Paul Died as a Martyr; Muhammad Died as a False Prophet (PvM 21)

Paul Died as a Martyr; Muhammad Died as a False Prophet (PvM 21)

Bad people sometimes live easy lives. Good
people sometimes die tragic deaths. But what happens when a man who claims to speak
for God dies in precisely the way God says he’ll die if he invents a false revelation? Let’s
find out. Following his conversion, the Apostle Paul
spent about three decades preaching the Gospel. During that time, there were numerous plots
to kill him. The Romans eventually succeeded in the mid-60s AD. Because Paul was a Roman
citizen, he was executed by beheading rather than by crucifixion. Since Paul had been preaching
to the Roman soldiers and leaders, his martyrdom served as a witness to the very people who
executed him. Our word “martyr” comes from a Greek word meaning “witness.” So
Paul died an honorable death as a martyr. How did Muhammad die? Well, after Muhammad
and his followers had attacked the Jewish settlement at Khaybar, a Jewish woman, whose
father, uncle, and husband had all been slaughtered by Muhammad’s followers, offered to cook
a meal for Muhammad and his companions. And as we all know, if a woman whose family you’ve
just butchered offers to cook you a delicious meal, you say, “Yes.” So Muhammad gladly
accepted the invitation. The woman poisoned the roasted lamb she was
serving. One of Muhammad’s companions died from the poison. Muhammad spit the food out
and survived, but the poison did some sort of internal damage that led to ongoing medical
problems. A few years later, Muhammad complained to
the mother of the man who had died from the poison that he could feel the poison killing
him too. The History of at-Tabari, Volume 8, page 124: “The Messenger of God said during the illness
from which he died—the mother of Bishr bin al-Bara had come in to visit him—‘Umm
Bishr, at this very moment I feel my aorta being severed because of the food I ate with
your son at Khaybar.’” Muhammad felt his aorta being severed because
of the food he ate at Khaybar. He said the same thing to Aisha as he was dying. Sahih al-Bukhari 4428: “The Prophet in his ailment in which he
died, used to say, ‘O Aishah! I still feel the pain caused by the food I ate at Khaibar,
and at this time, I feel as if my aorta is being cut from that poison.’” I should point out that the words “as if”
are not in the Arabic. Muhammad doesn’t say that he feels “as if” his aorta is
being severed. He says that he feels his aorta being severed from the poison. Why are these references to Muhammad feeling
his aorta being severed significant if we’re examining the manner of his death? Well, in the Qur’an, Allah tells us how
he would kill Muhammad if Muhammad ever forged a revelation. Let’s read three translations
of Surah 69, verses 44 to 46, to see how Allah would kill Muhammad for inventing revelations. Hilali-Khan: “And if he (Muhammad) had forged a false
saying concerning Us We surely should have seized him by his right hand (or with power
and might), and then certainly should have cut off his life artery [and in parentheses,
the translators add] (Aorta).” Pickthall: “And if he had invented false sayings concerning
Us, We assuredly had taken him by the right hand and then severed his life-artery.” M. H. Shakir: “And if he had fabricated against Us some
of the sayings, We would certainly have seized him by the right hand, then We would certainly
have cut off his aorta.” What did Allah say that the penalty would
be for fabricating revelations? He said that the penalty would be cutting off
Muhammad’s aorta. And what did Muhammad himself say that the poison had done to him?
He said that it had cut off his aorta. So, while Paul died an honorable death as
a martyr, Muhammad died a disgraceful death as a false prophet. Given Muhammad’s treatment of women, Jews,
and followers of Jesus, it’s almost poetic that he was killed by a lamb, given to him
by a Jewish woman, ultimately severing his aorta, confirming his status as a false prophet. Humiliations galore. Hi everyone. Thanks for watching. In case
you stumbled upon this video while browsing or searching, I wanted to let you know that
it’s part of a series comparing Paul and Muhammad. So if you’d like to see the full
series, be sure to click on the playlist. If you’re already in the playlist, you’re
about to see that the Qur’an affirms the reliability of Paul. But Paul condemns Muhammad.

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  1. For more details on the death of Muhammad, be sure to watch "Who Killed Muhammad?":

  2. Muhamad preaches about oness of god.. Which is he didnt violated the commandment of moses and abraham.muhamad did not tell you to stop practices circumcisions. Fasting. But the teaching of paul is opposite of all of that. Paul preaches father son and holy spirit.instead of oness of god He allowed to eat pig. No problem also if you are uncircumsiced…

  3. David you are a light in the darkness. God bless you and keep up the good work. Thanks for sharing your amazing knowledge about fucking islam.

  4. Despite defaming Muhammad, His religion is still spreading all over the planet.
    I think the key point is the Qur'an. many people convert to Islam because of what they believe as scientific Miracles in the Qur'an that coincide with the modern theories like the Big Bang theory.
    one verse in the Qur'an says: God created the universe and He is still expanding it.

