PREACHER Season 3 Finale Clip ‘Satan vs The Saint of Killers’ | AMC Series

PREACHER Season 3 Finale Clip ‘Satan vs The Saint of Killers’ | AMC Series

It wasn’t until this moment that I understood what my
purpose was. But now I know. [ Sighs ] It’s to say: You’re a bad person. But It’s never too late
to change that. Open up your heart
and talk to God. You guys used to be like…
best friends, right? So… …call him,
and apologize. I just realized, I have a purpose too. [Thud]
[Grunts] [Groans] Get your ass
out of your head, doofus. God’s gone. You didn’t have to
do that. Him? [Laughs] We were just joking. Anyway,
you did your part bringing these two
chuckle heads back. And now for my part
of the bargain. [Wheels roll, clatter] ♪♪ We’ll take it from here,
Sydney, thank you. ♪♪ Not sure what happened there
but, um, I assume
she had it coming. [Whoosh, whoosh, shing] What would this unfortunate
preacher’s name happen to be?? Jesse Custer. ♪♪ I love the synergy! I just got a deal going
involving Custer. Figures right into
my expansion plans. See, you kill him and he and his
little power come to Hell. [Laughs] Anyway,
I won’t keep you any longer. Go without God,
as they say nowadays. [Cocks gun] ♪♪ Wh– How dare you pull a gun
on the Prince of Darkness. I will flay you
into a thousand pieces. My daughter. The crows,
was that your idea? ♪♪ [Stammers] Oh, okay.
Hold on. Everybody take a breath. [Clicks]
Was it? I-I was on — I-I was in on the
meeting when it was discussed. Sure, all right? B-B-B-But it wasn’t my idea. Who’s was it? Don’t be stupid. It was God’s. ♪♪ Of course. [Swallows] Now, I suggest you
put that gun down right now. Or you and I
are gonna have a problem. ♪♪ Too late. You crazy son of a — [Blood squelches] [Thunk] [Chirping, shrieking] ♪♪ You can’t do that! The rules have changed. ♪♪ You were right. We don’t belong here. Let’s go. Ja. Good idea. Let’s get out of here. Just him. Not you. ♪♪ [Door opens] ♪♪ [Door closes] ♪♪ Plum cake, sir? Ja. Extra flaky crust. [Rumbling] ♪♪ [Rumbling] ♪♪

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  1. Did you see this coming? đŸ˜± PREACHER Season 3 Finale Clip 'Satan vs The Saint of Killers' | AMC Series. Please like and share the #clip with friends!

  2. The subtitle is wrong when the Saint says that the name of the preacher was Jesse Custer Santana responds "I love the synergy" not "…the energy"

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