Packers vs. Seahawks: 2014 NFC Championship Game | Aaron Rodgers vs. Russell Wilson | NFL Full Game

Packers vs. Seahawks: 2014 NFC Championship Game | Aaron Rodgers vs. Russell Wilson | NFL Full Game

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  1. 8:08 R. Sherman Picks Off Rodgers in the End Zone

    10:02 Wilson Picked Off by Clinton-Dix

    16:51 D. Baldwin fumbles kickoff, Packers Recover

    32:05 Rodgers 13-yard TD Pass to R. Cobb

    46:10 Wilson Picked Off by Clinton-Dix

    49:20 Rodgers Picked Off by B. Maxwell

    58:02 Wilson Picked Off by Shields

    1:22:40 Seahawks Fake Field Goal Touchdown

    1:27:23 Rodgers Sacked by Avril on 3rd Down

    1:32:45 Starks Rushes for 32-yard gain

    1:50:06 Wilson Picked Off by Burnett

    1:55:33 Start of Wilson Comeback

    2:00:06 Wilson 1-yard TD Run

    2:02:22 Seahawks Onside Kick

    2:05:20 M. Lynch 24-yard Rush TD

    2:08:50 Start of Rodgers Game-Tying Drive

    2:19:38 Start of Wilson Game-Winning Overtime Drive

    2:23:16 Wilson TD Pass to Kearse

  2. This games is why Rodgers should never be in the conversation with Brady. Your defense gave you 5 turnovers! Yet you had the audacity to say "the better team lost". I dont want to hear it, Bradys never gotten 5 turnovers in a championship game. I dont want to hear, "well if Rodgers had a better defense", your D just gave you 5 turnovers! you let them down when you didnt capitalize. Brady faced this team 2 weeks later, the only difference was he threw 2 picks!

  3. Wow that McGregor ad took me back. You forget how much fun he was during his rise. 2015 was a fun year in general for sport.

  4. You know after watching this game, the Packers should of been up 21-0. You have the pick you threw to Richard, that could of been 7, you were in the red zone but got 3 points that could of been 7, and now you get a fumble on the kickoff, the score should’ve been 21-0 with Green Bay probably winning this game maybe 35-22

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  6. These so-called "religious" athletes never cease to amaze me… you never see them huddle up, kneel, hold hands, and pray to their god after a devastating loss… you never see them demonstrate the insight required to know that there are probably dozens of other so-called "religious" athletes on the losing team, yet their god didn't guide THEM to a win… but that doesn't matter, because right then, at that very moment, god is looking out for YOU and YOU alone, the hundreds of people directly involved with the opposite (losing) team aren't any of your concern, the thousands of fans of the losing team, a lot of which are members of the same cult, are of no concern, because god wanted YOU, and YOU ALONE to have this moment.

    Point being, every time something goes their way, they cry, they thank god, they kneel together and pray to this mystery man in the sky – "God is so good, all the time" (profound words from the genius Russel Wilson) – but the moment they lose, they walk off the field, heads hanging low, no mention whatsoever of this amazing god, no kneeling and crying and emphatic gratitude, no profound statements to all the cameras about how "good" god is, just a lot of depressed dudes in football gear, behaving as you'd expect – sad they lost… It just baffles me, is god really only present and good and righteous and universally loving, when things are good? Because it seems like people seem to forget to thank him when they have a bad experience…

  7. 2019 I still can't Belive what i Witnessed, I was in tears Laying down in the Middle of the Living room floor. Packer since 1996, # Brett Favre 4 Life.

  8. AaRoN RoDgErS dOeSn'T hAvE a DeFeNsE. Can you imagine if the Pats picked off an opponent 5 times and they still lost? Brady would be crucified.

  9. Watching in 2019. Smh this game still pisses me off and points to why mike McCarthy was fired. This 1st quarter still feels like yesterday and the packers still haven’t recovered from it. Nail biter.

