PE LIVE! – ProJared Controversy | Nintendo E3 2019 | State of Play + Q&A!

PE LIVE! – ProJared Controversy | Nintendo E3 2019 | State of Play + Q&A!

Okay once if everyone okay here turn down the
music just a bit what’s up everyone how’s everybody doing today welcome to
the stream I know a lot of you guys are throwing around stuff in terms of these
allegations you know and some of this stuff that’s been going on so we’re not
even really gonna waste too much time mods just make note of what I’m saying
if somebody comes and says what happens with projared
going and give them a basic summary of what I’m about to say you know and stuff
like that so mods you guys know guys please try please try guys to refrain
from using type of the type of language that some of you guys have already been
using like in terms of stuff like just just try to refrain from doing that what
we’re trying to do here is this listen Pro Jared is a very popular me explain
who Pro Jared is first for those who don’t know so shout outs to everybody
here we’ll get into the normal PE live don’t worry we’ll get into shout outs
I’ll say hi to everybody here but I wanted to get into this because
obviously this is a pretty big deal right this conference controversy with
Pro Jared so let’s go ahead let’s get into who Pro Jared is first I’ll get
into my own I guess history with Pro Jared I don’t have anything I don’t know
him personally but um he’s someone that literally gave me ideas to think oh what
am I going to do for player essence he’s someone that I’ve been watching on the
internet for over a decade hard news PE news switch news the reason why I
started the channel in the first place was doing reviews and doing and doing
like news and Pro Jared his hard news segment on screwattack was like the
first of its kind back in the day you know 2008 2009 2010 whatever the case
was or even a little bit before that so to
hear this controversy and to see somebody that I’ve been watching for
this many years be embroiled in this it’s it’s saddening it makes me upset
you know and at the same time like I felt compelled to like I gotta say
something I don’t know like I said I’ve watched Jared’s videos I’ve promoted
them on my old website back on player essence I’m pretty sure I’ve put his
videos down before so I don’t know I just felt compelled to say something
about this we’ve had other youtuber controversies before and usually I don’t
touch too many of them but this one I felt
compelled just because like I said I’ve been watching pro Jarrod for years I’m
subscribed to him on Twitch as well and I don’t know if I’m gonna be renewing my
subscription after the recent stuff here but I mean this is just it’s very
saddening that you know you don’t really know these people right you could talk
about whoever but you don’t really know these people
Ethan drawers with the $2 donation yeah so so yeah thank you so much Ethan I
appreciate the too-tall donation it says pro jared is over a party I hope you’re
having a good day I am having a good day well I mean this pro jared stuff hit me
last night it started unfolding and it just got worse and worse and worse so
pro jared is a popular well he had a million subscribers he doesn’t have a
million subscribers anymore but he had over 1 million subscribers on his Bank
Channel and then he had I think well over 300,000 subscribers on his Pro
Jared plays channel he’s also on twitch he gets hundreds of viewers each time
that he streams on twitch and I’m pretty sure he has a good amount of which
subscribers as well um so yeah he’s a popular figure within the entertainment
youtuber he’s made videos with game grumps he’s made videos with normal
boots he’s made videos with peanut butter gamer he’s made videos with a lot
of other popular you know youtubers out there so a lot of people know who he is
maksoon Pro Gerardus but he originated from screw attack with you know you guys
number screwattack right now that’s called it’s kind of like called
spiritual successor was called game attack with Craig and all that and
anyway he was pretty much the originator really him of daily gaming news shows
without screwattack and without Pro Jared I doubt you’d see spawn wave and
you’d see player essence PE news and you’d see prime news or you’d see all
these guys doing even like the daily fix i James daily fix and all these daily
news shows I highly doubt you would have seen that
without Pro Jared and without ScrewAttack because he’s the first
person that I can think of that actually did that so it’s significant in that way
a lot people don’t remember that but yeah he pretty him and ScrewAttack
pretty much originated daily news shows even like the hey J news is very similar
to what Pro Jared did you know you have the ko and then like you gotta have some
camera angles you thrown a little witty joke here and there so many many many
people learn from Pro Jared in order to base news
or anything like that like does he they made it popular they made it super
popular before it was just like oh I’m gonna play this game or it was like oh
well here’s this bit of news you know or was like I’m kinda like some type of
weird old podcast format it wasn’t like how like a news show you know where you
go from topic to topic it wasn’t like that and pro Jarrod originated that
along with ScrewAttack you know so that’s the reason why this is
significant right and we everybody kind of knows anybody who does news at this
point that’s where it got popular was from school pro Jarrod and screwattack
so um it’s very unfortunate you know he’s moved on from screw attack
obviously he started doing his own thing he’s been a very successful right and he
was met and so let’s get into the actual controversy here guys okay
so pro Jarrod was married to a fellow I mean I’m say fairly popular not a
youtuber but she was or she is a cost cosplay cosplay she does like Nintendo
cosplay she’s very talented her name’s Heidi and she’s very talented and he was
married to her okay and the problem now though is that pro Jarrod cheated on his
wife and you know that’s his wife cheated on his wife with another popular
content creator I think her name is commander Holly commander Holly who was
married to Ross who was on who used to be on the game grumps so another popular
content creators so we have a love quad factor or whatever the case is here and
now Ross and Commander Holly are divorced
but while all of this was going on projared was cheating on his wife Heidi
with Commander Holly okay and not only was he cheating on her with Commander
Holly projared was also using tumblr or using like snapchat to send explicit
videos or sorry pictures of himself to allegedly minors and also female fans
young female fans female fans in general sending pictures and yes sending like
you know more than just the body sending more you guys know what I’m saying is as
in like you can go out there and see it I’m not
gonna say because I don’t want to get demonetised
but like yeah actually sending you know what down there you know what I’m saying
so there are quite a number of pictures out there the reason why I say allegedly
is because the thing about it is that I have not been able to verify anybody can
say what age they want to say I don’t know some of these people from what I’ve
been able to see there’s a lot of people are saying that they were like seventeen
turning eighteen you know depending on what state you live in you know what I’m
saying the definition of consent and minor is
different okay so like in certain states here in the US like if you’re in Alabama
it’s like 16 years old whereas if you’re somewhere else it might be 18 whereas if
you’re somewhere else it might be 17 so that’s the reason why I mean people are
saying minors this minors that or you know and which yes I get that but it’s
different in different states you know what I’m saying the age is different so
that’s the reason why I’m saying okay well yeah what we’ve seen all I’ve been
able to see is this one girl that said she was 18
okay and everyone says that yeah she’s 18 now there’s other people that are
saying that yes there’s girls that are sixteen or seventeen or anything but I
don’t know all the local laws of consent and things like that so that’s the
reason why I’m saying okay well you know this is bad but it is different in
different places so there you go not trying to defend that just letting you
guys know but it’s still alleged like it’s still
I guess he hasn’t been found of any crime yet but the evidence is definitely
out there and it does not look good it definitely does not look good
so yeah it’s allegedly for right now it’s always because I can’t
independently verify how old the girls are you know I can’t verify how old they
are and I can’t and I mean if they’re sending pictures and if it’s an age of
consent then it’s a age of consent you know if it’s 16 and that’s the legal
age and wherever they were from because I don’t know where these girls are from
I don’t know where they’re from so if it’s like Alabama or whatever or certain
stuff certain places and she’s 16 and she’s sending them pictures back that’s
age of consent whatever you know what I’m saying like she said it but she said
to him he said get back blah blah blah whatever you know what I’m saying but I
don’t I don’t know I can’t verify everything and where these girls live
you know and I’m not trying to do that I’m just trying to give you guys
the information that’s out there you know and pilot try to put it as you know
in the middle as I will not in the middle obviously there’s a problem here
obviously I disagree with his methods even if they’re 18 years old you know
jared is 33 I think 30 32 33 so that’s the biggest problem that we’re having
here I think that that’s not appropriate behavior regardless of the age
regardless you’re never going to see me start up tumblers and snapchats
to send pictures of myself to you guys so to two young women on the Internet
that’s just not gonna happen it’s a bad idea it’s not a good idea you know what
I’m saying that’s it and it’s I think that it’s morally wrong however I don’t
know if there’s anything right now that we can say in terms of like legally but
morally it’s incorrect as a youtuber as a popular youtuber to be doing stuff
like that and on top of that like sad sushi says here he’s married this is
he’s married but on top of being married the thing that’s the worst part the
pictures aren’t the worst part in my opinion the pictures aren’t the worst
part the worst part is that he cheated on his wife you know and then on top of
that he he mentally abused his wife in terms of things tried to blame it on her
based on what Heidi’s sane and based on what Pro Jared is saying projared isn’t
saying anything or isn’t giving any real details he put out this blanket horrible
statement you know that really just kind of shows that yeah what Heidi’s saying
is correct um so Heidi has been Heidi’s been
talking his ex why we’ll assume to be ex-wife has been talking she’s moved out
of the house and she’s saying that mentally and emotionally she’s been
abused by Jared she’s all that Jared was always trying to blame her for the
problems in the relationship whenever she found out about some of these things
Jared would say oh well you know like I’m going to make things better or
whatever the case is so she felt that she tried as hard as possible to save
their marriage but I think that’s the biggest thing because
when you and the thing is you might be asking well Oh Jay why is it your
concern what do you matter or what does it
matter to you why are you talking about this and the thing about this guys is
this when you spend your money on somebody when you invest time and money
I mean nobody wants to invest their money into a dirt bag right or into
somebody who commits adultery into somebody that is not a genuine person if
somebody’s a dirt bag I want to know before I invest my money into them that
they’re a dirt bag before I give them ad revenue through videos that they’re a
dirt bag I don’t want to support people who do things that go against what I
believe just like not trying to compare them to a race this or anything but just
like if you find out that somebody’s racist you probably don’t want to
support them or you might want to support them if you believe in the same
things right so it’s the same thing here I don’t want to support somebody who
does adultery I don’t want to support somebody who is mentally abusive to
those that they are supposed to love to like I don’t believe in that type of
stuff so that’s the reason why I’m kind of talking about it because this is
somebody like I said I’ve been I’ve donated I’ve subbed to him on Twitch
I’ve watched videos and now that I feel that all this has come out I feel that
all the like the persona that he put out was fake when doctor disrespect cheated
on his wife Pro Jarrod was on twitch cent making jokes and saying doctor
disrespect your wife and he had quite he had quite a bit to say yet now we found
out that he’s a hypocrite because he’s also cheating on his wife as well when
he was making fun of doctor disrespect or kind of calling out doctor disrespect
for cheating on his wife now he’s doing the same thing not only is that
hypocritical but also I don’t want to invest my money to somebody like that I
feel somewhat like ashamed that okay although this is the type of person that
I’m supporting when he’s doing this to people so that’s the reason why in my
opinion at least it’s okay for me to talk about it right um usually I don’t
talk about controversies that don’t affect me if I don’t watch somebody or
if I don’t invest money into somebody then I usually okay whatever but if it’s
somebody that I worked with or somebody that I’ve invested into even if it’s
just like a twitch prime sub or something that’s still something and I
feel the need that if I want to say something I’ll say something but once
again PE news was because of hard news you know so and one of the big reasons
why I even started this channel was Pro Jared and what he did so it’s just crazy
it’s just crazy so that’s my thoughts on it guys I think that’s the actual full
thing here I feel that um Pro Jared he’s losing subscribers at a rapid pace this
is not good he might have fan host his own career I’ll be honest
can he come back from this absolutely you know why Pro Jared can come back
from this because Pro Jared is a very talented
content creator so can he come back from this yes but he needs to do some he
needs to do these things so a pro judge probably not gonna watch this but
projared if you’re watching this is what you need to do my boy one you need to
apologize ASAP to Heidi ASAP you need to apologize
to her too you need to come out and make a video apologizing as well 3 you need
to seek some help when it comes to it and make that public as well okay you do
all of those things and then continue creating content like you create content
you be humble about it and apologize and stop running from the truth because
that’s what he’s doing is running from the truth and he can come back from this
but he’s got to do those things if he doesn’t do these things he’s committing
career suicide right now and he needs to apologize because basically at the end
of the day at the end of the day I don’t think he’s gonna be found legally liable
for like the the pics that he sent out the pics that he sent out to whatever
the the the whatever the girls are I don’t think anybody’s gonna really but
nobody’s gonna spend the money when it comes to like lawyer fees to take him to
court or anything like that or I mean they have the OP like I said I’m not
sure what the laws are or where they are or anything like that
cuz I don’t know but I don’t think any of them are gonna you know do that he
needs though and he has not broken any Terms of Service when it comes to twitch
or when it comes to YouTube he’s broken no Terms of Service at this point from
what I understand now I think that there could be something if one of those girls
if there if the age of consent was not that and he’s sending them first
pictures and all that and they go to YouTube there can be some trouble
financially for his channel outside of everybody unsubscribing there can be
some stuff financially for that but about legally I think I think legally
everything’s gonna be from maybe okay for him so that’s the thing that he
needs to do he needs to apologize ASAP I mean and it needs to be a sincere
apology you messed up dude like plain and simple you messed up I
mean and look I’m even gonna compare to myself although this isn’t very
comparable but I’m gonna compare remember after the whole remember half
the after the whole Nintendo e3 or not sorry Nintendo’s switch stuff how many
times did I apologize I know a lot of you guys probably weren’t around but how
many times that I apologize for this you know what I’m saying for for what had
happened and you guys right alright cool you guys are already apologized
welcome back you know what I’m saying so he needs to he needs to apologize he
needs to apologize so so yeah yeah he did block is uh I know it’s way
different I know it’s way different but I’m telling you guys this like it’s a
whole lot different but at the same time a lot of people were crazy about it you
know how people get about video games right like angry mob mentality I’m just
saying I’m just saying he can come back from this but he needs to apologize he
needs he needs to Paul he needs to apologize and he needs to he needs to
let Heidi know that he’s gonna get help you know so alright guys I’m gonna take
questions Thank You Ethan drawers for the for the $2 donation I’m gonna put
you in up you are the top stream ninja and also set out student in tax with the
twitch prime thank you so much solve Pyrrha burns within you thank you to
everybody who’s watching I do appreciate all of you guys being here if you guys
have questions on this or if you guys have thoughts I’ll be more than happy to
take questions tag me at player essence or hash tag player essence that I’ll be
more than happy to answer answer questions for you guys
as long as they’re not disrespectful and I’ll answer them let me let me go ahead
and get Ethan’s name up here on the stream top stream board here alright
okay alright so let’s see make sure you tag me at player essence guys tag my
names so I can see there’s 300 something people
you don’t tag me I’m not gonna see your comment um quick question was any of
this stuff proven I don’t believe in passing any kind of judgment until I
have all the facts yes this stuff was proven yes yes the stuff was proven
there were women with actual pictures where they showed the picture that you
couldn’t have photoshopped where they showed the picture of stuff that was
sent to him or that he that Pro Jared sent to these girls there and on top of
that Heidi does say that she has evidence explicit pictures and stuff
where she actually described how commander Hawley who is the the woman
who projared cheated on his wife with how she looked in those explicit
pictures and text messages that were sent to Jared so she says that she has
proved however posting those pictures could be a problem if suppose the
pictures could be a problem and can get her illegally in trouble so she can’t
post them she cannot post them but she did explore she did say she said she
said that you look so uncomfortable and insecure in the pictures that you sent
to my husband the news so you wouldn’t describe it that way unless you had
proof unless you had proof there’s no way you’d say that so she has proof of
pictures that that that girl commander all he’s sent to Pro Jared you know her
ex-husband or soon-to-be ex-husband so yes there is proof of that
there is also proof that I can verify of one girl while not verified but the
proof of the girl what she said that she was 18 years old and that the picture
was sent and the picture was sent to her of pro Jared’s you know what and she
scribbled she like edited she like did a really horrible job of like editing out
the picture but yes it was it’s there it’s out there on the Internet guys it’s
out there there’s no way that you could have photoshopped it it’s it’s
impossible to Photoshop that many images from these girls holding it up on their
cellphone it’s the quality sucks you can tell that there wasn’t any clipping or
edging around it was a picture that was sent to their phone if somebody
photoshopped all these pictures that man you they’ve got
these women are the best Photoshop artists and ever and they should be
doing graphic design for a living because that would be very tough
Photoshop is easy to see you guys ever seen like Kim Kardashian or whatever or
you know a Khloe when they Photoshop something or when they Photoshop like
the muscles on guys where they add like all these extra stuff on like the Men’s
Health magazine you can clearly tell it they’re Photoshop there’s no way these
were photoshop they were too pale and pasty and normal-looking for them to be
photoshopped in any type of way I didn’t see and I’m an editor myself I didn’t
see it cheap pianist with a three dollar donation now becoming the top stream
ninja and says can we get a pro Jarrod roast though how how yeah you’re getting
getting a bad chick five star cosplayer yeah Coast play or cosplay cost my waifu
i like heidi while he has the audacity that looked like a literal earthworm I’m
