Our guide to Saint Lucia with Audley Travel

Our guide to Saint Lucia with Audley Travel

The island of St. Lucia is really beautiful – you can explore the twin Pitons you can even climb up them if you wish There’s also a really lovely array of restaurants for you to dine at. Don’t forget in the interior you’ve got the rainforest On top of that you’ve got the waterfalls and lots of hiking trails My favorite property in St. Lucia has to be Ladera It really has got a wow factor The views from the property are absolutely stunning no matter where you’re located of the plains pitons and all of the rooms have a unique concept of keeping the fourth wall open which means you can have those views all day and really be one with the nature surrounding you Ti Kaye was one of my favourite beach properties in St. Lucia The beach at Ti Kaye is really beautiful It’s a grey-silver sand beach and when the sun hits on it it really sparkles in the sun so it’s unique compared to some of the other beaches in the Caribbean which are the typical white sands There’s some great snorkeling and diving that can be done by Ti Kaye and the diving instructors there are great. Another highlight would definitely be the wine cellar and they’ve got a great seminary there who can talk you through the different wines or book you in for private dining. One of my highlights in Saint Lucia was definitely getting to go in a helicopter we can pre-book that as either a transfer as one of your transfers instead of a car so arriving in style or as a sight-seeing tour during your stay – it’s one one thing to see the Pitons from a hotel or a viewpoint but actually flying up and over the piton and being close enough to touch it was a really incredible experience.

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