People Tell A Pastor Why They Don’t Believe In God

People Tell A Pastor Why They Don’t Believe In God

I don’t personally believe right but it’s like that doesn’t mean that we can’t live the same way hey there i’m erica Campbell I’m a singer a songwriter I’m a mom a wife and all-around cool chick so today I’m sitting down with people from different ends of the faith spectrum just gonna have a healthy conversation can’t wait to get into it I’m really excited my name is Josh and I am a former Christian hi I’m Emily and I identify as an atheist my name is Nina and I identify as agnostic I was raised in a very strict Mormon household I was the very first one in my family to leave the church I have been happy non-believer ever since I guess technically I was raised in the Catholic faith kind of by default we went to church sometimes on Christmas usually like weddings or funerals something like that I grew up lightly Hindu we’re like cults really Hindu but I kind of came to the conclusion that like whether or not there is a God or there isn’t a god like it has no bearing on like how I live my life I don’t think she’ll be able to in any way convert me suddenly back I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous like I hope I don’t say anything to offend her hey hey there I’m Josh I’m Erica I’m Emily Erica nice to meet you to meet you too nice to meet you Vanina yes I mean nice to meet you so I’m a Christian how would you identify atheist yes non-believer so do you believe that like there’s there’s no bad or there’s something out there and you don’t know what it did nothing nothing I identify as Nate yes if like agnosticism and atheism it’s like a spectrum I’m like somewhere in it I think that when we die it’s lights out and that’s the blissful end to all of it emily is so let me ask you a question what do you believe exists beyond the universe like the area where our minds kind of exist not the human not the tangible I don’t think that that exists either you don’t I don’t I think that everything that exists is what exists right here right now in this moment in your body I was raised in the Catholic community I just remember the first thing we talked about was Adam and Eve I just remember being like that’s just like a little story it culturally were him though personally for me it felt like a lot of these a lot of the stories of it or they’re just like stories there’s a lot of like believable with multiple arms and like angels are blue I don’t which is like not real so I was raised Mormon my mom helped run the Relief Society my dad was a bishop for a long time grandpa was a bishop I was the very first member of my family to walk away from it all and it was not well at first I grew up similar to you but mine was a Pentecostal church called the Church of God in Christ and my father was a preacher my mom was over the choir but there was a lot of things that didn’t always make sense to me like why we were so poor everything supposed to work out right you know but the same way I wouldn’t doubt love because people have gotten love and that’s kind of how I feel about God and I think it’s very reassuring to me that after this is over there’s something greater so most people who don’t believe there was some you know traumatic Church experience or some long line of this doesn’t make sense this doesn’t make sense okay y’all don’t make sense so maybe he doesn’t make sense I do find fault with what Catholicism in general if we’re not really like practicing so we weren’t like praying or like studying or anything and so I just kind of like fell away from that as like as a religion I got kicked out of Sunday school because I was arguing with the teacher about the age of the earth in six days 6,000 years and like but dinosaurs I grew up in a church where secular music was a saying everybody’s the devil you know you can’t interact you know it’s gonna infiltrate you and my mom her favorite saying growing up was that the devil gets to in little ways yes like the first time I wanted a mohawk at nine years old she was like devil gets to you through your hair yeah I got really lucky and I have like great parents and you know they’re like you know be kind be a good person like help each other out so I feel like my moral compass is good I hope so I’m working on it the core of Mormon belief is the Holy Bible the King James Version specifically every time I read something what I saw was a twist for human game and all the same stories and had I had the very same questions um and what I feel like you know what I know the Bible is it is all an example of how crazy and chaotic our world is if you believed in God what would that look like to you I feel like if there was a God I think it would be something that kind of unimaginable that I couldn’t like processes they came would be do you believe in life after you know I I don’t know before I was like I don’t know maybe like roll energy like what happened the summer that like nobody knows and that’s the crazy thing right and but very recently actually my twin brother passed away this summer and so I’ve been thank you but I’ve been you know like searching for him and I’ve been like trying to be kind of like open like if you know if it is like a thing like please freaking talk to me you know what I mean like I just I haven’t I haven’t felt it never felt him I haven’t seen him yeah and so that kind of for me was like okay like he’s just yeah he’s just dead and that’s you know something that I’m just kind of like okay like I’m just I’m just never gonna see him again he’s still you know with me every day and I think about him every single day but it’s like I just you know I was I was open for it I I still am what if something were to happen or whatever but like you know me thinking about him every day and remembering him and everything that I do it’s like I feel like that for me is like enough you know every time I look at any form of organized religion the only thing I see is division more wars have been fought over religion than anything else yeah whereas when I look at a world with no religion you suddenly everyone has to own up to just what they are and who they are they can no longer hide behind say well I I won’t bake a cake for these gay couple because my religion says that I don’t have to you can’t hide behind that there’s always gonna be conflict in religion because religion is man-made and all you see these movies in always a devil on one shoulder in it I really think that’s real I think there’s always a battle for the best of us and the worst of us if there was one question of God that you can ask if you believed in God what would you ask that’s a really hard thing is about you and that’s what I does you what makes you happy why I’m feel so small and like the concept of a god it feels so big like I said yeah and I feel so small and it seems impossible to me that anything that oversees like our whole world or a whole universe would have time for me I think that there’s still a lot of questions there you know them from what you’ve said still a lot of questions and I think that’s the best way to be like I’m always asked why the wise are the wise why do I feel this way why don’t I believe could I believe again right you know what could cause me to believe again because clearly there’s something that caused me not to believe if I told you that I would pray for you what would you ask me to pray for that’s a great question probably not for me but for like my family I think yeah yeah just for them to be like well and good and happy yeah from my perspective everything you said you can do without any religion and it’s completely freeing for me the most free I ever felt was the day I walked away and said I don’t have to believe in any of this stuff anymore cuz to me God religion all of it it’s completely superfluous to human existence you don’t need it you can live a happy productive good charitable life without it I believe in you know if there’s a good there has to be a bad you know we can’t always explain some of the complexities and craziness of this world but I think God brings gravity to it all to the question I love hearing what you have to say I don’t think I necessarily agree with all of it I believe that God knows you he knows your name he knows how many hairs on your head beautiful hair by the way that’s a purchase mind nevertheless I think he knows everything about you and what’s to get wants to know more this has been such a great conversation and there’s such a warm like I feel really like comfortable here yeah it just this has been really great something amazing talking about right talking to you Emily I will be praying for you thank you absolutely so much [Music]

