Prince George leaves christening at St James’s palace in his mother’s arms

Prince George leaves christening at St James’s palace in his mother’s arms

Thank you very much. Thank you very much.

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  1. At last…a royal event without the usual fanfare & over-the-top media coverage.Seems William & Kate ARE in charge of their own affairs.Compared to the drooling media wolves coverage on the occasion of William's christening this was quite a sedate affair.

  2. I seriously doubt the British public is paying for that event, they are rich enough to pay for it themselves. Heck with her as head of the faith the church probably gave it to her for free. People forget that nobles (everyone has them in one shape or form) often patron events themselves out of their pockets for publicity the royals are no exception. Quite frankly I could care less watching that, I'm glad it was cut to a 1:07 segment of space.

  3. The Pharaonic King in waiting, christened in the River Jordan! All part of the Horus Matrix! Diana was well aware of this! /watch?v=WfIx6QJixS4

  4. The baby is beautiful the parents are proud as all parents should be. If you can't say something nice don't say anything

  5. Ah, yes. His Royal Highness, Princes George Alexander Louis, The Royal Leech. Sucking on the teat of the British taxpayer.

  6. They didn't invite the surrogate mother. Bad mannered parasites. Funny how the Queen didn't even greet Charles at the beginning. Waity seemed to have forgot her hair extensions, but not the eyeliner, or ugly clothing.

  7. Want to see a creepy-ass video ? See "Lady Die" here on YouTube, about how they had Diana killed off and how evil the "royals" are.

  8. Middleton does not act like a real mother. She really doesn't look at the baby, and tends to hold him very stiff-armed and it's just not normal — she looked the same ,fake way in those bad photos her father took.

  9. I doubt it. He likely just might go off and live in an entirely different country or reject being King. Uranus in the 4th house, but that also planet stands for his bimbo freak of a mother being in the 4th. And he will probably turn their hair white before he grows up. This kid doesn't have a la-la-land chart. Sensitivity yes but plenty of other stuff too.

  10. The Duke and Duchess are carrying the British fashion industry on their backs creating thousands of jobs as every outfit the Duchess wears sells out in minutes.

  11. Hogwash or eyewash, you need to have your computer screen adjusted. The Duchess was beautiful in the pictures you reference.

  12. And what do you do for this country moron? Making childish and petty remarks on YouTube doesn't contribute anything! This was a private christening payed for by the family so it didn't cost the taxpayer anything

  13. Well I know that the majority of British people support the monarchy in all the opinion polls and the Queen is even more popular than David Cameron so you are part of the majortiy

  14. Who gives a rats about what she wears. Secondly, its not about Kate. Princess Diana also sold-out every item she wore. so please!

  15. When I came first time to UK I was surprised how many horrible fat and ugly women live there. Disgusting fassion, ugly unwashed hairs and skin, no make up at all… And suddenly they see absolutely AVERAGE woman as Duchess of Cambridge and they think that this is pretty woman… Buahahaha… What a poor level of beauty in UK…

  16. You think the Duchess of Cambridge is "average" looking?! You're standards are either to the Moon or you don't know what you're talking about! And since you brought it up, I'm a gay guy I have to say William and Harry are totally HOT – you're totally NOT! You're ugly!

  17. Hm… everyone values beauty differently, what may be beautiful to you , may not be beautiful to someone else. You should not go around getting angry at others if they so much as dare to call someone "average." If we all valued the same looks, well then by your standards all beautiful women in media/fashion industry/movie industry/etc would be skinny with dark hair, and obviously….that's not the case. Better you don't go around throwing fits.

  18. first have you ever meet them and have you seen them on TV they are very nice people they are just normal people doing normal things

  19. @ Nathan Johnson "What have they ever done to you?". This is what most people have been questioning. WHAT HAVE THEY EVER DONE TO PEOPLE? People praise them, when they don't do anything for people.

  20. Their whole life is dedicated to the service of the country in particular the Queen but also the family, Charity Olympics the Military the State.

