Our Daughter’s Heart Stopped, Then Jesus Walked In – The Normal Christian Life

Our Daughter’s Heart Stopped, Then Jesus Walked In – The Normal Christian Life

In previous episodes you’ve seen
people imitate Christ and touch the world around them. But what does it look like to live like
this behind closed doors? I want to show you a glimpse into what this has
recently looked like for me and my family. Is it possible to live free from fear
in a world that is plagued by it? I believe it is, and this became
especially important for my wife Hayley as the birth
of our first child drew near. When I was pregnant with Gabriella, I decided that I didn’t want didn’t want
to have any fear during the birth. And that was something that was
really important to me. I believe that I didn’t have
any fear during the birth, and it was a very good birth. While Hayley was in labour,
the nurses kept commenting on how peaceful we were. They weren’t used to that, and then I would pray for them, and they definitely weren’t used to that. Especially one with a neck injury who
was healed as I prayed. I’ll never forget the first
moment I saw Gabriella. She was a perfect little baby. I can remember looking
at her and saying, “Hayley, she’s got your lips.” The first half an hour was the most
incredible half an hour of my life. Her name is Gabriella Little did we know that in an
instant everything would change and our decision to have no fear
was about to be put to the test. About half an hour after she was born they noticed that she was
breathing really quickly. It kept getting worse
and worse. She required more and more oxygen. She started to have some
breathing problems and needed some oxygen, so at that time we
got the pediatrician to come in and help us as well, And from there she just rapidly
deteriorated very quickly. The pediatricians and the
people I called in to assist took Gabriella with Nathaniel
to the special care nursery. I joined Gabriella in the nursery and it became clear that
this was really serious. They had her on oxygen and they were trying to get
needles into her tiny veins in order to sedate her. And they kept missing the vein
over and over again. All the while I had my hands on her and I was praying for her, telling her, “Daddy’s here, daddy’s here.” If we’re not careful we’ll be thanking God
when things are going well, and moments later blaming him
when they’re not. But it’s the enemy who comes
to kill steal and destroy, Jesus brings life. Finally they got Gabriella to sleep and Hayley came in, and the doctor took us
into the next room. At this point she was unconscious, because they had heavily sedated her. They had to put a tube down her throat and give her one hundred percent Oxygen. Nathaniel and I were in a little room next to the room where Gabriella was. Five minutes after they put
the tube down her throat her heart stopped. None of the doctors expected that. Nobody expected that. We heard the sound of doctors
and buzzes going off. They were doing CPR on our daughter and we heard the sound of 1 – 2 – 3 – Breathe! 1 – 2 – 3 – Breathe! What do we do as Christians
in moments like this when we’re facing serious trials? Sometimes we can be overwhelmed
and even pray out of fear. What if we were not moved
by situations around us because of who He is within us? So that’s exactly what I did. I looked at Hayley and I held her hand. Nathaniel just said to me, “Let’s have no fear.” “Let’s just pray and let’s just believe
God.” I was just like, “OK.” And I put my hand on his hand and the nurse next to us put
her hand on our hands and she said, “Let’s pray.” It was at that moment that we realized Amy the Midwife was actually a Christian. So we just started praying and I just thought, I’m here today because I
need to stand in the gap. Nathaniel said,
“I rebuke the spirit of death.” and I was like,
“Woah, harsh.” You know like, but it
really challenged me, it’s like no, there’s actually a fight
right now going on for her life. Minute after minute went
by without a pulse and we continue to pray, not begging God but
partnering with him, knowing it was His will to heal her. For me that was a very weak moment but right then, I saw a vision of Jesus. And I saw Him walk up to Gabriella, and I saw Him put his hand on her. After four minutes, Gabriella’s
heartbeat came back. From that moment when I
saw that vision of Jesus, for me, it was ok. (Midwife) Her heart had started again after four minutes, but she was grey. It’s the color of death. The logical conclusion was that Gabriella wouldn’t survive. Doctors came in to us, and they said things are very serious. We don’t know what’s wrong but something is very wrong. They were very concerned and trying to prepare us for the worst. But I’ve made a choice in my life to share the gospel no matter what. And the nurse that was
telling us the bad news seemed to have an issue
with her throat. So even in that moment, I told her, “We’re not worried.” “God has our daughter, but
let me pray for your voice.” So I prayed for her. The doctors were used to people being distraught in situations like this, but Hayley and myself had
a God-given peace. So they assumed we were in denial about the gravity of the situation, and contacted our Pastor, hoping she’d speak some sense into us. But they didn’t know our Pastor. I got a phone call from
