Pope Saint Gregory III Saint of the day December 10(365 days of saints)

Pope St. Gregory III was the son of a Syrian named John. The date of his birth is not known. His reputation for learning and virtue was so great that the Romans elected him pope by acclamation when he was accompanying the funeral procession of his predecessor, 11 February, 731. As he was not consecrated for more than a month after his election , it is presumed that he waited for the confirmation of his election by the exarch at Ravenna. After his proclamation as Pope Gregory III, Emperor Leo III attacked and condemned the worship of holy images. Because Leo III thought that the honor paid to Jesus, Mary, and the saints by obeying statues and images was idolatry, he condemned them and wanted to destroy them. Gregory III not only stood there but immediately sent a letter to Leo III. But he could not send the letter because the messenger is afraid So instead, Gregory called for a body(Sinod) that approved strong measures against anyone who would try to destroy the images of Jesus, Mary, or the saints. Gregory held it in and Leo III seemed to think that the only way to move him was through physical force. So Leo sent ships to capture Gregory and take him to Constantinople. Many people in Rome tried to move Gregory – but he didn’t move there And again God intervened. A storm destroyed Leo’s ships. All Leo could do was to take over some of the pope’s lands.So Leo acquired a few acres of land Thus, the precious reminders of God’s love, the care of Jesus, the prayers of Mary, and the examples of the saints were hidden and not destroyed. All because Gregory knows when to stand – and when to stand there and let God work. Pope Saint Gregory III was Bishop of Rome from 11 February 731 to his death in 741 He was the fifth Syrian pope and the last pope born outside of Europe for 1,272 years , until the election of Pope Francis in 2013. Let us try to know the Life of the saints so that it will serve as a guide to us to a holy life dont forget to click the like button and subscribe to my channel

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