Prepare for the Inevitable: The Four Last Things and The Fatima Message by Matthew Plese

Prepare for the Inevitable: The Four Last Things and The Fatima Message by Matthew Plese

[Music] in the name of the Father and of the Son and Holy Ghost amen hail Mary full of grace the Lord is with thee blessed art thou amongst women and blessed is the fruit of thy womb Jesus Holy Mary Mother of God pray for us sinners now and at the hour of our death amen in the name of the Father and Son Holy Ghost amen Reverend father’s esteemed guests and Friends I’m grateful for the opportunity to address you today and to present this talk on the four last things and the Fatima message indeed as we prepare to begin the gray and holy fast of 40 days and to celebrate the mystery of the Lord’s resurrection there’s hardly a better time I believe to reflect on death judgment heaven hell and purgatory some of the topics I’m going to share with you today are going to be difficult to hear you’re not gonna want to hear them they’re gonna be painful but it’s what Catholics need to hear today because so few people are talking about it in our church in my talk with you today I’m hoping to do three things first I’d like to examine and remind all of you on the key dogmas of the faith as it concerns the four last things and to present them as a useful meditation for us secondly I’m hoping in a special way to highlight the importance of the four last things to the fat and the message and thirdly I’m hoping to inspire all of you to have before your eyes each and every single day but especially during the season of Lent the certainty of your own death and what you can do to save your own Souls and those of others I will die you will die this is a known certainty I will one day be a judgment you will one day be a judgment yourself let us stop putting off preparation for what we know with complete certainty will one day happened to each of us be ready for the Lord may very well be near to call you to judgment within the next few years or months or days or maybe even yet today you will be called to judgment we do not know but if I may a little bit of background on myself for those who have not had the pleasure to introduce myself to yet I’ve been involved in Catholic action and catechesis now for about about 15 or so years in 2005 I started the online blog of Catholic life which I still run to this day and in 2010 based on my writing of that blog I was elected the president of catechism class comm an online based religious education course provider since taking over that organization which was founded by Father James at Lava a priest who recently passed away in Pennsylvania our apostolate began to offer a number of programs ranging from online courses for adults for catechumens or lifelong Catholics children’s faith formation courses for parishes for families a best-selling godparent preparation class elective courses we really like to cover the whole gamut of catechesis because we believe that in order to pass on true doctrine to others we have to learn it ourselves first only makes sense we’ve taken a true finely traditional stance over the years and we thankfully by the grace of God been able to reach double digits in growth and numbers of people serve for the past eight years people want strong catechesis people want the faith we we feel robbed when it’s you know we go our whole lives and we we hear like how did I not know that out of something you got to tell that to me the information that I’m privileged to share with you today is based on a course that we offer called eschatology as well as a book that I authored on the same topic called eschatology the Catholic Study of the four last things because we can’t cover everything in an hour for your reference after this talk and to dive deeper than we can cover in that hour I encourage you to explore either the online self-study course or the book both of which you can find online both of which are under $20 each so eschaton Oh G what is eschatology it is the study of the end of life the end of times the final coming of Christ in eschatology Christian theology focuses primarily on the four last things they are death judgment heaven and hell in addition to these four today we’ll also explore purgatory the place of temporary purification after death for souls that die in the state of grace who are destined for heaven but are not yet perfect and able yet to enter Heaven we begin with death memento mori remember you must die when I say the word death what comes to mind we surely have all concepts or images that come to our mind but what is death what does it mean what is the definition death is the separation of the soul and the body death is the result of Adam and Eve sin but it is not the end of life death is the transformation the door to life everlasting death is real all mankind must undergo death even heretics the pagans everybody acknowledges this we are to be reminded of this very soon on Ash Wednesday when we receive a ashes on our foreheads in the reminder remember man you are dust and unto dust you will return yet so many of us suffer from pride or envy or lust when in fact we’re all gonna be reduced to ashes so short a time even our Lord Jesus Christ who did not have to undergo death because he was sinless since he is God chose to undergo death to bring about the salvation of mankind when we profess in the Creed that Christ died what we are saying is that his body and his soul separated that is what death is and it is also widely believed at the end of blessed mother’s sinless life before her assumption of body and soul into heaven that she too experienced death like her son the separation of her body and her soul regarding death there are two points that I’d like to consider today first the terrors of death and secondly the assaults of Satan at the hour of our death first the terrors of death why do we fear death why do even Christians who have so much to hope for in the resurrection and in life everlasting fear the separation of our souls and bodies however old a man may be however broken and health however miserable his circumstances the thought of death is an unwelcome one and there are three principal reasons why all sensible people fear at us first the dread of death is inherent in human nature secondly because every rational being is well aware that death is bitter and the separation of soul and body cannot take place without suffering and thirdly because no one knows whether he will go after death or how he will stand in judgment everyone shrinks instinctively from death because it is bitter and