  21. She is saying "can someone take this bloody baby away ??? Where the hell did that surrogate go ? She needs to change it's nappy" !!!!

  22. Why do you know them personally? No you are just a pathetic troll with no life. You comment on nearly every video about Kate. I'm guessing someone has a little crush on her, lol idiot

  23. that hole parent thing seems fake as shit too me. and her baby would not look that way all ready.  too me . the parents of that baby seems fake as hell. kate and will. wow. u can so see it. she was never pregnant in the first place. they adopted that child. 

  24. LOL, oh some people claim the royal's lives are nothing but "service to their country".  And their country is taxed to death and people are struggling while the billionaires go to parties and maybe once a month attend a "public duty" like riding on a bus with the common folk.

  25. It's really sad to see all these ridiculous comments.. Like seriously? Why would they fake having a baby.. And stop hating on the royal family they aren't as perfect as some people think they are.. Of course I can't prove that though..

  26. The significance of having three Heirs to the british throne within the Windsors who are Jewish is the attempted link to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob who are the true patriarchs of Israel. Israel being a chosen people /bloodline not a governed nation flying under the seal of Solomon. Of course there could be that alarm bell in the spirit, that down the line, in mimicking the first advent of Christ, an heir to the throne of David would pop out from the British monarchy?

    It would be wise for the Zionists not to allow Lucifer to convince them that the messiah they are waiting for will come through the British Throne.But of course we know that Lucifer gives a certain dark light to those who believe his lies. And he gives them power and delusion. Who are the synnagogue of satan actually as spoken of by our lord Yeshua? Church at Smyrna and philidelphia christ spoke about? where are they now?

    The messiah already came and his name is Jesus Christ, the annointed son of God who was crucified died and was buried and arose again on the 3rd day and through who's blood sacrifice all mankind is forgiven of their sins. Provided that theyaccept Christ and repent for their sins.

    All Glory to Jesus Christ the son of the living God.//

    Freemasonry is Anitchrist and the very spirit thereof. They say 'well its ok to worship a dog or a cat or christ, just keep it to yourselves' . Even the thickest ignorant person knows that you cannot serve two masters either you hate the one and love the other as our lord and saviour Jesus Christ has explained to us. So you Cannot accept Christs atoning blood for your sins and then jump into bed with the Luciferian freemasons
    Freemasonry is Luciferianism as defined by its fraternity. Its worldly, secretive and has the attitude ' come and join us and we will make you great ''In This World''-'but we own you and you have given over your free will to lucifer and you stand against Christ whether you at first understand it or not'. Plain and simple.
    But naturally our Lord Jesus is far greater for he has real authority. The only authority in fact. Justified and Worthy of all Praise and Glory.Given by his father- God Himself.
     . One of their own, Albert pike explained this clearly in his book, that they worship Lucifer, who is the angel God cast down- do you get it yet?? and lets face it most of them don't really care as long as they are getting what they want out of this present, passing momentary world. Infact they are truely blinded by Lucifers dark light which is attractive at first and then subdues you and removes you from your free will- which is the greatest gift, and the deadliest, god in his providence has given.
    They of course have their filtering system. They watch you and court you and they follow the will of that dark angel and target many unsuspecting and quite often skilled and prominent people with God given gifts in this world. At the beginning it will seem right and  correct, a bit like the nazi party but subtle and nice. Then as you go further into their dark doctrine it will become more and more difficult to get out. But naturally anyone who calls upon the name of the lord Jesus will be delivered- don't ever forget that.
    The serpent uses the same subtle tricks which he used in the garden and in the end all he has is murder and violence and threats to enforce his dark kingdom. But the devil needs your free will before he can use you as a freemason. You have to give yourself over to him and there will come a point when you will Know whats going on and you will have to choose.
    I know personally because they targeted me and tried everything but the power of Christs Love was just too strong in the end and despite being spiritually attacked daily and targeted by the police and gardai who many of themselves are freemasons and blind and dark and twice dead before the throne of God.
    You see when you are spiritually attacked  and targeted sometimes God in his providence will allow a full testing to see exactly how strong your faith is. And let me tell you that satan has many workers in the governments, police and local authorities. But nevertheless and nomatter how brutal the testing, Christ is Supreme in all things and will deliver you.
    Those poor poor men. world leaders, men of reknown, powerful and important in the world and completely blind to the truth of our Lords Sacrifice and blood atonment for their sins which they commit against him in their following of Lucifer.
    Pray for all freemasons that they will pull away from Luciferianism and ask Jesus Christ into their hearts and to clean them and renew their minds so they will see the true light of Christ.
    Remember you are free born in Christ Jesus. There are no real borders or stops or blocks or restrictions save the ones which Lucifer and his buddies are creating in your minds like for example airport checks where you remove your shoes and belts and  are immediately submitting to suspect status. For they remove your belt and shoes when they take you to prison- Do you get it yet??
    But the freemasons are just a part of the problem. a powerful tool in the hands of satan. But Free will is still paramount. If you could just understand that satan himself cannot interfere with your free will. It is inevitably you who have to choose. There is no sitting on the fence with Christ Jesus . You are for him or against him.