enjoying this like fine one yeah um you know I whoa you know Heidi’s not my type
but for people yes she’s not ugly I’ll tell you that right now I’ll tell you
that right now she’s not ugly I think she’s like I said she’s not my type
I’m more of the twin tel style but I mean she’s definitely not ugly she’s
definitely not ugly by any means and yeah she looks great in the cosplay so
absolutely the fact that he would cheat on her with I mean you know with
commander Holly I’m not trying to be mean but I mean like I I would
personally believe that commander Holly maybe doesn’t look quite as good as as
Heidi his wife but there was probably other things going on I’m not really
sure I’m not in that relationship man so I mean I don’t know but um but yeah um
but yeah I was going to get your name up here thank you so much tea pianist for
the $3 donation man I appreciate that that that does make you the top stream
ninja and thank you for using stream labs as well thank you for using stream
lamps I appreciate that it really does help out let’s see here vc says projared
is the perfect example of throwing away a diamond for a bunch of rocks and
underaged of pebbles yeah yeah unfortunately let’s see oh you take are
you taking random questions it we’re taking questions on this whole Pro
Jared stuff so charity if you have questions on this whole Pro Jared stuff
I’ll be more than happy to answer there’s a lot of people in here so let
me catch up on questions guys an apology would be great for his ex-wife but to be
honest he isn’t sorry he would just be sorry that he got caught well he’d have
to prove that he’s sorry by like going to therapy and all that stuff like that
you know part misses I can’t stand when people cheat on their spouses on their
spouse it is horrible and no spouse should have to deal with that yet it’s
pretty bad quick question was any of this stuff
okay I already read that yo what’s up time in the Creator how you doing today
my boy but then just caret okay I do read that one and that perturbed some
what’s up man it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you here dude an apology is
just is not gonna do it there’s underage allegations here and it Mexico ended
unless he can prove them false well the thing about it though is that unless
those those those like I said we need to know like the the states from these that
these women are from or from these girls are from because if the age of consent
is different from what I understand what the law the agent can say is very
different that’s why I like on Mike you guys ever watch like how to catch a
predator notice how it’s never 16 year old girl or like you know or even 15
year old girl or 17 year old girl notice how it’s always 13 year old girl or 12
year old boy or 12 year old girl because the age and all that gets really dicey
when you talk about pictures and explicit messages that type of stuff is
difficult to deal with when it comes to the law based on the states and all of
that and where somebody’s coming from so that’s the reason why whenever they do
how to catch a predator they always focus on making sure that it’s the clear
like you know like under the age you know we’re a minor 100% you know
otherwise you might you might run into some issues when you’re talking about
because if the girls like 16 turning 17 you know like depend on where it is it
can be it can be a little bit messy when it comes to the law right so that’s all
I’m trying to say like you’re talking about okay we go okay these these girls
are under a smoke we don’t know where they live where are they from like you
know what I’m saying so that’s what I’m trying to say here like I I mean from
what I understand it’s different in different states like I think here in
California I think it’s 17 or 18 one of those two so like I said that’s why I’m
how to catch a predator they never try to pose as a 15 year old or a 16 year
old girl they always say 12 13 or lower 11 12 13 you know so let’s see her
all right so we got some more donations coming through shoutouts to Harrison
bachelor with the 79 cents donation thank you so much
I’ll shouts to David Balfour pressure drop with the $5 donation it says so it
is so so does this kind of thing happen more often than we hear about I mean the
way some youtubers some youtubers prime their audience saying how much they love
them I see the vulnerability people are
falling for it yeah I think it does happen more often than what people
actually than what people actually like report or what’s out there and probably
I mean we had a youtuber what’s this I forgot what his name is but we had a
youtuber a popular youtuber with over 500,000 subscribers go to prison
get set to prison for telling underage girls to send them pictures and messages
and all that stuff like that so we’ve got a guy that actually got prosecuted
and is going to prison for that so yeah there’s probably more that don’t that
don’t get car that are out there absolutely absolutely David so David
thank you so much for the donation man I appreciate that and I was viols able to
answer you know your question and guys I’m sorry if I mean I just got to catch
up guys this is there’s a 330 people in here so I promise I’ll try to get to
everybody’s thoughts on this but you guys know I mean it would be tough I’m
just one person but I’ll do my best guys I swear I’ll do my best watch out to
update everything and make sure everything runs smoothly on the stream
so David let’s go and get your name up here thank you Matt you are the top
stream ninja for the stream so far remember guys we do have more than just
pro this projared stuff we are gonna be talking about PE live so we do have some
gaming topics and we also have state of play in about one hour so we will be
doing a live reaction to state of play so that should be interesting right all
right so so guys if you got time stick with us here throughout the whole thing
we’re gonna be rolling all the way past three o’clock my time and we’re gonna
take a little Rick and then we back with a nightcap for PE life so should be a
lot of fun right all right so let’s say you’re a dreaded ha 305 donated four
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on here oh my gosh I’m so behind guys I am so behind
let’s see your Michael Bryce’s you don’t know what the relationship between the
couple was like it could have collapsed into a mess and she is definitely
lashing out in her Twitter messages um I don’t know what it’s like behind the
scenes but from what from what Pro Jared has said and from what ID has said Heidi
is explaining her point Pro Jared is not I’m gonna I’m Ville I’m going to believe
if this is court of law which it’s not but public court of opinion I am going
to believe the person that is willing to say that they have proof and willing to
talk about it compared to the person that puts out a blanket statement saying
we have we’ve tried to work through this and we went to therapy and it just
didn’t work out Pro Jared’s not talking Heidi’s talking you’re saying that she’s
lashing out but Pro Jared’s not responding so if Pro Jared’s responding
and saying things back and defending himself then we have a different story
here but what Heidi is saying and the evidence that is coming out is backing
up what Heidi is saying that’s all I’m trying to say here I don’t know what’s
going on behind the scenes and that’s the reason why I’m not trying to sit
there and cancel this man like that like I’m not trying to Thanos this man or
anything like that I’m not not doing that I’m simply talking to somebody who
literally and helped inspire player essence and to where I draw a lot of
inspiration from and that I have financially supported on many different
occasions here okay and it’s public it’s it’s public at this point it’s public
knowledge and you guys are gonna come in here talking about it anyway if I don’t
talk about Pro Jerry you know good and well there’s gonna be hundreds of people
in here saying hey Oh Jay you hear about projared what do you think about
projared project this project you are gonna be able to avoid it um go
shut up Stu Toby I’m gonna be blessed er let’s stow thank you so much kids soon
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that thank you um let’s see here so let’s continue on here he’s not coming
back from this dude unless you can absolutely okay hold up yeah I already
read that how’s my – mine afternoons going okay afternoons going okay let me
see if I can catch up here just a little bit guys let’s see if I can catch up all
right so do you guys have more questions if you guys have more questions please
please ask me that I miss I miss probably a lot of people and thank you
sir any Lotus thank you for the membership we’re we’re very close guys
165 we’re almost at our goal it’d be great if we can hit our goal so shout
out so 175 I am gonna change that at 175 we are gonna get that hardcore
playthrough of what’s it called of Fire Emblem three houses so hardcore played
through a fireman three houses on the channel live so and also let’s place so
we’ll do we’ll do that let’s see here if I missed your question please retype it
and I’ll try to get to it please retype it and I’ll try to get to it epic Steve
says to be fair even projared was right it’d be dumb for him to speak out
because no one would believe him trying to defend him but something but uh not
trying to defend him but something to know well um unfortunately that’s not
how it works though you know unfortunately you have somebody Heidi
who seems like a very genuine person right she seems very genuine you don’t
see pictures of her floating around the internet showing off what she’s got two
minors or two potential minors or whatever the case is so high
coming off as very genuine projared is coming off as very douchey you know so
who are people gonna believe the pictures of all these girls coming out
and saying look at these pictures look at these pictures look at these pictures
he’s sending me compared to the girl who sit there dresses up as Zelda and who’s
literally speaking from the heart yes she’s probably lashing out just a
bit but she’s hurt she’s hurt this is her husband this was her husband and I
have no reason to not believe what she’s saying
she seems like a genuine person at this point it seems like there are douchebags
guys that’s the thing that you guys have to understand there are people that are
literally douchebags yes there are people with millions of subscribers that
do douchey things that probably cheat on their wife or whatever the case is
that’s that’s the case here okay that’s what’s going on here it’s there’s no if
ands or buts about it like this is a douchey move on his part
if he didn’t want to be with her anymore if you know and she explains she said
that she saw like she she was I guess she she thought it she was okay with
like the tumblr and some of the pics because she thought that it was just
like harmless fun at first but like I guess she felt intimidated to feel that
way but when you’re married man you’re gonna do anything to try to save the
marriage if you’re truly wanting to save the marriage I don’t think he was truly
wanting to save the marriage and like I said that’s his thing that’s his
prerogative I get that but at the same time your public figures they’re both
listen guys listen let’s just say for some reason I’m with I don’t know just
pick Attica Attica ex-girlfriend whatever you know if we were together
and then all of a sudden something happens you guys are gonna hear about it
just like you heard about Etica and her right to public figures together and
something happens you’re gonna hear about it plain and simple because you
have people investing into you a person nobody wants to invest into a douche bag
which I talked about this before nobody wants to invest into a douche bag so
this stuff’s got to come out because there’s got to be a who was right who
was wrong in this situation there’s gotta be okay and financially I
for a hundred percent what Heidi’s doing because financially there’s gonna be a
mess here with the divorce and with what’s going on is she’s had to move out
she’s got to make money when you’re married you’re relying on somebody for
income I’m thinking pro Jarrod’s probably the bigger moneymaker so she’s
got to move out I mean thankfully they don’t have any kids so it doesn’t get
super messy but financially she’s got to do some stuff too so she’s got to look
at it from her own careers perspective hey I’m not gonna look at the bad guy
here and I’m not gonna make him make me to be out the bad guy either so if I was
hurt I’d be doing the same thing I’m doing right now because look obviously
he doesn’t want her anymore you got to look out for yourself and you
can’t see her and have the wrath of pro Jarrod’s fans coming down on you for
breaking up the marriage because the way that that statement went it made it seem
as if it was like almost kind of hurtful you know like so nah man like I don’t I
don’t fault her I don’t fault her for that um let’s see here one and a million
donated $0.99 with no message thank you so much one in a million I appreciate
that will you do a Fire Emblem hardcore playthrough for 175 yes yes I will for
175 I was gonna do it for 200 but we can do it for like 175 and we can get a new
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then we can also do it at 175 so if you guys want to member up I’ll do that and
you do get access to our discord and playing against me like Super Smash
Brothers and all that stuff so let’s see here let’s let’s continue on here you
notice that pro jared has uploaded to his main channel and months yeah but
that was I mean yeah but I mean he was more doing his pro jared place channel
anyway because he could make more money off of that projared place channel just
by doing content that doesn’t take us long whereas his pro Jared channel it
takes way too long to edit videos let’s see your soul toxin game says I
have a four year old daughter so I will blacklist this dude if the girls were
underage that being said whether it’s scummy or not if they were all of age
only is lost so big so no big in my opinion okay random questions about OJ
we’re still about it’s it’s it’s Pro Jared I’ll take gold charity if you have
a question that’s fine I’ll answer it it’s going to be interesting when they
do the 50/50 to play it is going to be interesting let’s see here
I don’t know if I’ll talk about that though Blackfeather says do you think
we’ll get beta at 3 at e3 I think it’s very possible absolutely let’s see here
he’s already down over 50k subs yeah he’s down a lot good point um age of
consent we shall see I’ve been too deployed which is why I am it’s been a
while but I’m back from tour so I’ll be around more my friend your content is
always solid thank you so much Peter son thank you Amy
first of all shoutouts and thank you for everything you do for the country I
appreciate that my man I really really do so thank you definitely a lot braver
than me I’ll tell you that um Andy Lee plays donated a dollar 99 through
superjet says I wish Heidi the best me too I felt really I feel really bad for
her because she’s she’s she seems like a very very intelligent you know beautiful
young lady and the fact that this is happening it just sucks I mean it sucks
I mean but you know it is what it is it is I mean I’m pretty sure she’ll be able
to move on she’s strong she’s beautiful she’s gonna find somebody you know
that’s gonna treat her right you know she’s gonna find something that’s gonna
treat her right and she’ll be okay and she’s probably well I mean I don’t know
if she wants to have kids but I mean I know project didn’t want to have kids so
maybe she finds somebody that actually wants to have a family I don’t know if
she does though I don’t know if she wants to have a family and all that but
maybe she does maybe she does at some point so maybe she’ll actually find
something that 1-7 family a little treat her good if she does want to have a
family that is um let’s see your that blazer link what’s up boys or thank you
says if this if the courts are involved he’s gonna have to be quiet about it not
possibly to incriminate himself until going to court if the legal system is
involved yeah but in terms of like the that’s the underage pictures so he
doesn’t have to talk about that now when it comes to the cheating and what
happened and all of that now that has nothing to do with legal stuff when it
comes to like underaged anything he’s not talking about that either so so yeah
man I mean come on all he’s 32 come on Holly’s 32 Heidi’s 30 well yeah they’re
all around the same age projared is like 33 they’re all around you know in the
early I’m the same age although I’m 32 so or
actually no I’m right I’m 45 sorry sorry about that uh one of the million donated
and another dollar thank you I think those are the like the free super chats
so thank you man appreciate that Matthew rigor says
Destin was on hard news before Project you’re right Destin was on hard news
before you’re right about that my mistake I
liked it more anyways I can tell you’ve taken influence from them I generally
believe you’ll steer clear of summer controversy much love yeah you know
here’s the thing guys you know why I’m gonna steer clear from general
controversy because I’m freaking not stupid like that in terms of it to be
honest I’m not stupid like that so I don’t think I’m gonna be in any type of
situation like that so yeah don’t don’t count me in that don’t worry man I got
my head screwed on right my mom raised me in a certain way I will do my
damnedest to not find that type of controversy military car service that
you’ll find me in or the freakin stupid crumb side youtubers mad because their
channels are still crumb side and I got out of that crumb side of YouTube so
that’s the only thing that you’ll find me when it comes to controversy for the
most part let’s see here and also I think she’s went up like thirty thirty
thousand subscriber or thirty thousand Twitter followers already she’s just
started YouTube channel Mississippi he says we do okay I already read that
let’s see here just giving you my free supercharged bro
hope all’s well thank you man I appreciate the free super chats dude I
really do let’s say you can tell us reddit mods were pissed at him by making
his subreddit into a Scott the Oise subreddit bro
Adrian yep says do you think this is the reason for a rubber rubber Ross and a
Holly divorce as game grumps took down the project videos a month ago yeah
absolutely absolutely this is one of the reasons why you are late how’s it going
fantasy thinker fan says do you think she’s she should have exposed him
publicly like in like this instead of going to his friends and family and
dealing with the offline do I think she should yeah I think she yes yes the
reason why she the only reason why she came out and said anything was because
of Pro Jarrod’s statement Pro Jared made a statement making it seem as if this
wasn’t his fault and she’s been cheated on by another popular content creator
yeah you’re damn right she should come out and say if this is all public now if
this is now if if these were not people that weren’t known in the public eye
deny doesn’t need to be handled on Twitter nobody’s gonna care but like I
said you’re investing money into people of high caliber some people do not care
but if you guys found out if you found out
just say I have a wife okay I think it’s another popular consecrated and if you
guys found out that I’m a cheating douche ishigami douchebag are you guys
going to invest in me some of you guys might but a lot of you guys are gonna be
like peace Oh J I don’t want to invest in you I don’t want to give you add
revenue you’re a douche bag you don’t believe I don’t believe in your morals
so yeah yeah you’re damn right she’s gonna come out and say something damn
right I’d do the same thing this is like I
said this is what happens when you’re in the public eye tonight if you work at
Costco okay or if you work at Walmart and then it doesn’t matter you know but
you know this is public you got people investing money into you you’re in the
public eye okay you’ve got twitch Prime subs you’ve got members you’ve got
subscribers okay you’ve got to hold up to a certain amount of conduct plain and
simple if people don’t like what you’re doing they have all of their rights to
sit there and judge publicly because they’re investing into you as a person a
lot of you guys invest into me or give me mine like this because you guys feel
that I’m genuine that I’m not a douche bag but if I was a douche bag I highly
doubt that a lot of people would be investing or even watching me nobody
wants to invest or tuck or subscribe to a douche bag or lies well a lot of
people do but a lot of people don’t most people don’t okay so that’s the reason
why yeah you’re damn right she’s gonna come out and say something yeah she
should have handled it publicly because these are I mean these are public
figures you know and if nobody’s a public figure then no handle it behind
the closed doors you know but um oh these are all public figures here guys
dn Megas Dan donated $2 through super Texas ninja gaiden arcade version is out
on the eShop cool man awesome knee knee my knee my are nema I donated
a dollar 99 through Super Genesis love your videos boss hope this hope this man
