Packers vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

Packers vs. Cowboys | NFL Week 5 Game Highlights

[Applause] nice play made that’s the rookie Kevin King have been what has contributed to the improvement pass defense down the middle waddler makes a move and another price Butler out of bounds of the 29 and that’s all Prescott press you’re off the edge here to see the inside and they get up on dak Prescott and as we saw so many times last week with him having to avoid the pass rush and keeping his eyes down the field and he finds Bryce Butler who that offensive line even though they have struggled big fourth down conversion we see a lot of Elliot on this opening possession and a nice play made by Clay Matthews a loss of four Prescott protected slings it Rick right at the marker off the ball and find the hole within that zone and pretty easy cat goal it gives the Cowboys another chance and we’ll hear from Mike Pereira in a second low snap Prescott Beasley [Applause] [Music] on the hit by Martinez on Brian cut down the splint they go with a quick out the coal Beasley and the bond house just has no chance there’s no way to stop this play you roll out that Prescott and as long as the balls in the right and you de credit number 12 for most of that and office to the Whoopi Aaron Jones he had a big preseason Kippur planchet from Rogers will protected it inside the 15 Lance Kendricks Rogers endzone what a throw touchdown fresco Perry Prescott keeps it going and finds a man can the first down front Smith this is all number four here there’s good coverage down the field initially he’s trying to go to the slot to Dez Bryant but he’s not open and he keeps the play alive and they do an excellent job of converting on third down because of the legs that Prescott that plays now resulted this Bryant top of the screen touchdown see Cole Beasley right here in the slot and that’s about as easy as it gets there’s nobody within five yards of dak Prescott and you see the release I mean there that there’s bait it’s uncontested right to the post we make you part of that let’s see if Aaron Rodgers cancer again it goes into 15 the arms of Tyrone krumper not an easy transition when you go from playing inside but then having to play on the outside against some of these speed wrestlers another sack for Dallas David Irving welcome back to keep the Cowboys from putting more points on the board blitz Prescott steps through the middle of the field in his slide near the third he’s 11 opponent possessions nine touchdowns Pickthall and this is one normally what you’ll see from Prescott is he’ll he’ll get the ball up and let Brian go up and make the play on the ball this time it was just meeting at the pylon and go get it shots down the field he’s got a print protective second MA nice throw to Rogers Aaron to Richard two minutes left opening half rogers daddy goes third time Damon Irving was in there wait ty Montgomery does Montgomery out with fractured ribs Shumpert against Chicago Roger spins out nobody better at that then throws a dart to the sidelines clock by Jones what a catch Jones crime Malaga the right tackle he combos up and blocks Jaylon Smith just enough and then Jeff he tried to come over and make a tackle before errands that he can’t kick it from just about a degree Lescott blows out [Applause] it stays with Dallas don’t him so keep an eye on that [Applause] Rogers out to his right chased throws by Bennett boy and it looked like he used his body perfectly as he’s going up the field vertically he’s got Byron Jones on his back and the balls in the air he holds him off right there just enough and then he has to go try and make a play on it and it’s his ability to go up and do these types of things here’s Aaron Jones right side missed tackle Jones down to the three Pass broken up kitchens got his hands in there with Nelson the target good snap good hold good kid the backfield black Latinas what a game he’s had here’s John’s breaking loose Byron Jones on the stop after a big carry out near the 42 the 39 mass is behind Adams it’s 4th down or if he wants to take a shot he finds Adams perfect throw to the ten first and goal Green Bay Nelson touched it the rats are weapon Jordy Nelson action Aaron Jones with the running game you see the effect that it has on the linebackers and Jordy Nelson comes off the line of scrimmage uncontested and just nobody taken away toss to Elliott it really has not gotten going his best of the day down in midfield [Applause] Prescott passes broken up well done by Kentrell Bryce Bailey here at kicker in NFL history low snap floated passes broken up Nelson the target Jordan Lewis the rookie in coverage second and seven passes picked off the arms and Williams Randall touchdown green bag 15-yard penalty will be assessed in the kickoff that is number 23 first unsportsmanlike conduct counting for disqualification so Troy damarious Randall who ended the game in the locker room sent there by head coach Mike McCarthy last week against Chicago for one on two point tries this season why it opened by the throne in a rare mistake is Jordy Nelson is missed and Rodgers knows it third and five Beasley where the catch depends on the spot they’re gonna give him the first down it’s Elliott and it depends on what they give him doesn’t look like he got it bear with only one timeout [Music] just outside the tent Prescott kicks touchdown Dallas he’s wide open they’re reading the mod crooks at the line of scrimmage 55 he takes the dive Prescott keeps it and he goes and scores let’s far sideline Davante Adams what a throw and catch to get into Mason Crosby’s rings his longest 58 yards get to the 40 yard line that’s within his range and his allies like the official first said Wineman here’s one to Martellus Bennett and a first down they’re already inside Dallas territory they run it Aaron Jones out of bounds just outside the 30 that’s really good right here you’re gonna see the block here the kick out in the lane that’s created everyone’s thinking pass jari Evans he’s able to come up third down Rogers in trouble posing on his back can’t get there first to us on Friday we’ve got to keep Aaron Rodgers in the pocket the games on the line on third down and they’ve done a pretty decent job this one floated in the end zone broken Davante Adams with Jordan Lewis again there and try to get something into the end zone that’s another rookie Xavier woods s1 instead of the low trajectory on front back shoulder high and let Davante Adams make a play with Jordan Lewis not locating the ball that’s that’s a night that’s a great throw and it’s a great adjustment by Davante Adams Rodgers places it perfectly this one [Music] [Applause] Beasley overthrown it’s a great win [Applause] throws it back to Prescott there’s a little drama left now Butler they’re going backward here’s Witten he throws low Packers habit Packers win 35 to 31 [Applause]