  5. You are clearly trying to be nasty and disrespectful to another religion, especially with your image of the prophet SWS knowing it's supposed to be offensive to those of that faith. The fact that you act this way shows you have an emotional reaction. Even If you are correct, your behaviour is not, and the sins we believe are light are the ones we are punished hard for

  6. Enough mr. David , how many fake vidious you make , about our prophet , there are many people like you who were talking bad about our prophet always , but they have become true Muslims now in Thiers lives . First of all you do know anything ,and you read those stories which are fake and has no reality , because there were many who wrote bad about our prophet , and you read the same .
    If you are a man make a vidio on 10 reasons why Jesus is not God , if you dont make this vidio , you are a gay and not man .
    You fucker…

  7. Can anyone answer a question for me? Why is it that the words US, and We are used so frequently in reference to Allah if this is monotheism?

  8. If he is a false so when assissan came to kill him in his house he become invisible and in front of their eyes he walk away . when Muhammad was going to medina a assissan horse was stuck in sand and the smoke is coming from sand and he listened a voice go away. In place of smell a beautiful fragnance come from hi sweat. When disblivers said Muhammad to show a miracle to us then Muhammad split the moon and the things which he preached all are right
    ch 10 younus verse 5 sun have its own light and moon light is taken proof and what does bible says sun and moon both have its own light now say who is right
    in quran it is said sun rotates does not revolve and bible says sun does not rotate who right here bible or quran . In Quran it is said about water cycle , Earth shape is oval and there are thousands of verse in quran which are proof right by science and there are thousands of verse in bible which were proof wrong by science.

  9. and also in chap 69 it is talked about qayamat (day of recompense) the mountains will destroy all mankind will destroy and if it is said wrong by prophet we cut his arorta it is not about his death .what happens if he does that .don't try to be smart u bloody mother fucked

  10. Keep on exposing this false prophet brother David..Muslims around the world are in deep darkness and we need people like you to bring the to light and accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour..Keep up the good work

  11. Love u Ya Rasullullah till the end of my life.. hope to be ur neighbors in Paradise , best human in this whole world, nobody is better than u..

  12. This bastard pecker wood is blatantly stupid and confirmed idiot.. to compare paul the satan and Muhammad(SAW) The Prophet of God Almighty.. pecker wood is truly insane… only morons and idiotis believed god died on cursed cross

  13. Just a little correction to those who believe that Muhammad had his aorta cut off – the original Arabic verse mentions two different blood vessels. It states that all those who make revelations up,would have their hands seized and their aortas cut off. But in the case of Muhammad,what cut off was his Jugular vein and not the aorta (the Arabic words for both the aorta and jugular vein are different but have been translated as ‘aorta’)
    So uh I’m sorry to break y’all bubbles. Please note that I’m in no way Islamic or anti-David Wood but I’m just looking at this from an unbiased point of view based on a little internet research I did

  14. The communion of Jesus Christ is the cannibalism of the Lord, and this is how the power of Jesus is taken by his followers, for it is the blood and body of Christ. The problem is an ancient one and accused in Freudian psychology as the cannibal king, where the sons need the absolute King's power, where the King is everything, so they kill him and eat him (usually symbolically); therefore, gain the king's power for themselves and all rights and privileges that goes with power. Christians have been accused of some kind of vampire cult or human sacrifice cult, but among the Baptists it is known as the slaughterhouse Christianity, that without believing in the blood of the Cross, then you cannot be saved.

    The same thing happened to Moses, the prince of Egypt, where the Jews killed their leader, and in this way the priests gained the power to witness God, as Moses held total control on his mountain of power, where no man may enter Sinai (nobody has found mount Sinai either, it becomes a magical mountain of leadership from God, and only Moses could stand upon it). Part of the problem of killing the father god, such as Moses, who represents everything of God Almighty is the guilt, and the guilty patricide is solved by exalting Moses: The Jews focus more on Moses as a great leader than anything else, and it is a favorite Christian story. Dr. Sigmund Freud was convinced that the patricide of Moses with the resulting glorification of Moses is in the human instincts, and this is one way power is transferred: take the leader, kill him, and then consume him, but to complete it, Moses and Jesus becomes the greatest people who have ever lived: The glory of Jesus, then glorifies his disciples, and he is no longer a person, where HE is the family of God and its Spirit.