painful beyond description to our human nature the soul of man is subject to many anxieties apprehensions sorrows and the body is subjective pain and sickness of all kinds yet none of these pains can be compared to the agony of death a man who loses his good name and his property everything he has his family has the most immense acute grief but he does not die of it all suffering all sickness all grief and anguish however terrible is less bitter than death hence we see death to be a mighty monarch the most cruel the most relentless the most formidable enemy of all mankind look at a man wrestling with death and you will see how the tyrant overpowers him disfigures him prostrates his victim but why is death so hard so terrible a thing it is because the soul has to separate itself from the body body and soul were created for each other and so intimate is their union that a parting between them seems almost impossible they would endure almost anything rather than to be torn apart the soul is fearful of its future and of the unknown land to which she is going the body is conscious that as soon as the soul departs from it it will become the prey in the food of worms consequently the soul cannot bear to leave the body nor the body depart from the soul body and soul desire their union to remain unbroken and together to enjoy the sweets of life and this is the primary reason why for all men that death is so abhorrent even our Lord Jesus Christ in his human nature fear death and that is one of the principal reasons he suffered so much in his true agony in the garden we think of it like he was sad you know he’s know he was gonna die he was agony it was an actual physical condition of such agony that he actually bled blood out of out of out of his body in one of the epistles to st. Augustine st. Cyril Bishop of Jerusalem relates what was told to him by a man who had been raised from the dead himself amongst other things this man said quote the moment when my soul left my body was one of such awful pain and distress that no one can imagine the anguish I endured if all the conceivable sufferings and pain were put together they would be as nothing in comparison with the torture I underwent at the separation of my soul and my body end quote and to emphasize his words he added addressing Saint Cyril quote thou knowest that thou has two soul and thou knowest not what it is thou knowest that beings exist called angels but thou art ignorant of their nature thou knowest also that there is a God but thou can is not comprehend his being and so it is with everything that has not corporal shape our understanding just does not grasp these things in like manner it is impossible for thee to understand how I could endure such intense agony in so short a moment end quote and if some people pass away you know seemingly peacefully it’s because nature exhausted by suffering has no longer the force to struggle with death we know from the testimony of our Redeemer himself that no agony is like the agony of death although throughout the whole course of his sorrowful passion he was tortured in a terrible manner yet all the martyrdom he endured was not to be compared to what he suffered at the moment of his death this we gather from the Gospels themselves nowhere do we find that at any point of his life the greatness of the pains he bore exhorted from our Lord a cry of anguish but when the moment came for our Blessed Lord to expire and the ruthless hand of death rend his heart asunder we read that he cried out with a loud voice and then gave up the ghost hence it is evident that had no period of the passion did Christ suffer so acutely is that the most painful separation of his sacred soul from his blessed body in order that mankind might at least in some measure understand how terrible was the death Christ died for us he ordained that we @rn should taste something of the bitterness of death and experienced the truth of the following words of Pope Saint Gregory quote Christ’s conflict with death represented our last conflict teaching us to the agony of death is the keenest agony the man has ever felt or will ever feel it is the will of God that man should suffer so intensely at the close of his life in order that we may recognize and appreciate the magnitude of Christ’s love for us the inestimable benefit he conferred on us by enduring death for our sakes for it would have been impossible for man to fully know the infinite love of God unless he too had drunk to some extent of the bitter chalice which Christ drank end quote that was from Pope st. Gregory in this passage from Pope’s Pope Gregory were taught that Christ ordained that all men in the hour of their dissolution should suffer the like pains which Christ suffered for us in his last agony in order that we might gain some knowledge by their own experience of the terrible nature of the death he endured for us and the great price he paid for our ransom how terrible how painful how awful death will be for all of us if our death is in any degree to resemble Christ most agonizing death how severe a conflict is before us what torments await us at that hour one is almost inclined to think that it would have been preferable never to have been born than to be born to suffer such anguish but it is thus that heaven is to be one and through this narrow gate alone we enter into paradise we as Christians accept our destiny cheerfully and four-masted has resolution to bear unnerving ly the bitterness of death secondly let me comment on the assaults of Satan at the hour of our death although death isn’t itself most bitter its bitterness is greatly enhanced by one the vivid remembrance of the sins of our life – by the thoughts of the judgment to come three of the eternity before us and four by the assaults of himself at that moment we will wish that we have had more fruitful lands more penance in our life more confessions more charity for God in our fellow man I’d like to review with some examples each of these four things and also indicate some means of combating the fears they inspire with regard to the assaults of Satan know that the all just God permits him to have great power to assail us at the hour of death not indeed for our perdition but for our probation this is one reason we consistently beg our Blessed lady to intercede for us at the hour of death before expiring the Christian has yet to prove that nothing can avail to make him forsake his God for this reason the evil enemy employs all the power he has received and brings all his forces to bear upon a man when he is dying in the hopes of causing him to sin and