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  1. We will get you next time Packers you watch when we bite you guys in the ass and Rodgers don't worry buddy we will take you out sooner or later WHO IS WITH ME?

  2. all I see now is my team Cowboys getting better in defense n offense from every loss we learn and on our way for a superbowl

  3. by watching this game. it's crazy how the packers and cowboys are both eliminated. well i can understand for green bay's excuse cause rodger was injured. dallas? even zeke's return didn't help them much πŸ˜›

  4. It would of been 38 form 34 if the cowboys scored a touchdown would of been amazing

  5. There was absolutely no excuse for Dallas to lose this game, the Rams game, or the Seahawks game. The play calling was way too conservative. It was clear IMO they weren't playing to win, but rather not to lose.

  6. Arron Rodgers is scary good. Dude is actually better under pressure outside the pocket. Seriously he is the best QB in the League now

  7. I don’t know if im the only one who watches all these highlights seeing what we need to work on 🏈

  8. 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  9. As a cowboys fan I fear Rodgers….but only Rodgers….I respect him as a GREAT QB even tho he's in greengay lol….I hate GB but when it comes to Rodgers I can't help but to fear him…. don't get it twisted tho….if he's out gaybay is trash…he LITERALLY carries the team on his back….anyways…. even tho we lost this was a great game to watch

  10. Rewatching this, I'm so glad GB drafted two corners early. We made this game harder than it should have been because we couldn't cover

  11. I watched this during week 5 of 2018 season thinking it was current, as I was watching the rest of the highlight videos for week five, and I saw Witten and got SUPER confused asf

  12. Quarterback probably will beat you every time, crucial plays in the play you must blitz the QB to give less time to throw. This mistake CBoys don't seem to learn. You give QB all the time in the world, then you will lose every time.

  13. 8:55 "And they're gonna give him the first down!" Next play it's 4th and 1

    9:05 "Doesn't look like he got it!" Next play it's 1st and 10

    Just thought it was funny how stupid that looks when you don't get to see the reviews

  14. the only QB since Brady to make last second comebacks so nerve racking and exciting but to see the faces of the opposing fans hopes and dreams shot into the ground is priceless and worth the sweat and tears I lost over this game!! Rodgers owns Dallas!!

  15. Wait was this the 2017-18 season cause if it is then why is Zeke playing he was suspended 6 games that year

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