Old Zigzag Road aka Bitukang Manok at Atimonan, Quezon │Pilot Episode (Tour 01) – [ENG SUB]

Old Zigzag Road aka Bitukang Manok at Atimonan, Quezon │Pilot Episode (Tour 01) – [ENG SUB]

Ooops, before continue, let me explain where we are going and what this channel is all about. Let’s back up a bit. you probably have an idea what we do here Ever since, I am fond of 2 wheels whether it’s a bike or a motorcycle Truth is, during weekends, I use my scooter more often than our car or pick up when I go to places. There are a few places I’ve been to already using my scooter and I enjoyed it a lot. One time, a friend told me “Bro join us in a long ride!.” “Before you go touring abroad, why don’t you tour the beautiful places here in our country first?” I told him, “I don’t have time to travel yet. Maybe when my wife and I retire.”
And he said.” when will you start when you’re too old to enjoy it?” That made me think. ..while I still don’t have rheumatism.. And because I love to travel and ride a motorcycle as well, why don’t I do both? And that’s where my personal challenge was created. “Tour the Philippines” That’s to tour the Philippines on 2 wheels. “Are you OK?” Yup, I’m serious. And I will document each place as much as I can so I can share it with you. ..as if you were with me. A female blogger inspired me who is also doing the nation-wide tour. Yes, a lot of people are already doing it, but using 2 wheels adds to the thrill and challenge. And of course, to increase our chances for us to achieve our goals, it has to be S.M.A.R.T. I need to tour the whole Philippines on 2 wheels. I need to visit all 81 provinces, eat their delicacies and go to their tourist destinations. It has to be all the 81 provinces before we call it a success. And because there are bigger provinces than the rest, we might feature more than one spots in a single trip. How about places where you need to cross seas? Using a RoRo or ships where we can transport our scooter, we can cross Visayas and Mindanao. There are also motorcylces for rent that we can use in case the previous is not possible. I like travelling and riding anyway As long as there’s a road, there’s hope. Well, I have other things to do in my life so the deadline is reasonable. The Old Zigzag road is famous in Atimonan also known as “Bitukang Manok” (now Tatlong Eme) Also popular are Zigzag Park and mermaid statue and we will visit them all. The Zigzag road is considered an extreme challenge for drivers Many are avoiding this because of its reputation of being very dangerous. Many lives have been lost here due to accidents. when they take this road during off-hours. This is an old photo of it before it was cemented. It suddenly rained in Lucena city so I took cover first. I hesitated to push through due to the added danger of the slippery road. Will I just go back and waste the trip? But at least I’m safe. Or I’ll continue and will leave everything to Batman? While waiting for the rain to stop, I decided to make it to the foot of the mountain first and if it’s still raining then I’ll go back. Good thing when I got there, the rain stopped so the fun continues! Because it’s my first time here I’m a bit nervous. But as soon as I got there, I find it really beautiful. I stopped for a while to take photos and videos. I had a small chat with the lady and she told me that the whole day they guide motorists and in return they are given change or coins from them. I asked her to take a photo of me and gave her a small amount. She seemed so happy. I realized why on my way back. Later you’ll see. After the photo ops I left for the Old Zigzag Park Because I found out I there’s a place to eat there. I’m starving so I’ll have my lunch there first before going to the mermaid statue, But because I missed it, I decided to head to the statue first. I thought it was a proper park with a statue but it was actually just beside the road. The appearance of the mermaid is not that pleasant, resembling that of a merman. But I appreciate the effort of who did it. I left shortly because I’m starving. And this is the Zigzag Park. There are also statues here of Saints and animals Their specialty according to them are Bulalo and Atimonan express The food was OK ..considering they are located in a park. Restrooms will ask for a “donation” of P5.00 per use. Might as well make it worthwhile. I wanted to stay but I need to leave before it gets dark. I was thinking what route to take on my way back (bypass or the zigzag road) since the lady said it’s more dangerous downhill. Since I’m up for the thrill, I opted for the Zigzag road. I noticed that someone in the vehicle in front of me is throwing coins at the guides I thought they were being rude. They can easily give it to them properly. And they did it to all the guides on the road. It seemed fine with the guides. That’s when I realize it was the standard practice there. I remembered the 50-peso bill I gave to the lady. Maybe I should’ve thrown it as well. It rained again but not as hard as before. I dropped by the town of Liliw to buy something for my wife as a bribe so I can continue doing this (just kidding) CHECK MY CHANNEL FOR THE REST OF THE TOURS

