One last preview of UA vs. Hawaii game

One last preview of UA vs. Hawaii game

well your Arizona Wildcat football team is just less than two hours away from starting it’s 2019 football season kickoff for the Wildcats is set for 7:30 p.m. these two universities have met five times since 1951 and the Wildcats have beaten the Rainbow Warriors every time including a 2016 at Arizona Stadium no secret Arizona will be counting on senior quarterback Khalil Tate to lead the offense against Hawaii and perhaps return to a sophomore record breaking form as a whole tape comes into the season with more than 4,300 passing yards and he’s throwing 443 touchdowns he’s also a threat on the run obviously Tana has much respect also for tonight’s opponent Hawaii physical as they usually are always are good it’s important for us to use our speed and I think whenever you have an advantage you want to use that no tear for this I think that’s something much that’s some that we want to do hey don’t forget we’ll have complete rundowns of the game tonight on news 4 Tucson at 10 p.m. also don’t forget we have complete coverage of the first Friday of high school football in kvo a calm we are talking the most in-depth high school football show on the border Southwest kvo wacom hey we’re far from over with after the break more sports I’ll head to the lute Olson fantasy basketball camp where former Wildcat and NBA stars are coaching to Sohn ins and fulfilling hoop dreams more sports more energy more fun after the break [Music]

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  1. This guy is on crack Hawaii beat UA in 2006 with colt Brennan gtfoh know your football clown that's why Hawaii beat these scrubs

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