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Hello I’mColm, Howdy from
and if you want to know where to find the best
views in the Czech capital and what are some of it’s lesser known attractions
don’t go anywhere because there are ten things you need to know
about Prague (Instrumental)
(Instrumental) with its narrow cobbled streets and Skyline
of Steeples Prague is one of Europe’s most enchanting
cities home to approximately 1.2 million people
the Czech capital is also extremely compact so you can pack lots in in a
short space of time and as it’s still one of the continents cheaper
capitals A visit here certainly won’t break break the
bank, now here is the first of those ten things Prague is divided into ten different districts
within these ten districts are separate neighborhoods like the old town
and Malá Strana transporting people around the city are three metro lines
and an efficient tram network and for the best view in in prague
Climb to the top of the Petřínská rozhledn tower which you can find here on
Petřín hill (Instrumental)
As you walk the streets of Prague take a look at the architecture because the Czech Capital
is a fascinating mix of Romanesque Gothic, Baroque and in particular rock Art
nouveau the best example of Romanesque is saint george’s
Basillica in Prague Castle while saint nicholas in the
Old Town Square is one of the city’s finest baroque buildings
also in the Old town Square are the church of our lady before time
and the old whole town hall two good examples of Gothic architecture
and walking the streets you can seeArt Nouveu architecture
absolutely everywhere dating back to the 9th century and overlooking
the entire city is Prague castle which is without a shadow of
a doubt Pragues number one tourist attraction, the
highlight of the castle is the gothic St. Vitus Cathedral make sure
to go inside to see the Cathedrals interior
and its colorful stained glass windows other highlights include the old Royal
Palace and goldenlane and make sure not to miss the
main changing of the guard which takes place daily at noon
(instrumental) Known locally as stare mesto Pragues old town
is one of the most charming in Europe
the focal point of the small area is the Old Town Square
which is always bustling with people it’s also full of cafes and restaurants
but these are quite expensive and best avoided and branching off the square is a series of
quaint narrow cobbled streets one of the most popular things
to do in the old town is to catch procession of
the twelve apostles which happens here are the astronomical clock every hour on
the hour but after seeing it you might want to know what all the fuss is about
(Instrumental) if you’re looking to avoid the crowds check
out some of Praugues Lesser known attractions
like the John Lennon wall which is only five minutes walk from Charles bridge
anti-communist first started painting on this wall in1980
although in 1998 it was white washed but once again
today it is a mix of anti-war and peace slogans Other less visted attractions include the
museum of communism which presents an account of
communism in the Czech Republic the Museum of torture which has a collection
of some fairly horrific medieval torturing instruments
and Kampa Island a tranquil space just below the west side of
Charles Bridge (Instrumental)
Prague is home to two of the Czech Republic’s most important museums
the first of these is the National Museum which overlooks Wenceslas Square
this huge museum is home to both permanent and temporary exhibitions
the other is the National Gallery on the old time square
where you will find a large collection of paintings from the 19th century
while the National Galleries main building is on the Old Town Square
they actually have permanent exhibitions at different buildings
throughout the city One of these is the Black Madonna house and
here you will find a collection of czech cubism art
(Instrumental) Just north of the old town and south of the
River Vltava Is the old old Jewish neighborhood known as
Josefov it’s home to bars restaurants as well as a
series of synagogues the main attraction in yosef is the Jewish
Museum but unlike other museums all the collections
are contained in one building instead they’re spreadout in the different
synagogues throughout the area and also part of the Jewish Museum is the
Jewish cemetery which is over six hundred years old
All over Prague you will see signs outside restaurants stating that they specialize
in traditional Czech food and this usually comprises a thing such as
goulash, dumplings and lots of meat and if you’re looking
for a restaurant that does good traditional Czech food
check out this resturant here its called insemnish Febu on neru dover in the
Malá Strana they do all typical Czech food such as roast
pork goulash and
Dumplings if you decide to go drinking in one of the
bars in the more touristy areas Your’l find that drink is quite expensive
instead you need to find a local Czech Bar for more reasonable prices
so if your looking for a Czech bar with good cheap beer and a good and a cool atomosphere
come to this bar here its called the zulu which is just of the square
and just like most Czech pubs they serve the local speciality
which is absynth (Instrumental)
(Instrumental) (Instrumental)
another Czech bar worth noting ou Rudolfina on krichlandvika Street
just north of Charles Bridge and downstairs your’l find a traditional beer hall.
As you walk around Prague, your’l notice lots of advertisements for black light theatre
this is a unique type of theatre where actors perform in a pitch black theater
with floresant costumes and props and one of the best places to go and check out
a black light theatre performance is the veloTa Fantastika
which is just 3 minutes walk from Charles Bridge the prague theatre dates
back to 1989 and when we visited the show being staged
towards the extremely entertaining aspects about us
So that is our 10 things you need to know about prague but your’l
pick up some tips from what you just saw for a fact sheet on everything that’s in
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