I’m telling you the next 70 I’m gonna do this with you the next
17 days the next 17 days I don’t know what that what is that that come out to
be the 21st what’s 17 days from now 10 would be the 10 would be it no it would
be more than that I don’t know I can’t do math 17 days I don’t know what date
that would be until today’s this today’s the 6th I think so today sick that 6
that would be the 16th and 7th would be the 23rd at the 23rd 22nd the 22nd so
the 22nd or the 23rd I think it’s the 23rd
yeah it’s the 20 well whatever somebody will figure it out later
we’re gonna press into this together whosoever well I’m telling you you’re
gonna see a radical break so in your life you’re going to enter into the next
year having pressed on you know that I don’t I’m not one to the Lord has not
given me this thing to put out dates like that in numbers I don’t typically
do that so I mean I don’t make a prize to be the Lord for me to say it I will
not say it it was not the Lord 17 days deliverance victory I need to write a
article about this somebody please email me because I will forget I need to issue
this challenge to the body of Christ that’s how listen that’s how strongly I
feel about it that is how strongly I feel about it
that’s how strongly I feel about it I need to issue a challenge to the body of
Christ the next 17 days to enter into the holy of Holy’s amen god is good god
is good I want to talk to you in just a moment about spiritually cleansing your
house I will share with you an experience that I had last night I’m
here in my new condo if it sounds different if I seem to be bellowing and
echoing it’s because I’m in a place with 14 feet ceilings that’s made of concrete
it’s a loft and so it’s I hear myself echoing actually like to hear the echo
of my prayers praise God so almost like heaven singing
it back to me Hacha aka but I want to share with you in just a moment about an
experience that I had last night and actually this morning and about
spiritually cleansing your house it’s a great time to present this lesson
hallelujah in the name of Jesus it’s probably going to take me a few minutes
more than normal to do it so if you have to get off this broadcast before the end
I implore you to go back and listen to it because this is a big issue for many
people is it the 22nd today it won’t be starting today it’s the 22nd well we’ll
figure it out praise God see that was an angel did you see the angel
he’s got stripes on I don’t know where that’s coming from that is so weird you
see that on periscope like there’s nothing stripy in here wow
did you see that prophet Vanessa I don’t know what that was anyway praise God so
I’m going to share with you in a minute about spiritually cleansing your house
I want to give you an opportunity to so I feel like you’re sewing during this
seeking is going to enhance your seeking in other words when you when you it’s
one thing to sew on to another thing to seek when you seek and so at the same
time I think there is a an exponential increase so whatever God tells you to so
whether it’s prayers whether it’s kind words whether you know
maybe some of you there’s some things in your house that you don’t need anymore
you need to give them away you know if we have closets full of stuff and
there’s people out there that have needs so maybe some of you have you know coats
and andanddan dishes or whatever some of you just need to just just I’m going to
talk about spiritual things closing your house in a moment but some of you just
need to get rid of some of the clutter in your house just you’ll take that
stuff to Goodwill so so as much as you can in these next seven days so prayers
intercede for others listen when you get in listen listen to me when you get in
the Holy of Holies don’t just pray for yourself intercede for others that the
Lord puts on your heart so as much as you can if he tells you to so financial
seed so a financial seed if it tells you to just so some of you he’s gonna tell
you to sow something radical that you like I’ll give you a small example it’s
not a big example it’s a small example I wear keys or on mine that guys giving
keys and dream wild keys some of you know I wear dream wild key or or giving
key it’ll so I’ve got a new one that says create I’ve got ones that say
prayer it’s just I just I like it and and the Lord sometimes will have me give
away one of my keys and then I’ll mean to some foreign nation and I gave Betty
King my one of my keys and I went the rest of the trip without a key and I
felt naked without my key it meant something to me and it doesn’t have to
be worth a lot of money it just has to be worth something to you God is gonna
call some of you too so something that that means something to you but it’ll
means more to the one you give it to so where God tells you to so as you seek
and these next whatever gets be obedient praise God be Oh beauty if you want to
sow into this ministry today you can do that if you if you Lord leads you to do
that I’m gonna tell you how if he doesn’t lead you to do it don’t do it if
you don’t feel compelled in your heart to do it don’t do it don’t do it because
you think I’m telling you to do it cuz I’m not telling you to do it I’m
inviting you to do it the Lord tells you to do it gotcha got me alright Jennifer slash donate go to Jennifer LeClaire.