thrusting him down to hell during our whole lifetime he attacks us fiercely and neglects no means where he may deceive us but all of these persecutions do not bear comparison with a final onslaught with which he endeavors to overcome us at that last moment his final chance then he raves and rages like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour as the office of Compton says at the end of each day this we learn as well from the passage in the book of the Apocalypse 12:12 woe to the earth and to the sea because the devil is come unto you having great wrath knowing that he hath but a short time these words bear a special application to the dying against whom the devil conceives a great wrath and whom he makes every effort to seduce for he knows full well that if we do not fall at that moment we will that’s his last chance that’s it here what st. Gregory says on this point quote consider well how terrible is the hour of death and how appalling the remembrance of our evil deeds will be at that time for the spirits of darkness will recall all the harm they have on us and remind us of the sins we have committed at their instigation they will not go to the deathbed of the godless only but they will be present with the elect striving to discover something sinful where if to accuse them alas how will it fare with us hapless mortals in that hour and what can we say for ourselves seeing how innumerable are the sins to be laid to our charge what can we answer to our adversaries when they place all our sins before us with the object of reducing us to despair end quote the evil spirits will attempt their unhappy victim at the moment of death on various points but especially in regards to the sins in which they have most frequently fallen if during lifetime he the the dying man has cherished hatred towards one they will conjure before his dying eyes the image of that person rehearsing all he can do to injure him in order to revive the flame of hate towards the enemy or in Kindle at a noon or if anyone has transgressed against purity they will show him the accomplice of his sin and strive to awaken the guilty passion felt for that individual if he has been troubled with doubts concerning the faith they recall to his mind the article belief which he had difficulty in accepting and representing it as untrue at that last moment if the man who has sinned through pride and boast of his good works they seek to ensnare him by flattery assuring him that he stands so high in the sight of God in favor and that he has done all things so he cannot possibly fail to secure heaven and if in his lifetime a man has given way to impatience allowing himself to be angry and irritated by every trifle they may his illness appear most irksome to him that he may become impatient and rebel against God for having sent this upon him so awfully at the end or if he has been tepid and lacking in devotion they try to maintain in his soul the state of apathy suggesting to them the physical weakness is just too to allow him to even join in the prayers his friends are reading to him finally they tempt those who have led a godless life and repeatedly fallen into mortal sin to despair representing their transgressions to be so great as to be past any hope of forgiveness but the Devils do not always confine themselves to tempting a man in regard to his chief faults and his predominant failings they frequently tempt him to sins of which he has not been guilty these diabolical agents from hell spare no pain to deceive the dying and if they fail in one way they will try another and another and another these temptations are of no ordinary character why do we pray so often to marry to pray for us the hour of death throughout our life so many times if something bad was not happening at that hour they are sometimes so violent these temptations that it would be impossible for weak men to resist them without supernatural assistance it is all that anyone in good health can do to withstand the assaults the devil and even such a one is often overcome by them how much more difficult it must be for one who is encumbered by sickness to struggle against foes so formidable and it is for this reason I ask you now and throughout this whole of the upcoming holy season of Lent to pray each day for the souls of the sick and the dying please for the souls of the sick and the dying this Lent pray that they have the grace to resist these awful temptations pray for those in their last agony to be reconciled with the church lest they pass through death as an enemy of God with your families I suggest visiting a hospital once this Lent visiting people there if you can but above all praying for those who are sick and suffering there pray for their health yes but most of all pray for them to resist the attacks of the devil and to save their souls in order to prepare ourselves before our last illness to combat these temptations there is an old prayer that I commend and it goes as follows oh Jesus compassion and Redeemer of mankind I recall to mind a three-fold temptation now did is undergo from the evil enemy and I pray thee through thy glorious victory thou didst obtain over him to stand by me in my last conflict and fortify me against all his temptations I know that in my own strength I cannot contend against such a powerful foe and I must surely be vanquished unless thou or thy blessed Saints Graham me timely assistance therefore I now honestly implore thy help and that of thy Saints and propose to arm myself to the best of my ability by that grace to meet the temptations that will wait we that will await me I promise now before thee and the Holy Angels and the blessed Saints that I will never voluntarily expose myself to any temptation of whatever nature it may be but with the help of thy grace to combat it most vigorously amen and thus after death comes judgment judgment the second of the four last things above and beyond all that we have considered already as contributing to make death terrible to us is the thought that we must stand before the judgment seat of God and given account of all we have done and left undone and how awful this judgment is going to be we learn these from the words of st. Paul himself it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God Hebrews 10:31 for if it is very are alarming already even to fall into the hands of an angry man how much more terrible will be to fall into the hands of an omnipotent God all the Saints trembled in anticipation of the sentence that would be passed to them by God for they knew well how exceedingly severe his judgments are the