President Nelson and Elder Stevenson Visit Latter-day Saints in Paraguay

President Nelson and Elder Stevenson Visit Latter-day Saints in Paraguay

In a global faith with several million members considered ‘millennials,’ how does its top leader, a prophet, give divine guidance in today’s increasingly complex world? That is the role of Russell M. Nelson, President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who is providing direction. Meet Ilse and Victor who are Latter-day Saints from Paraguay and have come to hear the counsel of their leader, in their country as he continues ministering in South America. Ilse and Victor are part of a group of young single adults who asked questions of President Nelson prior to him speaking to an audience of nearly 3,500 people gathered in Asunción, a meeting also broadcast to Church congregations throughout Paraguay. “Love them. Be a good example and they will want to be like you.” “If I were a young lady I’d like to be just like you. Because you have a happy smile and you stand out.” Ilse and Victor and the congregation also heard solutions to today’s challenges from apostle Gary E. Stevenson, who along with his wife, Lesa, and President Nelson’s wife, Wendy are traveling with the Church president. “We come to this earth with a life to live, with so much to learn. But we need help don’t we? Isn’t this the blessing of a living prophet?” “The prophet on the earth today can teach us what we need to do to become complete.”

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  1. It is such a great blessing to see our dear prophet and his wife, Elder Stevenson and his wife. Traveling all over the world in South America for these wonderful Saints it brings tears of joy to my eyes

  2. I just love our president/PROPHET and #ALL HEARTS here! HUGS to #ALL of Y'ALL!! 🙏☝️✌❤💪☝️❤✌✌

  3. President Russell M. Nelson of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offered advice to strengthen families as he visited Asunción, Paraguay, Monday, October 22, 2018. This is the third destination in his five-country South America ministry tour, which will culminate with the dedication of the Concepción Chile Temple on Sunday, October 28.

    Traveling with President Nelson on the nine-day journey are his wife, Wendy, and Elder Gary E. Stevenson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles and his wife, Lesa.

    President Nelson addressed Latter-day Saints at a devotional Monday evening, which was held at the Conmebol Convention Center in Asunción. The meeting was broadcast to all stakes in Paraguay.

    In his remarks President Nelson said, “We shall always remember what we see here tonight. We feel your great faith.”

    He continued: “What are you going to teach your children? I would like to suggest you do what the Savior did. Teach your children about the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children. I plead with you to teach your children what it really means when they sing, ‘I Am a Child of God.’ They are created in His very image. And He has given them a great gift of a body, with a heart that beats, with a brain that thinks, and all of these marvelous attributes they have. Teach them to converse with their Father in Heaven. Help them to understand why we take the sacrament on Sundays and why the Lord came to planet earth to restore His Church again.”

    He added: “The Lord restored His Church to bless the lives of all God's children. Life is hard. We have challenges. And yet He's taught us how we can deal with our challenges and have joy in our lives.”

    Sister Nelson and Sister Stevenson also spoke to the large crowd gathered to hear words of inspiration from the prophet and other Church leaders.

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  4. focus and visulise an all loving God,not just an old man in a new suit representing the richist and most powerful nation on earth, the united states of america!

  5. This is such a disgusting display of idolatry by worshipping a man. This is a CULT right up there with Jehovah’s witnesses, 7 th day Adventist, moonies,
    and all the rest. Religion is nothing but a puppet and a way for the government to control you by using it.

  6. My fave moment comes at the end when a boy in a white shirt leans forward to give Pres. Nelson a kiss on the cheek. I cry!

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