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you can do that peel box 3 0 5 6 3 yeah you pressed in with me see what happens
when you press in with me when we get in unity that’s why I don’t like all the
extracurricular chatting I like the comments I like the glory hallelujah
amen I see that I like the agree the comments that agree that’s unified but I
don’t like the comments that say you know my back itches would someone please
pray for me yea I can’t reach that itch on my back I need you to somebody pray
that God would bring me a back scratcher all that kind of goofy stuff when I’m
praying at ear days irritates me that’s why I don’t look heel box 3 0 5 6 3 Fort
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that’s it I’m gonna eventually memorize this thing people pucks three zero five
six three Fort Lauderdale Florida three three three zero three praise God amen
god is good I was gonna say something goes oh let me pray father I thank you
and I’m gonna share with you about your house cleansing in just a moment
Pio ba yeah thank you for the peal box stuff there and we pray father I thank
you for the opportunity to give into your kingdom too so in the 17 days of
seeking you in the holy of holies I thank you Lord that you make a sensitive
to your heart that we would be willing to relinquish what it is you want us to
relinquish whether it’s people that are toxic whether it’s items in our claws
that we don’t need anymore whether it’s a piece of our flesh they easy to get
crucified whether it’s money god whatever it is that you want us to so
we’re gonna seek and so we’re gonna seek and so we’re gonna seek and so and I
bless all those who are or giving and whatever realm you’ve called them to
give whatever they give God whatever it is they give to whomever they give it I
stand and I ask your Lord to bless that increase that multiply it back to them
in Jesus name Amen amen amen amen god is good my metamorphosis book is
rising up the charts it’s really awesome I was with pastor Austin yesterday we’re
talking about that’s just crazy the print copies are now available on they are there you type in metamorphosis by Jennifer LeClaire it’s
my new book it’s a short read takes you about 90 minutes to read it and you will
be equipped to walk into the change radical change in 2008 you know I’d say
there’s gonna be a blockbuster year it’s gonna be blockbuster after the radical
change if you’re going to see the blockbuster after the radical change
there’s a radical change coming the second half of the year I talked about
mega transition this is a almost a continuation of that metamorphosis
metamorphosis a prophetic word about radical change in 2018 there’s I think
there’s ten chapters and each chapter deals with the Peace of the prophetic
word and how to apply it to your life you know the reason why many people are
not seeing the prophetic word come to pass in their life
because they don’t know that you have to do more than just sit and say yes Amen
that’s cool oh yeah that’s awesome on a hop-on my church Awakening House of
Prayer on Sunday and I was massively attacked and I sort of I was going to
shift into a warfare message and I couldn’t catch the flow we had a worship
leader whose precious but he was playing really soft music and it broke that
warfare mode right off me having you know that music influences you Elijah
said bring me a minstrel the king said Elijah I want you to prophesy Elijah
said bring me a minstrel he wasn’t in the mood to prophesy he needed a
minstrel you got to have a musician that understands the mode of the Spirit that
you’re operating in in order to help take you to the level that God wants to
bring you and the people that you’re preaching to amen so he was playing
really soft music and it just killed that warfare anointing and I began to
try to figure out which direction to go in what do you want me to go from here
Lord I’m out of warfare mode now I’m in lullaby land hallelujah hallelujah
so I basically I found I found the sweet spot I found all your preachers out
there you know this you’ve got to find the anointing anyway the point is you
can go to a hop dot online it’s our online campus is free just just register
to access it and I did a teaching on how to war with your prophetic words it was
impromptu I went into the congregation and different people recited the
prophetic words they’d received and I taught them how to pray over it and if
that’s something you want to learn how to do you can go to a Hopf dot online
and just sign in and watch it it was the Sunday service it was impromptu it was
MV at quench the spirit it did that the lullaby music quenched the war spirit
amen and I’m not pointing fingers or blame and I wasn’t I’m not trying to be
mean spirit and I’m just saying I was in war mode and that that lullaby stuff