finds help yes absolutely and thank you so much I appreciate the donation I do
appreciate the donation um let’s go ahead and let’s get the top stream stats
updated though guys I forgot to update it we do have a new top stream boss it
keeps soon it is supposed to start stream boss um top stream ninja
consuming it is 84 is that so sorry about that dude let me go and get your
name up here sorry for taking so long I forgot
put it up with the $10 donation so thank you man I appreciate that so let’s see
her just came home so what happened he cheated on his wife with someone called
Holly that’s what I know yeah pretty much that and then he also set pictures
of himself to potentially underage girls potentially not underage but he sent
pictures and just basically being a douchebag overall Pro Jerrod statement
looks like he like it was made by the same person that makes statements for EA
and Activision breath oh my gosh blue Phoenix okay I already read that rip
projared and Etica well I mean I think etiquette gonna make a comeback at some
point I mean but at the same time like all this is just sad I mean this has
been a tumultuous year this has been a tumultuous year for youtubers and stuff
dude it’s been it’s been absolutely nuts man how long does it stay to play last
10 minutes for state of play 10 minutes from 3 from 3 o’clock to 3:10 p.m. PT 10
minutes so yeah 10 minutes as I said I might hear I’m not judging anyone that’s
that’s what one-sided court systems are for man all right any other questions
guys let’s see only only only cornballs care
about people’s personal lives that asks him cheating divorcing lying to his wife
is nobody’s business but there’s unfortunately caps and like I said
before I’m not sure when you got here or anything like that but just to put it
just to put it to you unfortunately it is people’s business you know why it is
people’s business because people are investing money into you when people
invest money into you as a public figure then it’s their business to be honest to
not to know that they’re not invested into a dirtbag you don’t want to support
somebody who’s a dirtbag right so if you’re investing money into somebody and
you didn’t know that they cheat on their wife and they lie and they send pictures
to that and if you don’t believe in that morally it’s the same thing as somebody
saying well I don’t want to invest into a racist or I don’t want to invest in
anybody that I don’t believe in person in terms of morals that’s the reason why
it is people’s business dude because I don’t want to invest into the douche bag
I’m pretty sure you don’t want to invest into one so if I knew that he’s cheating
on his wife and doing all these things I wouldn’t be twitch priming I
wouldn’t be donating I wouldn’t be doing stuff like that so unfortunately as a
public figure where people literally the people your fans are invested into you
and who they think you are which is a standout person who wears their wedding
ring okay he goes on stream he’s wearing his wedding ring he talks about his wife
he’s made contact with his wives saying how much he loves his wife so that was
phony right so that’s the problem that’s the biggest problem with this so you
know not only that but the worst part about all this is that a few years ago
he made a video about like a dating sim where he literally said what actually
happened which I you know cheated with commander Holly on this video game and
then it also featured his wife and he went back and changed the name of that
title of that video three years ago okay so when you’re sitting here and saying
this is nobody’s business he’s made videos literally saying certain things
and changing the title of those things does not reflect what actually happened
but yet you’re sitting here in saying it’s nobody’s business why is he
changing titles why is he putting his wife with him on camera why is he
wearing his wedding ring all the time why is he giving off this persona of
this type of person but he’s not that type of person do you want to invest
into somebody who’s sending pictures to potentially 16 year olds I don’t think
so so when you sit here and say it’s nobody’s business but there’s
unfortunately that’s not the case when people are investing into you who they
think you are it’s scummy and nobody wants to invest
or watch somebody that does that just like if I find out that somebody’s a
racist I’m not gonna support that channel is it their business that
they’re racist or not you know what I’m saying I mean like to me so to some
people being a racist is as bad as adultery some people might even think
it’s worse you know because doing it I mean so you can’t you’ve got to
understand these things what public figures you know let’s see here King Oh
Jah is it King Joan Joan Lewis donated $5 to superjet and says you sub Jared
after the mega man x review it was the last straw he was not not funny now this
happens I’m glad I made the call or you are ok you unsub him okay got it unsub
him but the end didn’t show up for some reason okay thank you for the $5
donation yeah I’ve been Mega Man X 7 review yeah that was a controversial one
wasn’t it but how many of you are really investing money in general we’re not
talking about us though we’re not talking about all of us we’re talking
about I’m pretty sure most people here have watched the video from projared so
if you’ve watched the video and you don’t have a diblock you’ve invested
something you’ve invested your time at least you’ve given him money you’ve done
something you’re a customer or a per se right so if you’re watching ads if
you’re donating which she gets donations if you’re subbing not trying to sit here
and say that you should battles the man everybody has the right to battle sim
because I don’t think that you know you have the right to an opinion though of a
public figure you have the right to an opinion of somebody who cheats on their
wife everybody has that basic right opinion okay so to sit there and say
that oh we’re not allowed to say anything no that’s not the case then
don’t have your wife in videos don’t go back and change titles don’t put out
stupid blanket statements saying that this is what happened when that’s not
what happened don’t sit there and act like you didn’t do certain things to
this woman don’t do that then you know what I’m saying like don’t don’t do that
if you want it to be nobody’s business then don’t say anything
but obviously he’s got stuff to hide um let’s see here did you did you know he
appeared on a Nick TV show for an episode no I didn’t what show was that I
believe all people deserve time to work on their mental health
so don’t dig themselves into a deep holes like this yeah he needs to work on
it exactly dee dum actually has a good point
time is money getting the attention of somebody to watch your videos and with
adblock off next time that’s where I say you never notice how I come to here I
say guys thank you for spending your time remember how many times I’ve said
this guys how many times have I told you guys this thank you for spending your
time with me you could have been watching anything else you guys could be
somewhere else but you’re right here so thank you I thank you guys for your time
in addition to donations and stuff like that
obviously thankful for all that but time and you guys spending your time here
instead of you could be watching as I’m five billion content creators that are
streaming right now that are doing anything so time is very valuable too it
is also very valuable you know and if you invest time time is the most
valuable one of the most valuable resources out there is time time time
time time time so it’s very important shot of mixes if you’re talking about
age of consent laws you can still get in trouble for having explicit pictures of
minors here’s am here age of consent is 16 and I know people got in trouble for
that well if another person if the age of
consent is 16 and another girl willfully sends their picture to him where is he
going to just help me understand the law seer
where is he going to get in trouble for that if she says okay now if if she gets
a picture she’s like whoa wait a minute here you know and she has a problem with
that but if she willfully consents and sends a picture back on her own what can
you do legally I like when it says I remember last year
or when his house got flooded a lot of this stuff got destroyed I felt super
bad and then and I went back to watch his old vids from now I see who he
really is there you go um game shakers oh okay game shakers got it got it we’ll
see if they scrub that episode of him though weird how the producer for those
shows was also it – oh gosh I did not know okay I read a statement it’s not
bad it just said it was private but they had to split up dude that’s a trash day
I’m sorry dude that is a horrible statement that is not a good statement
on his end I’ll read the statements so just so everybody could know I I have to
you know I’m gonna have to disagree that ain’t it Chief Michael shoutouts to the
elite ninja Michael and once again your opinion you know I’m not trying to here
and say that um you know that you’re not entitled to it but holy smokes I
disagree with that I disagree with that assessment that is a horrible statement
it’s a it’s a very bad statement in my opinion but hey let’s read it so here’s
a statement my wife Heidi and I have filed for divorce I know this may come
as surprising upsetting for many of you but know that we do this so that we may
both seek happiness for ourselves during this time you may see a lot of rumors
speculation and gossip going around I ask that you make your own observations
and come to your own conclusions which is what we’re doing I will add that this
decision was reached after extensive individual therapy on my part and
couples therapy together with that said this is all I plan on stating publicly
regarding this matter Heidi’s privacy mental well-being and
descrition has always been and will remain my highest priority through all
of this that’s a lie it is my hope that we both exit this management style and
grace that’s also a lie or not happening I plan on continuing to do everything I
can on my part to make this happen thank you for your understanding patience
kindness and respect for our privacy this is a BS statement and Heidi
said so there’s a number of things that are at issue with this statement this
therapy that there this therapy that he’s talking about we got pictures
dating back years of him sending pictures to other people what type of
therapy are you talking about here what would what type of therapy are you
saying therapy together what do you mean for you sending pictures to people for
you for you cheating on your life is that what you’re talking about what type
of therapy are you discussing her privacy mental well-being has always
been and will always remain your highest priority do all this that is not your
highest priority through all of this there is no way based on this statement
here that your that her well-being and what she’s feeling is your top priority
her top right you’re the top priority would be to make your marriage work now
I’m getting a little bit too personal here because this this just upsets me
because this this ain’t it this is not this is a lie if you can’t sit here in
some time I heard mental well-being is your highest priority no it’s not
sending pictures to women over the internet and then making her feel bad
about it because yes that’s the only way this thing would even happen
making her that how does that always been your priority no it’s not this is a
lie this is a horrible statement are you trying to Michael are you seriously
trying to see here and tell me that you’re okay with this statement that
this is it’s fine this is BS nobody is gonna see her and believe this this is
not how you trying to sit here and care for somebody’s well-being come on man if
this is a girlfriend it’s not right but it’s a girlfriend but
this is a wife a wife not a girlfriend not a sidechick this is your wife man
come on this is a terrible statement this this is this is terrible this is a terrible statement III can’t
agree with that like I said you’re entitled to your opinion but does
anybody actually think that he truly believes what he’s saying here and he
blocked his wife on Twitter um he blocked his wife on Twitter they hold up
we’re gonna get game core game core we’re not gonna I’m gonna unbanned game
core but dude um calm down game core calm down okay I’m gonna I’m gonna
unhide you but please try to refrain from some of those things that you just
said try to refrain from that try to refrain police so do you really believe
I mean this statement horrible does anybody think this is a good statement I
see people say this is a BS statement there’s a lot of vagueness and truthless
Ness I mean you would have block if you cared about our mental well-being why
you blocker hey Michael I care about you by the way
don’t come out to my streams I’m gonna block you on Twitter I’m not gonna name
dances after you like you did like the quad I’m not gonna interact with you I’m
not gonna talk to you it but yes I care about I care about your well-being my
dude I care about it but don’t don’t mind me while I block your ass on
Twitter and everything and social me and not talk to you but I care about your
well-being I really do come on man come on um Andy
with the two tall donation says if you want a better version of his statement
and by that I mean the BS statement here’s a funnier version okay oh yeah I
saw that I saw that one I did I did see this one yeah yeah that one that one’s
pretty funny too I did see it the state was full of big fluff it’s a PS say it
is a B a statement then don’t block her then don’t block her if you care about
our mental well-being then why you blocking her obviously she wants to talk
to you dude you’re the funniest thing about all of this is if pro Jarrod
actually decided to stop sleeping with with the girl the other girl he might
have still been with his wife I think she might have taken him back that’s the
horrible thing about it I think this was his doing he wanted out which is fine
but he promised her that he would stop according to Heidi
he promised oh sorry according down according to Heidi he promised her that
he would stop you know with all this stuff when she
found out months ago and looks like she was been like okay well I’ll try to save
it and he he wouldn’t stop so so yeah man thank you Andy mine thank you for
the to tall donation man I appreciate that it’s vague fluff but vague fluff is
the kindest way to deal with divorce and you know that of that divorce it’s going
to become public with 100,000 or maybe millions of people okay but but you
didn’t answer what we were talking about here why did you block her if okay let’s
listen listen Michael if he cares about her mental health and all that why does
he block her before she started going before she started saying all this stuff
he blocked her before he made this statement then blocked her and then
that’s when Heidi started talking she obviously got to read the statement at
some point and she’s like uh that’s not it chief why blocker if you care about her mental
health and well-being why blocker why answer that question blocking is a bad
move but the statement is fine the statement is not fine that means you’re
lying that means no I don’t know we’re just
gonna have to agree to disagree no you can’t stay here and say the
blocking air is not good but the statements fine he lies how was the
statement where he literally is lying how is that okay fine how how he’s lying he’s lying Michael he’s not telling the
truth he’s not telling the truth
of course he blocked her before the statement because he knew he blocked her
before the statement because he knew that this was BS he knew this statement
was BS and he knew that she was going to comment on this statement that’s why he
blocked her before this statement because he knew this statement that he
was going to put out was BS you know PBG is protecting protecting her protecting
project I did hear about that but I don’t know the full details with that
Dustin says he’s almost in the same boat as Philip and thinks he can get away
with half of what the half-ass apology Philips apology was a lot better than
this but if you mean like the original apology yeah it’s that was pretty bad as
well how long did you be in cheated on her for um well if you count explicit
pictures years but I guess that some people don’t might not consider that
cheating but in terms of actual physical contact shooting it seems like they’ve
been it’s been going on since the end of last year it seems like it at least four
months but I think the end of last year is when when things kind of kind of fell
apart or things started to fall apart with the whole this actual like cheating
with the other girl greasy controller games I think blocking her is for future
engagements with everything when everything is done his current wife she
is more likely than access to him via phone I that backs of that’s just that’s
just damage control for Jay dude I mean like obviously if he blocks her onto
like hold up hold up I’m gonna block her on here but I’m but I’m gonna have her
cellphone and not get rid of you honestly think that she’s gonna talk to
him via cellphone or anything like that I mean come on he doesn’t care about her
mental health he doesn’t care this is not how you treat somebody that
you care about their mental health this is not how you treat somebody guys I
know a lot of you guys probably like Jared or you’re trying to find one some
ways or not and look I like Jared to or I used to like Jared too but I can’t I
can’t sit here and defend this there’s nothing to defend about this this is not
how you treat somebody that you mentally care about that you but if you truly
care about somebody’s mental well-being this is not how you cheat them this is
not how you do it if you guys want to disagree with me on that fine that’s
fine but if if this was me I am NOT treating somebody like this you know he’s been making content I just watched
him stream the other day he’s not making stuff on his pro Jered channel because
those videos take forever to make and he can just make money watching people he’s
doing his old stuff icky but he’s been making content on his pro Jarrod place
channel recently there was videos that he just uploaded recently to his channel
he’s on Twitch he’s been he’s in streaming on Twitch to be distributed
Walley world he’s been streaming that new like Skyrim multiplayer game that
looks like Skyrim what’s it called mortared mortis something or you I just
watched them stream Yoshi’s boy Yoshi’s craft in the world sorry Yoshi’s
crafted world and let other games just the other day what are you talking about
people are sub into him he’s been creating taunton just because he’s not
creating projared videos doesn’t mean he’s not creating content he was been
creating content sad-looking says pro jet is proven that he has no honor um if
he didn’t want to be with her anymore you should have just broken up and got a
divorce yeah yeah yeah what’s up baby so Sony yeah Sony talk time hey yo Jason
sorry to asses I don’t know your background but what’s uh what’s your
current my current parent status I’m a dad what do you I’m a dad
blending some blood that’s it um Jade says these people can’t damage control
for projared the damage is done yeah that’s true well that’s fine whatever
for those who think it’s okay I can’t change your mind that’s fine that’s
pretty much what it comes down to so there you go all right so let’s go to
move on to the next topic here guys we got Nintendo’s e3 Nintendo’s e3 plants
have been revealed they are out there we’ve got Sony state of play in 30
minutes so that should be fun let me go in and let me get the Sony state of play
ready for for viewing pleasure for your viewing pleasure let me go ahead and put it right here
okay they haven’t put up the string yet for the things so once it goes up we’ll
switch over to it all right so Nintendo’s e3 is there plans have been
revealed we got Nintendo Direct we’ve got treehouse live we’ve got super
smash brothers and splatoon tournaments and so much more so it’s gonna be a lot
of fun huh all right so Nintendo’s announced their
plans let’s get into it so there’s gonna be a Super Smash Brothers ultimate and
splatoon two tournaments so there will be a three on three smash with this
tournament and the splatoon two World Championship this will take place in Los
Angeles and this is gonna be June 8th so before really the hardcore ee3
festivities start um if you want to go check out my video there’s more details
on if you want to actually go to it because there is free entry so there’s
that it’s gonna start at 8 a.m. PT so early morning start so that’s gonna be
fun I’m gonna be streaming it live guys so lookout June 8th I’ll be streaming
that live 8 a.m. PT 11:00 a.m. Eastern all right and then the doors will hold
up hold up never mind the line entry starts at 8 a.m. sorry
the actual event starts at 11 a.m. the actual event starts at 11 a.m. so there
you go so there you go so alright so that’s that and then next
up is the Nintendo Direct III the presentation will begin this is the big
one guys so this is what you guys want to know here this is the big one 9 a.m.
