President Eyring’s Watercolor Paintings on Display at Church History Museum

President Eyring’s Watercolor Paintings on Display at Church History Museum

“I don’t think of myself as an artist. I’m
a fellow that likes art and likes memories. I think it’s fair they called
this a journal, a visual journal, and so the art is really a, kind of like at the
end of the day I’ll write a, something that I want to remember the feeling of and
that’s what the, the paintings are the same way. Almost all of them generated by
wanting to preserve a memory or create a memory. The actual painting time, it can
be as little as 20 minutes but you, you have to then go do something else
between the drying, between the washes. I’m embarrassed because my assistants
who are here are nice enough to have cataloged them. I would have told you a
“few,” they tell me it’s more than 1000. Yeah, and that means of, that’s the
ones I didn’t throw away so they’re, but they’ve, about 1000, yeah.” “There are
three journals in the exhibition to give an example of the importance of
record-keeping in his work but then of the works that we chose I sat down with
President Eyring and went through each and every one and there were some that
just seemed very obviously about memories–it was his wife labeled that
way–but what was so fascinating to me is you know, images of Paris, he would say, “Oh,
this is about Kathy.” Or images of Scotland, “This is about a memory with
Kathy.” So, those memories emerged largely through interview and through
conversation.” “I can’t resist occasionally trying to capture a memory, particularly
a feeling of a memory, and I, so I’m driven to it, I often feel a little
guilty when I stop to even do it so it’s, it’s a balance that I, it just
comes. It’s the difference between a balance between the things I, I know the
Lord wants me to do and then some memories that I want to preserve. It’s just
trying to do only things that matter and then also being sure that you make
a record of things that really matter that
might later on be valuable and that’s almost all this is that kind of thing.”

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  1. The blessing of diligent time management. A few minutes devoted here and a few minutes devoted there can yield a collection of endeared works. I’m in awe President Eyring.

  2. President Eyring is so inspiring for me. He motivated me to keep a journal and as an art student who should be drawing every day, this motivates me to do so much more 😂

  3. I love this so much. I wish we got to see more of this from general authorities. It shows that they really are just regular guys who have an extraordinary calling.

  4. Feelings beautifully put into words💕 My last picture was a feeling of my love of Heavenly Father's Love for me; a pencil drawing of a little girl in a tree looking up into the heavens with joy. I've always loved trees and wonderful creation of nature… I didn't realize why I desired to draw that love of climbing trees and pondering until I listened to this testimony. Then as I looked at my picture, tears of understanding joy just started to fall.
    Thank you❣️

  5. Great work President Eyring, this is the work that the Lord wants you to do. These records of your life's experience and feelings is so valuable to your family and all those that know you. I know. You are a fellow that likes art, but you are certainly an artists. The Lord is using your eyes and hands to capture these images. Thank you for following your dreams.

  6. What a sweet and honorable man! I have always loved President Eyring, but I feel more love for the him, from humility he has shown in this video.

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  8. This is true Art, not produced for art itself but as an expression and carrier of life. This what art really is! Sorry for my pathetic words, but yeah

  9. I've always liked art but stopped after high school because of so many negative things connected to it. I've wanted to start up again but I'm hesitant. Too much emotional baggage…

  10. I love this! I love how President Eyring tries to do "only things that matter," and then tries to keep a record of the things that matter. What a beautiful way to preserve memories, through his watercolor paintings! Thanks for the inspiration, President Eyring!

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