psalmist says enter not into judgment with I serve in the Lord for an eyesight no living man is to fight an Holi job exclaimed what shall I do if God arise to judge me what am I that I should answer him I cannot answer him one for a thousand we read also in the lives of the fathers of the holy Abbot Agathon was overwhelmed with fear as his end drew near his brethren said to him why should a sow be afraid Reverend Father thou has led so pious a life but he answered them quote the judgments of God are very different from the judgments of man the holy Abbot Elias used to say like wise quote there are three things that I fear only three things first I dread the moment when my soul has to leave my body secondly the moment when I must stand before the tribunal of God thirdly the moment when sentence is passed upon me end quote for indeed besides the general judgment there is nothing so much to be feared as these three things all good and holy men a fear of them all do fear them those who do not fear them prove that they know very little about them or they had meditated very scarcely upon them consider first of all what a strange new sensation this will be for your soul when she finds herself separated from the body in an unknown world now for the first time her eyes are opened and she sees clearly what eternity is what sin really is what virtue is how infinite is the being of the Almighty God and how wondrous is her own nature all this will appear so marvelous to her that she’ll be almost petrified with astonishment after the first instance of wonder she will be conducted before the tribunal of God that she may give an account of all of her actions and the tear that will then seize upon the unhappy soul surpasses our powers of conception it is so fearful for a criminal to be brought before an earthly judge how can we understand the terror of a soul when she’s introduced into the presence of God the strict and all-knowing judge and required to give the most accurate account of all her thoughts words deeds and omissions of her past life I think about people I know and they’re like you know can you pray for me I’ve got a traffic court appearance today and they’re really worried people worried about our earthly judge that imagine what this is gonna be you can’t lie he knows what you did he knows what you didn’t do and he’s the one he actually offended holy Jobin knowledge is as well when he says quote who will grant me this that thou mayest protect me in hell and hide me till thy wrath pass observe that even the patient Joe would have rather lie in a dark some pit and be concealed in a gloomy somber cave then appear before the countenance of an angry god there are six things would strike terror into the soul when she is summoned to the particular judgment one the soul fears because she knows her judged to be am nestled from him nor can he in any way be deceived to because her judge is am nipa tintin othing can withstand him and no one can escape from him three because her judge is not merely the most judge the most just but the strictest of all judges to whom sin is so hateful that he will not allow the slightest transgression to go unpunished for because the soul knows that God is not her judge all alone but also her accuser she has provoked him to anger she has offended him and he will defend his honor and avenge every insult offered to it five because the soul is aware that the sentence once uttered is irrevocable there is no appeal to a higher court it is useless for her to complain of the sentence it cannot be reversed it will never be reversed whether adverse or favorable she must accept it n6 the most powerful reason of all why the soul fears to appear before the judgment-seat is because she knows not what the sentence of the judge will be and she has far more cause to fear than to hope an all thought of help is over consider furthermore in what form you will appear before your judge if a man in punishment of his evil deeds were sentenced to be stripped to the skin in the presence of a whole multitude of persons how greatly ashamed he would feel thus it will be with you and with me before the judge in the presence of the many hosts of angels there are two judgments the first of which is the personal judgment that each of us will have at the moment of our death this judgment will determine our eternal destiny and either in either heaven or hell this is the one we’ve been discussing so far there is a second judgment known as the last or final judgment at the end of the world this judgment will not decide our own destiny like some falsely think the sentence we have received from God will not be reversed rather at this time the souls of all people in heaven or hell will be reunited with their bodies and the sins of all people will be made known to everyone else in the world while some theologians debated the sins of the elect in heaven will also be revealed at the Last Judgment most seem to believe that the sins of all those in heaven and in hell will be revealed everyone will know every sin committed by everyone else justice requires it there was a wire there to judgments the Baltimore Catechism explains quote there is need of a general judgment though everyone is judged immediately after death that the Providence of God which on earth often permits the good to suffer and the wicked to prosper may in the end appear just before all men the catechism continues quote there are other reasons for the general judgment and especially that Christ lured me received from the whole world the honor denied him at his first coming that all may be forced to acknowledged him as their God and Redeemer end quote the Catholic Church teaches that at the time of the Last Judgement Christ will come in all his glory and all the angels with him and in his presence the truth of each man’s relationship with God will be laid bare and each person who has ever lived will be judged with perfect justice those already in heaven will remain in heaven those already in Hell will remain in hell and those in purgatory will be released into heaven after the Last Judgment the universe itself will be renewed with a new heaven and a new earth Catholics have always believed that Jesus Christ will come back to close the current period of human history on earth this event is not to be confused with the particular judgment the time when Christ will return has given many names it’s a common Protestant thing to talk about the day of the Lord the end times the second coming of Christ all names for the same thing the Bible describes the events of Jesus’s return in apocalyptic images