Patriots vs. Bills | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

Patriots vs. Bills | NFL Week 8 Game Highlights

two different formations here for buffalo He’s got speed Jealously taking it to the outside Looking out of the gun tanner [tarapaca] Taylor gets out of trouble Let’s go back trying to put three on the board table burger knocks it through tom brady is a beast at football Brady Swayze gronkowski comes in motion 32 great It’s Complete five receivers set Pretty Steps [a] lady pulls the Trigger end zone touchdown He hooks up with Danny Amendola By stepping up in the pocket here he allows amendola to get to the pylon here and make the catch for the [touchdown] Jonathan meeks not staying with Amendola easy pitch and catch for the score from the gun [Brady] Rainbow over the touchdown Tom Brady delivers a strike to the former Bill [it] was an all-out Blitz by [me] bills and that leaves Gilmore man-For-Man on hogan another good release by hogan eyes off the bump and run So that moves the football into new England territory Cut by Reggie bush first and day inside the shore Taylor Runner here a touchdown [now] Jerome Felton 42 is going to lead the way just an old-fashioned last play And that’s exactly what gillis lee does he blasts his way through Jamie Collins and into the end Zone Ready on the second and six for the England touchdown Patriots back in Western, New York Rob Gronkowski with a big spike Rob Gronkowski, New Patriot record touchdown number 69 For gronk working against [Nikhil] Roby Coleman, and how about the speed for the big man? on the attended Goofball Mr.. [Keller] soon Fantastic Gillis Lee Taylor now 9 of 1988 Yards Taylor Cuts out the [power] if he misses it’s a good field position for new England with 30 seconds to work with [carpenter] Like no good That’s the favorite hash mark for carpenter at the 45 yard line 12 seconds left in the half three seconds left on the clock yards away, [gust] Kowski Angles it through it hit the upright and He gets The bounce he was looking for but watch this ball slide back to the middle and then out back again to the left and then off the upright and through short kick Anand, Ola moves forward from the floor in Buffalo territory down Sigh the 25 perfect for the pats toss it I’m [rusty] gentleman is in It breaks the tackle here That’s going to be real close. They’re going to review this obviously because it’s a scoring play They are congratulating Edelman after reviewing the play and ruling on the field stands as a touchdown and the full extension by Edelman [Foolish] mit grilled chicken Picks it up everyone’s with it from the gun size Tyrod Watch the Blitz coming here and once Taylor breaks through there’s just nobody there Basically it’s about a 20-yard walk in as he out races Ryan and Coleman 30 steps up slides down for second and seven now for New England play fake [Garren] for the touchdown And then blunt going up over the top for his ninth rushing touchdown of the year Overseeing this offensive line with solder to knee Andrews There’s a cannon to [groin] Caskey [Rob] Gronkowski Through Ej Manuel working out of the dawn on a second and seven with two minutes to go Tosses it Downfield oh What a crap, how did he hold [onto] this thing? He gets hit right there by Harmon But it was David Tyree Esque when he put it up against his helmet and somehow. Yes. He did maintain it Working out of the crystal the rematch Wasn’t much of a match at all the Patriots defeat the bills 41 to 25

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  1. crazy how people come at PAT fans for defending their team. Knowing they wouldn't sit around while someone throws dirt on their teams name lol

  2. Tom Brady set a new NFL record this game. He's the only white QB to throw 4 touchdown passes to 4 different white players.

  3. The absolute only way you can slow down Brady is to get pressure right up the middle. Otherwise you are toast.

  4. Is anyone surprised by this? And because the Seahawks are looking about as uncoordinated as the Bills normally look, I think we can expect something similar soon on SNF.

  5. xmx yes could have received more in trade but i think bill wanted to send a message! guys in the locker room came from Cleveland they know its a nightmare over there and look where jamie winds up .

  6. the best part is now jamie is a monster ppl are in shock im honest hes a monster at times but hes never been consistently dominate. when drafted ppl laughed its a reach wasted pick,work out warrior etc. bill knows his team he always does whats best for them love it or hate it. hes been planning this move he traded for mingo and van noy for a reason and roberts is a young heat seeking missile .

  7. Three hidden (Easter Eggs) takeaways from this game:

    1) Collins got traded after letting #35 run in the endzone
    2) We all no Gronk loves 69's
    3) RG3 working the sidelines at the 4:25 mark

  8. Drive For Five Well-Alive! Half-way to playoffs Pats lead the whole NFL—and, only 2 of the remaining opponents even have a winning record (Seattle & Denver)! Betting Broncos lose the AFC this time playing for it in Foxboro—and then? Dallas or Vikes? Rojjah Dumbell can hand MVP Brady SB trophy #5.

  9. That TD by Julian Edelman was sheer toughness. He kept himself up for three yards with his arm, and a man wrapped around his legs. He eats nails for breakfast. New England may go into their " scary good" mode.

  10. It's funny how even when the Patriots blow a team out, the NFL still shows a majority of the other team's highlights…why are you showing a field goal that did nothing but help them lose? Who wants to watch a field goal, from the losing team, in a highlight video. Ridiculous what plays they choose for some of these videos.

  11. The Pats have a lot of things to figure out and 2 weeks to do it. The first half of the season locked up the playoffs, the second half needs to lock up home field and build a SB defence. Dion Lewis return may help the short passing game but I have never seen them so good in the long ball. Or do the Bills just have Rexitis on that.

  12. Please don't think I'm butthurt but I'm SSSOOOOOOOO sick of New England always winning I mean last time they MISSED the playoffs WE WON THE DAMN SUPERBOWL ITS SO SHITTY AND IM TIRED OF IT

  13. Can't wait 'til Roger "go to hell" Goodell has to hand the SB trophy to the Pats on national tv….he's gonna look like he swallowed a f*ckin' pine cone!

  14. Was that Lynch or RG3 in the back of the end zone on Julian's TD. Guess teamops is a good job if your NFL career is done.

  15. I hate the pats but I have to thank them for making this kid at my school who kept saying the bills were the best team in the nfl and that they would destroy the patriots because Tyrod Taylor is better then Tom Brady. Shut up.

  16. On the Tyrod rushing touchdown look at the middle of the offensive line, there is a very blatant uncalled hold and face-mask by one of the buffalo linemen…

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