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  1. For those who are wondering if it really is called "Bitukang Manok," please watch the 1 minute mark of this video: https://youtu.be/kdOyB1ecpwc

    It was called tatlong EME etc before but change is real. 🙂

  2. alam q sa atimonan yang zigzag road, at ang bitukang manok ay cam sur to cam norte wla.lng nasabi q lng

  3. Pag millenial bitukang manok ang alam nila. Pero 90s ka pababa ay eme tawag dyan. At isa pa, kung ikaw ay taga dyan lang at di ka nakaka byahe pa bicol di mo malalaman kung alin ang bitukang manok. Ang masakit pa dyan may nag comment na taga dyan daw sya sa ateomanan at bitukang manok tawag dyan. Mag tanong ka sa lolo mong byahero

  4. Boss idol kita kitakits sa next road kung di po kayo magagalit at ok lang po sa inyo is gusto po sana ikaw mag motour in samar sa san juanico bridge pero kung di kaya ok lang po the best ka po sir 😊👍👍-randyl

  5. Sana sir itinuloy mo na biyahe mo hanggang bicol sa Daet camarinez Norte pra nakita ko kung ano nbang nabago c dating iniwan kong probinsiya d n kc ako nakakauwi last n uwi ko 2007 pa hayssst

  6. new sub aq nice sir ganyan na ganyan din gs2 q gawin kaso wla na oras now d na din mkapag vlog ingat lagi xa ride

  7. aus now ko lng napanood ito sir JT maslalong mgnda manood ng mga vlog nyo kpag nag umpisa sa simula eto pla ang story nyo po..hehe

  8. Gus2 ko umowe ng bicol gamit Ang motor ko pero pg pumapasok SA isip ko Ang zigzag road SA atimunan nag dadalawang isip aq napakadilikado kc Jan d mu Makita kasalubong mu hehehe

  9. Me ibang way ba boss pag pauwe ng bicol at pabalik ng manila gamit motor ko d ko pa na experience dumaan ng nakamotor jan SA totoo lng natatakot tlga aq masyado matarik ang paakyat at pababa

  10. paps ok sana yung vlog mo pero parang may mali taga quezon din ako yung way mo sa kalsada paglabas mo plang alam ko na un eh..alam mo na ibig kung sabihin nagulat lang ako bakit bigla kang nasa lucena..

  11. The term "Bitukang Manok" refers to the zizag road in the province of Camarines Norte. The zigzag road in Pagbilao-Atimonan, Quezon is called "Eme", from the letter M. It was originally named "Vogelgesang Zigzag Road" after its engineer who was killed in a landslide during its construction.

  12. subokan mo rin pasyalan ikotin ang aming isla Siargao ..marami ri mga lugar dito na magaganda at ang iba dipa nadiskobre

  13. Eto yung vlog na masarap panuodin.. Full of sense 😍😍 Plus yung pagsasalita ni Kuya Nakaka enjoy din pakinggan. Epek din sya ha,
    😍 Hot Daddy manipis lng ang hair nya.

  14. Dto aq ng start manuod sir jt….na amaze aq s vlog mo…idagdag pa na ang unag distination eh s province nmin….ridesafe…godbless more than a million views congrats…..when i watch this before its not even hit a hundred views….

  15. Wow nmis kna dumaan jn ulit🤗🤗🤗 dati 2times aweek akung na daan jn wayback 2015 galing MUNTINLUPA to QUEZON CALAUAG my business kc ung amo kung kurimaw sa qeuzon calauag kinukuha ko mga items doon at dnadala sa muntinlupa sa ayala alabang village mismo sa guava street house #10 minsan dn nmn doon ko dnadala sa bodega nya sa cavite malapit sa eagle redge, baliktaran ang salubong jn pg gbi na sir at ang mga watchers jn hinahagisan ng barya sa mga dumadaan jn minsan inaabut lng kc bilang psasalamt sa kasipagan nlang mgmando sa mga dumadaan kc kng wlang mgmamando marami ang maaksidente, have a safe trip lagi sir godbless

  16. Gusto ko rin magtravel. Pero bilib ako sayo brod… using motor mahirap yan mainit hehe pero nkkaenjoy magtravel.

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