Pope Francis Expected To Meet With U.S. Bishops About Sex Abuse | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

Pope Francis Expected To Meet With U.S. Bishops About Sex Abuse | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

57 Replies to “Pope Francis Expected To Meet With U.S. Bishops About Sex Abuse | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC”

  1. These “Christian” pedophiles have been protected for decades. Nothing will be done by the church, has to come from outside. Tax these criminals.

  2. i despise this false messenger of Satan Pope Francis saying Jesus Christ was a sinner. Don't you just love, how he's always telling us to help the poor who are barely getting by surrounded by all that stolen gold. I grew up Catholic and never learned anything about Jesus Christ.

  3. Stop giving money to these scoundrels! As soon as the money stops, they'll cease to exist other than in the form of a dead artifact.

  4. You polish the image by stopping the abuse. They should invite a few American Episcopalian Bishops who instituted very strict rules about two decades ago. Although a bit awkward at first, they work very well and apply to every adult who has any church related contact with any child.

  5. “It is from the Bible that man has learned cruelty, rapine, and murder; for the belief of a cruel God makes a cruel man.”

    “The study of theology, as it stands in Christian churches, is the study of nothing; it is founded on nothing; it rests on no principles; it proceeds by no authorities; it has no data; it can demonstrate nothing; and it admits of no conclusion…and as this is the case with Christian theology, it is therefore the study of nothing.”
    ― Thomas Paine, The Age of Reason (1794)

  6. Do these abuses happen in Europe/Latin America, too?? Or is this largely a US phenomenon?
    I think I read extremely vicious abuses happened in Ireland in the past.

  7. Disgusting. Im glad I found out when I was younger just how evil religion is. People use it for power and control. Thats it. The people looking to religion for answers are just taken advantage of by usually well read sociopaths who are great at manipulating people. Kinda like how our governments structure really calls to this kind of person to. With the population of the world as big as it is, the fact that around 1% of 7 billion people on our planet are sociopaths is still terrifying to think about. In my opinion anyway.

  8. Priests and nuns should be allowed to marry. It should be clear that people willing to live without the love and sexual intercourse of another adult may be very likely to abuse children. There may be few things more important to a normal adult then such love.

  9. Why can't they just let priest marry? What straight healthy man would join priesthood? Celibacy is a perversion in itself.

  10. So, what do responsible, caring adults do with this knowledge? What is your idea of what YOU can do to protect children and the vulnerable from sexual predators now? Remember, the predators are counting on YOU to satisfy yourself with a smh. IF you don't have an effective idea then recognize that you ARE the village it takes for predators to continue unabated.

  11. Francis find faith in the songs, when words fail lift the tune and sing to the sepulcher. The gates don't open to words only to song. To atone you must sing to the heavens for requiem.

  12. They are not above the law nor the Most High's law. These pedos makes me sick AND I cannot believe the PARISHIONERS do not demand justice for these victims. Its because catholicism is not what it seems. Investigate yourself and put the puzzle pieces together. All money roads lead to Rome.

  13. Oh look, another meeting, another convention, another apology but NOT one member referred to police or one victim properly supported and compensated.

  14. This is the end result when you bind people to man made doctrines and false teachings that forbid these priests from marrying: a perpetual “ discussion “ on supposedly GOD fearing perverts who’ve been preying on children for centuries! Repentance comes through cessation of sins being committed, not through coverups, denials and payoffs,.. until your caught by the secular authorities.

  15. RUMP used money that was meant for Hurricane Victims to build Concentration Camps for children! What? He took money from a whole long list of agencies for that? Hello and Welcome, President Pence. Lodestar.

  16. Wuerl is pure scum. These are the turds that eventually get promoted to the top. They protect themselves to the very end. They are symbols,but not special on any way. They are not men,they are absolute cowards who hide behind embroidered robes. They are nothing but criminals. There will never be real Justice. These people have always been sexually abusers and rarely see the inside of a prison. That should be their home for eternity. Criminal scum.

  17. Petifile.com. Pope Francis
    May father have mercy on the Catholic Church
    That power that has guided me 65 yrs thru my sins and his guidance to live. Forgive us our treaspassies
    As we forgive those who trespass against us!!!!!

  18. Thus I clothe my naked villainy in old, odd ends. Stolen forth from holy writ. And seem a saint, when most I play the devil. – V or Shakespeare (Take your pick)

  19. Wow a little late but the policy should be easy. Any member of the clergy who is caught abusing a child should be excommunicated and turned into the police. It’s a super easy policy.

  20. I believe that whatever benefit the unmarried status of priests and nuns may have had at some point in time, It's been overwhelmed by the negative potential for the faithful. We must have all of our churches remain places of safe refuge. These must remain places where individuals and the community can seek asylum.

  21. Actually pedophiles have been around since the beginning of time, and I have been hearing about the Catholic Church's blind eye since the days of Phil Donahue. Up until this issue, I had been impressed with Pope Francis–even though I am NOT Catholic. The Bible says give unto Ceasar his due: be it taxes, or capitol punishment. Our laws only meet minimal standards of decency as it is. Surely, when the laws protecting children are broken, the church should not stand in the way of the punishment of such offenders! It is hubris, hypocrisy, and further wounds the souls of the victims.

  22. The criminals must answer the investigators, the witnesses and the victims and the suspects must confess, and not go around doing campaign against the crimes they committed.

  23. There is only one answer and Catholic leaders know it too. End Catholicism and end the Catholic Church worldwide. The world pedophile community has known for centuries if you want easy access to kids become a catholic priest. It will never ever stop as long as the Catholic Church exists.

  24. The Pope should use this meeting as a means to banish any and all pedophiles, reform the Church to end the celibacy requirement that has been around since 1139, and give aid to the victims. Pedophilia has no place in the mother church established by Christ via martyrdom of St. Peter.

  25. Men of faith writing the specifications for the holiest of all men and then ending up with a bunch of pedophiles seems pretty much normal for religion.

  26. they're focused on their vast real estate holdings around the globe and the continued sexual abuse of children.

    should be charged under RICO, organized pedophilia and profiting enough to play real estate mogul, not to mention using the vatican's special banking status to launder mafia money.


  28. Viganò is clamorously exposed by the intervention of Father Lombardi, one of the Pope Emeritus’s loyalists.

  29. Francis is part of the problem. He protected and promoted McCarrick. That is all you need to know. He will not fight the homosexual mafia of priests destroying the Church.

  30. It's just going to keep flourishing until these people get arrested.
    Why are there no police getting involved in arresting people?

  31. I thought they said they did that in 2002. Unfortunately, these pediphile priests give all priests a very bad image…
    I agree with this guy…he is right on…all the good ole boys dressed in their satin wizard cape costumes and medieval hats just babble on and do nothing…everybody should hear this…

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