Prepare for the Inevitable: The Four Last Things and The Fatima Message by Matthew Plese

Prepare for the Inevitable: The Four Last Things and The Fatima Message by Matthew Plese

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  1. You may order the book to learn more here:

  2. Do devotion to the the Holy Face of Jesus in reparation for the first 3 commandments. Athiestism, Blasphemy and desegregation of his holy days.

  3. I will listen to this talk over and over again. IT IS SO….GOOD ! . This is such a good talk for a meditation.

  4. Love this. My mother and I listened to this today while driving and running errands.

  5. Death is punishment from original sin, Our Blessed Mother is the Immaculate Conception. Weather She had a physical death has not been dogmatically defined. To my knowledge, Tradition holds that her body and soul did not separate. When her life here on earth was over She was Assumed into Heaven body and soul. This is the first time I have ever heard of Mary’s body and soul separating. I taught Religion in a Catholic school for 18 years and this was NEVER taught. 18 years of material and studying I’ve never come across this. Is this your opinion or can you sight Catholic teaching on this?
    Please help me to understand your statement on this.
    Thank you

  6. Oh, I should say so. It appears that the US/RU are coordinating a new bombing campaign together in Venezuela. Did you know that the US/RU are even backing the same side in Libya? These people just want to create refugees it appears. Here’s from Trump today
    ….We discussed Trade, Venezuela, Ukraine, North Korea, Nuclear Arms Control and even the “Russian Hoax.” Very productive talk!

  7. Again @thefatimacenter, #FatherIsaacReylea says Disney material is NOT for home use for the faithful (and expounds in a recent talk on your channel) ….. so please explain why you INSIST on using Disney Music to open these videos? Please reconsider use of this music and do not pay for its license with #FatimaCenter funds. Thank you.

  8. Hell is locked from the inside, the people there wanted to be there by their own choice and denial of Christ and his Church. Jesus said upon his return " Who sins you forgive are forgiven, who's sins you retain are retained". Go to Confession to a Catholic Priest and live. AMDG

  9. Well, I didn't expect this. I think of the saints, like Thomas Aquinas, who seemed very willing to die at his right time. And how about St. Therese, and St. Teresa? How about St. John of the Cross, the Apostles? And wasnt the Blessed Mother assumed into heaven body and soul? Did she, too, suffer?

  10. I didn't hear much in this talk about mercy. As a person who suffers from OCD and depression, this talk only deepened my despair. I tossed and turned for an hour.

  11. This is a very good video… I would like to say to Mathew that although the Lords Soul was sorrowful unto death, it is very important to state that He was NOT afraid of death as Mathew stated! Jesus came into the world to die and a most horrible death at that which Jesus was aware of… the reason Jesus Sweated blood in the garden was from the loss of so many souls despite his passion and death… it is very important to note this to Matthew if anyone can because he should not be portraying The Lord as if He were afraid… reflect on the words of Jesus what He said to Peter when Peter tried to stop the Lord from speaking about how He was to die… “get ye behind Me Satan” fear is not in the Lord… He foresaw His Passion and Death and in the garden He foresaw the countless number of souls His death would be in vain for and that is why He cried out to the Father “take this cup away, never the less let your Will be done” Jesus was meek and humble even unto death but not afraid…. Inly those who are in the state of mortal sin fear death… of course we all sin but there are those who have a very peaceful and tranquil-death… So no! The Lord embraces His Cross with LOVE not fear

  12. A correction, Jesues suffering in the garden was due to the horrific visions of the unbelievable cruelty of man's brutality and sins on each other. Not his own death.

  13. Thank you beautiful hope Pope Francis least does consecration. Russia to save their nation
    I walk with God as I have for my life continue on my river of life
    And start repairing my life keeping evil away

  14. This is an amazing talk. I feel so blessed to have heard it. Thank you so much and God bless you. We must always be ready!

  15. I think about my judgement before the Lord every day. . I frequent reconcillatin and The Eucharist. I ask for courage to spread the true Gospel of Christ. I pray for The souls in Purgatory and pray The Rosary often for my soul and others.

  16. I’m very new to the concept that death has to always be extremely painful and agonizing and so we all must fear it. I personally didn’t fear death before hearing this. I know that everyday in my life I’m doing my best not to go to hell and if I must go to purgatory, I’ll go more than gladly to be purified because i believe it’s only fair. But I never thought of death itself being an awful experience. Of course there’s no way it can be a “comfortable” experience because it will be so different than anything else we could ever imagine but I’m confused by the concept that death is always agonizing, feared, or could never be a positive experience. I mean plenty of people have died and come back and I don’t think ice heard anyone mention anything about it being “awful” instead I’ve heard them say it was beautiful and peaceful. I remember when my grandmother died i was pretty sure it would’ve been a good experience for her since she died having received the necessary sacraments, she even said our blessed mother came to visit her just before, and she was prepared to be put out of misery (she died from Breast cancer and was suffering greatly). It didn’t seem to be something to be afraid of but something she welcomed with open arms because she couldn’t wait any longer to be with our lord in heaven. She passed peacefully and happily. I always had a positive outlook on death as a catholic, even if one has to pass through purgatory first. I don’t ‘dread’ the moment my soul is separated from my body at all if anything I’m looking forward to it. Can someone explain this to me?? I’m not gonna say I disagree because, well, what do I know. But I’m just having trouble grasping this.

  17. Smh…wow. I heard this when I was I'm older… its sinking in better now. Mental Prayer needed for always. 🙏🙏🕯️

  18. Why is the soul a she? Or is he making a subtle hint that more women should be in fear of the wrath of God?

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