it’s important to know the final coming will be unmistakable because it will be accompanied by unprecedented signs for just as lightning comes from the east and is seen as far as the west so will the coming of the Son of Man be Matthew 24:27 some signs are general events concerning the evangelization of the world and this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the world as a witness to all nations and then the end will come Matthew 24:14 other signs are more proximate mark chapter thirteen Matthew chapter 24 Luke chapter 21 all describe the unmistakable signs with apocalyptic images the church also teaches that we should avoid pointless speculation about the time the date some people argue about the day of the week it doesn’t matter will it be after five or six because you know I after dinner would be better I mean I’ve heard that which we should ignore details of the signs the nature of the difficulties the church focuses instead on the need for living the gospel so as to be prepared for the end of times or our own particular judgement whenever it happens doesn’t matter when the end of times is be ready because you will probably be judged yourself before the end of times happens in 1st Peter 1 chapter chapter 1 verses 13 to 16 therefore gird up the loins of your minds live soberly and set your hopes completely on the grace to be brought to you at the revelation of Jesus Christ like obedient children do not act in compliance with the desires of your former ignorance but as he who called you is holy be holy yourself in every aspect of your conduct for it is written be holy because I am holy there exists among evangelical Protestants a popular but false belief based on some passages of the Scriptures called millennialism which means a thousand-year reign the rapture you’ve probably also heard of it is another false Protestant belief which is in direct contradiction actually to what the Scriptures teach on the end of time since they clearly teach it to be unmistakable not it will happen we won’t know it why did somebody disappear from dinner it’s not gonna be like that some centuries before there was some disagreement in the church whether the just would go to the reward of heaven immediately after death or if they must wait for the final judgement this was settled by Pope Benedict the 12th in 1336 Pope Benedict the 12th issued the papal bull Benedictus days on the beatific vision of God this papal ball this papal bull dogmatically defined the church’s belief that the souls of the departed go to their eternal reward immediately after death as opposed to rabee remaining in a state of conscious existence until the Last Judgement as such we are required as Catholics to absolutely believe this the following is taken from that bowl quote moreover we define that according to the general disposition of God the souls of those who died in actual mortal sin go down into hell immediately after death and there suffer the pain of hell nevertheless on the day of judgement all men will appear with their bodies before the judgment seat of Christ to give an account of their personal deeds so that each one may receive good or evil according to what he has done in the body we spend so much time worrying I do too about things in this world what are we gonna have for dinner what am I gonna do tomorrow what time should I leave what time should I get up where should I go to school should I retire in five years should I retire in ten years where should I retire what should I do for work the list goes on etc etc but how many a times do we ask ourselves what will happen to me at Judgment will I be condemned for all eternity will I suffer for hundreds of years in purgatory will my family know to have mass is offered for me will I die in the state of mortal sin and go to hell and no number of masses will ever save me did I in my life frequent the sacraments of pray enough those are questions to ask ourselves this Lent as we try to reformulate our lives as we try to make penance and sacrifice those are the questions we need to be asking ourselves we should always have before us our judgment and ask ourselves daily if I were to die today would I be sentenced to eternal death and fire hell hell is a real and an actual place where souls that die in the state of mortal sin go all too often in our modern era people claim that either hell does not exist or it is not a place where Souls go to for all eternity the church though is clear in our teachings that hell exists and it exists forever and souls do indeed go there in a homily on Sunday March 25th 2007 Pope Benedict the 16th said quote Jesus came to tell us that he wants us all in heaven and that hell of which so little is spoken of in our times exists and is eternal for those who closed their hearts to his love and quote it’s also far too common to think that only egregious or public sinners go there Hitler’s the only person there you know I’ve heard that before he’s got the place to himself yet many people go to hell many do because they’ve neglected the faith and it’s practice Our Lady at Fatima reminded us that many go to hell because no one prays for them as our Lord Himself said the road to hell is wide and many follow it amongst those in hell are surely souls who have committed one mortal sin that they were just too ashamed to confess during their lives and for that sin alone their soul was lost forever our Lord and the Gospels has said that many souls are lost and the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary in our modern world especially Fatima have affirmed this there is much that can be said on hell and in my online course on eschatology as well as the book eschatology the Catholic Study of the four last things I go into far more detail than I can cover in our short time here but I would like to highlight just a few of the harsh realities of Hell first the fires of hell we know that there really is fighter in hell from the words christ spoke to the wicked depart from me ye cursed into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels this shows that there is a real fire in hell and that in it the Damned must burn eternally what the intensity of that pain will be is beyond the power of man to depict for of all the very kinds of physical suffering to which man can be subjected there is none so great so cruel so agonizing as that which is caused by fire the rack the wheel amputation of your limbs are all terrible but they’re not to be compared to the pain of burning and far worse than burning here on this earth the fire of Hell will never cease for all eternity without