only one welcome and not many coming at me and
says: although only one on one
hand man is a the line-out be named a man dies welcome own welcome for Wednesday for a few more
becoming the looks pretty churned up for the have-nots NT and it’s convenient locations and
leave in a shop and to Norway way the homeland of the table and
Kristin he welcomed wherever IA welcome to Cunningham shoving a cancels museum
elevated but because I’m just
doing the very tip someone there
he shot that is what those
letters have and there will only if it seems
that form the centre of weakness just given the video for a were
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all sorts of things and yet the fifth of the have for of- for after that-third wife Mandy of the this makes about moving easier
for me to die for, I could just
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or Bellamy in the Strathmore end and have printed here I was
some is signed for of their we’ve done a pretty
serious and his team have you
had to go back into it goes out and I’ll just pop this working
deeply least as well so he has conceded in the only east than than another and Stephanie welcome only in so many concentrate on
here today and it’s gonna take
this will also have that we’re
get started shall we we shall so the colours are
anything to eight or another’s colours for linking
the description if uniting the
faithful agrippa meant to
because it is listener as well
that in th scenario way going to be seen that signing England could put
more time more to him while he
of the Indian rate Venetian rent to own a
terracotta we’ve got some burnt oak and to
some white flesh and white white if you have a care
blender or another favourable Emily had
it may mean that depending on
how finding your pencil strokes
it and how much two his left so
if the but the which is the these
are the relevant be a polygamous
all this legislature one isn’t
in maths and not with that of
the chuckles because there and is
readily reach out and complete
the if it’s all couple to the of the
earth at senate is them son
waves and I really am is a
couple of Kells in Haiti here
and wonder pencils out of the colonel’s
first , these areas have been covered
over with the ready made that
would suggest given a clean
slate expression in that was the
highlight periods when it clear discontinue racing under no
sense to say client or her modem
and a mentioned 1,000,000 maritime and it
doesn’t was he to anyone that
has died at a nation state and
so should have been today of through and face here and it certainly won’t make sure
the Liberians are going to stay liked so you may areas would never
considered putting failing -,
renewing its own orange and red
hair so I’m in your a level organiser anisminic
smiled and said becoming been to some will have another freeing
it is very exciting a couple of events at this
lovely understood immediately busy busy middle of the King’s and be great to be working with
their thinking and the other Victorian colour along
the leaders for tonight to
assassinate starts from Iain starts tomorrow
morning all barely the morning
of the them so and so the
weekend’s them at commentators
army and tomor more or her family that 3/2 hours from now
tomorrow for the life again
another nonetheless, it fell
into something from family for three that I haven’t
really looked through the air
something I’ll do something night but each act as a clump a
gentle a while as an animal
energy trail coming up and from
the assorted dragons, to have
that m whereas favourite colour support more time watching them
seeing by the number 263 who knows the
name of her who knows but Palestine on winced at the moment that the
Leicester Star Donny the victim
and.being done to star put them 2. couple keep it
coupled the wind and then some of the an enemy going of the draw for
those immune actually said the
Kinsey because it would haven’t
done here before and so will
both can see and understand as well mm. No yes night Sanders the underlying mesh apolline around summary shadows first see just marking them out to see where women were domain
shadows some of the shadow behind her
ear and that fact is that Harry’s coming down and over the top of this Herron
BT as a this will be darker this piece of her here is
cowling and answers coming
around and curling under so when them at the hearings
underneath that peace is well and maintenance where the of the there this lovely
little curl here it is actually
in front of this other than
pieces here coming down the
sides and M N pounds come down around here
next year down under and over her shoulder right now within a start to mark
incendiaries inside the so this
canal here is coming over cents
coming down and caving over sit just behind that another Wenger stars Greek at
task is it makes it so much
easier for us to wipe out way things are going Polly colour chart and what you mean the of the a close
to the swatch China into an face
book of these semi mean wickets in this case coming over
everything C1 and a little bit
of chamonix the scale here we go and looks like this piece of him
here he saw no coming in front and that bit so making that there this one here is a Barnes at to was looking at and the
further January getting into
more curly detail sending a message I’m not sure
if the them and there’s a and a
director version chance that
some thinks there is in the
descript face book OK so when he summer this detail
down here so basically , looking at hear anything is in
closest two meandering had a lot
lighter so this curled he’s on
of baby care leaned out of the is a good example is Kelly under
itself like this in case at the hotel like that
here so that’s the French anti there
we concede is musing to remain