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  1. Religion sets rules.
    Jesus sets free!!!
    The only way to get to heaven is truth jesus, is not what I believe or what you believe is what the Bible says…

  2. As a Muslim my religion told me to not judge poeple or try to pressure them to Islam and u cant hate them for a different religion i love my religion I repect everybody only the poeple who do drugs i don't harm them I try to help them to stop cus its wrong ts bad

  3. There are many religious people that are like that woman. Kind and accepting. You just don’t hear about them because the media doesn’t find that interesting enough to report on. They like to show you the demons of religion. This is the same way they only show you the bad of each group, race, religion, political affiliation, sexual orientation and on and on.

  4. I belive in God with my whole heart! But….. I agree WE DO NOT NEED RELIGION! Throw it away, burn it! What we need is a REAL relationship with God!!

  5. I’m atheist but even if god did exist I don’t think I’d want anything to do with him tbh :/ it seems extremely narcissistic and malicious to send people to hell to suffer for eternity because they didn’t worship you. That is a bit much honestly, so the god in the Bible really just seems like a drama queen who wants the attention of everyone. How does a god expect me to believe in him when the only “proof” is a man made book,and when I need more proof than that to believe anything, get sent to hell. And also god is believed to be homophobic in many translations of the Bible so all I have to say to this supposed god if he is real and as depicted in biblical teachings, is “ok boomer” 🤷🏼‍♀️ also I love everyone so if you are religious I’m personally fine with you, this is just my opinion 🙂 I respect your beliefs as long as you don’t put anyone lower than you because of religious beliefs

  6. I dont care what anyone believes in as long as you dont encourage war. We all have a different name for our religion but we have the same faith and hope. If we wouldnt focus so much on guns, war, and oil the human race would have the flying cars that we been waiting for since the 80s

  7. Would’ve watched this if it was’t buzzfeed.
    What a Bunch of scared leftists. They’re are comfortable saying this to a paster but try an Imam or a Rabbi.

  8. Lemme ask the atheist there a question: if u saw a sandwich lying on the table what would come to ur mind first? that someone made it right? so its is the same thing with this world. u see this world and its not possible that no one made it obviously there is a creator which is god!

  9. I am a believer in Christ no doubt… but some things in Christianity I just don’t agree with. Sometimes things just don’t make sense.

  10. For me not to believe in God
    Children get raped.
    Innocent people suffering for no valid reason
    Power lies in the hand of bad and vicious beings.
    There's hypocrisy and bias everywhere.
    God doesn't really bother even if I would be brutally killed of murdered. Or for that matter anyone

  11. Anyone, aside from a cartoon character, with a moustache like that should be slapped. On the positive side, at least he found the truth that there is no god.

  12. Josh brought up Hitchen's wager. While many atrocities can only be achieved through religion, it's far more difficult tona me one decent thing that can be achieved only through religion.

  13. This was cool to listen to. Would have been great to get the entire interview. I love when people of different beliefs can get together and have mutually respectful conversation.

  14. I was raised atheist, which I guess is less common than I thought, but I would be really interested to see that up-bringing represented something like this or some other representation of the bare-bones scientific-fact way of thinking that I was raised by, rather than someone having some sort of traumatic experience that pushed them away from the church.