PT on June 11th so we have the 8th 9th 10th 11th three days later it will start
on June 11th at at 9:00 a.m. PT is the Nintendo Direct
III 2019 so that that is that is that the pro the presentation will focus
which focuses entirely on software just on software there’s not gonna be any
hardware announcements or anything like that all on software guys and we’ll
offer a look at games scheduled to come out in 2019 so it’s gonna be focused on
software and games in 2019 so that’s gonna be pretty cool game fan 6 2 1 9
thank you for the welcome to the village my boy shoutouts if somebody if you have
not subscribed yet make sure you subscribe get your official introduction
to the ninja village and of course get a welcome from your boy stream labs and
everybody here so please um if you’re not subscribed please make sure you do
so suppose if you like Nintendo calm down dude I do daily content every
single day alright so let’s see here then we also have the Nintendo treehouse
live so the live stream hosted by Nintendo of America’s treehouse staff
right from Nintendo’s e3 booth returns to give viewers a deeper look into
select games along with commentary by those who know the games best people can
view the live stream at Nintendo’s e3 portal additional details of Nintendo
shops live will be announced at a later date and there’s also the work pipe pass
which that is for people to actually go into e3 to help them be able to play
games faster because waiting for hours to play Animal Crossing is gonna suck so
that’s gonna help things out there alright so I think we’re gonna go ahead
and take questions if you guys have questions comments predictions for III
feel free we’re gonna go ahead and write that all the way to state of play so
we’re gonna take those for about what 20 20 minutes or so 20 to 24 minutes
um so give me your thoughts guys tag me a player since our hash tag player
essence let me more than happy to answer the questions here alright what’s one
game you predicted will be there one game that I predict will be there from
Nintendo X or game that we don’t know because I mean I can say you say oh yeah
Pokemon sword and shields gonna be there so I can say that you’re not entering
the smash tournament no my the thing about this is a championship so if I
would have entered this I would have had to go to like drive to Los Angeles and
enter that tournament like months ago in order to get into this so no he’ll know
that tournament had freaking smashed balls and items dude or that tournament
has smashed balls and items I don’t know I don’t want any part of that
what’s up PTIN that means an early evening start for me maybe you should
learn Square I don’t want to watch at 3 a.m. yeah yeah let’s see here that’s 11
a.m. CT where I’m at guess I’ll take a lunch break on that day I would say take
that day off my boy take that day off if you can take that day off if you can let’s see here so Nintendo had three
full days they could have decided to present their stuff but nope but nope
even with Sony not at e3 Nintendo felt the need to not show up on a earlier day
for e3 week well they always show up at the same point so I don’t understand I
don’t understand what you talked about because III week is on that it starts on
the tenth right because I don’t understand what you’re talking about
here what I mean three full days you want to do it during e3 week it’s within
the booth you can’t be inside the booth and do all your stuff before the show
opens the you don’t know III I don’t know if you understand how III is the
the show like June 8th the week before that’s not in the same area where III is
taking place vici that’s taking place at a different place so they don’t have
three full days beforehand III doesn’t start that week they’re just doing a
tournament that week III starts the following day III starts on that Monday
so no there is no three full days that’s the weekend leading up to it I’m saying
so I don’t know what you’re talking about so let me give you let me give you
a calendar so you understand DC June 8 that’s a Saturday okay III doesn’t
officially start until the following week which is Monday so there is no
three full days there’s a Saturday there’s a Sunday and then Mondays when
III actually starts the show floor doors open on June 11th so June 11th is when
III actually opens its doors to for people to come in so there is no three
full days you gotta do the presentation to show off stuff when you’re there to
treehouse live and all that stuff so I don’t know what you’re talking about
but yeah they’re there their presentation is on June 11 that is the
that is the day that III is officially opened so I don’t get it
let’s see here Jade says my Nintendo or my Nintendo e3
predictions are Pikmin for more information on Animal Crossing and
Luigi’s Mansion three more beta 2 3 smash DLC show an actual chain and retro
studios game okay good stuff official prediction 27 and remake for switches I
don’t think that’s happened let’s see yeah
Dragonite 23 X production says and Microsoft usually goes on Monday
Nintendo goes on Tuesday so there you go what do you
the theme for Animal Crossing switch is gonna be uh Animal Crossing like like
and enhanced the wide world like animal cost is something to do with like the
world or something like that so that’d be the theme getting a bunch of people
in your village or something like that you know that you’re close enough to to
go to that tourney just afraid to take on zero how it turns ero didn’t go to
that tourney I don’t think zero they didn’t even
qualify or enter into the those of that thing so so yeah zero doesn’t let zero I
think zero lives in like where does like in like Miami or he lives in Chicago I
think this is a Chicago or Florida so you wouldn’t even even entered into my
area anyway my areas Los Angeles official prediction is multiples Rapids
to I know we’re not in the topic anymore but Pro Jared was removed from the
normal boots Twitter account that makes sense John B says official wish well you
guys can ask me questions about projet or two if you want that’s fine I’ll take
I’ll take random questions before we get into Sony stay to play zombie says
official was super mario maker super mario RPG to democratise says do you
think there’ll be anything news shown after the splatoon and smash tournaments
probably not maybe maybe a smash DLC character but probably not that probably
saved that creme says a lot of Japanese which love it this III yep I think so I
think so let’s see your place well Jake just said but it L chink just say I
didn’t see there’s too many people in here so I didn’t see what he said he
didn’t tag me either Ted knows 2019 is Stax I don’t really think they need to
announce many new games but I do feel it needs to be used to be Mario RPG
announced either Paper Mario or Luigi okay yeah I talked about that I talked
about that in the video as well let’s see here smash balls and items are legit
gotta be crunchy when we we play high drop rates here bro I’m good that’s
funny you want to put that way that’s fine I don’t wanna buy that way Shadow
King says I feel we could to get okay more details on dragon bus 11s like the
new content like character stories and altered 3d s content well yeah they’ve
already given us a lot of details on that but yeah we’ll see if there’s a
little bit more maybe we got an actual release date for the game – all right
charity Scott you got to put my name together charity Scott otherwise it
doesn’t highlight but let me see here I found it the game was dark souls oh yeah
I knew it was like blood-borne or dark like that and the demon thing was a boss
in the game called Church boss by the way it was a guy I was dating
that I played the game about my brother all right there you go
Dark Souls 3 uh I Karen Buckley says I hope Nintendo doesn’t forget about zelda
links awakening with all the big game titles to talk about most Monteverdi
game about this well they said they’ve done focus on 2019 games so I don’t see
why they forget about a 2019 game okay we got another donation from David
Balfour sorry about that David I know it was four minutes ago but I missed it a
$5 donation so thank you David a pressure drop I appreciate that and he
says do you think a new game by the team at that octopi traveler will be
announced at e3 what would you like to see if they do I bet to see bravely
default I think bravely default has a shot at being at e3 this year so I’d
like to see like a bravely default three or a brand like bravely default new
subtitle’ I would love to see full bravely default made for the Nintendo
switch so yeah new bravely default would be my my thing that I liked that I would
love to see alright guys we got a lot of questions here do you think Jarrod will
apologize I think he has to apologize if he wants to continue his career so yes I
think you’ll apologize eventually let’s see here and now says oh man did I miss
the projared discussion you did but I do have DVR enabled so you can rewind it
you can rewind it if you want to and make sure you guys remind me about state
of play too if so I don’t like forget about it cuz it’s only ten minutes long
let’s see zeroes in Florida he’s quitting ultimate tournaments I don’t
remember him saying that he’s quitting tournaments he said that he’s I remember
when he keys he said that he came back with temporal story city is gonna be
competing I know he’s went to like a tournament or – I think maybe right now
he’s just taking a break but he needs to focus on his health I mean I’m looking
at zero he really needs to focus on his health I don’t know why he’s not
focusing on his health because he’s getting unhealthy and unhealthier and
he’s talked about mental like he’s had some issues mentally and things like
that so I think zero really needs to really really needs to not go to
tournaments and focus on his health focus on getting into the gym because
he’s not looking he’s not looking good he’s not looking and I’m not trying to
be mean I’m just going off of what he even said himself that he needs to focus
on his mental help them focus on his weight and I feel that it’s just getting
worse like somebody saw the picture of him
yesterday and oh my gosh he’s like he’s way bigger than what he was you know
like – years ago you know so he needs to focus
on that more so than playing in ultimate tournaments and all that so so yeah um
let’s see here I’m ready for the new Mario sports game they’re gonna announce
for August release we’ll see I just want to say the statement is BS if he cared
about our mental health and the first place he wouldn’t have cheated IGF and
side ho but that was his wife shaking my head yeah exactly
exactly let’s see yeah there’s so much Nintendo can have this and main focus
it’s hard to guess them it’ll be the most logical one would be Super Mario
maker too because it’s their biggest game right after e3 it could be but you
never know man they might just focus on a lot of stuff you know I think last
year’s e3 was very Japanese game focus I could see this should be more Western
game focused now is the time to do that I don’t think so Nintendo was a Japanese
company and their biggest games are gonna be Japanese titles so I don’t know
how it’s gonna be more Western you focus I don’t understand that logic by then
all of them tendo’s III s are Japanese game focused every single Nintendo e3
that they’ve ever had outside of like maybe e3 like outside of something like
some of the we’ii threes but every single Eevee that they’ve had like with
the switch and even with the Wii U was Japanese folks outside like I said like
the Wii U the first one was a lot of western games and things like that but
III don’t think it’s gonna be Western focus no it’s gonna be Japanese game
focus because Japanese developers are gonna be the developers that are
actually making games for the switch more so than Western developers we just
got a new Ghost Recon announced it’s not announced for the Nintendo switch where
is stuff like God Eater stuff like AI summon him files stuff like you know
what I’m saying like all the stuff the Pennine amp those doing a lot of stuff
that’s a kit like similar got my 10 say we’re getting big games from Japanese
developers whereas Western developers aren’t porting as many things or they
have to get panic button to do it after the game releases so no I don’t I don’t
see that coming I don’t see that at all do I miss your stream labs question I
think I answered your question okay I think I answered it now David sorry
about that I did miss it but I think I answered it in terms of the octopus
stuff so yeah I did answer so sorry about that I’m just a little behind and
II mine donated another two dollars and says there hasn’t been a lot of music
here so I’ll bring one up this is one of my favorite songs from Sonic Colors heck
of a heck of a banger okay so let’s going to get this music going and we’ll
play that for you like I said you guys let me know about this whole state of
play thing – okay guys don’t let me go over on time because we got to make sure
that we catch it because even if we miss a minute or two we could miss we could
miss something big so so there you go oh wait a minute hold up why did I click
off why did I click off of that and why is that up there okay I think that you
aced this okay if you guys are having trouble with the stream refresh your
stream right now refresh it real quick or even if you’re not having trouble
with the stream refresh it alright so let’s see here um music music music is
it Davey on Davey on Johnson with the subscription thank you so much Davey I’m
local to the village every inch a please welcome Davey on to the village remember
guys if you want an official shout out make sure you hit that subscribe button
if you’re not subscribed alright so let’s see here let’s go ahead and let’s
get this music alright here we go alright might be a little loud at the
beginning here guys I’ll balance the audio let me know how it sounds once it
starts up let’s see here yeah a new bravely
default libido let me know how it sounds guys please
let me know how it sound with a chat I’m hoping to submit on my ten say five info
yeah that’d be dope normal Musa saluted every video with Pro
Jared in it yikes Thomas says what Nintendo’s main talk will be since last
year with smash ultimate at e3 I don’t know if though I don’t I think I’ll just
feel a lot of different names Daniel Carter says I would love to love to an
announcement from persona 4 switch super mario odyssey dlc and something from
miles up that’d be dope kanava says and now Bob kettle he says probably won’t
happen but I would get hyped man I miss I I get hyped if they announced to do
advance wars that would be I think they could I can’t they could stay to play
starts in 10 minutes gotcha thank you a lot to be announced in 10
minutes yeah but there’s only a limit to what you can do though and just don’t
worry I’m ready to spam you with ru Sydney’s day to play so you know thank
you I need that sorry I’m late getting to the village what’s up Corey good to
see you here sounds good my prediction Montrose tops the game will be a brand
new IP written in 2020 yo dope the warp pipe past seems to hint
towards something big in mario world wow really it sounds like a really gimmicky
name that they put there so people can play so people can play play games
faster what’s uh what’s up okay I’m gonna miss the whole stream I’m heading
to class now all right take it easy I think they’ll
tease another edition of Smashing 3ts I think they’ll probably just announce it
right management Twitter says attack on science is on sale have you played it
it’s worth but is it worth $34 yeah I’ve played attack on Titan – I have someone
watch plays over is it work though before I would wait – looks like a
little bit cheaper probably and if they don’t like Black Friday or something
like that I wanna see monoliths new – ops new game
okay yeah I think everybody does Matt no boots deleted every video what
projared in it that’s that’s crazy I think it’s put them to do that se
square annex III predictions um maybe a new blue bravely default game if you
don’t want me asking no I’m not married I’m not married I’ll just say that I’m
I’m not officially married that’s all I’ll say your relationships better Lucius
Augustus but then with the donate or sorry with the subscription thank you so
much Lucius welcome welcome that it goes my boy
I’m SATs the five max of phrase with the two older sisters think thanks for
working so hard thank you guys for showing up to the
stream today three hundred friends are plus people today thank you guys for
showing up and thank you for supporting the stream I appreciate it
I really do appreciate that – we came up from this state of play yeah I don’t
know if there’s gonna be much in this data plate to be honest dude I don’t
know if this pretty much no shutouts the big Bailey with the
Buster let’s go David no big baby Oh edit David you know it shout outs
welcome new member too big okay let’s let’s get this straight guys big Bailey
with that twenty you coming the top stream than just sweeping it also Hokage
mode for the month also top ninja pledge recently as well so shut us the big
Bailey thank you so much for the twenty dollar donation to say Oh Jay can you
play some Fire Emblem next your choice absolutely absolutely we’ll play some
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thank you so much I appreciate it I appreciate the notation and shout out
the David Brown for becoming that elite ninja thank you so much
enjoy your emotes and also enjoy access to our exclusive discord where you can
play video games against the elite ninja and myself as well already this week we
played Mario Kart and we’ve played Super Smash Brothers and we’re probably gonna
play some arms tonight or maybe maybe I said maybe because this stream is gonna
go on and I forgot about state of play and all that but if not we’re gonna play
arms tomorrow and we’re probably gonna mix it up but we’re also gonna start
adding in community polls for games to I’m adding a brand new thing this
Saturday um elite ninja like day or elite ninja Saturdays where we play
games after PE live I’ll take a little bit of a break and then we’ll play games
almost till the spawn cast so we’ll lead from games for all it will so we’ll the
stream will just play games against the elite ninja all the way till almost the
spawn cast maybe about an hour to before the spawn cast starts and then we can
all watch the spawn oh I’m on the spawn cast so that you guys can all go watch
the spawn cast so there so basically I don’t know I I don’t
so so yeah but I’m putting that together as well that might debut this this week
is there no pee bucket there will be a PE podcast that’s today yes there will
be a PE podcast today yes there will be yes yes so thank you thank you David
thank you so much I will be putting a discord link on the community page so
look out for that David and thank you for thank you for the
elite ninja elite ninja what’s a job I leave in charge it’s me Marco Han I
think I was accidentally blocked I created a different account so I could
inform you on this oh you were accidentally blocked spare spare okay I