end forever the Damned will one day be cast body and soul into the huge and awful furnace of Hell into the immense lake of fire where they will be surrounded by flames picture picture it there will be fire below you there will be fire above you they will be fire all around every breath will be the scorching breath of a furnace now is the time for us to act independence and save our own souls and those of our friends and our family before it’s too late we still have time these lines of the sequence from All Souls Day are at the forefront of my mind sometimes when I think about this the and the words in particular worthless are my prayers and sighing yet good lord and grace complying rescue me from fire is undying secondly the souls in Hell will suffer hunger and thirst for all eternity besides hunger the Damned suffer the most burning thirst which is beyond the power of words it is scribe everyone knows how terrible are the sufferings caused by thirst those who are plagued by thirst will drink from the most impure sources and if nothing at all can be obtained to quench their thirst a lingering and painful death is evident the thirst suffered by lost souls is infinitely greater more intense more painful than any thirst on earth however great that may be I’d like to if you could picture yourself right now on the East Coast on the beaches there walking along and I give you a job your job is to move the sand from that Beach to Mount Everest from the whole east coast of the United States but you have to do it one grain of sand at a time you have to get in the boat you have to be tossed about at sea you must climb the mountain yourself no harness and you deposit it there and then you return and you do it until the beach is clear of the entire United States how long do you think that would take how many thousands of years would that take that’s what hell is like well hell is actually worse because you could do that exercise and actually complete it you could do it 10 times and complete it but hell lasts forever it’s like doing that exercise in intense agony never-ending thirdly the foul odors of hell in the stench of suffering including most painfully of all the perpetual riding of your own bodies which will never cease fourthly the sounds of Hell will include the most profane blasphemies and insults against our Lord our Lady and the saints and our very companions will be the devil themselves because we have no friends in Hell we will feel abandoned and alone forever there is no companions in Hell the demons are the only ones we will know yet of all these pains that which gives the most anguish the most of all is being deprived of the beatific vision of God you will never see him you will never again feel his love he gave you plenty of chances you chose to do something else that was your choice so he said okay I will withdraw myself and we will feel if whoever is there will feel what it’s like to actually have God withdrawn it will never the beatific vision will never be given to the Damned to behold the divine countenance they will no longer feel his love because they chose their sins rather than his law and this pain will far outweigh all the other torments which I have mentioned even those of us here who surely love our Lord and followed the traditional teachings of the Catholic Church are not immune we must as the scriptures say work out our salvation in fear and trembling lest we after we have preached to others should ourselves be cast away st. Paul himself uses these same lines in 1 Corinthians the 1 Corinthians 9:27 never neglect regular confession that is the recourse we have that is how we avoid this this can be a frightening topic and that’s probably why a lot of priests don’t like talking about it but many souls have been saved by reflecting and meditating on the consequences of hell in fact the Council of Trent said in Canon 7 and justification if anyone says that the fear of hell is a sin or makes sinners worse let him be anathema every day an average of 290 thousand people die are judged and begin an eternity of endless bliss or hopeless misery one day we will be amongst that number but rather than focus on ourselves how many of us feel a pull in our hearts knowing that souls are dying eternally because there is no one to pray for them there’s only one way to get into hell mortal sin and how many of us would truly prefer physical death and suffering to mortal sin picture the Garden of Eden and Adam and Eve are there in the tree is in the middle I think it’s often easy for us to think like how were they so stupid they had all these fruits and all these trees and it was only one you couldn’t eat from and we think well if I was there I mean I would have known not to eat that one tree right there’s plenty else going on around here so I wouldn’t have done it but in our own lives that tree is mortal sin and all the fruit on it is the is the rotten fruit of the ways mortal sin manifests itself in our life we might look at the apples and we think from the outside and it looks good it feels good I’ll take that that’s okay it’s really okay you know I know I’m looking at it it’s fine or that lust that’s okay that abortion that’s okay because I I could die it’s okay I think a lot of people commit mortal sin because they think is actually good and then they bite the Apple and it’s rotten with worms so how many times if we were in a scenario we would likely have fallen because we do we fall too often at Fatima Our Lady revealed that devotion to her Immaculate Heart is a particular means that God wishes to save souls from hell and this is the second of the three secrets of Fatima at Fatima our Lady showed three children a terrifying vision of Hell then told them you have seen how where the souls of poor sinners go to save them God wishes to establish in the world devotion to my Immaculate Heart if people do what I tell you many souls will be saved and there will be peace thus devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary was revealed expressively to save souls so how can our Lady refuse to save souls if we appeal to her Immaculate Heart if a person picture a person if this person’s conversion seems unlikely let us not think about it no try to figure out a way to cleverly win them over but let’s confide them to the Immaculate Heart of Mary we entrust to her the sinners we are praying for especially if it’s a relative of ours or a godchild someone to whom we have special ties using the following words or even repeating this act many times throughout the day Immaculate Heart of Mary I entrust to thee the salvation of