POST MORMON Gets Tattoo! (My Tattoo Reasons & Meaning)

POST MORMON Gets Tattoo! (My Tattoo Reasons & Meaning)

it’s about time I just go for it I gotta
get a tattoo I want to ask you what you think about my new tattoo you like dirty
edgy yeah I don’t know I like it I have been a member of the Church of Jesus
Christ of Latter day Saints for my entire life and as of a little over a
year ago I have made one of the biggest decisions of my life and I have chosen
to leave the church had my records removed I am 100 percent I don’t
identify as a Mormon anymore although that’s the religion I grew up in I no
longer believe in the truth claims of the church which means I am no longer
obligated to follow the millions and millions of rules that that church as
when I believed in it I was totally all for following it I mean that’s all I
knew and yeah so one of their rules is that we don’t get tattoos because our
body is a temple and we just weird vies door not really
advice but I would dare say commanded by the Prophet to not get tattoos and to
not get double ear piercings and to not consume an alcohol or coffee there’s
just a list long of things that they require of us as members so I am Noah 38
years old and finally realizing that I have the choice to do whatever the hell
I want to do and guess what I’ve decided to get a tattoo yes you guys
that time just got to go for it right they look really edgy because I’ve got
like I’m like so tatted up now good right good it’s really you know that
yeah I know yeah I know it’s real okay I’m kidding I can’t do it I just can’t I
I can’t commit to something that is permanent so if you are like me and you
just really want to tattoo or you’ve been dying to get a tattoo but you’re so
afraid of the commitment of something being permanent then I have an option
for you I’ve been researching like crazy because I’m like how can I get a touch
it would but not fully commit so I found this product on Amazon called freehand
ink and I’m going to show you how to use it it’s organic and made from
all-natural ingredients which is awesome and it lasts for about two weeks so this
one I did a few days ago and it was very hard to get like the lines straight and
stuff so I decided to buy some stencils because it’s really hard to to draw
something I don’t know it’s really hard to make it look cute with this big
applicator the ink applicator thing is not the best but I’m going to try the
stencil and see if that works any better but I do like how this one
turned out this one might also did the same day and I think it’s pretty and
it’s just my own freehand drawing so I think it turned out pretty good and then
this is the other one this is bad this is really bad this was my first attempt
so don’t even like yeah this is really bad because first I I wrote the word
love and then I didn’t think it was working so I was practicing some more by
just doing some dots and some lines can still at this point not thinking it was
working because the ink doesn’t actually show up for a
few hours so you’ll put this top you’ll draw it on and it like kind of dries up
and turns into like a gel like dried-up gel and then you think and then it
flakes off and then there’s nothing there and you’re like oh didn’t work but
then a few hours later it starts to like show up so it’s just crazy but I really
do think this is a fun alternative for those who are just can’t commit to a
real tattoo like me it’s okay for me to show you how we try let me try one of
these stencils one hour of course should I be careful you don’t want to smear it
on anything but this stuff really works if you get even a little tiny speck
anywhere else on your skin will be there for about two weeks now don’t worry that
all the ink is coming off because this is like magic you guys can’t see
anything now and I will show you again in a couple hours so what I want to do
with the rest of this that’s on don’t touch it with your finger go get a white
light or just go put it directly under water and soap and get it off as soon
you can don’t don’t let it sit on your skin for even a second because it will
tattoo you will leave a mark I learned that the hard way I’ve got like black
specks all over my body because this jelly stuff this like it started to
flake off and I just kind of let it it’s like anywhere and everywhere not
thinking that it would he still be activated I guess and do anything and
little specks just kind of stuck on my skin in different parts and left me with
lots of little not so cute tattoos that I’m stuck with for a couple weeks
here’s a spot that I accidentally touched the ink there’s a spot you move
it got little spots like this like all over it’s right there
so yeah just be aware of the flakes and make sure you don’t touch it with your
skin and then of it flakes off and lands on your skin and sticks there just be
aware it’s been a couple hours starting to show up now but this is not it this
is not the end results this is what it looks like I did that I did it yesterday
and this is what it looks like pretty good right do you like my tattoo what
you don’t like it me see yours we messed up just Oh on several spots on
my body we just messed up a little bit supposed to say eat I don’t see this
whoa not that one i likey likey you like my tattoos Sean I
love it thank you thank you okay let’s go on our date bye ollie we’re going on
a date

11 Replies to “POST MORMON Gets Tattoo! (My Tattoo Reasons & Meaning)”

  1. Sean likes them, you'll break down and get a for real one 😉 I love mine. I have 5 and they all have meaning to me.

  2. I’m not Mormon and I don’t have any tattoos and I don’t have any desire for tattoos on my body. My dad and brothers had tattoos. My dad was in the US Navy, that’s where he got his and my brother was a biker type person. My other brother was a wild person in his teens and 20s so that’s when he got his. I personally never thought of then as feminine or nice looking because a lot of the people who used to get them were sort of on the other side of the law, unless they were military. It’s become a fad, so many people view it different in this day and age but I don’t, still am not a fan. To each his own.

  3. I left the church in 2001. I found your channel randomly a few years ago and stopped following it when I realized you where LDS. I have been back following you since I saw you and your hubby on John's channel. Thank you for speaking up and being brave about your convictions. P.S. I have a tattoo, just 1 but it was very symbolic for me to get it and take control of my own body.

  4. It is great to have options! I know so many people who struggle with the permanence of tattoos. Brilliant idea! Thank you!

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