will go into my block list and I will see I will unblock you t minus a okay
final five seven will be teased in state of play Oh
because Square Enix like retweeted the retweeted the state of play you know
what’s up DJ how’s it going man been a while let’s see you’re hoping to see you
get confirmation on from holdup is there anything I’m hoping to see your
confirmation on um yeah I’d love to see a monolith softs new game so yeah what
I’m most excited for III pokemon sword and shield astral
chain and monolith soft hopefully being there so yeah let’s see it’s uh alright
so let me try to see if I can find the what’s the state of play livestream
because it’s not the feed should be live at this point cuz we’re about like eight
minutes away and guys make sure you guys remember remind me to report it so I can
upload it separately to the channel so somebody say hey-oh Jay hit the record
button okay make sure you guys and then tell me once it’s done make sure you
tell me to stop hitting the record button after I’m done giving my thoughts
okay mods remind me to hit the record button and to also when I’m done giving
my thoughts on state of play to stop hitting the record button please mods
remind me otherwise I will forget is the state of play can a mob leave me the
state of play I don’t see it I’m doing good skip it man how are you doing just
give me a G to like Chronicles 1 HD not yet ok here we go ok here we go
all right so hold up let me get the reaction I am gonna do it for YouTube
too so I am going to move this reaction over to where let’s hide this chat and
let’s also hide tube buddy thingie so let’s make it fullscreen it’s also take
it put it in the top corner let me see how
it looks fullscreen like this okay all right I think I kind of want to make it to
where it’s like eater I can’t like pop the player out I
wish I could just made it in time yeah we know
yeah pearl Jared’s what’s a called is is dropping fast we know oh yeah I can’t do both I just realized
yeah so it’s gonna have to be more gonna have to just be like it’s gonna have to
be like this like this is gonna have to be like it and then I will reduce the
camera size to fit up in the top corner here all right so Big Bailey we are since
we’re so close to the state of play we are going to play your song hopefully
you can stay that it’s only ten minutes long so then we’re gonna we’re gonna
play your song after we’re done with the state of play but it’s only ten minutes
so we will get to your song song big Bailey we will get to your song can you
guys hear me can you guys hear how’s the audio how’s
the volume in the audio can you guys hear me is that is it well is it
well-balanced or do I need to turn it up a little bit like how was it balanced
like this what’s up big moe what’s up Brian James how’s it going man we gave
us a record three minutes ago so disregard that later when you make the
video now I rather just have it to where it’s close enough to when I start so I
don’t have to cut out a lot the audio is good okay let me know during the stream
if it needs to be turned up you guys let me know during the stream if it needs to
be turned up okay yeah sorry about that Billy we’re just really close and I
don’t want to have to cut the track short or anything like that you know
let’s um let’s let’s let’s zoom in just a little bit because since it’s a small
camera just zoom in just a little bit more there we go perfect no okay all good on your end you
guys have any um predictions for the state of play before we start up PS
all-stars battle royale Avengers square enix game and Crash Team Racing will be
shown okay all good on your end but y’all what’s up Frank how’s it going my
boy having an affair is one of the most
disgusting things a person can do my my dad did it to my mom a year before she
died oh my gosh I’m still very bitter about it yeah dude you have every right
you have every right to be bitter man and I’m sorry to hear about your mom
dude I mean that’s that’s that’s rough dude losing mom and I’m terribly sorry
about that really a man that sucks but yeah cheating is bad cheating is very
very good no last of us too so don’t complain
about it not being shown okay well I’m not gonna complain I was one of the very
few that was like hey look you know this state of play maybe you guys did it like
Mike it the most but I mean like look look listen listen it’s understandable
can we get Sly Cooper 5 yea Sly Cooper 5 would be cool record okay yeah let’s
record all right what’s up everyone Oh J here
welcome to the state of playing live reaction you’re gonna be reacting to
this here we’re pretty much starting up so yeah let’s go ahead and let’s get
into this we got about a minute left less than a minute not everybody here
the chat boys Chapel always say hi we got chat boys here and then we’re also
have YouTube boys later when you guys watch it so chat boys and girls so this
should be interesting this should be very very interesting
hopefully my CPU does not explode for me reporting at the same time I think I
should be okay I think I should be okay what HD what eggs do yet we had 1080p
good yeah this is this rolled to 720 real quick oh my gosh
alright let’s do it if frames start dropping guys I will reduce it but shout
outs to everybody here to appreciate it what’s up YouTube boys chat boys good to
see you guys here good to see you guys here what are you guys looking forward
to the most I love doing these records because it’s
like I can talk to the people that are on YouTube but what do you guys want to
say that I gots talked to people here that are here live so it’s awesome and
this will be uploaded on YouTube so whatever if you miss it or if you have
to go right now if you’re live here at the 10th that’s ok I’ll be on YouTube
because we’ll be able to watch but it should be fun
and I’m wearing of my heroes shirt so don’t let me down Sony don’t let me down
all right starting up okay
well that’s like the PlayStation startup that’s like the place they should start
up thing hey hey do you hear ok monster hunter
the update you look ice ice world adios low okay how’s that now guys nice monster it’s a dear Yeti ice
monster no Ram it’s fierce unidentified tracks are cropping up all
over the new world it’s having an incredible effect another life to the
new world these spikes are the fur Stephanie a spring update guys but updates not a sequel nothing please everyone thought it was just a
mere myth single-player expansion ok so summer summer basically summer massive
expansion welcome back to state of play today we’re keeping it short and sweet
with a new look at some of our most anticipated upcoming ps4 games check out
Capcom’s official stream right after this broadcast to find out more about
the IC setting new story and new monsters that await ok there’s plenty
more to get to this next game is a frantic take on dungeon crawling let’s
take a look that was a pretty dr. harrell to look
like roguelike baby you musta hurt the weirdos go like that
on your own – Batgirl take way too long slightly now you guys are saying it’s
too loud river bond heads to PlayStation Store this summer
okay River bond how about River bond okay
now let’s check out a new project from Playstations worldwide studios now
that’s good okay oh what’s this what’s this so come so come Oh tell me this is so
calm predator hunt predator hunting grounds okay predator hunting grounds is an
online asymmetrical multiplayer shooter the pits a fireteam against the stealthy
killing machine ill phonic is handling development in close partnership with
Fox and it’s due out on ps4 next year PlayStation Blog has more details we
make of medieval which is officially coming to ps4 this fall I tried the source of every turn
fate has given it a second chance and you have stickin feet sanic it’s looking
good this looks good I’ll probably play this
it’s looking good bow and arrow October 25th not bad good
stuff you guys the wait long to play it medieval returns this fall on ps4 now
let’s take a look at a truly original new game that’s coming to ps4 this
idyllic place is our world it has every appearance of paradise from the white
sand beaches to the mighty treetops it appears still and peaceful but if you
look closer there is more to this than meets the eye was wild every living being is locked in
a deadly competition ahead lux land of great dangers or some Patras any
opportunities for others to survive we do will you have what it takes to survive
away away that was rocky and bullwinkle your mission is simple survive natural
disasters and find your way to sanctuary let’s shift gears we’ve got a first look
at an upcoming limited edition ps4 system let’s take a look you ps4 system super-slim ps4 the limited-edition days of play
playstation 4 in steel-gray will be available for a limited time as part of
days of play the event kicks off in June keep your eyes peeled we’re almost out
of time but before we go we wanted to give you a new look and a long-awaited
game oh what’s this oh oh is everybody let’s go are you okay they’re to see the planet suffer cloud let’s go let’s go more to come in Jude
okay boy let’s go Final Fantasy 7 remake Lee envisions one of the most beloved
games of all time for the ps4 generation we can’t wait to see more finally well that’s a wrap on state of
play we’ve got lots more in store for you later this year thanks for watching
and we’ll see you next time okay okay see much better much better
see okay there okay to be honest Final Fantasy 7 remake save the state of play
for tonight okay okay let’s talk let’s talk about this because this was this
was interesting um overall the state of play was um first of all I want to want
to do this Britt ain’t got unlock Frank are with the $50 donation watching
during the recording of this so shout out to the youtubers it makes you guys
join me live for all the YouTube people that were able to join me live but thank
you Frank are but the $50 donation says finally Final Fantasy 7 let’s go yes
absolutely Final Fantasy 7 was amazing to see it looks great it looks
phenomenal it looks really good and you better have a damn ps4 Pro if you
actually want to play this game and anything more than like 20 frames per
second you better have a ps4 Pro or you’re gonna be in trouble
without that ps4 pro but nobody thought process on the whole state of play is
like I said before if Sony brings good games the state of play will be a lot
better I said this I said this before and thank you Frank gar thank you for
the 50 donations we’ll talk about that and everything
like after I do my recording here but I said this I said all state of play needs
is better games that’s all they need is better games than the previous one and
that’s what they did they brought Final Fantasy 7 9 everyone’s always at its
height that’s a great state of play now so when the PS 5 launches imagine the
Ruby cool games like the next God of War or the next games there it’s going to be
good short and sweet the other games you know
i mean that that predator game it’s like online always online got to pay for PSN
now I’m good you know I’m sad I don’t want any part
of that so a lot of the games they showed I didn’t really don’t want any
part of the medieval remake it looks good it looks good it looks it looks
good enough but overall I thought it was a pretty good pretty good state of play
good with final 5 to 7 remake showing that off for the first time I’m all not
the first time but us getting our actual like voice acting and more of the
gameplay the game looked absolutely amazing looked absolutely amazing so
yeah amazing stuff there so what did you guys think of the state of play those
who are watching in the chat and also on YouTube let me know your thoughts in the
comment section below and we will see you guys we’ll see you guys for the next
video peace all right done with the recording for
YouTube alright guys so that’s the Frank art thank you so much for the $50
donation man I really do appreciate that I really do appreciate the $50 donation
to the ninja war funds let’s go and get you up here on the top stream ninja and
we’re also have to play some music here too we got to play some some Fire Emblem
for big Bailey who did the $20 donation so with the fifty unlocking that renege
on thank you so much van I appreciate it I really do appreciate we’re also gonna
update the member goal – we actually got a couple new members today so thank you
guys so what did you guys think I’d love to hear you guys have thoughts let’s put
some Fire Emblem three houses music let me know how to sell them to the chat
here guys alright solid 5 out of 10 was that 5 just because of Final Fantasy 7
remake yeah they’ve been dragging about by December how long already
I want to see actual gameplay run in real time and then I’ll be high full
that’s true there was real time gameplay in there
though alright how does it sound guys how does it sound
dope slingers is eight out of ten seven that attend starter point but finish
with nice with final five seven alright my seven made a decent yeah if I was to
give it a review score I probably give it like a six point five to seven out of
ten maybe seven seven seven out of ten not bad short and sweet
short and sweet are you hyped for Monster Hunter no not really I’m not a
big monster hunter fan but yeah having a monster hunter in there that I swore in
the first footage of ice-born and front 57 that’s not bad Jeff mom with the dollar donation says
can you can you play power play seven battle team after this song absolutely
absolutely have to see ya give it like a see see see – katana Rick you said seven
out of ten didn’t really get excited until five out of seven okay
Burke my verdicts little one a ps4 dude I don’t know man butterfly something
Rene foods if it’s gonna be it’s gonna be beefy it’s gonna be really good looks
like it’s gonna be really good so what’d you see we have to wait and see them let’s see
here guys I’m gonna try something that I’ve never done before
and hopefully the stream doesn’t crash if you guys are experiencing issues let
me know but I’m gonna wait a minute no I have to edit I have to edit nevermind I
have to edit it I was gonna try to I’ll just upload my reaction but uh wait
let’s see here I’ll give it a seven bow fantasy seven
was good didn’t wanna waste too much time on other decent announcements okay
seven let’s see I can’t wait to hear out in the rule mottos always start when
seven five seven soundtrack this time – I think Monster Hunter world deals
eachother dragged on for too long yeah maybe maybe because that was like I
think they split two solid four to five minutes on the presentation so nearly
half or at least more than a quarter of the prepetition on one game Monster
Hunter but then again into the do that with uh with Super Smash Brothers but I
loved every second of it but it’s a little bit different from a game getting
its first revealed compared to a game that’s already been out for what a year
down or something like that so so yeah three point seven out of five they
showed uh so cover Killzone I would’ve burned so four out of five yeah I
thought that was so calm dude I thought it was so calm but it wasn’t so calm
break Robert II Frank Rodriguez says I agree with the C rating ok shoutouts
Frank shoutouts the Riverside game look like Pokemon quest yeah I did kind of GG
boosters I would say seven point five out of ten the only games that look
interesting to me were away Monster Hunter medieval and obviously five out
of seven remake well that’s a lot of the games that there wasn’t many games more
than that show so that means I don’t know if it does look arch yeah might
have been like an eight out of ten right music King says three out of ten tired
of seeing Fantasy seven well yeah I mean just having it be there in school but
yeah you’re right like the game has dragged on for quite some time so I mean
that game was announced in 2015 so we’re actually giving them kudos and credit
for finally showing off not even like a full like gameplay demo but showing off
like another trailer for years later so yeah when you look at it that way yeah
I mean it I guess it’s a little bit neutered a bit right muscles under
update was neat yeah that was good because there wasn’t enough to even
great it bar by 7 remake looks great that’s what the whole thing was for ok
things I would give it a 7 out of 10 5 by 7 saved it for me what do you think
about by the 7 will be an action RPG or episodic it’s gonna be an action RPG and
I don’t think it’s in the episodic anymore I think they’ll fix it part
misses I thought it was pretty good overall they had some new game
announcements as well look at medieval and par-5 7th and remake and also know
VR that’s true no VR you’re right about that no VR you’re absolutely right about
that so they did and then they also list of all people stuff like finish off on a
bang you know on something that we haven’t seen before so I mean but i
spending in the Absinthe offense everybody they know that everybody wants
to see Final Fantasy 7 remake so there you go
mon-star the DLC Final Fantasy 7 and a way look lit made the state of play a
mini mini a good watch stay to play mini a good walk 7 that attempt ok that’s
fair what I bought this is 5-7 took it from of 0 out of 10 to 5 out of 10 we’re
not going for a tough grader right enigma says 5 by 7 remake look so dope
and the best part for me is that I never got to play the original version but I
will also get my chance at some point in the future ok do they
show anything other than Midgard if not it might be still episodic they didn’t
show anything else but I think they send more to come June so I think they just
show like the game that supports of a game that are the most developed so I
don’t think it’s gonna be episodic I hope the fuck you want to kill the game
make it episodic you know what’s you know because you know what I’m gonna do
if it’s episodic I’m just gonna wait till it’s all complete them buy the game
when it’s complete and all on disk that’s what these stupid episodic games
do like or I mean if anything they’re gonna do it like a fantasy 13 which is a
pair based they claim that Final Fantasy 13 is one big game split into three
parts that’s what they claim but the problem is that I don’t really think
that was the way that the game was made I don’t think there’s a difference
between starting out a game that you already know the ending compared to a
game this brand new company 7 is a game that we already know about so if you
already know the endings there’s no point in doing in the episode that’s
stupid it’s really done so I really hope they
don’t do that do you think that Final Fantasy 15 DLC was canceled to have more
devs work on 5070 or wasn’t just a firefighting 15 DLC was not profitable
um no it was cancelled because the producer last the guy who was doing all
the DLC decided to go start his own studio so I think that’s the real reason
why it was cancelled and Arcadia says monster and a firefighter 7 look good so
5 out of 10 I bought Final Fantasy 7 abuse for
switch a few days ago because I never got a chance to play it so I have waited
well I don’t know why you already knew paatta bhedha’ 7 remake was coming that
game was announced in 2015 so why are you asking if you should have waited if