here the highlights baby random
very top of that shell seekers
it pile it so that she and is where
the highlight is giving most on
the very top of the curl security tight Curls the very top so that curl is highlighted most of this bass section and
the he were minor early as
December there is dark because
of a shadowy then there are also
in the number is highly it filter to an have being done better with
interesting here so if that’s
the case we wanna make the side
and the side of the curled after
se us, coming in to a few minds in towards that middle section and on the opposite side and a
few minds leaned towards the middle the and so I did say that the meeting it
was sitting at the back there
was can have there been shadow
so, actually feel that been just like that because of the
section here we have again when
applying their the man at a terminal be on
their torpedoes and left that Anderson, and he this section and at melsonby telling
bacterium so unequal if in doubt
and he hears a couple once there and is, covering and fat cats icon and just stick a
few minds instruction to what is
meant an Indian that he would give the illusion
menacing more forward and then decided he sort of
calcareous just hear the edge by
the seller to find wines are
still many use those lines to flick towards the middle now because I want to this
section have a live in the
highlighted in reflect and then
of it this way if it had
anything might ar towards their consider live in a highlight
their looking back this way if that’s
the would be delivered her there
there was another highlight just
here roughly Nijinsky clicking their come up from the bottom and another wind their he’s going round the outside of
the human into just a cover of
the black American vogue another really
nice can’t hear assuming
accruing airline will dark section and inside as well we’ll be here but when wilko they’re still see
woman behind their killers in our creating many are
so we’ve got dark mind dark night dark light and dark UK now repeat over the straight
sections as well so coming down
from the shadow enough from the shadow can you live in a highlight
unique each section of hair so
this and this here is a section
of hair suit them using considering a
that sections using my lines in
the direction of period he is going sitting in
the same direction most of this heavenly he’s going
to be dark but was still trying
to reach even been a bit of
texture by adding mines in there and if so
realization build up this
section already minister can see
what’s going on we had the hottest night and as he give us a better
record for this time of year woke up at 5.00 this morning
installed we three greens
outside , we’ve finished and the year and start working on the superb
here Carol hear this is a
highlight-this will be he’s
gonna be a highlight for summer
use that l their is almost like two sections air
to limit is there and then this
one starts in the top-of- and you may want formerly the and any real women have
occurred here never highlighted in the
Midlands than one of the that the purpose for all
speaking after sparkling a
lovely present for them the monthly Hammond and I want some pencils at the
wants of the system to work in
there for place for me as well
in them fit all things were done
so winter sell it and stick also
think the hell am for the
estate-a-half for a proto-and
but for have said yes lot of
sparkles only an idea or are we going here I think he’ll be happy with how
well that sections coming out in
when we were doing here I think
I want work and live in a show on that side just come back from their and highly down on me as well I
think that that’s one section of
the a was playwright at beaten
by a woman on at some venues in put her hand and Italy or 4
hours at present are always lots of sun at the same thing and if
lick my pencil in line direction
in the direction of the history
and towards the middle see
coming the of the tiny paper round
together quick flick to them as well mistake here is can be quite
dark he won’t be much of the
highlight, the young Scot BT
sector and so the user lines to
Philippine to sell the site of the texture
in their contain the top and pulling down into wasn’t
like area is actually glue it I’m not sure when I can look
at them in a not-know what
exactly where they were wasn’t
so make your hands sparkling
hints abo four paper crafting when it is a non settling non
toxic than settling easy flow to
the ranger the job range of
slipstream a robust installed on Severn can hinder green spring were any changes include unlikely to have to of the the of landlord and the only colour prenominal some of his of the the on-the ski free of for being in charge
here is to separate the elector we get
things like that need to we
become the bills and Boris precious little sparkles in the still smouldering leaning have never under the and there is a matter of money
through the national anthem cent below stairs, falling on
this spring break and football season and show seasons with another man
show starts in school holidays just
and money taken out of the the others Moore says we’ll just get
the keys and accede to the can
just go spender traveller at the
supermarket and they’ll get mor the that been issued at instance family that had been as continuing down this is the
Indian red and recent down into the second
periods Gillingham marina seen here feels that green hand there is a
welcome understanding of sparkle
here is in the of the had a MX
the logo he’s a commission rate Venetian or a same thing conflict doubt you know what the job only
finished off that will be
appendix is, the little stranger
must make that clear down into was the highlight the window too far over them
because we want ranking that
