OVER 500 PETROGLYPHS 🌿 St. George, Utah – Little Black Mountain

OVER 500 PETROGLYPHS 🌿 St. George, Utah – Little Black Mountain

we want to come take the kids out to try
and find some petroglyphs we’ve got some really cool ones out here in southern
Utah so we’re here at little black mountain Colin’s friend suggested this
is a really cool place he hikes all over southern Utah trying to go see we can
find some petroglyphs we’re about to go see if we can find and see if we can
find some rocks with like a a ancient writing on it since we still have a half a mile but we
are definitely at the end of a road now let’s go come on you come too close to
naptime so they say there are over 500 different
petroglyphs here over an eight thousand year period people just kept adding to
it and adding to it unfortunately Google Translate does not
have pet reports once you fold off that guy’s I love that any good be okay would
you be okay okay mr. B what did you guys think of this place I
thought it was kind of good what did you see he writes I saw hieroglyphics
what are hieroglyphics like all the variety here isn’t how old some of those
were not 8,000 years old 8,000 years old is that pretty cool that you can still
see that today 8,000 years you guys each other’s best friends yeah what do you
like about Kenzi I like that she’s always nice and wants to cuddle what do
you like if we’re doing anything adventurous at
all I feel like Walter Mitty is our soundtrack when you agree to get out

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  1. Awesome video. The importance of those petroglyphs exceeds your wildest imaginations. Some of us have unlocked the mysteries. Please check out the youtube channel ‘thunderbolts project’
    And my own channel as well.

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