you wanted to maybe buy this game instead like there’s there’s sort of an
eclair you’re you’re paying what you get for dude like we already knew Final
Fantasy 7 remake this coming you already knew that so I don’t know why if you’re
trying to make a decision between the two like that’s I don’t get it you know
what I’m saying like it’s true they’re two completely different things about my
7 remake is little literally a new game the story’s gonna be the same but the
game is it doesn’t play like the 5 and 7 on the ps1 it’s action RPG it’s like
some type of action or turn-based ATV or action based game it’s not a regular
turn-based game they’re not standing like it’s it’s just not so I mean like
this game was announced a long time ago so and they did have trailers for and
they did say it was coming so I mean I don’t know like if you touch there’s
ocean I have waited like dude the game was announced in 2015 you know um let’s
see here I think they’re trying to incorporate the compilations of 5,007
into okay a compilation what do you mean by that
DJ King gave me says I think it’s gonna be episodic they only have shown Midgar
since the first reveal we know Midgar is basically the first three or five hours
of the game which is like 30 to 40 hours long dude if they do that that’s gonna
be a bad that’s gonna be a mistake man I’m so muscles when do you think this
game will actually going to come out father had seven roommate what do I
think it’s gonna come on I think it’s gonna come out next year next year happy
to see tetsuya nomura is finally finishing his game’s first final fantasy
15 kingdom hearts now bound by 7 remake well how does he finally see finally
finishing them well yeah I guess he’s finally finishing them but they’re
taking way too long though are you guys don’t think it’s gonna be episodic I
think we’re gonna have to wait and see alright if you guys have random
questions feel free to ask me questions as well I’ll be more than
happy to answer you guys as random questions so just tag me a player since
our hash tag player since if there’s someone new to the village basically
what we do here make sure you subscribe because I take questions from
subscribers you got to subscribe if you’re on YouTube that is so subscribe
and you’ll get your official shout out and then we take questions now so now
you can ask me any game related questions any game related questions
I’ll be more than happy to answer those for you and this camera I knew this
camera was zoomed in a little bit too much there you go oh let’s go thank you
so much for the support xeno beats with that $10 donation and
says dawn 57 looks great voice actors in both versions sound good just off a
Japanese state of play just to see hope it’s fine episodic maybe 20 21 20 22 III
will be great III will be great because they said more in June so we should get
more Final Fantasy 7 remake stuff in June I know you guys were saying oh they
just showed off Midgard but they might show off more later so so yeah so yeah
it’s all good I think I’m looking forward to the game I’m looking forward
to the game I don’t want this episodic crap though let’s see it’s almost almost
as squares should let monosoff come over there and do their job for them because
they can finish their games at a reasonable place that’s that doesn’t
even what you’re saying doesn’t even make sense
so square square Marvel soft is owned by Nintendo monolith soft doesn’t go work
for anybody else unless Nintendo says it unless Final Fantasy 7 remake is going
to be on the Nintendo switch why would why would intend to allow monolith soft
to go over to Square unless you’re just saying that like big adorably and not
act not like it actually being a real thing that doesn’t even make what you’re
saying doesn’t even make sense monolith soft they don’t have I mean
they they’re working on switch stuff they’re working on their own games
they’re not working on Final Fantasy anymore that’s that’s their own thing so
but so Square Enix to just finish their own games and Marvel stops to go work on
their own games monosoff has Xenoblade monosoff could maybe get back into a bot
botton kaitos borrows soft has a lot of IPS that they can get into like let’s
Square Enix worried about their IPs and let monosoff worry about what they got
it but everybody’s adults you you don’t say
they don’t need they don’t need square annex to come over or they don’t need
mile stuff to come over to them nah nah everybody work on their own stuff man
you know my mind their own things I don’t know why I don’t I sure as hell
don’t want that you know let’s square enix make the
final fantasy let monolith soft work make make the old late and make make
make maybe a new IP let them build their own legacy like look final fantasy for
them that’s the past hey guys we got Zeena now you know I’m
saying we’ve got a potential other eyepieces they can be developing let
them develop their own future why should they be worried about what they did in
the back about freaking about a square enix yeah maybe I’m just being okay yeah
that’s that’s a joke I said hopefully it’s a joke but no pick a different
company because I don’t want I mean even if it’s a joke it’s not a good joke I
don’t want mama stop going over there mr. Pete with the donations do super
judges can you play 47 Boston chief is the best girl actually I have to play
firefighter see seven battle theme first and then I’ll play the boss theme so
let’s do that jump on donated for that I’m sorry
final fantasy okay let’s go there zodiac age
re-mastered yes ozone baby says do you think Papa 7
remake will be the only thing important and squaring c3 no I think bravely
default of things you’d be there or other games I’m putting your song right
now shall semester dragon that you switch with the host man appreciate that
okay yeah it’s a figure of speech okay got it got it got it
okay sorry you know how what you guys know how I take my love song okay epic
Steve says that was definitely that would deftly speaking through me come on
man you knew you talked about I’m sorry man I’m sorry guys I’m sorry sorry sorry
I’m above that bottomless up had their own creative control over their own
eyepiece instead of Y squared Y final fantasy why can’t long ago stop have
their own creative control over their own why can’t they make their own I
don’t understand why these people fantastic Arthur this is just the name
they use different characters every single time a lot of the Final Fantasy
games have different battle systems and different characters so I mean I don’t
understand why they need to do the name all it is is disfigured of the final
fantasy why can’t they just create their own if mama stop was still up score
annex they would have created Xenoblade and would it just be called Final
Fantasy whatever you know what I’m saying it would have just been seen away
but with Final Fantasy but named Final Fantasy they’re creating their own Final
Fantasies at Nintendo I don’t understand why they it’s just made monolith soft
they make RPGs that could easily be called Final Fantasy and they never left
final square edits let’s just be real here guys let’s just
be real so I don’t understand why they need to have creative control they’re
making their own Final Fantasy it’s called Xenoblade you know what I’m
saying they’re making their own games I don’t I don’t understand this need for
like even if you guys are joking or even something but I don’t understand his
need for oh whoa they should make my furnace is why they have Xenoblade
they have that they can make a new IP they can make they can forge their own
path why me tied to Final Fantasy I don’t get it um let’s see here you see
the second news for the day yeah I already saw that charm oh I know you
like they bought two points I mean that’s that’s great but I mean I don’t
really have much to say about you guys they bought a studio let me take a hotel
game or something like that so I mean it’s great but I mean I don’t really to
be honest I’m not really I’m only care too much because the type of game that
that studio makes but oh that’s cool that’s good for Sega the second I don’t
want Mossop to work on PAL fancy Pepsi uh takahashi left it Square and started
my almost off to get square was obsessively fun fantasy exactly they’re testing your tolerance for jokes
and China Ryu up that’s fine go ahead and do it after Final Fantasy 7 remake
do you think they’ll make a new Final Fantasy or remake an old pal fantasy
make a new IP after around they’ll probably make a new foot they’re
probably working on new maybe they’re working on new Final Fantasy what score
do you give their presentation I got like a six point five seven out of ten
this is point five to seven out of ten oh all right so let’s let’s get some
more music going here guys ba Fantasy seven fasting it’s not a very good hype but
it’s not a very good hypothetical in my opinion to be honest why I don’t I don’t
understand the hypothetical I kept pathetical of it to be honest I don’t
but that’s fine if you want if you want to say go ahead I’m just responding to
what somebody says that’s like that’s it that’s all I’m doing you say something I
respond to it as I respond to three unless you guys want me to lie to you I
could just know that’s a great idea I can do that if you want me to and mine
but I’m not a liar so I’m not gonna do let’s see your Spurs vs. wasn’t
Xenogears originally picked pitched the Final Fantasy 7 I have no idea making
chases final fantasy and gentle boy series is great they’re both good and I
like the Xenoblade more but yeah but I’m pretty good did the combat system just
look like a fantasy 15 let’s see your Rockstar should work on
file fancy yeah exactly that’s docket that best work on the rock star oh my
gosh that would be interesting I give this direct a seven out of ten yep Xenogears was deep too dark to be a
Final Fantasy game so there you go could easily been about anything but two dark
hearts fries with the $5 donation cuz please play persona 5 last surprise my
family jewels you know what I cannot play family jewel stuff because they’re
the people who are the people’s not own but the people that are partner but
finally jewels they copyright claim their music so I cannot play it but I
can play persona 5 last surprise I can play the regular one but I can’t play
anything through family jewels because they do copyright playing music it had
it stuck in my head all day hopefully we’ll be stuck in somebody else’s thanks
for the comment thank you so much art supplies but yeah unfortunately I cannot
play anything the family jewels the copyright claim to my their octa pathing
and we took them like three weeks all right two weeks to get it um
you know and while it’s doing that like you know you’re losing those abilities
of that amount I’m not gonna be boys I’m not even gonna entertain you know
playing anything from them I’m bored but yeah shout out sad off the family
jewels good good stuff but I will play persona 5 last surprise
no word on personify scramble no no word on that
hi Oh Jay I think we can we’re giving the state of play event a six out of
five of ten I still see more to play more of my blind playthrough about my
seventh Arnot all right think about Riga says do you think they’ll streamline and
change the few things up on 27 I thought uh chocolate ball stuff and a few of the
other cyclists I think so I think that definitely I change it yeah wasted
pieces I will say rather remake would be a standard ATV and not an action-rpg
yeah it might be a standard ATV it could be standard HDD
Justin William says what’s up man what do you think will be Nintendo and it’s a
bit what do you think Nintendo’s and available now of announcement hey what’s
up man what do you think will be Nintendo’s and it’s available now
announcement at e3 or there will be a little even v1 I have no idea but a
bailable announcement I mean if anything that those were like indie games or any
demos so maybe like a demo for like Luigi’s Mansion 3 or something like that
so maybe like some type of demo for one of the games
I don’t know about any actual like League games a lot of spreading stick
someone can go up there big premiere titles because they have a lot of their
games take a lot of time and effort to make because they like to make
top-of-the-line graphics on top of that they take a lot of time just because of
that the technology they usually working with but force 4x will always work with
internal stuff right so they work with like aluminous engines or their own
engines which are difficult to develop for it but now that they switch over to
Unreal Engine 4 it that can make they can probably cut down the time that it
takes to make their games so that’s the reason why all right so let’s see here
um let’s play some persona 5 last surprise let me know how it sounds once
it starts up guys ok are you doing nothing waxing up this yeah you have the
ozone baby we have TV podcast at six box on about a little bit over two and a
half hours for a little bit about two and a half hours from now we have the PD
podcast so yeah I say over your shadow dropped Ori I mean yeah maybe something
like that yeah maybe Sony needs to improve the state of play
that was uninspired I could understand why you’re saying it’s uninspired it
necessarily wasn’t bad but maybe a little uninspired yeah I can I can see
why you’re saying that but it wasn’t horrible
what’s better than the last one right the spread miss managed to uh at times
yeah Big Mo says do you like the action direction or would you like it to be
turbines I’d like it to be a TV at the cannon all right take it easy jump on back for
coming out to the stream shadow pictures do you think offensive and remake is
closer to completion that we think due to there being a dub in the trailer
or was it dub just for the trailer ah the dub might be over with so I think
it’s closer to being released then maybe we might think I think it’s gonna be 20
points we’re saying 2021 let’s see I will block I will unblock her let me see
marquel let me let me try to see if I can unblock your account right now
somebody accidentally blocked you when were you accidentally blocked are you
sure your main stream wasn’t banned like banned from like YouTube I wish you can actually type in search I we have so many people wrong well somebody made a soccer parody I don’t see I’m gonna have to find it
later cuz I don’t see me here my favorite was I’m not black I’m okay
player after player no since that’s my favorite block dude I don’t see your name there’s so
many people here I’m gonna have to look it up later
all right a TV is that little bit no a TV active Time battle made it up for a
few minutes I love this song yo shots the grubby what’s up man and you’re
almost gonna be reneged on user what’s good I think final fantasy 7 part 1 will
be a PS 5 launch title I don’t want it to be episodic but I think it will be uh
yeah I mean I don’t think it’s I don’t know what’ll Swiper Sonic big guys I
really don’t I really don’t know about this is I can watch this stream just
fine on my main account everybody’s going to replace it and said it neatly
deleted yeah dude I have no idea man I’m gonna I’m gonna have to look involved I’m just
gonna have to look at it I don’t see your name I mean the originally said
it’ll be epic Adak but they kind of backtracked on that though didn’t they
quest for gamers this place is how’s it going how how’s it going man how you
guys doing all right so here’s it here’s the deal guys here’s what we’re gonna do
we’re gonna stream till about 4:00 something maybe so if you guys have
random questions feel free to answer putting your questions I’ll be more than
happy to answer them okay we’re gonna stream to about maybe 4 o’clock for 15
I’m here on the west coast so that’s the reason what I’m saying the time that’s
probably behind where you guys are living so yeah so that’s about maybe
another 20 30 minutes we’re gonna go thank you so much big Bailey with a $10
donation show the support today man showing the support today big Bailey
says ok would you buy a position for now or wait till next year for a new one oh
ok so here’s the thing big Danny I know you’re a busy man because I know a
little bit about you I know you’re a busy man you’re probably working got
stuff to do I think at this point don’t buy a ps4 in your situation and if
you’ve got nothing to do you know what I’m saying hey all you do is play video
games all day which I know that’s not you because you said that you go to work
then yeah absolutely go buy a position for if you’re a college student or
something like that you got time on your hands
feel free right out there go buy a ps4 however if you don’t have time on your
hands and you can’t play a lot of games and you order yet you have a backlog and
you already have switch or something like that or you already have an Xbox
one and you’ve got games to play just wait for the PS 5 because the PS 5 is
probably to be backwards compatible the last thing you’re gonna want to do is
buy a ps4 now and then PS 5 comes out next year and it’s backwards compatible
and oh and by the way it’s 3 inches dollar or sorry it’s it’s $400 so it’s
not even that much more than what you pay you can save $15 a month from now
until next year and have enough money to buy a ps4 if you added it on top sorry a
PS 5 if you added on top of what the ps4 is you know what I’m saying so there’s
no point in my opinion there’s no point in buying a ps4 now because there’s
probably gonna be a PS 5 next year and it’s gonna be reverse compatible they
actually confirm that so why buy a ps4 when you can get a ps5
and at the ps5 spor hundred dollars bread you know that’s gonna be pretty
good that’s gonna be pretty good so yeah so yes I would wait I would wait there’s
no point if you if you don’t have it at this point I think it’s time to wait I
think it’s just time to wait because you’re probably already playing other
things but thank you big baby I appreciate that I do appreciate the ten
dollar donation I appreciate the support so Moses Solomon Solo says if square
shows off anything bravely default lady do you think it’ll be at their own press
conference or a Nintendo I think it might be at both Nexus would you would
you like to know about some persona 5 code names and masks I thought about
some potential smash DLC characters what I like to know to be I’ll be completely
honest with you neck I really don’t care one way or another but you’re free to
mention them if you want and tag me and I’ll read them off but what I actually
care to no no not really I’m just telling I’m just being honest
with you though let’s say your grubby canine says I’m down for episodic I’m
not versus could YouTube be acting up again it could be but I gotta check
through all these bands though thanks for the advice not no problem ma’am what
did I think of it I thought it was okay I thought it was solid six point five to
seven out of ten Shadow King says I think episodic thing came from
cyberconnect2 now that it’s in-house I think they went back to a regular game
remember cyberconnect2 made two series of episodic games in dot hack yeah it
could be central would be 6:00 p.m. are you talking tonight no it’s 6 p.m.