will take you out of war mode real quick amen praise God but the Lord redeemed it
we went into a different kind of warfare and I taught how to had a war with the
prophetic word I gave many examples practical examples of how to do that she
didn’t watch that at a hop dot online but the but in the metamorphoses book
essentially I have outlined ten chap on how to apply this for the reason why
we don’t see the word come to pass is because we’re not applying the
principles of the word we’re not doing what the prophetic word says to do or
we’re not warring with it so you can find that on Amazon currently
metamorphosis by Jennifer LeClaire type in my name or you’re not going to find
the book it’s on Kindle and it’s in paperback also officially now I’ll have
it in my hands in a few days and we can send you an autographed copy if that’s
what you want but right now you currently cannot order it on my site
because I’m waiting for my developer amen school of the Spirit dot TV I
invite you to go there there’s lots of opportunities for you to get equipped
school of the Spirit dot TV yesterday Pastor Austin and I did some filming for
a webinar for the school the Sears so essentially you’re going to get I’m
going to give you a taste of of what the teaching is like the power of God that
is is present in this new mandate the Golar gave me and I’ve been seeing like
crazy ever since the Lord gave me this this new mandate this new mission this
new commissioning to raise up seers and seeing people seers are so misunderstood
everybody likes the thus saith the Lord you’re gonna have a new car by Friday
but you know when the seer comes with a revelation or the one with the seeing
anointing comes with a revelation of something they saw in the spirit many
times it doesn’t make sense to anybody it has to be interpreted and many times
seers who are not equipped they interpret what they see wrongly and so
they’re persecuted for sharing something that seemed to many people as if it were
in error but it wasn’t that that what they saw was an error it was that well
how they interpreted it was an error it was not a full interpretation it was not
a proper revelation and so you get persecuted for that or you just
misunderstood I want it I want you to tap into this I’ll give you the the link
to the webinar as soon as I have it it’ll be sometime this week
pastor Austin’s finishing putting together the video it’s gonna be
outstanding for some of you are really going to understand in the meantime if
you just want to register for the school this year’s you’re like I understand
what you teach I know what you’re you know what you’re walking in and I just
want to sign up you can go to school of the Spirit TV the mentoring in prayer
and intercession program is also on school two-spirit TV both these start in
jail they both start in January if you have
questions about this please just hit the contact button on school of the Spirit
TV and that’s going to take you to a support email address where you can get
you can get you can get the information that you need that way okay
don’t don’t email some random email address go to the email address that’s
associated with the school so that you can so that you can get to the right
person to get get your questions answered okay alright I think that’s
about all if you’re at an ignite remember you get 15% off ignite
also want to mention a couple things on vernacular awakening blaze the prayer
movement it’s not awakening ablaze its awakening blaze it ignite the ignite
network is not ignite now it’s ignite network
the website is ignite now it’s sort of like in the sense of get ignited now but
the actual name of the network is ignite and the actual name of the prayer
movement is blaze not ablaze okay so pastor Ciara was telling me that some
people were confusing that and I can see that but for the sake of of not
confusing people as the movements grow we want to make sure that we are we are
doing this we are using the proper language amen
I think that’s about it is there anything else I’m I’m missing pray for I need to raise up a whole lot of more prayer warriors before the
first of the year I’m writing this book on water spirits and I have never
received such I think you know III kind of say this tongue-in-cheek I think if
I’d have known the level of warfare that I was going to get from writing about
water spirits I might not have pitched the book it’s been the craziest thing
I’ve ever experienced in my life I thought Jezebel was something these
water spirits are no joke so I’m pressing into revelation that will help
you to more the attack that some of you earned your attacks by these things and
I got a note from my publisher yesterday mine by an experience that’s the squid
spirit I got a note from my publisher my friend Larry over destiny image and he