the hospital, saying “Pastor Katherine, something has happened.” And I could tell from the tone of
her voice she was very worried. So I said, “What’s going on?” And she said, “Well, the baby’s
had a heart attack.” And that was enough for me, these guys are family. As I walked in the nurses
were waiting for me, and they said,
“We’re so glad you’re here.” “You need to help them understand that
this is much more serious” “than they seem to realize.” I think they thought that
I was going to help with the grief counseling. I looked at them and thought,
“You’ve got the wrong lady, here.” As I walked in Nathaniel was
praying for one of the nurses, as you would expect because
that’s just who he is. Hayley just had a supernatural peace. I said to them,
“Hayley you need to start expressing.” “Nurses you need to make sure
she starts expressing milk” “This baby is going to feed.” “This is going to be normal.” And I’m pretty sure the nurses
were all thinking, “I don’t think they understand.” So we just prayed,
we worshipped. Well there was Gabriella, all hooked up to the
life-support machine, and I said, “Let’s take a picture!” I remember overhearing one
of your Pastors say, “Take a photo of her like this” “because you’re going to need
it for the testimony.” And I was like, “Oh Lord,
please let that be true.” Because, all of the facts tell
us it’s impossible. We were then transferred to one of the
biggest hospitals in the area. Gabriella was placed in a nursery for
babies in critical condition. Gabriella’s state was rapidly deteriorating, and they were struggling to keep her alive. One lung collapsed, then the other. They’d given her shots of adrenaline. She had tubes everywhere. But it was almost like I was
in a bubble of God’s peace. I just knew that God was
holding us, holding her. Early the next morning, I was sitting next to Gabriella,
reading the Bible to her. One of the doctors came in, and he said to me,
“Nathaniel, can you take a seat?” I could tell this was a difficult conversation for the doctor to have to have with me. He was trying to console me about
the situation with my daughter, and at a certain point I stopped him, and said, “Doctor I need you to understand,” “I’m not worried, because I’m a man of God.” “Just tell me the facts, so that
I’ll know what to pray for.” Then he opened up and explained that because of the lack of oxygen
to my daughter’s brain during the four minutes that
her heart had stopped, he believed that she had brain damage, and that that was the reason
she was not responding. I asked the doctor, “What would you need to see to
know that she’s doing OK?” And he said, “Well, she’s not responding,
so any response.” So I asked him, “What would you think if
she opened her eyes?” And he said, “I’d be astonished.” I looked him in the eyes, and I said, “Doctor, prepare to be astonished.
God’s going to heal my daughter.” “What do you need prayer for?” He was so impacted that he just said, “Wow, you’re very kind, thank you.” And I got to pray for him. At this point we and many others had been praying for almost two days, and medically speaking there
was no reason to think we would ever see our daughter’s eyes again,
let alone any form of recovery. I went into a bathroom and I shut the door. “Gabriella wouldn’t survive…” “Something is very wrong with your baby…” “Serious brain damage…” I’ve learned that not every thought that
enters my head is my own, and as I was in that bathroom
this boldness came over me. I had complete confidence that
God would heal my daughter. But I also knew, that even
losing my daughter could not steal the peace I have in Jesus. I said, “Enemy, your plans to take
my daughter will not succeed.” “But no matter what happens to my
daughter, my peace is in Christ alone.” That night Hayley and I were sitting
and looking at Gabriella. (Hayley) After two days of
not seeing my baby’s eyes, She opened her eyes, and she looked at us. And that was just amazing. The doctors were surprised. Not only had she opened her eyes, but it was suddenly as if she
was perfectly healthy. Even her lungs, which had previously collapsed, and should have shown abnormalities,
now looked completely normal. And the same doctor to whom I said,
“Prepare to be astonished” came running in with an X-Ray of her lungs,
and he was like, “This is amazing! This is amazing!” And I said, “This is Jesus!” The doctors kept doing their tests, and they couldn’t find anything wrong. No brain damage. No lung trauma.
Nothing wrong with her heart. No one could explain it,
but she was instantly well. She didn’t even need a feeding tube, she went straight to breastfeeding. She was healthy and normal, developmentally you look at her
and she is perfect, absolutely perfect. I love it, there is nothing God can’t do. My mind couldn’t reconcile this grey
child with tubes everywhere, to a robust newborn going home. She was healed miraculously. It certainly was obvious that these
guys were a Christian family. They had called upon God and
their God had answered their prayers. Over the next few days, most of the
doctors and nurses who had helped with Gabriella came to see her,
amazed at the change. All the world’s waiting to see
what it looks like for Christians to go through trials and
have unconditional peace. In every situation, God wants us to have no fear,
because he is perfect love.