might section their state pension pay sure, sure in
new work each pencil, you go to you need to add less and less
because we’re feeling in the
truth of the paper and gradually bridging the gap between each
side to knock the news as much of
this, issue with the first, say the family gets a look weaker
the further down ago and that all is the winner of the age of an early age again and workers who are seriously movement them and something like that of all into one small any of the of the an hour welcome and I shall welcome if the old and again next none of this
allingham, the nothing because
of, orange but we won an Olivier orange
trying to work so it’s conflict
in couple of weeks drew coming over the darting into the
light just a few room them mixture and have been canon of all the median you need a lot military with a bent over to
fill in for tomorrow that super until their own are highly ahead with goes well until that never been scratched are paid by
he had some lovely over very
well that’s the key cities party under the here
should be completely combination
been the supervisory and through
their now to be fairly dark as a
d this, in turn, are very similar
but this is that will be more
Browne so disappointed carried
character interest in the and
the other one is will be more rigidly filly in the sections
near it to the made just at the colours were bright and it’s been a time limit, and to see and hear looks to be
leaping in the Camas better
looking at such require it to
the other neither he nor me that
someo just knows white areas and a be here make sure the truth is flattened
is a Coppola sections and left
which are never go over with
white just add a little bit more
hi centennial be closer as an he’s becoming stock and although sports are
still quite mine or white just for some women being a
limit market for near and so they can get the serious coupled in these parts here and there is a welcome just looking at thing is to click weekend to some of the King he
can keep you restraint that his
conflicting doing it tick the in tick in the year in some parts and we’ve
deliberately might even under
some ensured I mean is it you should have fielding most
of the two C might still be
under season will white flecks
coming through which you can attend the they
can was really bad to have as a couple of white
stroke hill for the white scarf
still in there and chilly
welcome it we welcome another woman, over now with the
white yard continued using be
polychrome a slight because it’s quite hard and an alligator no splintered
lights so admitted there were
some sharp if I can and this will keep its point a
lot longer than the softer white
pencils his career over all those white areas planning of all the choose
your favourites are mainly in these
dark in these latter highlighted
earrings couples through the dark
interiors but not if you signing the a having
trouble getting the two flat don’t try to combat the me the
other colours because you
blending two match he would
never see that texture and see you something
like it, was blender I use the
countess for another slight
favourites in an external an end
it doe just another two to make it look
nice and smooth without compromising there, too
much or without losing too much
detail of the fifth of the donated by
chaplaincy the action, but the
inland serenity and here is not
quite that the phasing out the
be all in a of the drink and any Welker and a evidence in their my hand the
and it had been helping editor the
evening with the women more debt
families that were etc., can put
mortem pilot indiscriminate back in to the darkest areas and just
another bit more depth as we have reminded of slightly reduced and the been there would be all and if you want more daring John
Reid can use more of this, together limit more burgundy and
then more of the terracotta to make
it more red or orange looking mystery, over all of the black
winds to Chanel, and while they’re in trouble speaking in
doing today in the that are in trouble processing plants doing and speaking and saw good and whenever spent line and is
working capital soon make them
only way the that is expected regain your into a network other it more
terror, just in this hill here in the Lincoln to move, but more
worrying in those moments ischaemia bit more work than the up again he is and then getting used to work as is
only covers sentence want to see
this as the Karen – for blender can show you the packet
agreement students like maiden winner that the by-case they have an act of a few so very much but whenever I year to sea
and-a-vis the looks like all London right and what that
means it’s reason that severance unannounced on it never was any other type so
far minutes as bright and we’d anyway less than colours of oil and wax and when it does is also acted
as a projected premier over the
pencil so he doesn’t so much as
much with the blunder of the top known for years and limited it
to the zanne’s one of my most
favourite roles as my mostly
used to call for the cost and
net and I think it was like a
leaden dolla but this one I’m having an
extent that since I got there
and hasn’t broken so am I so much is left all of my Alex
although he other belinda’s
honest broker and so this
extender helps protect and
extend is holl and it protects at all links of
the blender or without breaking
so if you’re having trouble with
them breaking because they do
break a lot of men and that’s the way to go unemployed are everywhere there is still among its at-the English at the and the a four
week and Blackburn depends on
whatever fate to try again I had
my masses shafts and I could get
in for longer back to them can put
more time of at least inanimate
finish off the site as Dr.
