OM 2-0 Saint-Étienne l Les coulisses de la victoire

OM 2-0 Saint-Étienne l Les coulisses de la victoire

“Go! Go! Go!” “Marseille! Marseille! Marseille!
Let’s go! Let’s go!” It’s match night here in Marseille, with OM hosting AS Saint-Etienne. Florian Thauvin: “Every time he gets a scratch on the cheek!” It’s a must-win
for Olympique de Marseille! in this Saint-Etienne clash. Welcome to the Velodrome!
What an atmosphere with nearly 60,000 fans here! So many blue and white jerseys.
So many chants already! So many flags too! So much noise ahead of kick-off. The stadium is ready to explode! Rudi Garcia: “Move the ball, offer options to your team-mates. Play a simple, yet bold football. Use your brain! Keep possession. Don’t waste any time.
I want to see you at your top from the start! Go, go, go! I want to see a united team tonight. One for all,
all for one! Both in attack and defence. 57,000 fans are waiting for you out there. Let’s do it, let’s go!” “Mario!” Fans: “When the stands begin to sing, the stadium will ignite! Come on!” Thauvin through his oppoent’s legs…
…for Lopez! Lopez in the middle
for Balotelli First strikes! Too soft. Fan: “Balotelli was close to scoring… He was about to make us jump right there! But it’s a good start,
An amazing atmosphere. I’ve got a good feeling about tonight.” Fan: “We must score now. I’m worried it’ll get harder and harder.” Florian Thauvin up front… Come on… Thauvin at the near post… …bicycle kick and goal!
Super Mario!! Mario Balotelli scored!
Marseille leads 1-0. He’s filming this on social media! If he scored, he promised he’d broadcast it live on his social networks. Well played, Tonight’s 1st OM goal is scored by Mario Balotelli. He’s giving his phone back to the OM staff. They’ll keep his phone?! Morgan Sanson from the middle of the pitch Great pass to Ocampos
right outside the box… Should he pass back?
cross? Lucas Ocampos goes for goal… …penalty! The referee gives OM a penalty.
Florian Thauvin… goes vs. Ruffier…
and goal! Goal! Mario Balotelli comes to hug Florian Thauvin.
The two goalscorers of the evening! An ovation for Thauvin, an ovation for OM! What a great match for Rudi Garcia after just 20 minutes. What a fun goal celebration with those players! Looks like they’re having fun! Fans: “To arms! We are Marseille! And we will win! Let’s go OM!” Marseille wins 2-0,
and takes all 3 points! Marseille climb to 4th in Ligue 1! So efficient and so much fun tonight! “Well done!” “Well done Pa!” “Well done, Bouba!” “Super Mario!” Rudi Garcia: “Well done tonight! I have nothing else to say. Now, it’s back to work, then 2 days to rest, and Sunday the match vs. Nice, with more of the same!! Nothing less! Well done, but don’t lose your focus!” Morgan Sanson: “Mario told me about it during the week. I thought it was genius. He wanted to go to the bench and
get his phone. But I suggested he’d give it to the cameraman behind the goal, so you can get it and record live right away. That was partly my idea!” Fan: “We deserve it. We’ve been waiting for this… We are getting closer to Lyon.” “Our confidence is back!” “With Balotelli here, we can’t stop scoring!” “Let’s go OM, go!” “Allez l’OM!”

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  1. il n'y a que l'OM ou tu vois une si belle cohésion de groupes, ils surpassent les moments difficiles ensemble

  2. il faut gagner contre nice les gars mais j'aime pas quand tout le monde suce ballo je sais c un bon joueur mais ya bouba flo sakai lucas …… c'est toute une équipe allez l'om

  3. Balotelli il était sur de marquer sur ce corner il fait un signe au cameraman pour le tel C un monstre 🔥

  4. Nice j'espère que vous êtes prêts parce que dimanche ca va empiler les buts dans un vélodrome chaud bouillant !

  5. Je suis niçois mais j’aime cette équipe vous verrez quand balotelli voudra partir il deviendra nul et vous oubliera vite mais il est bon et rudi Garcia on dirait une victime LOL

  6. Ça se voit que Balotelli est bien à Marseille, il s'est intégré dans le groupe super vite ça fait plaisir

  7. ils sont passés où tous les pessimistes compulsifs qui ne croyaient plus en GARCIA et donc notre groupe ??? beaucoup n'ont jamais trop douter ,mais ceux qui viennent juste quand les résultats sont de retour ,ne sont pas de vrais amoureux du club ,et cela vaut pour d'autres écussons !!!!sur ce Forza OM

  8. Si seulement on avait eu Balotelli au début de la saison avec une vraie préparation…c'est Lyon qui serait en sueur….

  9. Pauvre merde balloteli t une merde gros tu te crois fort mais t nul ta meme pas le niveau pour retourné à milan

  10. kimpembe kimpembe mes ta main à la maison aller les bleu alleerrrrrrr 😂😂😂😂😂😂 a jamais des merde le PSG aller l’OM !!!!! Est le SW!!!!!!

  11. I am a fan for OM but i cannot speak French, so , Translate videos to English language.
    Allez OM 🙄

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