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  1. Psalms 23:4 Even if I go through the deepest darkness I will not be afraid, Lord, for you are with me, Your shepherd's rod and staff protect me, praise the Lord our God Amen God Bless you and your baby girl, she looks beautiful, thank you Father God, for this testimony

  2. God is in control , trust him that’s all he asked
    He healed this beautiful baby , whatever situation you’re going through don’t ever lose hope in God , he will turn your situation an amazing way you didn’t expect 🙏

  3. Praise The Lord! God's miracles has no words…they are wonderful…Nothing is impossible with him…one of the example this testimony…only faith in him is important even in hopeless situations to see such miracles… God bless your baby and family..

  4. God must be Glorified and Praise no matter what.. for He is the great Physician who trains the medical field.. Awesome Testimony.. ONLY THE POWER OF GOD could do such a miracle … Amen and Blessings.. Happy for all who experience that miracle…

  5. Jesus says we can do all things he did and greater in his name.

    GOD is mighty and mysterious ,as is his way . He allowed this situation to be as it was so that he could open the door to reach those who would not other wise be reached.

    I have a tale of my own of a miracle happening.
    My puppy Valentina whom I prayed for , for eleven years before GOD gave her to me. Had started acting very unusual and her legs were not working then her eyes became dull and she was making a very strange Quacking noises. My mom and I called the vet brought her in even though it was very far away and not a normal day .he checked her over and was saying that she didn't have a head trauma but he was saying that we should put her down because she may have an injured spine because her legs were not working. but we asked him to do what ever needed to be done so she could live. He gave her a shot of streroids and she was kept under observation over night and the next day we were able to bring her home completely normal and healthy quacking aside . And he said she was a Miracle. Mommy and I had prayed long and hard that God would heal her to full health and that she live a long and happy life. And as my mom slept I had disturbing dreams of a black cloaked creature circling my Valentina and I said "DEATH I banish you from this place ,You can not have her. Be gone in Jesus name." And guardian angels, warrior angels and ministering angels were stationed around Valentina . the warrior angels with flaming swords and giant wings out stretched stood in a circle around Valentina and I facing outward , the guardian angels facing inward with concerned faces and their wings folded. and the ministering angels with faces lifted up to GOD. one held Valentina and the other stood between me and the holding Valentina his wings shielding me from seeing above us (Because to look on GOD is to depart from this earthly realm.)Though I was more concerned with praying and begging GOD heal my puppy.

  6. Praise GOD. Bless your family and God be with you always. Shes the cutest !! <3 she will grow up to be a living testament to Gods Miracles.

  7. Praise the Lord , Jesus is the creature so he now knows ,even my daughter had a hole in her heart but after praying for her Jesus Heald her even doctor said this is first cause that I am seeing , with out any surgery, she Heald ,so I told the doctor , that is Jesus who Heald her , really I was very happy to hear this testimony , God bless your family ,no words to describe His love

  8. I have seen thank you for blessing me with this BIG testimony. Jesus Christ is Lord over us. I'm from Africa Namibia windhoek Jesus Christ is Lord amen. Keep my country in your prayers please. It's full of demonic works. Pray that Jesus Christ will be Lord over our country amen

  9. Hallelujah
    Thank you so much for sharing your miracle and the power of Jesus Christ with the world!

    Thank you for showing what true faith in our Lord looks like, and showing that despite whatever you may go through, Jesus Christ is always right bedside us and no matter the outcome, that through our Heavenly Father we can overcome anything, even in death we gain more than this world could ever bring. God Bless you both, little Gabriella, and everyone- with love in Jesus Christ.