    So there is a little insight. Study the word of God. Pray daily in the name of Jesus Christ. Ask the Lord for direction in all matters and he will hear you. And if you are in these societies speak up because God will give you the signs.
    May God annoint these words and pour out his spirit especially on those in  secret submissive dark societies and alligiences which are leading people into hell.
    may God help all//

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  28. What woman walks out of the hospital wearing 6 inch wedgies 24 hours after birth ? And none would wear a dress that emphasize a fat stomach like that, most women want to look nice. Not only was Waity's fake stomach repulsive but their entire fake act in front of the public. William said "we've only just met him". I'll bet !!!

  29. He is a big boy, just huge! Bigger than either William or Catherine were when they were babies. Especially william, who was slender and small.

  30. Waity strutting like a peacock and her silly half-assed curtseys to the Queen and Prince Phillip, she's so low class. They must be planning to detach her from their family as soon as she has the second kid {heir and a spare}. Not that I admire anyone of them.

  31. Actually Charles and the camilla whore spend MOST of their time apart so they are not as ‘together’ as you state. As mentioned I sincerely hope this vile cancerous parasitic camilla whore dies soon – painfully! Furthermore, I will of course continue my postings in abundance –who knows it might focus some third world terrorists attention and result in a nice big BANG! I understand there are so many of these terrorists about these days also Charles AND the camilla whore are on the at risk list!

  32. The Clown cubomania3 is so stuffed with envy and ignorance that he can only be an American ("half-assed" "favor") He writes he has no respect for social climbers – he comes from a country where social climbing in endemic. He's clearly very disturbed – disturbed enough to spend time writing nonsense about a family he knows nothing about. Had Prince William married the daughter of some German princeling "cubo" would be banging on about the 'inbreds' – the Prince married an ordinary British girl and immediately she is a social climber. "Cubo" in 'American' You're nuts. 

  33. Kate's outfit is gorgeous- very fitting for the day. The baby looks big and healthy.  The Christening gown is very long however but I suppose that type of grandure is what one would expect from the royal family! good luck to them! Pippa seems a bit fake very smiley and aware of the cameras! Zara and her husband seem very in love. there always seen holding hands. they do not seem to be bothered or care about the cameras unlike pippa and carole middleton.

  34. Fake fake fake!
    Not a second thought for poor murdered Diana. How sad.
    This oligarchy is rotten to the core.
    How can anyone hire out their baby, beats me?

  35. She's holding him in such an unnatural way! I know that she's aware that it's all about getting pics of George, but she could hold him how a mother holds a baby. Warmly, with LOVE. Cold bitch. I don't think there's a genuine bone in her body. All for show…'Look at me, look at MEEEE. I'VE got the prince, and now I've got the heir. And I'M going to be Queen (consort) one day. I've got it made'.

