Packers vs. Eagles 2003 NFC Divisional Playoffs | “The 4th-and-26 Game” | NFL Full Game

Packers vs. Eagles 2003 NFC Divisional Playoffs | “The 4th-and-26 Game” | NFL Full Game

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  1. 16:11 Donovan McNabb Sack-Stripped by McKenzie, Packers Recover

    17:02 Brett Favre 40-yard TD Pass to Ferguson

    19:12 McNabb 41-yard Run

    23:21 Akers Misses 33-yard Field Goal

    25:46 Ahman 26-yard Run

    28:22 Favre 17-yard TD Pass to Ferguson

    44:42 McNabb 45-yard pass to Pinkston

    54:41 McNabb 7-yard TD Pass to D. Staley

    51:58 A. Green 33-yard Run

    54:56 Eagles Defense Stuffs Packers on 4th-and-Goal

    1:06:13 Favre Sacked by Reese on 3rd Down

    1:26:28 McNabb 24-yard Run

    1:27:28 McNabb 12-yard TD Pass to Pinkston

    1:33:53 McNabb Sacked by Nwokorie on 3rd Down

    1:34:40 Favre 44-yard pass to Walker

    1:37:24 Ryan Longwell 21-yard Field Goal

    1:40:10 McNabb Sacked by Darren Sharper

    1:51:52 Start of McNabb Game-Tying Drive

    1:55:02 McNabb Converts 4th-and-26

    2:01:18 Akers 37-yard Field-Goal

    2:03:45 Start of Overtime

    2:07:54 Favre Intercepted by Brian Dawkins

    2:15:11 Akers 31-yard Field Goal

  2. Felt bad for KJB. He had to deal with Mike Vick the previous year and now had to try to contain Donovan McNabb. He wasn't as fast as a runner as Vick but still very effective if you let him run free

  3. The dude made the first down, but it was not by that spot the official gave him. He was dead on the line, while the official gave him two extra yards for some reason.

  4. you can say whatever you want about brett favre………you CANNOT allow 27 yards on a 4th and 26……give me a break

  5. I thought Dawkins was going to call for a fair catch on that punt… er, throw… by Favre in OT. What a terrible decision.

  6. And the Eagles went on to win the Super Bow….oh wait, they didn't because they're a shitbag organization that doesn't know how to win a championship.

  7. 2:08:02 The moment when Favre The Choke Artist was born. (Was a good QB with two Super Bowls and 1 win but he did make bonehead mistakes). Peyton Manning made a few too, look it up!

  8. THis was a memorable win for the Birds, but all those McNabb "worm-burners" into the dirt…probably his biggest flaw as a QB

  9. Mitchell got a really favorable spot on the 4th and 26 play, but even if the ball was placed where it should have been, he'd have easily gotten the first down by a yard on forward progress. Great game.

  10. Man I am so stokked for the playoffs, this brings back memories when I was young buck….. seeing Pam Oliver on the sidelines at the vet, I forgot how fun the playoffs are. Let's go Eagles, this is our chance

  11. Wow, what a terrible call on the 4th and 26 pass. No excitement whatsoever. I try not to hate on Joe Buck too much since everyone does it, but that was pretty bad. Thankfully, he has definitely gotten better in recent years.

  12. So what is the worst pick Favre threw?

    The one in overtime of this game to Brian Dawkins?
    The one in overtime against the Giants in the 2007 NFC title game to Corey Webster?
    The one at the end of regulation in the 2009 NFC title game to Tracy Porter?

  13. Mike Sherman really screwed this up. They had a time out they could have used on that 4th down play, but they lost yards & were forced to punt.

    Also: I forgot about the Packers alphabet soup defense, haha

  14. My God, even back then, Collinsworth was biased against the Eagles. Really annoyed he had to call our first Super Bowl win.

  15. And now Duce is going be asst coach this upcoming season. I love it. Also so awkward seeing Pinkston in 87 and not celek. Lol o time has changed in so many seasons.

  16. this, the next season, 2006-07, 2008-09, I missed the 2009-10 season, 2010-11 including the miracle at the meadowlands number 2, chip smelly👃, starting 9-3 and flopping, the drops, and then that one glorious season!

  17. 14-3!!!!! 😰😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨😨😩😩😩😩😩😥😥😥😥😥

  18. Now that i look back. Akers missed a lot of big kicks in the playoffs. In 2010 Vs the packers he missed twice that game. Finall score GreenBay 21 Eagles 17. Smh.

  19. Watching this game, I'd think The Eagles were an 8-8 team. Their O line can't open holes; the receivers can't get open ; McNabb is so off and the D can't stop the run. The rest of the NFC was worse than they were which is why no one else got this far in the playoffs.

  20. Joe Buck and Troy Aikman are probably one of if not the worst announcers I’ve ever listened to other than Jim Nantz and Phil Simms thanks for taking his spot on CBS Romo

  21. Anyone peeped Doug pederson on the sidelines? Lol who would have thought he would win us a Superbowl! GO EAGLES!!!!

  22. One of the rare times you saw FAVRE throw the ball up 30 plus yards was NOT intercepted but a catch in a playoff game! 1:34:47!

  23. Is this ever how Packers lose big games if this kind of games. We are too used to this being too much of a mediocre franchise

  24. Donovan McNabb is a legend.Look at the widereciver he played with Medicare at best.Still make it to 5 NFC championship and Superbowl.That is amazing.

  25. Watched this at KC Masterpiece off Metcalf and was sad coming home from the chiefs playoff loss against the Colts. Saw the 4th and 26 live being a Favre fan, and that just made me super sad

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  27. I was at this game.. I remember it being soooo cold! lol I think it was something like 15 degrees out with the wind chill. Worth it though!

  28. To this day I wonder what Favre was doing. My only theory is that he heaved it because of the wind, but there were 3 eagles right there. Horrible decision.

  29. 54:23 is a young backup QB, who goes by Doug Pederson, telling his GB coach to run a little play he just created called the Green Bay Special on 4th and inches, right before the half. 15 years later, on fourth and inches right before halftime, Pederson would let Nick Foles run the same play and the rest is football lore.

  30. Joe buck on that fourth and 26 play was the most uninspiring commenting on a big play since pat summeral on that vinatieri kick in super bowl 36

  31. I will never blame Favre for this loss. I blame poor coaching by Mike Sherman. Come on it was 4th and inches on the Eagles 40 yard line, a first down would have ended the game, and Sherman does not allow Favre to go for it. You could see it in Brett's face that he wanted to have the ball snapped to him. I wish he had done it and got that first down. We all know what happened next but it was not Favre's fault.

  32. Freddie Mitchell w the discount double check against the Packers hahahaha made that play that much more hilarious for Green Bay fans. Gotta love to hate the Packers 🚫🧀🦅

  33. Wasn’t this the year where the Packers barely made the playoffs off of McCowns last second TD over the Vikings.

  34. It always is amazing to me how the Eagles were so good during the McNabb era with Todd Stinkston, James Trash and Freddie Dropell. No wonder why I have so much grey hair.

  35. Suck it Green Bay!! And the worst part is that the Packers were so much better than Philly and I believe that GB would’ve made it to the SB in a rematch against New England. 😉

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