Pt so central would be like 8:00 right Frank or would it be 6 that I can you
talk about the PE podcast that’s exactly what I’m doing yeah waiting for ps5 ones
PS 5 coming again PS 5 is probably coming fall 2020 probably fall 2021 baby
says do you think Sony censorship policies effects from fat it’s 7 remake
development particularly tifa’s design since it was a rarely shown in the
trailer well guys there’s still more to show up there’s still more to show off
so I don’t know a tifa’s design isn’t doesn’t fall under like a negativity
with she’s not exposing there’s no nudity with her design so I don’t think
she’s gonna get censored in any way but there’s there’s no nudity in her
design she just has you know she’s just shaped she’s just curvy well up here
curvy and she just she’s just wearing some short shorts and a tank top I mean
that’s really all at the end of day that’s all it is so I don’t really think
it’s I don’t think it’s gonna be a problem
goose game or away –bread both Jake – who says these pathetic losers on
Twitter really irked me sometimes I’ve seen an awful people say terrible things
about voice actors who do dubs for anime and video games yeah people say some
stupid stuff but you just got back whatever man I mean I’m not down for
apps like my bad lol yeah listen yeah I don’t think deep is gonna be an issue
but Rodriguez is not I was talking about when you’re gonna oh and the current
stream yeah yeah sorry 6:00 yeah 6:00 p.m. central so yeah we’re gonna go for
about maybe 15 more minutes or not unless we get some like you know good
questions a lot maybe I can extend it a bit
so is this episodic things still though um I was the confirmed but still it
wasn’t deacon I don’t think it is I think what cyberconnect2 was doing it
was but I think after cyberconnect2 like somebody said in the chat I don’t think
it’s gonna be some type of episodic thingy you know I don’t think it’s gonna
be that anymore I’ll be honest I don’t think it is I think it’s just gonna be
straight-up you know final fantasy but that’s just me that’s just me I don’t
know we’re gonna have to wait and see guys I don’t I don’t know I don’t
there’s no definitive answer that I can give you guys that’s the truth that’s
like oh yeah that’s right you know you know so so there you go
my reaction to all of this will be up in a bit okay guys so my reaction to my
reaction to the what’s it called will be up it’ll be up in a bit it’ll be up in
the meantime before we do the PE podcast keep it to Pig for some folks
uber Square says they didn’t say first on ps4 this time so you think it’s no
longer type of exclusives mainly the Xbox got mainly an Xbox guy but I don’t
mind paying playing on my ps4 either um they didn’t
say first on PlayStation 4 so there might be a good chance that it
is a decimal on Xbox at the same time but then again they might have just not
said it there they might have just wanted to wait you know and say
something on some other time so yeah it could be that too you know Spears’s I
don’t think people will be an issue but they might censor the Shiva summons they
make good sense yeah okay sure yeah yeah the Shiva summons or sieve of summons
yeah absolutely that might be an issue yeah that’d be 8 p.m. CT gotcha
one of the big ones is there have been claims by xbox fans that PlatinumGames
used the money that Microsoft gave them for scalebound or other games they were
working on at the same time any truth no that’s not that’s not the way the game
development usually works here’s what usually happens so I did they use the
money for for like astral chain or something like that no basically here’s
what happened you you know you’re you’re given money usually these companies are
given money to develop games now while you’re developing the game you’re given
basically money to turn the lights on and to do whatever like you get the
money and that pays for the development of the game when Microsoft ended the
development of the game that was done the normal more money was being paid so
now well I don’t have exact details of the contract or anything there’s no way
to determine one way or another how much money was paid upfront if they were
paying them on a weekly basis like hey development is gonna cost this much a
week or developments gonna cost that much a week or development monthly
develop we have no way in terms of how they were paid some developers in terms
of publishing deals are paid upfront some of them are paid every month how
that’s progressing some of them are paid every three months or half year or
whatever the case is you know so they can review the game and see if
everything’s going good so since we don’t know how the development was paid
for the game like whether it was a weekly being it was a monthly peen it
was whatever there’s no way to sit here and say that
they used the money for something else because they were developing the game
because there was a demo right there was an actual demo that they were that they
were playing there was footage of the game there was there was content on
there now if there’s nothing if there’s no footage of the game and there was
that’s maybe that’s fair that’s fair right for example like aliens colonial
marines the Wii U version dude likes a guy gave them money to develop a Wii U
version and it never I think I think think gearbox gave that money to
somebody else the developer with u version so that might have been misuse
of funds but I mean that’s just basically you know how it works so no I
wouldn’t say that they use the money for something else you know or a different
game though I think they wanted they let’s Hideki Kamiya you know – I think
you wanted to complete scale down so Derrick Smith donated $1 with no message
so thank you Dex but I appreciate the tall donation my boy thank you let’s see
what’s the release date for ps5 there’s no solid release date Frank it’s just I
it’s just they just said that it’s coming out not in a year from when they
had that that so it’s not coming out anytime within the next year so it’s not
coming out anytime within the next year at this point that means it’s coming out
sometime in the fall probably probably fall 2020 or like probably like November
you know Eric Eric H with the subscription thank you so much Eric H
welcome to looting the village of player 7h a please welcome brand new Gannon
Eric H to the village what has anybody checked Twitter or
anything like that what are people saying in this news about this whole
Nintendo Direct thing or startup it’s a state of play what are what are what are
people what are people saying you know what are people saying like are they
saying that it was good are they saying that it was bad what are people saying um I think the plat I I think the thing
with platinum wasn’t that they were using money for other projects but that
they would it would take devs off the project and move them to others it’s all
just speculation but that doesn’t that doesn’t matter like you paid them so you
wanna PlatinumGames develop thing if they’re moving des maybe because they
don’t want to work on that game or they’re gonna work on something
different and you you fill the spot with somebody else I mean like I don’t think
that’s in the contract that this person this person this person this person this
person has to work on the game they just have to give them the money then they
work on the game so Alonso vines says I wonder how they will handle the
crossdress section in the remake I don’t know the same way I have no idea walk
away and CD space versus executive meddling from Microsoft also hurts
scalebound allegedly michael brian says when I read the comments by platinum on
scalebound this week I think they they are damage controlling to stop Microsoft
getting a backlash when the game is announced for switch I don’t know about
that we’ll have to wait and see right on up England says I heard this on Xbox fan
podcast the said it’s a fact that platinum used money for near that’s what
the etc they called platinum I think these meant like oh the the B
word yeah I think they’re just I think some Xbox fans are a little salty over
the whole thing I’ve heard Xbox fans get very salty at Adam you know I had a at
Platinum Games but they used it for near why would they I mean they use it for
near to fret to come on the Xbox like the Xbox one I don’t look listen guys um
if they you misappropriated the funds or didn’t use the funds in a certain way I
doubt Microsoft little work with them to get near on the Xbox because I think
Microsoft paid for that expert for near to be ported over to the Xbox
digital-only so so no I don’t I don’t think that’s the case state of play was
pretty good anyone hey down there’s just pure haters okay well here’s the thing
though here’s the reason why I’d say that anybody hitting on it is just pure
haters the thing about it dude is that like look Final Fantasy 7 remake that
was the most thing right but like Popeye 7 remake was
announced in 2015 you know what I’m saying like if and they didn’t even show
like they did they still didn’t show like an actual demo of like normal
gameplay they just sort of gameplay snippet so it’s not even like we got
like we I mean what they showed from Monster Hunter was more developed and
better and just for pure not not in terms of what you like more but just
like what they showed it seemed like monster and it was more in-depth than
what they should with Final Fantasy you know final fantasy 15 and it’s been it’s
been four years I think that’s the only issue why some people might say like
okay this wasn’t great like okay well we want the game now like how many years
does it take so I can understand from that point of view but I mean I thought
it was okay I thought it like yeah I think that if you think it’s like just
god-awful for ten minutes that’s actually not too bad you know so let’s
see here don’t crush my dreams Oh J what dreams are you talking about Oh
scalebound yeah well what the wait and see but it’s definitely an improvement
from last time right it’s definitely an improvement so but yeah pad off fantasy seven
definitely not bad and it’s trending they’ve got people talking about Final
Fantasy seven so that’s good the Albee I’ll be picking it up for the
ps4 Pro 9 point 4 K likes and 3 point 9 K dislikes on state of play
okay so much better than last time right the last state of play was like 5
billion dislikes so yeah people generally thought it was it was better
but still a quite a number of people disliked it though yeah people thought
people thought it was better so far at least some dude says I don’t I don’t
think state of play was bad but it just wasn’t great either or a lack of PSP I
was A+ though yeah people complain so much about psvr they took it out because
it’s like the thing about PSP our guys at the end of the day it’s just gonna be
it’s just it’s just not something that most people are gonna get like the PS 5
is gonna outsell all PS we are in like you know and like I got month or two or
whatever you know so it’s just like psvr there’s just too many people that have
like I deficiencies and like some people only have one eye or some people just
have I problems it’s just like it’s just not it’s just it’s just it’s just not it
you know but VR is cool for those who like it but it’s just it’s never gonna
be like a super super mainstream thing to where you need to sit there and talk
about VR for like 30 minutes in a presentation or something so that’s the
katana Riku with the dog donation with that photo gasket with that with that
shimmy sad-ass katana Riku says can you play Dreamz on the shore of another
world from Chrono Cross I really wish that you asked for a different scars of
time from Chrono Cross instead but I will play your song I think scars of
time is such an amazing sound from Chrono Cross the shore this is a good song to them
this is this is definitely good song let me know how it sounds guys if they centered it on VR would have
been better let’s go experiences what they did show this time
was good but it still didn’t have a soul of antenna good yeah it’s not it’s not
an antenna they don’t have the games to be a quick you to them right
they don’t one of the games and it’s lacking it’s lacking the fun atmosphere
and liked it like but the history the fun atmosphere it’s lacking the facial
presentation where somebody’s there you know presenting you the games that
lacks the touch it feels like a soulless corporation looked at it in kendo direct
not seen that Sony is but it feels like they looked at the intended drug they
said we want that but we don’t have anybody with anybody that can do it
so let’s manufacture let’s manufacture a Nintendo that’s what it’s a field it
feels like a focus group developed Nintendo Direct
you know let’s cut all the fat out let’s cut all the like the the nice little
bouncy sounds and things that Nintendo Direct does and the presentation and
let’s just make it let’s let’s let’s manufacturer let’s manufacture up better
or faster moving intend oh good that’s what that’s what state of play feels
like not that that’s bad that’s fine that’s that’s fine but it’s never gonna
have the appeal that into no direct cast is because Sony unfortunately we’re not
even unfortunately fortunately I think it’s always a different company right
fortunately for them they have third-party they have all that so
without there being such an intense focus on first party games you’re never
gonna get that same type of feel the type of like
connection with the bands unfortunately but what losing yeah it doesn’t the
artificial because we created something to to to go against this it almost feels
like what are the plots of some of these loops at Blade Runner I can Ken robots
feel emotion I it’s like the gaff you know what I’m saying if there’s a big
gap that’s like can we feel pain when do when do robots die and then all of a
sudden like the freakin the quarians were like I’m Mass Effect nerd here okay
the quarians weren’t what the hell why is a freaking death talking about like
emotion it feels to me like it was manufactured you know not not
necessarily born out of something that they want to do but manufactured to do
something that that’s how it feels nothing like I said that’s not not that
it’s a bad thing get their cool right but but you know you guys know what it
is it feels like yeah it feels like this it does it feels it feels very lifeless
very very lifeless like I said which isn’t necessarily a bad thing and I’m
gonna play scars of time because I want to oh one more we’re expanding we’re
expanding your ear songs your song choice katana Riku oh is it really that bad no it just
feels lifeless like I said it just feels like place I mean it does does it not
does not feel like what’s a bit it does Jax night subscribe thank you so much
Jack’s night welcome to leave the Bills of player
that’s everybody had the chat please welcome to Jack’s night to the village so he doesn’t have time for Nintendo Kid
fun this is straight for hardcore gamers pretty much let’s see plus there’s motion sickness I
do something oh you’re talking about like the are yeah it’s like you said
that they are there to have more games so now especially when ps5 is a let’s
play to fable you better yeah it will be better think about forces Michael’s
confirmed yes it might because there’s nobody actually that you see you know
when you see a direct into the director’s vision you see Kakashi
you see Reggie you know role Reggie’s not there but like in the direction to
EB directions you see him talking about it you see him interacting so it feels
like there’s a motion to it this just feels like that like a like a like the
Alexa talking to you you know what I’m saying it feels like an Alexa like
talking to you like Alexa play copy Nintendo Direct Alexa play state of play
you know that’s what it feels like to me we look at Alexa machine tomato flight was actually good today
y’all kisses oh we’re saying that just because it was lifeless doesn’t mean
that it wasn’t good this is we’re trying to describe the
state of play we see we’re not saying it not not everybody saying that it was bad
or horrible we’re saying that it feels like this and it does it feels robotic
and lifeless it feels come on let’s be real here there’s no person presenting
it’s a very synthetic type of woman voice that’s going like it doesn’t feel
like somebody is presenting this information it feels manufactured this
is truth this is truth come on man nobody say I’m not nobody but we’re not
saying that it’s bad I’m not saying that it’s horrible it’s trashed here we’re
just saying that the state of play in general feels venue back stirred and
lifeless not the thirst bed not that it was bad it just feels like that’s all
we’re trying to say more more gameplay footage of Final Fantasy 7 remake that
was basically oh and Monster Hunter ice-born is coming out this September
meanwhile x2 start talking okay I did I know that’s why I unplugged my Alexa
inside my room because I actually have liked to Alexis I am plugged the one
inside my room cuz it kept on turning on sorry about that Lizzie you Bruce
Christians what what would a Zelda made baby platinum be like a Zelda made baby
platinum be like what does that mean Sony’s a tech company Nintendo is not
true iceborn yeah I think it’s gonna be ice born for Pete like every system
right I don’t think it’s gonna be exclusive like the PlayStation like the
ice porn expansion how come Oh Jay gets a music the music choice without a
breath I’m a donate to myself get the music choice let’s go any other questions guys like I said I
said I’d go till 4:00 I gotta get that uploaded and then start the podcast by
6:00 so I think we still have some time about maybe 15 maybe about 15 minutes or
a little bit less than that Zelda made by platinum I don’t think I
want to sell the game made by platinum unless it’s like an action RPG like a
spin-off not like this not like the main series of Zelda games his astral chain
worth playing a show chain isn’t out yet but yes it’s probably worth playing
watch my videos neck watch my videos on astral chain type in national chain into
my channel then ask then then you’ll see if it’s worth playing don’t don’t just
come to the live streams and ask a bunch of questions and talk about persona
names and all that stuff go to the videos watch the videos online if you if
you if you’re interested in games like Marvel also de Lyonne so if you said an
astral chain and all that stuff like that
watch the videos they’ll they’ll tell you a lot of information so make sure
you watch them but yes it I think it’ll be worth playing because it’s platinum
games based on what I’ve seen so far I think it’s gonna be worth playing it
isn’t it is an exclusive Sony’s just marketing marketing rights is all yeah
maybe I don’t know about marketing rights but like I think maybe they just
decided to just say yeah it’s on this you know so there you go dude oh my gosh
yo we are actually one away we are one brand-new elite ninja away let’s do it
let’s do it guys can we get it this stream though
shoutouts I didn’t even notice that 164 let’s go any other questions guys or are we all
quite are you guys are you guys all questioned out and you guys had enough
drama and questions for the day is a solution actually co-op it is co-op I
thought for a second the character is just a companion like nearly well it is
and you’ll have that companion but I don’t I don’t think in co-op you’re
gonna be using the companion I think you’re actually gonna have like the
second character there and then you guys are both gonna have companions lesions
on the stage fighting but there is co-op elements or there just might be like
co-op offline co-op you know maybe mission mode or something like that so
we don’t know yet amazing he amazing donation thank you so
much through super chat chic and Zelda look upon you my boy thank you know