  36. I can't help but think of my Mum … a loyal die hard Monarchist – hearing Carol Middleton's shoes dragging along the pavement. Mum didn't care for nouveau riche people at all unless like 'old money', they were discreet, had manners & etiquette. Something about Carol Middleton turned my mother off … I must be getting old as I too judge a person by how they handle public situations. Perhaps Mrs. Middleton's shoes were too big … In any case it was grating to hear her sluffing her shoes as if in Uggs rather than formal shoes.

  37. the fact that the royal family is head of the church is a joke. its only that way because king henry v111 wanted a divorce and the pope said no and so he said i'll be the head of the religion and its gone through all these years. to be a Christian means to be a follower of jesus. jesus Christ was anti wealth. Jesus said, "In this world the kings and great men lord it over their people, yet they are called 'friends of the people.' he was anti hierarchy. there shouldn't be a head of the church as religion is a personal thing to individuals of faith. but to have someone as head of the church being someone who could easily be an atheist or of another faith is insulting to Christians. the royals might be forced into their positions but they can't be made to believe what they believe. everyones mind believes what they want to believe no matter what they have to say to the public. prince George could easily be an atheist as he grows up. he cant be made to believe in something as he has his own mind. at least with the pope and archbishop of Canterbury they do have their faith that they chose and believe in themselves. however if bishops who have given their life to jesus say something against the royals they get sacked, not because of what they said but who they said it too, just another human being to god but a family that thinks they are above others. a bishop said who knows whether wills and kate will last and got sacked for it and so Christianity has become a religion of fear and not about god anymore. the royals in history have murdured and beheaded people. they can be very good helping out charities or very sly like prince Charles telling diana her bodyguard who she was very close too had died telling her seconds before they got out at a film premiere having known for a couple of days himself. and MI5 have admitted on their deathbeds to being ordered in to kill diana by the royals and we all know what happened to anne Boleyn. whether they did these things or not they have the power which is scary and unchristian. when people say by the grace of god queen Elizabeth or god put them on the throne that is misguided too. if we are going bible then it is known that adam and eve were the first two humans in there and if we are going historical then it is known that William the conqueror conquerored Britain and his ancestors now occupy the throne. nothing to do with god. we are all equal in his eyes. when the queen goes to heaven god wont see her as any more special then someone who lived on the streets. he'll judge them on being the people they are not the title they hold. the bowing and your majesty is against god as we are all equal in gods eyes. the fact that the royal family are head of the armed forces and the head of the church at the same time is an absolute joke as they completely contradict each other. jesus was a pacifist who was anti violence and all wars. jesus said turn the other cheek and love your enemies and pray for them. on the cross he said forgive these people for they know not what they do and was upset with john for fighting against the people who wanted to kill him. that's why Christians have refused war down to Christian consciences and vicars and priests have never been allowed to go to war as they are seen as people of god. but the royal family have all served in the armed forces and saying by the grace of god is a lie as god is against war. the royal family have always been in battles and wanted power and riches and want the church too as its respected but they don't know who jesus was. prince harry has admitted to killing people in Afghanistan. fine as he says you have to take a life to save a life if that's ok with your personal feelings on war and murder but you can't say your a follower of jesus at the same time because he was a pacifist, a gandhi figure. the royals are praying to someone that they don't agree with. princess diana with her compassion and relatability could easily be seen as a person of god but all the others who carry arms can't be as it expilicity goes against god. its not just the royals. a man in his 60s said that as a commoner he was prince georges obedient and humble servant forgetting we ARE ALL gods children and EQUAL IN his EYES. its not just the royals though all anglican congregations are full of white middle class people who wouldn't follow jesus if he turned up in church. he was a poor pacifist with goodness and meaning throughout who most Christians don't know. people think Christianity is a western religion when its from the middle east and not many know who jesus was. the royal family saying they are the head of the church and lording it over everyone goes against jesus.

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