said they want to do a they want to do a DVD teaching – they
want me to have like a conference or do something where there’s going to be a
DVD teaching and I’m like whoa boy that’s gonna be a lot of warfare – but
you know what that’s why intercession is so valuable and that’s why I have value
intercessors I need intercessors listen to me I need
intercessors around me who can actually hear what the Lord is saying not just
that pray but but pray and listen and report back what the Lord is saying and
what they’re seeing I value that in the ministry in the office of intercession
so if you want to pray for pray for me and tell me what the Lord is is showing
you you can go to pray for and that’s the venue for you to do that
if you do that via email sometimes that gets lost but pray for
we’ll put you into a group where you’re able to really tap into that that sort
of relationship with me where you can share what the Lord is saying and others
around there will will chime in with that amen so you can do that all right
let’s let’s let’s press into this teaching on cleansing your house now let
me just say this let me get some water I must drink water water is the source of
huh you know what 70 is 75% of your body is water like 85% of the earth is water so you need water amen
lest heat less so last night I’m sleeping here at the loft and I’ve been
sleeping so so well last night I did not sleep all that well and it wasn’t that I
was in a new environment because I sleep in hotel rooms all the time and don’t
have trouble and it wasn’t because there’s a train that passed by all night
long and I didn’t have my earplugs I could deal with that there was something
else going on I had strange dreams I had strange dreams I had strange dreams and
I woke up or I had one dream that I woke up at
5:38 or something and and I thought I just about missed the prayer call but it
wasn’t real I actually got up at 3:40 but I thought it was 538 I dreamed that
I’d missed the prayer call got all these weird dreams last night I’m like so I
just got up and you know I began to pray in the spirit as is my practice and and
I went over here there’s this desk in here that was left because I bought this
new place partially furnished it’s got really nice furniture and I was looking
for a pen because I needed to write something down and I couldn’t find a pen
listen I couldn’t find a pen in my backpack or anywhere else there’s always
a pen in my backpack anyway I began to look through this drawer that I’m
opening right now and I’ve been through most of the drawers in the whole house I
had intentionally looked through the drawers to make sure there was nothing
weird in the house and this was the only drawer I did not look in looking through
it again right now because I only noticed it for the first time yesterday
I said oh this is a cute drawer and so there we have it I open the
drawer this morning and buried up underneath a lot of coax cable are these
this wish I could show you a picture it says the wicked and the divine and
it’s some kind of you know it’s an image comic book now I used to I used to
collect comic books before I was saved there’s a Batman there’s this one though
called the wicked and the divine and it’s this horrifying woman with red hair
and she’s got her eyes painted it honestly honestly it looks like Jezebel
prophet Vanessa wait until you see these comic books actually I need to burn them
so I need you to come over my house before I burn these things and see them
but it’s it’s a comic book series it’s called the wicked and the divine and
there’s three of them here there’s also a there’s also a street fighter legends
I don’t know what that is and there’s a Batman but I opened it up and I saw this
I promise you I’m going to post this on on one of my groups so you can see it’s
called the Wicca than the divine she’s got red
and she looks like a Jezebel she’s got some kind of ring some kind of astrology
symbol on her hand and paint on her face and see when Jay who came riding against
Jezebel when Judge when Jay who came riding against Jezebel she painted her
face I promise you this looks this looks like Jezebel and so I’m like dear God I
said my lord dude what is this this is wicked the
wicked and the divine never knew such a thing and so I’ve got to get rid of
these things obviously couldn’t do it at 4:00 in the morning I’ve got no place to
go to burn them nor am I gonna wander around downtown Fort Lauderdale looking
for a place to light a match so but they’ve been identified so I want to
talk to you about cleansing your house because I’m convinced this is why I did
not sleep well last night and and again I had looked through every drawer except
this one and it was hidden under a bunch of coax cable and sort of booklets on
how to use your internet and so yeah it was hidden there but see the Bible talks
