Official Trailer | The Romanov Royal Martyrs

Official Trailer | The Romanov Royal Martyrs

I have the firm the absolute conviction that the fate of Russia my own fate, and that of my family is in the hands of God Who placed me where I am. Grant us Thy patience Lord In these our woeful days the mob’s wrath to endure and when that hour comes
to pass the last dread gate breathe strength in us to pray Father forgive them It is not evil that will conquer evil but only love The Romanov Royal Martyrs What silence could not conceal

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  1. God Bless them all. I pray one day a Romanov will once again sit on the Throne of ๐Ÿ‡ท๐Ÿ‡บ

  2. They will live in eternity. The world took a tragic loss that night. To have your own russian people turn on you and massacre your WHOLE family. Have your family shot, and to make matters worse bayoneted! Having his daughters bayoneted while still grasping for air, may those cowards rot in hell. Rest in eternity martyrs.

  3. I awaited the anniversary of July 17-18, 2018, hoping for an observance in the news, somewhere, even worldwide, but as there was virtually no mention, I observed with prayers on my ownโ€ฆ

  4. I have never seen photos of the family as realistic and beautiful as in this and other trailer videos for the book. What a beautiful souls they where and blessed in spite of the tragic fate and difficult circumstances.

  5. What an amazing piece of work, full of strong, life saving statements and emotions.
    Very many thanks are due to the team behind this project; it helps me re-tune to the essence of live – THANKS AGAIN!

  6. This video chilled me to my core…I have studied, read, and participated in several events pertaining to The Romanov Royal Martyrs over the past 45 years and I have a foreboding that reading this account will be brutal and show the depth of evil that was inflicted on this family 101 years ago. Although it will be unnerving, to say the least, it is a MUST read to bring to light the complete story…truthful, accurate, and presented with the respect this family deserves…..Thank you for this labor of love!


  8. What a chilling and tragic end for this family. I don't know, but I would think Russia is haunted by this moment in her past.

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