Once Upon a Saint – St. Rita of Cascia – May 22nd

st. Rita of Cascia was born in 1381 in Italy even as a baby it was clear that she had been blessed by God as bees would fly to her lips to leave honey a man with an injured arm saw this happening and tried to get rid of the bees believing they would harm Saint Rita his arm was miraculously healed of its injury as a young woman Saint Rita wanted to become a nun but her parents wanted her to marry after her husband died Saint Rita lived her daily life as though she were a nun praying and dedicating her life to the poor one night during prayer st. John the Baptist Saint Agustin and st. Nicholas appeared and told her to go to the convent and they would help her enter it in a flash she was in the convent having no clue how she had gotten there Mother Superior realized this was God’s will and accepted her as a sister in the convent while meditating on the Passion of Christ another miracle occurred as she received the stigmata upon her forehead Saint Rita offered this wound to God for the sins of mankind she continued about her daily life dedicating herself to caring for sick nuns and soon became seriously ill Saint Rita asked God for a sign that both of her sons were in heaven God told her yes through giving of roses and figs that had bloomed in the cold of winter just before she died she had a vision of Jesus and Mary surrounded by angels as though they were taking her soul to heaven many sick people touched her body and were cured of sickness to learn more about Saint Rita and other Saints and blessed’s watch my Catholic family here on EWTN you you

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