Our secret trip

Our secret trip

*yawns* It’s 3 AM and we’re going to the airport Lets go! VLOG TIME! *Humming airplane sounds* You forget that 4 AM exists If you haven’t been up in a while at this hour We’re going to *MARRAKECH* That’s right we’re visiting Marrakech everyone It’s pretty interesting so far It’s really stingy! Someone just grabbed Marzia and started putting like the tattoos thing Yeah she was just like *pulling hands* And I was like NO NO NO (yamete senpai) And she was like uGhrUghrAhhHaHeE I leave you for 2 seconds and looked away And Marzia’s just gets abducted [Music] It’s a bit of a culture shock Marzia: Yeah But It’s kinda cool It’s beautiful! Marzia, I dare you to go up to it. *Gets told to not film oof* Oh sorry Everything is different here you get a coke and you get a surprise as well Nice ‘lil surprise here on the pizza *eating intensifies* [Music] I can get a PewDiePie haircut here Do you see it? Yeah go back to the hEhhHEEhhE [Motorcycle sounds] What’s that? that’s great There’s just something going on literally everywhere Said no about 500 -600 times so far
-oh yeah hEheHeH I need to figure out how to say it in their language ’cause No doesn’t mean ‘no’ here No means ah you, you still want HeHehE Why do they have mannequins everywhere? Watch o what? There’s a wall Marzia wants me to film it Dude there’s a bird too the birds are gonna come down and be like: “pay us” You can’t just film this wall …look at that bird! that’s a massive bird that’s a big bird big, big bird look at that bird these stuff everywhere [sound of water] [birds chirping] [sound of water] look at that, beautiful *SIGH* the hotel is a bit of a contrast from… the outside *laughs* so we got this trip from Marzia’s parents thank you very much and brother, for uhhh … wedding gift? Marzia in background: “yes’ an early wedding gift wow [chuckles] cozy Host: “Welcome to your room’ Marzia: “thank you” host: “so here you have whatever you need: enveloppe, papers on the desk so this is our room this is our room tour this is our bed this is where we sleep Pewds:”What were you doing?” Marzia: “just you know — yeah okay” -Marzia: “what?!” -Pewds:”What? don’t film!” You didn’t even show, we are right infront the swimming pool very nice and then he disappears [pewds chuckles softly] [both laughing] Pewds: “you were scared, i saw you flinch” listen I thought you were in here this is a beautiful bathroom and that’s the tour, thanks guys so you leave and the pool is right there! very epic! How do I look? I see myself and I know I rock it [relaxing music] Whaddup kitty? You find like these really random beautiful shots Or Marzia did And then you lean and look down and it’s like ‘oh okay’ I feel like if your — if you filter You can make this place look amazing You just gotta know where to look we just made our first succesful haggle and we saved two pounds you wanna be careful around corners here Look at that, so pretty I bought a can of pringles And I didn’t get swin– swing– swindled Marzia: “nice” Goodmorning It’s day two… We’re sitting at this very lovely breakfast Very fancy today we’re going to Saint-Laurent… …museum And then blue building And it’s gonna be epic We’re at the fancy tourist area now. I think at least- Is this the line? oh-oh it probably is Oh no! Okay, so that was just the first line, this is the second line We found the back of the line Amazing We made it to the end guys… Unbelievable that was a challenge but we made it through here we are! Look there’s a bamboo forrest again! We’re back in Japan Look at this, damn. c’est magnifique French, still got it! [Music] We found it! *Zooming intensifies* [Music] So this garden was bought by a French painter And then it was taken over by Yves Saint Laurent And he restored it, with some other guy. That’s why they’re connected. some general, I don’t know! He’s the famous fashion designer, then I-don’t-care Whaddup, cat? You don’t like my bread? aah, poor dog go to the shadow you dummy Alright we’re going to Saint Laurent museum, excited! Yeah x3 whaat? Question mark, excited? We already got our ticket, we can skip the lane, incredible! the long line There you go. Hello Merci beaucoup! (very good french, Felix) *awkward posing* Alright, we’re going to bubble café It better has bubbles or else! You sorta forget how crazy it is every time you go in to the hotel and then it is like ‘oh yeah’ this is how it is The bird’s still there, chillin’ You can’t really tell how big it is, big bird.Very large bird. Big bird everyone pretty good view! I saw they updated tuber simulator and slickpea is now…. … He’s a ghost He lives on in tuber simulator I found Joji, filthy frank Doesn’t he look like him? I didn’t know Joji was popular in Morocco, damn. Ohh, look at the tiny cat! Ohh Look at this People just trash their shit here Because why not I got nothing, I’m sorry [Music] It’s Saturday but there’s… Barely any people It’s pretty much what we hoped for, just a break from all the madness There’s a pirate ship! Oh my god we went on the lamest slide and we get destroyed Marzia her foot– we went down this little kids slide and we both just shocked from it I don’t know. We looked at all the kids and they went so slow and then we just went– I guess we’re heavy I don’t think I’m ready for this Oh my G– Is it even open? Marzia: “yeah” “Goodluck!” AAAAAAH They said you can protect like this and I was like ‘why’ but now I understand It hurts! Oh! It’s happening Oh my god! You wanna go on that one? Very chill Is that the one that just opened? We’re about to do the most exciting ride of the century Why? I can explain what it is It’s a bit random… To go to Marrakech Just for a waterpark but I’ve never been to one so… Why not? Say that again Marzia. It got two balls That’s the tip Ewwww We’re on the boats! I smuggled the phone. Hopefully they don’t kick us out What are you doin’? Oh yeah! That’s right I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get burnt, I’m sorry mom I’m trying not to Let go right fricking now or else! (Felix has legs?????) Look out, I think MottoMotto likes you [Relaxing music] Haha, AAAAAAH, oh it’s scary! [Relaxing music] We are having… Our… … Proposal dinner One year ago Marzia:”And we’re married” Pewds: “No, we’re not” What is this? Marzia: “It looks like– it’s a safety ring” Do you guys like the Leonardo DiCaprio/Matt Damon haircut? [Mellow music] What? Nani? Damn, you burnt girl! Mom is watching right now, I didn’t get burned from the sun Alright that’s the end of the vlog We’re about to go on our private jet And thank you Marrakech, it’s been real Like subscribe and checkout merch Have a great life (Thank you felix, you too. We love you

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  1. They really live life to the fullest. It’s really nice to see. I spend so much time at home alone never doing anything. I need to do more things.

    Right as I typed that pewds spread his asscheeks and farted on the bed lol

  2. I don't know why people Go to Marrakech, I am Moroccan and I don't like it there is nothing to see there.. Agadir and Tanger are much better

  3. Omg i went here a month after you guys.. like in the market and everything. I got my hand grabbed by a woman as well and she started doing henna on me 😂

  4. I'm 60 years old I never got on a plane or left the country
    I don't know the sea either
    That's why I like to watch your videos because that's how I travel what I never could

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