    Muhammad the Prophet was poisoned by a Jewish slave girl, and this symbolically becomes that Islam is poisoned to partake of Muhammad, as we see the instincts of the mind take place of what it represents to kill the father god to consume him and take his power. Nobody else could decide about Allah except Muhammad, but his power to consume him is the poison of a Jewish slave girl, that is used to help with the Islamic hatred of the Jews, that this event is an unintended accident, and not the essence to transfer the power of Muhammad to the disciples. By comparison, Jesus is put to the Cross as the King of the Jews, and HE puts sin to death, as HE became a curse for us all (the scriptures say that anybody hung from a tree is accursed, and we cannot set scriptures aside according to Jesus in HIS witness); therefore, bringing the redemption and salvation to us all by faith. Muhammad dies by slave poison, and the only way any of the power transformation takes place to consume him is if his disciples killed him to take his power; therefore, it was not the Jewish slave girl, but his own people who did the actual poison. To remind some people, the Jews placed Jesus, their own son of God, before the Romans to accuse him; the Roman power is the instrument of death, but his own people is the killer.

  15. Prophet Mohammad didn’t kill jews they were free to live
    along with Muslims peacefully

    Mohammad died empoisoned and this is a martyrdom also I can’t
    explain more because I will be obliged to enter into a Shia Sunna conflict I can
    just say that he died as a martyr

    These are wrong narration prophet Mohammad was not
    empoisoned in Khaybar…we know who has empoisoned him but I cannot say  who

    He said:

    And if he (Muhammad ) had forged a false saying
    concerning Us (Allah),

    45. We surely should have seized him by
    his right hand (or with power and might),

    46. And then certainly should have cut off
    his life artery (Aorta),

    He said if he didn’t assure the fact of saying false things

    Yet in another verse ALLAH says:

    “By the star when it goes
    down, (or vanishes).

    2. Your companion (Muhammad ) has neither gone astray nor has

    3. Nor does he speak of (his own) desire.

    4. It is only an Inspiration that is

    5. He has been taught (this Qur'an) by
    one mighty in power [Jibrael (Gabriel)].

    So according to the Quran prophet Mohammad don’t lie and his
    revelation is an inspiration from god

    The narration of Aisha is a false narration prophet Mohammad
    didn’t say so…may wrong narrations exists in the Sunna book and your narration
    exists there

    The verse doesn’t say that Mohammad is a false prophet look
    at the word “if” if doesn’t assure anything

    Prophet Mohammad is a true prophet..did his aorta being
    cut??? He died slaughtered? No the verse says that his aorta will be cut yet he
    was not slaughtered yet your explanation is wrong

  16. Quiet ironic Muhammad was killed by a lamb.. In Revelations the Lamb comes back to finally kill ALL the Muhammadens. Praise Jesus Christ.

  17. My muslim friends, we love you but i think its time that you admit that there is something wrong with islam. I think you know it deep down and i think thats why you always flipp out when your religion is challanged. I dont mean to offend you but the truth has to be said. Jesus is THE Way THE Truth and THE Life. I think many of you know it deep down. I think its time to set your pride aside and be honest, something is wrong with islam. Jesus warned us that false prophets will come and preach another gospel. 600 years later muhammad comes and preach another gospel. Doesnt this concern you? Look at Jesus life, what He did, what He said. Perfect and without sin. Look at His death, His last words. Jesus is Lord, He is our Savior. The King of kings. To all of us. Now look at muhammeds life. What he did and said. Completely rotten and full of sin. Look at his death and his last words. People i dont mean to offend you but you gotta wake up. satan is fooling you not us. And i dont say that with pride but thats how it is. Please call uppon Jesus before its to late. Ask Him to touch your heart. We love you in Jesus mighty name.

  18. Muhammad rapped the woman and murdered her entire her family. All in a days work for the false prophet. Peace be upon Sophia!!!!

  19. He was a nymphomaniac and
    His Koran is all about subjugation rather than love ,servitude and Holiness.
    Anything anyone had
    👫 💰💰he was allowed to have

  20. Muhammad was killed🤒🤢🤮😵 by a lamb given to him by a Jewish woman.
    Yet a Jewish woman give us a✝️ son who save us from our sins

  21. IS it possible that the Prophet was confessing his life of sin when he said his aorta was being severed?
    Perhaps the Prophet was repenting? The Prophet was saying he was a false prophet at his very end.

  22. Question David does Muhammad call himself a prophet I could not find any reference to it in the internet. My thinking is that none of our prophets Christian prophets call themselves Prophets but Muhammad did I'm thinking

  23. The manner in which Muhammad died as per the alleged revelation of Allah don't prove that Allah is the one Almighty God because the other alleged revelations of Allah don't indicate that he is a holy and just God. The contradictions in the Quran itself, the contradictions to human reasoning, historical errors, scientific errors, inconsistencies etc. prove Allah to be a false god.

    The true Almighty God just proved Muhammad to be a false prophet by the manner of his death as prophesied. I repeat fulfilling this prophecy don't make Allah to be the true God.

    Allah claiming to have the right name as the one Almighty God don't mean he is really the almighty God. The name itself don't prove anything. The nature, the teachings, the miracles of the person and fulfilling the prophecy must attest his claim beyond doubt that he is indeed the one Almighty God. Allah fails this test miserably.

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