Feeling because he’s really hard
to k so this piece of Harry’s car
coming down as Flickinger itself
background and some innovative
and can all over her shoulder silly when trying create images
showing in here ’cause he skills coming over all
this here and and we’re not there to be
live in the highlight just there for managing if we can say this
is gonna be a dark section here and, winding up and around again hissed following the direction of be
here rich and poor living, shadow still manage that sinister feeling and minds are starting their mrna flicked up near the bottom towards the middle is trying to stay in the same
direction had been here is going similar to have a gap and I know
how far ready to fill the other,
stirring of this by he would
have around them and come the side for the
darker side leader and bottomley and then
sent to spawn in the future of
the darker, giving occur there really really
doubt and flicking out from their to create a really nice
highlights part they and their and their and was just fill the scene with some time, it’s in the back and eagles welcome and heavy welcome at saint been enhanced in a
while welcome and Holly I a line from to tall
enough 1000 Kevin elephantine
outsiders Gottlieb a there was
like five allingham extenders
the a be Del an extent that happened
and two in and they actually hold a little
bit thicker so there will officers had on extender and this is a cheap one I got
from title winner from his son’s Americans are the
limits wider than this are funny
hats two picture was taken off USA he does have a little taller and had a haven’t they can explain
he does used it to grind out a small
section in the middle attack the
biggest pencils bend I don’t have many large much
pencils. Two bad the extra students completely
hollow third of has to put pencil in because
although into the bottom so if you’re putting a brave new
blender in their you’re only got
this much that some of honorable
than the rest is all protecte for a return to the backing of
the was a shadows of the all yeah get everywhere enemy is
only some of them in your hair is an online welcome pound and resolving a harsh and
welcome and kept so it was another
bitter highpoint their a somewhat reluctant younger,
hipper and and and which terrible of the missions pounds from that direction should concern us island of the
that piece of year there are no
we might just come back this way and dark on that senator faces,
wind UPS and a tune that section dark hair its maker, fainting down here in
the list is starting as a person
up the been piece of cake cutting down that direction and and the swung back up in that
direction to sender, in their you know them for those over an early
chat to last for months I have
been so quiet it tried to do with will receive an
ef-but against the galley if
energies are retiring and also having trouble with
really have to catch up on
tutorials and things for patrons
over been sent by Zeneca, began
touchin get busy with their owners and
managers lose track near this
the he is Connick earnings said
Anna flick doubt and there is an income down constriction of from here and there had been England’s
away and only just an that
cannot finish that part of near
the of also much more powerful than as a whole every
unwelcome alone makes wanting to the and the of the at the time of national
interpretive away festival at saint exciting and
rare for Leicester’s Robbie making these wasn’t living on
the us and go further into the
middle of the to the never read Richmond,
if the name of their so-caract
EC those already it could just
get out and the orange parts and
I he the extent do and say and some fancy lines in the to
sharpened pencil Internet when to try and keep them
shouting and less about white
Soviet fancies two the that a
path of an thinking maybe she’d many
freckles she’s got this already
contained in a I have not decided the can and then master newly action you have to have the move
two other niche and ranulf and or more, she and unless you
mean so this is our third, in the mix
of for six conservancy second to none the less amenable
for the new growth ahead down into
the second and far less daunting and sometimes even quicker than at each section you feel
like you’ve accomplished
something like another section of your you
need is completed of the report O’Connor writes her feeling a calories as one work, it’s
because when I finished an
immediate aftermath of
accomplish something which even at the older find it’s a lot
harder to achieve , and an express different to
that like it can be to in the college and I can’t think in the World Cup in time yearlong year Holly I don’t like the
dough is as much their right
fell off and the larger pencils bend to know
they just to them time to explain dearlove the car
that her father once I find them
hard to hold of New Mexico speculative to five of them it’s like eating sheep Ronnie
become free champagne by $2.00
or something for five pound senior director at roker manager and extend a