insider did confirm sony has marketing rights for most on ok marketing rights
marketing rights alright so there you go marketing rights I’m the penguin says
what genre do you think Nintendo or genres leading the fan I was lacking in
in their first party content they seem to have wanted to fill action genre with
actual chain but what else well they don’t really have any first-person
shooters but yeah they first-person shooters are there they can do that or
maybe like story driven games I don’t know
visual novels and they don’t have any sports games either so maybe stuff like
that more like the western-style games they don’t really have many racing games
either outside like Mario Kart yo shoutouts let’s go Juan Castillo fitness
with that elite ninja membership thank you so much Itachi is about to grace our
presence here thank you so much for the freaking straight down my boy Juan let
me tell you what you get my man you get emotes you got exclusive access that you
must go and hit that smiley face down there in the chat got some brand new
emotes that you can use also you get access to our exclusive discourse where
you can play Super Smash Brothers Mario Kart and more games against the elite
ninja and myself we’re pretty much ramping up our gameplay days and
Saturday I want to try to run the first ever like elite ninja day on player
essence where all the elite ninja were learning playing games for multiple
hours on Saturday I want to try to do it and see how it works out Saturday to get
more people to join up and also to make sure
people get enough game time so we’re gonna cycle through multiple games like
play like Mario Cart Smash Brothers maybe arms and we’re just gonna do that
leading up to the spawn cast so I think that’s gonna be a way to get more value
for you guys and also get more people to also join in as well because we’re
trying to hit this one engine 75 member goal and then by the end of the year I
want to be like at 500 or more so I think that that would really help out so
you guys are gonna get a lot more gameplay days and like I said if we if
we don’t get as many during the week Saturdays I’m gonna I’m gonna clear my
schedule and make that for you guys there on Saturdays so at least at least
two to three times a month at least two to three times a month we’re gonna have
that Saturdays are just pretty much game play days from not a 24-hour game stream
no not a 24-hour game stream like more like like a five to six hour game stream
where we’ll play games and cycle through different games a lot of 24 hour stream
though because 24 hour streams are stupid and people shouldn’t be doing
them but I understand why people do them but yeah like 24 hour streams aren’t so
aren’t something that you should be doing twelve hours tops twelve hours
tops would you prefer splatoon three or more
splatoon to DLC so two and three oh my gosh I just lost state of play five I
said I’m gonna cry yeah it’s pretty good JC swarm says good energy stream stream
dude I’m have a good one all right man take it easy
my name is Oh Jay though Thank You JC swarm appreciate it the players is gonna
stream do you have a good one I take it easy bro
fine down join anyway might as well help meet that goal yo shoutouts yes we are
there 165 now like I said once we get to 175 we are going to do a we are going to
do a exclusive exclusive Fire Emblem three houses hardcore playthrough so
that’s gonna be a lot of fun that’s gonna be a ton of fun all right any other questions guys or shall I
think shall we call it there I kind of want to make it to three hours so I like
a nice solid 3-hour stream but stated play was trash because we didn’t get the
next smash bros ultimate DLC character else
okay it was trash because we didn’t get freakin what was it we need to get
PlayStation all-stars battle royale to like DC was trying to say dude Randy
Pitchford is out of control okay what did randy pitchford do today do you take
two blue sexy jutsu my man what did randy pitchford do today what
did he do today man what did he do today was there anything else that he did
today come on man really oh my gosh that’s funny though that’s really funny we didn’t get animal crossing so that
that’s the reason why I say the play was trash because we didn’t get animal
crossing I didn’t you know what I knew it I knew it I knew it Battlefront access I enjoy when you
stream i’ll cart with the elite ninja it’s always fun when’s the next yeah the
next one from Mario Kart today’s Thursday so I’m thinking that the next
one might be this Saturday when we can get that where we can kind of get all
the Mario Kart and everything in I want to see tonight add the PE podcast but
I’m probably going to have to work so I wanted to stream arms tonight but I’m
unfortunately because of state of play and everything and I forgot about that
when I was talking about unfortunate I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to
stream arms and then tomorrow is saints row so we’re gonna be playing Saints Row
3 cos I know a lot of you guys gonna want to see the gameplay to see if you
want to buy it or not that’s a game stuff exclusive and I think game in the
UK so where tomorrow’s gonna be saints row that we’re gonna be playing for a
good amount of time so and guys a lot of the footage that’s already came out be
careful a lot of that’s pirate like a lot of that that’s pirated gameplay
footage so I’m gonna actually have the full real game not the ISO so yeah so
we’re gonna be playing that tomorrow so and there’s co-op in that game you know
so we’ll see we’ll see what if we do some of that too I don’t know I don’t
really know how the game is I’ve never played it I think I’ve played a little
bit of it but like a demo or something I don’t remember I don’t remember the game
basically so basically I haven’t played it but either way we’re gonna be doing
that tomorrow so I’d probably say the next time that we play Mario Kart would
be Saturday and we’ll do Smash Brothers Mario Kart and maybe arms so we’ll do
two hours and we might rotate on each one or like an hour and a half and
rotate on each one leading up to the to the spawn cast so so yeah and then we’ll
also have PE live on Saturday too so we’ll also have PE live in the morning
I’m gonna wake up early and get probably a video done I’m gonna do PE live and
then we’ll probably take a little bit of break and then we’ll do and then we’ll
do we’ll do like that I don’t know what I’m gonna call time I’m gonna call like
Elite Saturdays or something Elite I don’t know I’ll think of a name I’ll
think of something let’s see here when did we get animal crossing it’s called
away that’s the route that’s like busy on that’s like that elite that’s like
the the hardcore animal cross and that’s for like the hardcore fans of Animal
Crossing you want the real Animal Crossing this is this is it chief this
is it this is it this is it oh well it has something to do with
original claptrap voice actor oh it’s crazy man yeah how he potentially
physically assaulted the claptrap voice actor yeah I heard about that oh my gosh
dude this man Randy Pitchford dude I swear man this guy’s nuts yeah he’s not
so that time but I but we you know you know you buying Borderlands 3 though you
know you buying Borderlands 3 though you know you buying it one I will have a
discord link posted on the community page you can check it out right now but
you have to scroll down probably a little bit but I’ll probably post a
fresh link if you’re still watching so make sure you sign up on discord and
I’ll get you into like to the to the streams to play games against me and
stuff like that so wait a minute it still it still says 164 so are we at 164
165 which one which one it says it says elite ninja right over here and it says
164 so oh yeah 164 165 what’s going on here I don’t want to be inaccurate which
one no it says 165 it just takes a while to
update because it just does it says 165 does it well oh I don’t over here over
here it says 165 but I’m talked about over here it says for me it says 164 but
maybe you guys are seeing something different that was it says 164 my street
this year er Moses man Ely is streaming Dragon’s
Dogma there’s only 8 viewers go watch it or you want us to rate her is that what
you want well I’m still streaming so let me finish my stream and then we can raid
Mandy okay so let’s let’s finish off with these
questions here guys I want to make this a solid I’m gonna make this a solid
three hours so I’ll stream for another 7 minutes so you guys got 7 minutes of
questions that’s not too much longer to stream for right guys I think that
that’s good and then we can we can shift over to Mandy shipped over to Mandy once
we’re done here so let me just finish this stream then we’ll get Mandy next
the elite ninja it says 164 yeah next the elite ninja says 164 yeah because I
I’m annually type this in this is stuff that I mainly type in however this stuff
over here is automatically automatically generated by the software that I use
stream lamps and I pay I pay for all this that stuff that you guys see
here this block right here I pay I pay monthly for all this and the stuff that
you guys see above that bar above here and that little Twitter thing that
rotates and the thing right underneath there I pay for all these graphics and
like the background that you guys see the like the space thing in the
background I pay for that that’s that’s all that’s an app that I use so it’s
secondary to what’s running on soup it’s plugged into the base of stream labs so
it probably takes a while to update but when I go over to my my members on
stream labs like on the on the Internet it says 165 so it’s just taking a little
bit to update that’s all just pointing it out to people she needs more views
yeah I understand but I mean like it’s it’s a little Jarboe I’m sure I’m pretty
so you didn’t mean it in a bad way but if somebody’s streaming and then you
tell people go watch her stream vulvar that’s kind of rude to the streamer
who’s still streaming you know what I’m saying but if you’re saying hey you want
to think a better way to frame it next time is like hey we should raid Mandy
you know after you’re done with the stream you know because she’s streaming
there’s like she can use some more viewers I think that’s a better way to
frame it than saying telling people to go watch man he only has 8 viewers you
know and just it’s just like the way that you frame it but I know you didn’t
mean anything bad from it though I know you didn’t mean anything bad from it you
know so that’s like it says how many copies did the original Xenoblade sell
the original Xenoblade Nintendo hasn’t officially announced how many copies it
sold but from what I understand it’s sold over a million guys oh my gosh ok
listen so the person who’s projared I think I
don’t think his name is separated all right but just to let you know
impersonation is against YouTube TOS so you probably want to stop you know
making an account and doing stuff like that that is impersonation of somebody
else and that is against YouTube TOS so you probably don’t want to do that man
like I understand you’re trying to you know have a little bit of fun it’s funny
but I mean come on man come on you know – Magnezone says what would you like to
see from a new gen system a new gen system I don’t even know at this point
man I would just I just want to see great games that’s it
Final Fantasy Final Fantasy and poke firefighter see program will never be
good against the state of play was that was a L sorry was it
unfortunate you think that that’s unfortunate 5 5 7 remake wasn’t was
amazing well it’s been amazing for the past five
years or four years or whatever you know so it’s been amazing for a long time I
think it’s time to actually get us a release date and you know when are we
gonna be able to play the game that’s what I want to know but yeah you’re
right it was amazing no it wasn’t amazing it was a time when seven was
amazing to see the game running it looks good it looks really good let’s see I
love Final Fantasy 15 loved Kingdom Hearts 3 and rumancek looks like my
might I think I’m a type of game so yeah according to Twitter they have a launch
date planned okay they have a launch day plan but they don’t have a launch that
they don’t actually have a launch date any other questions guys yes stated the EA stated they were
shiftingfocus you think they found me farming intend oh hell naw that just
means that they’re not gonna be sitting there putting as many microtransactions
in games like they used to that doesn’t mean shifting our focus to
Nintendo third yeah he’s never gonna support a Nintendo like they used to
support Nintendo I don’t think it’s gonna happen unless something drastic
happens in the industry that’s not happening that’s not at all all right
guys we’re pretty much at the end of the stream here I do want to do something
before you guys go we got a lot of new subscribers today I think we got like 15
to 20 subscribers during the stream although it wasn’t updating normally
throughout the like with the little hole caucus stuff that happens so that’s okay
thank you to all the new subscribers that subscribed we do have a bunch of
videos on the channel a bunch of videos on the channel make sure you guys check
them out so one video that I want you guys to watch is a video on bad dynamics
which support and code vane so if you haven’t seen that code Vayne is back and
it’s actually looking a lot better than when we when we last saw it so check out
that video if you haven’t done so and there is a pretty cool game that’s
probably being ported over to the intend oh switch from Bandai Namco so you’re
gonna want to watch that next up is the tendo’s III plants so Nintendo has some III plans that are
gonna be pretty beefy which we talked about so if you missed that during this
stream I have a breakdown all of it all the breakdown on tendo’s III plans right
there so make sure you guys check out the videos we have Fire Emblem three
houses if you want to get it to fire um the world of fire if you want to know
more about Fire Emblem we have two videos let’s talk about the characters
the gameplay and what you can expect coming up with Fire Emblem three houses
so make sure you guys check out those videos too also another video guys I
need your help we need to get this video to ten thousand use and the past week
believe it or not which is really good here guys I really like what we’re doing
it’s it’s slow but sure we’re getting multiple videos getting back to that ten
thousand marker that I used to get to all the time in the past week we’ve had
the band had a video the Fire Emblem video and now in this video that I’m
about to link to you all about to hit 10,000 views which is incredible I
haven’t done that in years since like 2017 was the last time that we had three
videos in one week at 10k which is amazing thank you guys for the support
so please make sure you guys check out my latest video or actually two days ago
I’m monolith soft and why there’s a big something big is going on there okay model us up in the big progress so make
sure you guys check it out we’re about 300 views away from from 10k on that one
so let’s make it happen guys three videos 10,000 views and hopefully we can
keep that like a stable thing at 10,000 views that it always happens and
hopefully we’re already at 20,000 and 30,000 but yeah we’re working our way
back up so thank you guys so much I want to thank you guys for the support but
yeah 2018 hit my channel like a dumptruck I don’t know what happened
something happened in the algorithm and 2018 just zapped all my views at the
very it was like clockwork as soon as it hit freakin January 1st 2019 BAM like I
don’t even do anything it just stopped so I don’t know what was going on but
we’re back we’re getting back to it so I think I think we’re kind of going back
to those focused videos I think that’s maybe what it was too so thank you guys
so much for the support recently we’re having good averages on our videos
before we were getting like 1000 views sometimes which is not very good on like
dedicated videos so now we’re getting back up to the like four thousand five
thousand views and up to even ten thousand so thank you guys so much and
hopefully you guys continue liking the content I think you guys like to focus a
lot more now at this point so yeah and you guys are getting more news because
of the way that I edit so good stuff alright guys so thank you guys so much
for watching I do appreciate it and we will see you guys very soon for the PE
podcast in about an hour and a half we’ll have the PE podcast
Mandy Lee plays is streaming okay she um I have a slight announcement to make –
I’m the podcast uh Mandy is no longer going to be on the PE podcast and this
was a decision that she made she got monetized and she’s kind of ready to
just kind of do her own thing you know but we’ll probably have her on as a
guest at times when she can but she’s she’s doing some things in her own life
she’s she’s working more and it’s not no bad blood or anything like that okay
guys no bad blood or it’s like there’s nothing that was like wrong but she just
kind of wanted to kind of do her own thing as she’s starting up her own
podcast like I think it’s called the Mandy show so that’s the reason why so
she’s no longer gonna be a regular on the
gasps but she will be a guest at times so she will be a guest but she kind of
lost she kinda just wants to do her own things which is which is completely
completely understandable you know so yeah all right so here’s the thing guys let’s all right Mandy show me on
sometimes as a guest she’ll be on sometimes as a guest so
she’s not gonna be completely done but I think so she’ll come on sometimes as the
guest so let’s all go read Mandy you guys go all go ahead over there she only
has I think six people watching so you guys all go ahead over there at least 30
to 40 if you guys cut over there and support my girl Mandy I’ll be over there
too so thank you guys so much for watching I do appreciate it
you guys all go right Mandy let’s go all right Randy all right guys thank you so
much for watching thank you for the support thank you for the donations
thank you for everything today you guys are freaking amazing we did well so
thank you guys we’ll be back for the peep out that’s tonight all right guys
Bru’s go right Mandy raining we’re rating

9 Replies to “PE LIVE! – ProJared Controversy | Nintendo E3 2019 | State of Play + Q&A!”

  1. To think ProJared used to be one of my favorite let's players, and to find out what a dirty rotten cheater he is…I feel betrayed.

  2. He was sending pics of himself and receiving pics from 16 yrld trannys. What a sick dog. He went full downgrade with his wife to. Never go full downgrade.

  3. People cheat man. It’s unfortunate what happened to Heidi, and I definitely feel for her, but it’s not really any of our business. He cheated? Get a divorce. It sucks, and Jared is horrible for it, but that’s their relationship, and it should be their personal and private business. Not exactly something a million people need to know about. Note that this is just my opinion. I understand why people are upset with him cheating. People are spending money on this guy, and like you said, a lot people might not want to support someone who would treat someone they’re supposed to love the way that he did. What I do have a problem with is Jared allegedly sending and receiving pictures from minors. Now that’s really fucked up, illegal, and definitely should be our problem. Wtf Jared.

  4. For the record, Hard News at ScrewAttack actually started with Destin Legarie (known then as "Daily Destin") as the host. Destin works at IGN these days. And Hard News was WAY better with Destin.

  5. The first time I saw his face, with his video on Super Mario Odyssey, my impression is that he looks like an asshole.

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