about these things we have to be aware you know we have we can have cursed
accursed things in our house and we have to understand and know that we have to
rid our home of these sorts of objects Deuteronomy 7 and 25 and 26 says the
graven images of their gods shall ye burn with fire they shall not desire the
silver or gold that is on them nor take it under the lest you be snared by them
for it is an abomination of the LORD thy God neither shalt thou bring an
abomination into 9 house lest I’ll be less they’ll be a cursive thing like it
but thou shalt utterly detest it and thou shalt utterly abhor it for it is a
cursed thing okay and so these are this is an accursed thing that was in my
house and I’ve actually you know I was praying in here last night this morning
but I’m gonna have to do a very aggressive spiritual cleansing prayer
now this morning now when I get off the phone but there’s all kinds of things
that can be in your house that are that are that are cold and you might not even
know it that’s the thing is the ignorance is not bliss the Bible says
not to be ignorant of the devil’s devices there’s there’s things that are
religious there’s things that are new agey there’s things that are occult
you know there’s anti-christian symbols like you know the cross but the loop at
the top it’s like it’s like a peace sign with the cross that’s that’s that’s
called a broken cross it actually mocks Jesus’s death
so you see Christians wearing this as a sign and I used to wear one before I was
say it I thought it looked cool it’s not it’s actually mocking Jesus’s death
we shouldn’t wear things that represent false doctrines some some people even
say and I’ve not studied this but some say that the Star of David is it was
actually never a Jewish symbol it was a political symbol of a flag and the
Zionist Congress in Basel Switzerland adopted it in like the 1800s and and
they were they were it was a group of Jews that were not relying on God they
weren’t waiting on God but they were actually bankers and lovers of money and
they were greedy for political power and so you know I’m not I don’t haven’t
studied that enough but that’s what that’s what I’ve read and I’m it’s
probably true the Greek word for 4:6 is hexed and the Star of David has the the
hexagram and witches used the hexagram in a black mass now don’t get mad at me
I’m not saying this is true or not Trump’s saying it’s worth it’s worth
exploring it’s worth exploring is this true or not and so we have to be very
careful now what I do know is that things like Thunderbird jewelry pottery
Native American stuff I was recently somewhere and someone presented me with
a Native American blanket and I’ve got to rid myself of that it was right
before I began in packing to move and they wrapped me in this blanket but
honestly I think that’s actually demonic arrows arrows of you know on these totem
poles of these kind of things the there’s things called squash blossoms
snakes bear tracks all these kind of things are like of the native and I love
Native Americans and indigenous people First Nations people but some of the
things that you can’t redeem some of these things because they’re
representative of demons dreamcatchers yes dreamcatchers is another one a cedar
wood mass so I love First Nations people and I don’t want to offend anyone but
there’s some of these things they’re used in
and in sort of ceremonies that that summon demons so you know I’m don’t mean
to be offensive of culture but by the same token if something’s got a demon on
it I don’t want at my house there’s things you know anything that displays
graphic violence anything that you know sort of snakes and frogs and turtles
these sorts of things there’s zodiac signs
voodoo dolls the Crescent the star the horns of unicorns people you know
unicorns and all these things that the swastikas yin-yang symbols try to think
there’s this little on and on and on Robyn rap music with with evil lyrics
owls I guess owls book book of Mormons certain translations of the Bible are
off they call God a woman a crucifix with Jesus that’s still on it to me that
is that’s a graven image statues of Mary you know Jesus rose from the dead he’s
not on the cross anymore he’s not on the cross anymore turtles are unclean
spirits they’re reptiles someone’s asking about turtles statues of saints
that are used in worship we don’t worship Saints okay and I’m not again
I’m not trying to bash anybody’s religion but there’s only one way to
Jesus and Jesus is not on the cross anymore he resurrected so to paint him
there on the cross is a problem for me so so we want to get these things out of
our house amen mermaids I think that’s that’s that’s
half that’s that’s the end that’s I’d get that mermaid out of my house amen
and upside down cross yes sideways crosses frogs yes those are unclean