hand we cannot lacuna saw one
but then broke and the inside part this each
section here and the a sure thing but these
fell off actually broke off and
so was impressed with the either of not having down the of coming through the middle
sections to get some reason the
highlights of covering up for of the tooth and unnecessarily blamed the
colours together either want to
keep the strangeness and an necessary and an an address at the of the show-and since treated sharp at the of my flesh the limit more deliberately and
over those mining areas that
have a mixed and is flattening of some more
of the two so making sure we
never fancy white lines saints street and another one to of Atkinson a
well them at-but if I’m thinking about
doing heavily on the weekend
actually any and I was patron but am and have so many other images
and she’s getting hammered it into
enough of them is an overhead best and handling
becoming still which is now the post in the as
you did that external should be
gaining all your books into a nursing care for financial or
other books in the VIP images and Petrie and images- election, and contagion immediate jasmine
beckford so that want to daily soon actually very happy with that
understanding go directly with
Marseilles, as find out where
for the over the ssr might have been among just a few areas there were
still live in twos, does is
attackers are the colour limit two because
funnier than 2¢ per minute,
round off the I’ve just had gone
over the edge with mannerist of his the to be of use if in a white flesh than
just for women in a limit and prettier than using her skin
colours and the heroic have off
it and it may be complete more
drawn by might just too deep
enough just want to make it slightly darker and also
major, know all the Black Lines
as well noses and so there you have thirds and will be more
to requiring interesting to this highly a rear even enough, but the & within
the section achieve their senior I’ve just make sure it
civilian and looking exactly
like the other section and I feel I could do with them
a bit more of darkness down here to get adjusting the nuances good and happy to be afraid to go directly with
the darker colours are and some objects in think it
really does make depiction of their have really pretty
anything really see the colony
and to
Gets only did he get their act avenue
of those that can merely in Ireland’s so nice-and ended up living
giveaway at the end and these are the
giveaway will be 48 digital copy
of any medium your toys from
that although the sun and its
east or so had pop down and seeing her at still there at slash it’s
a because as Mayor and all the
barriers to an image is also a
funeral at a copy of this
immedia and aimed it at the ballet
dancer the issue number already
also if you have a look in the
description below the extent where there is any
share of saint say I’m just
starting Franklin will break two
hands and the people it anymore
continue unofficial small and I
think we might actually do
eyebrows next to because it’s
unlucky livin & yet so and Wendy is a giveaway
he and were also another had led the way it is
wanna show you a flight
throughout of jaws new book two and other
digital version apparently the
digital version is slightly
different to the physical copy
the compar so ultimately way roles and then
I’ll come back into the lonely
and then on to the put through
of the year newest book of hands and the there have been that’s
right make sure you might act as
a mother for those rules Iranian
embassy that the yourselves nom and anymore ~ for a tremendous
block of that -for the of the fifth of the have -fifth of the have-fifth of -fifth of they take their eyes are just
move my mind so might be
slightly pioneer the have there been so at before
the delay in we’re going in for
one in three image from John
Davidson’s edition up big number
o their numbers before the was
gonna go afterwards
trouble recounted N is a ladder the that the in the if it had made a that you are
online chat air not touch at a we’ll do then draw up from
rainham got all the engine is
the winning number which is
closest to their number without
going ove in the of those things were
going gets in Carl that it might see me
bumping debenture living more
possession sitting on my destiny
of a when yet to get eight by
him to ho as a similar in many of the Mediterranean. But it
does get an alder to me that nothing think it has are
one or something but during a
dawn data when he eyes and will
please state cannot , rainham double going to windward side everybody’s
ready say that she go on disconcerted
time at this time it had ever got was time so that the problem is leaving our butts and a ever see where the government until the of corporate taxes, said put more
to him violet timidly woman you think that
they would ensure that , and most of the Black Lines
with open your saints and all the expressly I think it is
would require winner boxing
eight as he does that the of the practical joker in years many sick and so the closest Mr.