  10. First three Drives inside the 25 at least and the Packers only score 6 points. Came back and bit them in the ass

  11. As a packer fan this was the most devastating loss I’ve ever had to witness. The saddest thing is I called it. When Burnett got that pick with 5 min to go, my buddy who I was watching the game with said congrats man! You guys are going to the Super Bowl! I told him that I’ve seen this defense blow leads before. And sure enough the events that unfolded were heart wrenching and when it was over I remember before I left he just gave me a hug and said I’m sorry bro. This game beat out 4th and 26 as the most devastating loss.

  12. You know, the funniest and saddest thing is that I totally forgot who Brandon Bostick was.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  13. Then they choked and embarrassed themselves beyond comprehension 2 weeks later 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Can you imagine if Eddie lacy had taken his job serious and kept in good shape? Not even great shape but good shape. He could’ve been a monster.

  15. This was the game that got me into football, I remember when me and my dad were watching he said the game is over.

  16. Crazy watching this game 5 years later. The seahawks are a completely different team with the exception of a handful of people.

  17. I was at a bar called the Hawks Nest, which is in the same lot as the CLink. There was people crowd surfing after the win. I was crying my eyes out when we got that onside kick.

    Man, that was wonderful.

  18. You don't know the energy of seattle in the winter time. It's not that seattle is cold. It's that it is in a maritime climate and the air sinks into your skin. If you let yourself off of the field your going to freeze up. Most importantly drink lot's of fairtrade because life isn't like that.

  19. All the Aaron Fraudgers jock sniffers making excuses for him are AMAZING! I’ll say this he definitely has BLINDLY LOYAL fans, no matter how shitty he plays they’re ALWAYS there to make excuses for him!! It’s ALWAYS someone else’s fault it’s never Fraudgers fault, it’s DISGUSTING and NO ONE can prove me wrong…..don’t you even want to try? The FACT is Fraudgers plays great right up until the lights are the brightest and that’s when he SHIT’S HIS PANTS!!!

  20. Rodgers and the packers are sooooo hapoy deflategate broke in about 12 hours causecotherwise this epic choke would have been on tv for months

  21. AT 2:3:07 you can see Wilson (Green Bay # 87) just lite-up Bostick on the bottom of the pile.  Sucks to be him………..

  22. If you want to know why Seattle's next game turned out the way it did, this game was the reason. They burned up at least two seasons worth of karma in just this one game. They deserved what they got; could not have happened to a better bunch of pricks.

  23. Russell Wilson will be regarded as one of the alltime greats when his career is over. He is an incredible player. He had a horrible game with 4 ints but played brilliantly down the stretch to get the win.

  24. For Packer fans who blame Bostick for the onside kick, you should blame Burnett more. After he intercepts Wilson the idiot falls down. He has all sorts of green grass in front of him to at least maybe get into field goal range. The packers made absolutely every bad call down the stretch. Just unbelievable.

  25. Mccarthy's being conservative came back to bite them. Gotta get 7's not 3's. Now if the guy recovers the onside , it's a different story, but still.

  26. I know it would never actually happen (firing a coach after playing in the championship game), but McCarthy deserved to be fired after this one.

  27. im still stunned that the 'best' qb in nfl history accumulated 5 fg and one td drive with 5 turnovers

    the offense and rodgers (19-34 178 yards 1 td 2 int 3-14 on 3rd down conv.) were garbage that day

  28. 2014 playoffs

    Wild Card: Lions lose to Cowboys over a questionable PI call
    Divisional: Cowboys lose to the Packers over “what is a catch”
    NFC Champ: Packers blow a 12-point lead in Seattle
    Super Bowl: The Butler did it

  29. Morgan Burnett Should have ran that interception at least in to field goal range why would you slide at mid field in the NFC Championship Game 😭😟

  30. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again I would have much rather seen Green Bay blow us out than see what happened the next game

  31. The only time that the better team loses is when the referees rig the game so bad that everyone watching knows it……such as the last nfc championship..where we all know the saints got screwed out of a superbowl appearance. …that is a case of the better team lost.

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