insert name having great confidence that thou will save him or her so right now picture somebody in your in your mind in your life that needs this prayer right now and pray this Immaculate Heart of Mary I entrust to be the salvation of having great confidence that will save them all is not without hope we have hope hope in working out our salvation and those of our family and friends and one of the means that should inspire us is the fact that we don’t have to live our lives completely perfect God in his generosity and his love has created purgatory since there is so much misunderstanding on purgatory let’s review a short definition what is purgatory this is taken from a Catholic dictionary in 1951 quote purgatory is the place and state in which souls suffer for a while and are purged after death before they go to heaven on account of their sins venial sins which have never in life been remitted by an act of repentance or love or by good works and grave sins the guilt of which with its eternal punishment has indeed been removed by God after an act of repentance but for which there is still a debt of temporal punishment due to his justice on account of the imperfection of that repentance must be purchased away after death by the pain of intense longing for God whose blissful vision is too laid and also as is commonly taught by some pain of sense inflicted probably by material fire and quote from the Church’s teachings the Council of Florence quote if they have died repentant for their sins in having love of God but have not made satisfaction for things that they have done or omitted by fruits worthy of penance then their souls after death are cleansed by the punishment of purgatory also the suffrages of the faithful still living are efficacious in bringing them relief from such punishment namely the sacrifice of the mass prayers and alms giving in other works of piety which in accordance with the designation the church are customarily offered by the faithful for each other end quote the Catechism of the Council of Trent quote among them is also the fire of purgatory in which the souls of just men are cleansed by a temporary punishment in order to be omitted into their eternal country into which nothing defiled endureth the truth of this doctrine founded as holy councils declare on Scripture and confirmed by apostolic tradition demands exposition and all the more diligent and frequently because we live in times when men endure not sound doctrine end quote and lastly the Council of Trent also said quote prayers for the dead that they may be liberated from the fire of purgatory are derived from apostolic teachings and quote mystics have also confirmed the existence of purgatory as well one such passage that I’ve reflected on myself several times before is the following from Blessed Anne Catherine Emmerich who wrote quote I was in purgatory tonight it was if I was being led into an abyss where I saw a large Hall it was touching to see the poor souls so quiet and sad yet their faces revealed that they have joy in their hearts because of the recollection of God’s loving mercy on a glorious throne I saw the Blessed Virgin more beautiful than I had ever be Helder she said I entreat you to instruct people to pray for the suffering souls in purgatory for they certainly will pray much for us out of gratitude prayer for these holy Souls is very pleasing to God because it enables them to see him sooner end quote so please let us not let one day pass during this Lenten season in which we do not make pious prayers and offer some good works for the intention of the poor souls not one day our lady asks it of us in August of 1917 Our Lady of Fatima told the children pray much and make sacrifices for sinners for many souls go to hell because no one makes sacrifices for them it was in the same spirit that the angel of Fatima spoke to the children in 1916 offer up everything in your power as a sacrifice to the Lord in reparation for the sins by which he’s offended and in supplication for the conversion of sinners more than all else accept and bear with resignation the sufferings God may send you for what greater charity and what more worthy work can we do now and for our lent than by freeing souls from purgatory and making reparation for our own sins so that way we may one day experience the eternal happiness of heaven heaven in stark contrast to all that we have mentioned so far at this point is the eternal happiness and bliss of heaven heaven the fourth of the four last things is the prize of so few none of us deserve it no one on this earth is worthy of all the joys of heaven yet our divine Redeemer chose to suffer the worst torments of death to show us how much he loved us and to open to us the possibility of an eternity of happiness with him his mother and the whole Court of heavenly saints and angels we must not as some do picture to ourselves heaven as a purely spiritual place for heaven is a real place where God not only is but the angels are now and where Christ is also in his sacred humanity in our lady with her human body there – are all – blessed they will dwell with their glorified bodies after the Last Judgment we know that after the Last Judgment the Saints will behold heaven with their bodily eyes and consequently it will be a visible Kingdom since God has created heaven for himself and for his elect he has made it so beautiful so glorious that the Blessed will never tire of the contemplation of it splendors for all eternity concerning the house eyes of heaven we know it’s immeasurable one Saint remarked if God were to make every grain of sand into a new world all these innumerable spheres would not fill the immensity of heaven that he has prepared for us the church teaches us that in the office of martyrs that each one of the elect will have his own place in the kingdom of heaven I will give to my Saints an appointed place in the kingdom of my father and King David and the psalm says the Saints shall rejoice and glory they should be joyful in their beds we also have Christ’s words himself in my father’s house there are many mansions hence it may be inferred that each one of us if we are lucky enough to be among the redeemed has his separate abode in heaven for as a just and prudent father divides his real and personal property amongst his children assigning to each one his particular share so our Heavenly Father apportions to each of his elect a part of his celestial treasures both visible and invisible giving to each one more or less a coin to the amount he deserves to receive there will be different degrees of glory in heaven