  11. Science have its limits i love science but the supernatural world is beyond the realms of science god cannot be fit on a lab if the heavens of heavens cannot contain him how can we fit him in a lab.

  12. I generally don't comment in any of video, however I don't believe this has happened due to GOD. Both of you guys must have done something extraordinary for someone else which came back to you at the right moment when you needed it most. I'm a atheist, however I strongly believe that if you never hurt/damage anybody intentionally instead, helped/supported someone unconditionally in your lifetime then it will come back to you at the right moment of your life when your expectation is less/nil & things are out of your control.

  13. This has happened so Jesus Christ can be glorified. At the moment the mom saw Jesus walk into the room, the baby was healed, at that moment. The delay of baby opening her eyes was simply to gather more witnesses. Praise be to God The Father, our Lord Jesus Christ!

  14. i have always believed in God there is nothing he can't do.He is the light to the darkness and the medicine to any illness.

  15. I am confused. The senior pastor is a woman. I am a lady pilot, and I believe a woman can do any job. However, the Bible is very clear that women are not supposed to pastor churches. Will you please explain?

  16. What an amazing story .
    This story alone would / could / & will make anyone – ANYONE in the world believe … ..

    God Bless This Family ….

  17. This story is similar to mine. My son died inside me, I was 8 months pregnant and had a emergency csection I’m a Christian catholic person and I believe in the power of God , for Jesus Christ nothing is impossible, Michel my son after born was taken to the nicu, his weight was three pounds and had so many complications just like this baby but my husband and I keep praying and now my son is perfectly fine, he’s fourteen years old now, thanks to my Good lovely God.

  18. God IS Good!!! Beautiful story!! I can honestly say I dont know if I would've had the strength like yall if I were in your shoes!!! Beautiful!! Had me in tears!! Stay blessed🤙❤👏

  19. Praise the Lord for her parents faith , it moved mountains ! Jesus is the same yesterday ,today and tomorrow , He said fear not ,for I am with you always "

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  22. Coincidence….???

    Because my name is Gabriela ._.

    Always believe in Jesus and God, they will always watch over us 😢👏🏼👏🏼😢

  23. Do “GOD” gets credit and praised for all the positive outcomes and survival stories but NEVER is credited worth all the horrific suffering in the world ! The logic is completely one sided religious people truly believe god listened to their prayers and save lives …they believe God had the power to physically save a life ! Surely under the same logic it is God who physically has the power to Make tiny innocent babies suffer ?! …perhaps you should praise the doctors who fought and fought their babies live …the people who devote hours and hours to studying…helping complete strangers….long shifts never seeing their own families ..all the abuse …stress …emotions !!!!

  24. Praise the Lord Jesus Christ🙏🏾Praise the Lord Jesus Christ🙏🏾Praise the Lord Jesus Christ🙏🏾Praise the Lord Jesus Christ🙏🏾Praise the Lord Jesus Christ 🙏🏾

  25. It is really God's will. Amen. My son didn't survived 4yrs ago, while he was on NICU, I prayed to God that His will for my baby be done. And with his death, I hoped many babies were saved, and still praying for babies until now.

  26. Thank you for sharing this. It resonates with me. Have unwavering faith in God, keep your peace and knows that his love is infinite. Its great to see little Gabriela healthy and strong. God bless 🥰

  27. God is amazing and when we trust and believe in his almighty power and his unconditional love there is nothing that he cannot do. All we have to do is believe with our mind, body and soul that if he brought us to it he will bring us out of it. I am happy that you beautiful baby girl is well and I am sure that your situation made believers out of some who were there witnessing such a beautiful miracle. God Bless you and your family!


  29. So many Christians in the world, look at all the likes! The enemy doesn't want us to know how many we really are and that we believe and trust in Christ!

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