Without going over the winning number an indoor that near so we had a up at three serving
a close is to 53 without going
over that number has had a look other is the only way to where
over a separate early hands and twin he seven and Sony sell their own spg three expo you’ve gone over the of the state’s the closest
per cent to eight without going
over the winning number so it’s
not wholly its Gandhi Julie I’m
p it’s always been like that but
has the of but it sorry Ali well-the he still leeward 27 that’s all I
had and so is the closest to the
number without going over it’s
at number below number 53 and its closest the air as if
you’re a but did really close to
where the over the of the only winner over today’s
centrally do you have minded
states that blocks the ABS still
Miss Tilley and I will cut out
my e-mail and Michelle by the shop flats
omission does wrote something
ellipsis put your name invasion
of its of the armed [email protected] address or
partly for the exist also go pat
your chosen by the media from a
store in and she wasn’t that you and make sure UE mail me eat
asap endearing and so a denies he is
up and I’ll show you any quick flick
through a or dawns newest book
and domestic the name of a because
it is completely left my brain by you’ll see that I once a banal crazy right here when we
find it odd 40 minute meetings and he had presenting their depleted
covering the gay this is the book a says end fainter C and shiny at the FA’s and and
entered the be all those other
physical version of it slightly
different to determine it was a
few it looking at the he didn’t
download I’m going to put that
on for union seeking have a look
and monitoring and is committed
Colo just a film about senator all
that is what do you have the of the have the have to have the of the of the weekend at their way through
twice and but for some reason it didn’t
realise that having a senior
thinking loans as for gonna
finish and then I realized that
time he was breed what’s so unless
the diesel version and best as I
know it be visible copies
different so and and has a few
extra and that’s 48 cnd so easy and is
likely to as well have been the your coughing and spluttering and that is the Amazon one so
awesome is the only for a I would you be met last
week in assimilating it was yet
to do a flip through surveyed it only a signing on another sections of here for home breaking it down a little
bit into show’s first and then he used a that and
looked down from their came from delicate in year end
or to a little bit more wit
operated he with this, so these
include put Morton violence over
the an I just need to turn it up
together really nice sir released on his head year really want creates a really
nice highlights and shadows on
top of the head so that line underneath this
section are here to live in the
coca the looks like this picture
coming over the top of that and an answer when coupled with
all those Black Lines weekend silt and then apply coming on
the system of directions so
there’s going to be other women
shadow just under whether he is
attached and then there’s gonna
be a favourable light and on this very edge here so figures to a smaller slicks for
a small section were never going
to Middle Eastern be slightly
uneven the slightly darker at the top
there are no matter has become a
after this section here to making these was a little bit
longer than we normally worked reason shortness image making those highlights
even the same direction of and here
for the of the of the lowering skies
of fair to say foot but they have
been applied here on the
sections so it is just one or
putting a couple of lines just a
few relea mystic won their condemn we’re going to put these lines,
bit further city we did smaller ones rights coming more tears at the
1000 or make slightly longer
near just it’s been a manger the areas if you are he goes quite long after the we’ve got this short
tour section before we get to
highlight the and to whom he worked there for
wintering keep that quiet might be at the front Sundays can do
some really liked was there used to work quite liked darker and the stoppage here are just going round trying to
work out weary shadows, way he’s
going to be considered moved then highlight
areas moved from the son of a
heady here minutes moved to the
side here are just done on the saint year for those sections positions,
and in the creating of in the
shadow so the gun happy with her that
looks over till it’s going Italy and some
more Sabatini in rent for of the there are things we enough for a
that we might just do this –
first service conflict remember this is lighter and
smaller because of this is our
highlight side but we still one of the undersea
you live in colour and shape so industry keep live in detail their parents can be allowed back here
from the edge of the face cater for have got finisher and again very lightly from the side King further longer on the side of the of the to recover or after welcome services the terror commerce and
is gonna come the limit further
near in the beta band over of light flash going into those areas of at least to swerving of the twos you live in want of every
careful with this man had been too much into those
highlights the danger to do is share is a
should say if she were is that
shows chisel, after their
daughter was put some more
whiteleys hig to slackening of their choosing
getting rid of that fuzzy look if you’ve got smoother paper it
may not need to do this as much
as he might not have much to us was using meaner and there would
probably need for this match
what have you ever think we need the
of the terracotta just through
the middle their career that had enough of the Dr. again without
a database of one of the history during the age distant who is to of weeks criticism pilot sites are women
tricky consider that an interest increase the debt on
the side in were not world where
she-living for example if it to
work there is the Indian ruined by-fifth history and development unknown to the best dust on that
basis in your home the of the words had a living
off, must work or four blender
to see and is working out to supper
feared a light in the sun so many years had as much they can begin if you’re using smoother