  15. To be honest, I feel more comfort in people being nice because they want people to feel good. Not because they don’t want to go to hell or that they want to please their god. It would feel comforting people being kind and truthful to people because they’re being themself. I appreciate people who don’t feel the need to be someone they’re not for someone else. However it’s really nice to see someone not arguing with an atheist so aggressively, that’s really awesome.

  16. Its one thing not to believe in God, its another not to believe he exists. The evidence of God's existence is overwhelming. Creation and Conscious are evidences that God exists. There's a lot more evidence available. You just need to look to the Bible to know what to look for, that aligns with the word of God.

  17. It’s honestly really sad seeing all these people still believe in something so pathetic , I’ve realized we as humans need an answer for everything , so we make up our own answers , even if it’s as crazy as making up a so called “God” who watches us from above and blah blah blah, I would just like to say , it’s okay if you don’t have the answer to why we exist and how the universe was created , that’s why we keep learning new things and we evolve , but hey , if you want to make your own believes to satisfy yourself then I guess be it.

  18. Atheists : “God doesn’t exist the bible is bs“
    Atheists : celebrates Christmas
    Hang on a minute whaaat🤔🤣. Hypocrisy🥱👌

  19. The guy is very smart. I think his opinions are all very educated and not just opinionated ramblings. The pastor is also cool. Unfortunately, I’ve never met one in real life like that. The ones I’ve met are religiously crazy opinionated and a little mentally ill, imo.

  20. I honestly think for some atheist, agnostic, humanists etc, that it has to do with religious and family trauma. It's very common to see a correlation between the two and I kind of feel bad for them.

  21. Going through eternity playing "a good God" without any way that anyone could make you accountable for the atrocities that you make to humanity is something that only the creator of evil could pull off. Let that sink in.

  22. The word is that we should 'accept others', but atheism is a result of the misunderstanding of Christianity and the way their perceptions of it growing up were twisted due to a 'forceful' environment surrounding Christianity. We need to act to bring these people back into Jesus' light. Social issues seen today would be solved if society acted and walked in God's Will through choice. The true meaning of Christianity is more often than not forgotten due to ignorant focus on the Bible in many communities. The wrongdoings of those in power in the Catholic Church also stains the stereotype of Christianity. 3:50 this is classic example of the ignorance which is all too common in Church communities – his mother and the community at their church caused him to stray from the idea of believing in God at all.

  23. WARNING!!! I'm gonna go on a rant. This is beautiful. If we can all just accept each other like this then we wouldn't have to be scared of society. A lot of people cannot accept change, and so they fix it by trying to change others. But this is not true. You have to change yourself in order to see the change in others. Be the change you want and that will be reflected. Sorry for wasting your time on this. I really liked this video.

  24. I personally I'd here to no religion but I do believe there is a God but I also accept the fact there may not be a god I feel like the believe in God and itself isn't a bad thing it's one that idea of a creator of things is corrupted by human perception and I feel like like the girl said in the video God is such a huge thing I think God is sort of like a sun in a way you can't look directly at it you don't really understand it is the center of the universe you can't live without it but I can probably kill you and we all resent the sun on those hot days that's my personal belief

  25. She didn't even get to say the gosp l to these peopl. If you do not repent for your sins and Jesus as your Lord and Savior you will burn. But your still alive and have a chance to turn it around. Not everyone is going to heaven.

  26. nobody knows god..but there is something, there is never nothing and without something we would never exist…religion is nice but its not the answer…

  27. My father was to stray away from the Mormon community, although he still thinks something is in the end, so I strayed completely away and became Atheist, but now I’m straying toward Islam

  28. It’s so funny that people believe the Bible is just a storie. We have a beginning, and an ending. As an Atheist, what is the purpose of your existence, why are you hear? Who created you? Where does life begin? What are you too do in your life? Where does wisdom come from? Everything in this earth has a source nothing on this earth is by chance. There is a purpose and as an atheist you’re saying you don’t have a reason to exist there is nothing after you existence. All of the laws and holidays instruction come from either pagan or biblical religion. The way that the world is today didn’t come from nothing, there was a beginning.

  29. 1 Timothy 3:2
    Now the overseer is to be above reproach, faithful to HIS WIFE, temperate, self-controlled, respectable, hospitable, able to teach,

    Nowhere in the Bible does, it state that a Woman can be a Pastor, it actually says that they are NOT to be Pastors.

  30. This is what Christianity should be, it should be approaching someone with kindness instead of hatred. The major thing that Christians all around get wrong is that we’re called to love not hate. I feel that most people leave the Christian faith because of the way people in the faith treat others and the one bad experience that a Christian causes completely ruins there insight on Christianity. So I encourage all Christians to be more loving and to be more understanding. I also encourage non believers to think a little different and be more open minded. I also want to apologize for any non believers that have been persecuted by unloving Christians.

  31. My boss is Atheist and im Muslim but we are like brothers and best friends. Because first we are humans and then comes religions.

  32. Athiests should read/watch "The Case for Christ". An athiest sets out to disprove Christ, through all known means; he is a pastor now. He proved Christ to himself. It's amazing.

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