who shall describe the majesty and glory of these heavenly mansions it’s hard to contemplate meditate often therefore upon the things of heaven raise your eyes in your hearts the bright firmament above and awaken within your heart by this or other means a keen desire to one day behold those mansions of the Eternal Father to enter them to dwell in them to be in heaven is to behold God and not die that’s what it means to be a saint to be amongst God to see God and not die some people talk about the church making Saints the church canonized saints recognizes that they are in heaven the church doesn’t by canonizing them move them to heaven they were already there by this she affirms that and what that means to be a saint isn’t necessarily you were martyr that you were confessor that you were a priest means that you see God and you did not die from the sight of God in her revelations to st. Brigid the mother of God once said the same stand around my son like countless stars whose glory is not to be compared with any temporal light believe me if the saints could be seen shining with the glory they now possess no human eye could endure their light all would be turned away dazzled and blinded think about what happiness will be for you when your body will shine like the Sun at midday everything that lives and their moves rejoices in the light and warmth of the Sun it gladdens all the face of the earth in like manner your body will be a joy and delight to yourself and to all in heaven because of its beauty and its joy indeed the Blessed in heaven will delight in all their senses the power of sight will be so perfect that nothing can be hid from their eyes they will see what is distant as distinctively as if it’s near the smallest object as plainly as the largest the dark will be to them as clear as light their vision will be so undimmed that they will be able to gaze without the flinching at the Sun even where it’s lights a hundred times more dazzling the sight will also be so keen that no obstacle could offer a hindrance to it and much can be said on the other senses and the other delights which we just don’t have the time to reflect on today but let us not lose sight of that greatest joy of heaven the ability to see God do we really want that we spend so much time in earthy pursuits do we really want heaven are we really willing to do what’s necessary to save our own souls and those of others what if you just missed the mark what if you just lose heaven we lose heaven we lose everything and what does Christ say about the number of the elect his words are grim bind his hands and his feet and cast him into the exterior darkness for many are called but few are chosen and there are many other similar ones of which I will quote one in the Gospel of st. Matthew we read that our Lord said enter ye into the narrow gate for wide is the gate and broad that leadeth unto destruction and many there are that go in it how narrow is the gate and Strait is the way that leadeth unto life and few there are that find it in order that we may better appreciate the meaning of our Lord’s words and perceive more clearly how few are the elect observe that Christ did not say that there are a few in number who walked in the path to heaven but there were few who found that narrow way how Strait is the gate that leadeth unto life and few there are that find it it is as if the Savior intended to say the path leading to heaven is so narrow and so rough it’s so overgrown so dark difficult to discern that there are so many who in their whole life long will never find it and those who do find it are constantly exposed to the danger of deviating from it of mistaking their way of unwittingly wandering away from it because it’s so overgrown it’s a regular it’s a hard road now because Christ knew that these words of his would be misinterpreted and understood in a false sense by both believers and unbelievers on another occasion he accentuated and emphasized what he had already said concerning the small number of the elect for when one of his disciples asked him Lord are they few that are saved he answered and said strive to enter by the narrow gate for many I say to you shall see to enter and shall not be able that’s Luke 18:24 listen to the words of the divine teacher he bids a strive take trouble make use of all the powers in our being to enter into that narrow gate so much can be said about heaven and the fewness of those saved I just can’t go into time today so if you are interested I would recommend the book eschatology and the catholic study the four last things or the course that i mentioned before which should go into it to conclude though i addressed to you with the words of the mother of the Maccabees what she addressed to her youngest son a mere boy when he was about to be tortured to death as his six brothers had already been at that point she said to him my son begged thee look up to heaven so I say to you look up to heaven every day especially in times of trial and temptation heaven is well worth every suffering in every sacrifice and every combat required of us and even a thousand times more life is short its trials and its sufferings its Labour’s it crosses the short and transitory but heaven and its Joy’s are inconceivable satiating every desire of the heart and never-ending just a few weeks ago in Septuagint on Sept 2 adjacent Sunday we heard the words of st. Paul brethren and know you not that that they run all in the race all run indeed but one receiveth the prize so run that you may obtain and everyone that’s drive it for the mastery refrain of himself from all things and they indeed that they may receive a corruptible crown but we an into an incorruptible one this lent put life in perspective do you fast not as a means to the end for the purpose of saving your own soul in those two others do you actually make fitting reparation and fitting penances so many people falsely say you know I want to give up dessert like if that all you can do in your prayers are you honoring the message of Fatima and making prayers and sacrifices for sinners our lady said that little Francisco would enter heaven but he had to pray many rosaries how many more rosary do we need to pray for our sins if a small child had to do this pray for the poor souls each and every day this lent and let us never let one day pass when we do not beg our lady to pray for us now and at the hour of death we must prepare for the inevitable if we are living on borrowed time thank you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] you

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