paid by the nothing to do this in love her and sharp end D Cooper this makes the colour if of for the UK Mr.-still so
little of that they can units could be bright and eager limit more have been
you have UK call from the of
living in reading and I designer with all the colours
again can feel it to limit two like
here and there are there wasn’t
enough of that rare into the small orange nearest wouldn’t read it back in
their someone in this, and this colour
match analysis the highlights is
can be a lot lighter than the same time it is needed a little bit
further away from to have if it
is employed Crows and there is a
palace in the description below
for e the Some women lie down the side meeting the highlight up here
further he’s hoping he’d finished ahead
today there may not remain at
the time we that 20 minutes questions
cameras followed so much today the thing is, would have started the feeling scared of time just
seems to disappear and you feel
like you’ve accomplished enough
think that the of the second day just disappears that was to be more often than
ever like Italy is an ascendant to set any
record again in the this month
so tougher paperwork above
worker to be all very to finalise book work and pay
wages until last of the but to
my company that-and- for the shadow this highlights
those kind of these in the middle of the sections of the of the event welcome to you as having bright with a
rosary of smoke which we the for the two Indian no
then he should Richmond and
finish fifth, signed still
because easier for me to flick in the direction of and also my history overestimate
picture of very a motion quite quickly near keeping a high level of respect
of both for the of December less large glove on
because I never thought it over
the meat and idleness London hotel, the of the I tend not to
over West London have to follow
in flash-service stop them for
the later on and do a living is being leaving the season using the terrified any such member each, the using useless
unless he’s coming over those highlight
sections if you strokes ring darker areas
consumer ensure that white women
to his career he covered up a mainly concentrating through
these middle sections of work and some interesting
pupils and their welcome I know such every colour isn’t
all sure that the man he is immediately, you
can imagine that black you want to hear
purple him at all been here between the year in the mid have had a great head of the in more often than not the of its
through the of the predator to in the be living model of a
about the that\ have more of – fifth pretty good excuse for not the from that star welcomed the as a case we’re nearly
finished river got 40 minutes 15
minutes of good over blemish on repay be
here cent of the line to be here super confront the issue of four blender leader whom he keeps hearing outsiders
to finish will already clash for Mr. As follows an daylight saving starts in a
couple weeks actually quite like that because
there are daylight saving starts
and I seem to be a lot closer to
everybody else which is reall mainly concentrating in these
highlights only a settling into a Mrs.
Copley and have a history today at missing today meridian coming to settle oh there is no other hasn’t come in
today Lausanne being part of the
Victorian colour was to see his
career he doing in the to restore a poster feeling this
morning for the first now off of beneath her for Glenda first
consider what effect missed in some of these
areas here dismissal and that you are lying
down least one wickets scratching the paper hearing is probably me that either one of the stick other things on top of
the, as a whole week in between
colouring and things get done, and said, we should file them away severely damaged but I think it
off you really do work, this is
really pretty make believe strangest
difference novel exactly the
same, and have been more than 4 hours
in she protein the the of the she is looking
cent so greening of in depth in the sections in the in betweens although breaks or splits in here there is the can put more to my letter
game for of of and also making sure that all
those Black Lines actually
covered with colour to the would
ever see those who want to get rid of them have much as I can really had it does have enjoyed this on
the they still need giving
thanks to John Davidson again and for
giving us this image for the man ensure that the giveaway prices -forcing the in-Furness be so
giving predominantly and many think colour require each to Wilton Park at
the invited to Monday night to find
enough satisfied with middlesbrough director of the fifth of auntie’s a beautiful isn’t enough E is touching are taking their
shining from a line of the
living seeking see the truth, it
is still little bit at the mercy
of mor complement of his career and the shadows first for some and in those areas and if near Waco it were a bit of a shadow
here and at further highlighted by
think we’ll do around here so fishermen here alone prospect of their think that’s good looks like
this all this he a here seems to
me, curving erupt in something near the skerne over the top of are
it is trying to work out where which sections lying where first week in the in-even those middle of these medicines can avoid 1/2 kill
here looks like it might be tucked up
under there somewhere so we
wanna make this section will be
darker to show that caving under and are just created by internal dark patch their second division
further here as well you can still see their
highlights car is a in the same
spot training get along beside his fear and show and you know it as a century and she
still hasn’t come round and women shocked as anyone
else-the to the main away after two worse yet I’m shocked you September the of
the nowhere is telling think
he’s a much for joining I hope
that some and you gonna learn
today people had something you only is something every time
I do worries, rooms are some of it added to memory
skills that was fun investor in their formidable been about skin and show us which are really
enjoyed by inertia that one patriot 2000 of
the patriots just headingley the speed at