spirits the Bible even says that Gators crocodiles these kind of things you know
so I don’t I don’t have an exhaustive list but sometimes the Lord will show
you things to get rid of you’ve even stuffed animals things your kids play
with games kids witchcraft books games even some
psychology books if they’re way off like parapsychology you know these kind of
things these are these are all things that need to be out of your house
gargoyles if it represents evil I’d get it out of my house you know some things
the Lord might have you to throw away and think well that’s that’s just a cute
little whatever well maybe so but if the Lord is telling you get it rid of it
guess what get rid of it praise God Pokemon and get all that out of your
house so get that out of your house yoga yes that’s wicked evil just the postures
and the breathing amen amen all right I wear to pray that the Lord
would show you whatever needs to come out of your house father I thank you in
the name of Jesus that you make us sensitive to your spirit that she would
help us to cleanse our house spiritually Lord you told me this is a season to get
your house in order the body of Christ needs to get their house in order and I
thankful that means not just not just cleaning it and I think they’re not just
reading our lives of sin not just feeding our bodies properly but getting
things out of our house that are cursing so help us Lord in the name of Jesus to
identify those things that she would have us to get rid of you know what guys
this is a great time to just go through all your closets and if you don’t need
stuff anymore this is a great time to sow that to Goodwill or sew it to
somebody that you knew that needs it but also look for those things that don’t
that don’t need to be there by the way if it’s an accursed thing don’t sow it
destroy it amen if you can’t burn it go throw it in
a trash dump somewhere just get it out of your house just get it out of your
house just get it out of your house father give us the wisdom to do this in
the name of Jesus amen and amen all right let’s go back into worship I hope
that that helped you can find me online Jennifer I hope that
that helped you hope that that helped you let’s go back into worship

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  1. About mermaids, ( I don't live yet in US but I know as many knows) , you have Starbucks. Starbucks has as image a mermaid and many don't know that it is a demonic image and as those from deliverance ministries are saying, can be involved marine spirits too, and this mean, lust, divorces, multiple relations but without a finalization in marriage. And are so many who are going to Starbucks!

  2. I feel like the Holy Spirit was talking directly to me through you. Thank you this really gave me everything I prayed for and asked God for.

  3. My husband just played your video about getting rid of things that are demonic. Alot of the things you talked about are truly demonic and need to be removed,but you are giving way to much power to the other things like stuffed animals? CDs? If they are music that clearly is demonic then get rid of them but you are allowing yourself to become obsessed this stuff! Unbelievable! Satan does not have that much power. You are giving him more power than he has by becoming obsessed with everything in your home. Being in a constant state of panic being scared is what the enemy wants. If you allow Satan to have power over you then he will. Focus on God! Focus on God's love,kindness, compassion, forgiveness! Don't focus on the enemy and allow Satan to scare you. Fear is from Satan not God! Fruits of the spirit,not Satan. I've seen people become so obsessed with Satan and become so afraid that they don't leave the house and just stop living their lives!!! Much love to you. 😊🤗😀🙏🙏🙏💖💕💖

    Hi, Jennifer and thank you for making this video, The Lord is really using you and to everyone else who has posted a comment. I want to help you all out and there's a website called "'""demon"""' it will change your life in ways, read it to the bottom then click on anyone of them, you'll see. Also there is a guy online Tiaan Gildenhuys and he is one of the most educated on house cleansing that I have found besides jennifer, go to his playlist scroll down till you see a picture of spiderman and click on that playlist and you will see that everything Jennifer is saying is true and much more, this guy has wrote tons of books and lots of traveling, your lifes will change more, by the leading of the Holy Spirit and by the power of the Holy Spirit in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ+++
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  6. you are right some christians just don't know how to simply pray with you. why is it so complicated?

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