Patron Saint of Coffee: History in a Minute (Episode 43)

Hey everyone. It’s Mr. Philip Campbell
with Homeschool Connections History in a Minute. I am your bearded nerdy history
guru and today’s question is: who is the patron saint of coffee? Well, as a matter
of fact, the patron saint of coffee is the 12th century French Saint Drogo. And
Saint Drago was a hermit. He’d given all his possessions away to the poor. He’d
gone on pilgrimage to Rome and was very concerned about the plight of the poor.
You know, the type a guy who you couldn’t give him anything because he’d
hand off to someone more needy than him immediately. Later in life, Saint
Drago was stricken with a terrible illness that left him hideously deformed
and the locals built a cell for him, attached to the parish church so he
could pray in solitude but also so nobody would have to look at his hideous
face. And he had only a small opening where he could receive Holy Communion
and a little bit of food and water every week. And he lived there in solitude
until his death. Drogo became the patron of coffee in the 1800’s. Drogo himself
never drank any coffee. Coffee didn’t come to Europe until around 1615 so why
is Drogo the patron saint of coffee? Well, maybe, the … so … let’s see … perhaps … Hey!
Look behind you!

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