year end and darker and he is so when I don’t shaving in the
starting areas are still using
winds to add texture couldn’t kill again here have sued next week within a worker
and a close and the background a
a short within into the
background is chairman of
overseas life and ensure we kicked or give ago when a medium train year stencilled pattern
background or something with
some and some parcels I know that
anything that okay last will section of hair down
here and there have been few
more minutes at ICC did he is an polychrome it is
well and are welcome this paper
deduce cassette makes a
difference, I was saying I think
him access to video release
their term when I used to the soft
immediate paper into to get as
Richard bright and vibrant
colours as I do using me say this, this cannot paper typically committed by
difference and also if you’re using a
convergence of could be exactly
the same uniquely to meet close match at the next we have our Indian
the end of the living quick enough master
below shows so remember to come back to one way towards the middle of
that order this in these cases
mother in alderley edge of its
position the highlights going
too some these areas are quite small
and they can be quite dark prisoner colours yes it’s only
slightly different prison
holidays have its funny I think the present
colours have a low really bright
vibrant colours and the them all
fashion colours I think there’s nicer Brown’s there’s a lot less of fashion
colours in third PolyGram most
fifth of for some reason they have times
have already indeed colleagues in the for-surely the offer of a Muslim calendar is have a lot
less in them but I notice that
there’s a lot of three months and were is as if he grins but
there is mainly brown green
three there as well alone there is no I don’t think
colours in several different set this is pretty much a range here
whereas prison colours got a
huge range of alighting some
purples and colours like that
and als a scheme kind of colours various
and you can see there’s a lot of
different colours for skin into prison so
prisoner colours slightly
different for for saint Helens for and I think that the police
have more natural colours
neutral colours of the entire Christians have those bright and
vibrant colours prevent the prisoners areas like
fast as polychrome us and that’s
probably why he they’ve got more of those bride and bridegroom
commons consumers might fast prisoners have changed so much
since I first started using the
money so else knows there are just
revel a series years the quality
of them has changed so much that I like using them both sets
of continued to of be given to
Gerald’s both throughout these , along with is a know, people
have be there are either or imagery you should see none of
the body Hanson and Tom the firemen during the war
breaks for PolyGram and saw
prison, and he eagerly awaiting jolly
experience new book to consider , along with that one up on Monday when been so close to finishing
disguise for China to take up too much
for the time, finishing both of
going into remission and the of black widows have got
some would comes to the of the think you can pretty much making
the workers, looking seconds
aimed at keeping it era for we could use the weapons and issue of if there
are some using the Venetian red
near to an end to recover considering a list middle
sections of the decade incurring of their contents of the natural that copy training this
week the billing died after last
week’s state haven’t decided the after dinner so that are coming in giving you some of those highlighting areas are hairy so Prix familiar liking this month so I sit on a Wednesday and it still practice sheet,
colour lots of different colour here to
fear which one would have the
best and using different from those as I don’t have to come up with
the ace of I still think they need to do a
blend with Morgan colored he
rather than offering to remind him and he meet with
that, him and he behalf said oh couple of early readers
over last week’s bed and people
wheel shocked -the of the firm no person I’ve done a drag and finance down at the corner and version of the year, and little fortune teller this week and some servers for her when she V should be as
an estate should be cynicism at least that was
blacklisted for the midwife in
just finishing off a few of
those areas too much of the can do things for them, this
truth to achieve the same direction of
the pencils going to win the
doing of the blender you were
smashed the colours in its much
the as individual as you possibly
can just have to the detail of the year figure finished our just mean a few things at the
end us cannot move hope of
unearthing the growth of seeking Soviet and down the reporter seeing more of your
beer for a image as I’ve seen
him so far there looking
wonderful make sure that if you do colored
he means that he pop over to the groups have done Davidson’s
Group includes dinner as well so that people can see also
letter making advertised always
the media will be more of of things you very much lovely
people at took her for the of
the issue of the watercolour
landed income at quite like the
one infec and some will be next week unicorn so was the same time
next week for the next and section of this beautiful image
don’t forget, visit me tomorrow
for the the Victorian colour
from the there have he and I
will b approximately 2 hours from now
so whenever time is vor the Uni
and 2 hours to had better now we
like to marry again and then the on Monday of the
finishing off the colour is on so I’m pretty sure with images of
heavily in the him down thinking
of leaving others are either appeared before withdrawing , Ingersoll for have so I’ll see you tomorrow at
NRC next week for the last
install awarded the background
able to hacked off as well as or
conc since finishing off with the to
recover any limit of reading their
orange and she’d say and then went down to own the land-take the line of
that defeat light shining on the
middle, managers and from of poster we days a thing of all
adding don’t forget to subscribe
include the more likely than N’s sensing that his behaviour

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