Off the Grid on a Homemade Island

Off the Grid on a Homemade Island

(bright music) – [Wayne] Thank you very much. (Catherine laughs) – I’m Catherine, and
this is my husband Wayne. – I’m Wayne, and welcome to Freedom Cove. We live in a secluded cove. The only options we have
to get here is by water. There are no road accesses. The water is our highway. – [Catherine] Everything that you see here in our home is floating. We are tied to shore with lines. We are not anchored. We have our main living house, we have the dance floor,
the lighthouse building, four greenhouses. As I started to grow the
garden and make it larger, then we had to have more
space for that garden. – Everything’s done with
a handsaw and hammer. No power tools. I know every board and nail by name. It’s about 500 tons. A million pounds that I’m floating. I’ve been building tree
forts since I was seven. And I said, “Well, Dad, “I’m putting a tree fort in the ocean.” No, when I go to town I get landsick. – Mm-hmm. – The thing about living
in Clayoquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island is it’s the richest biomass on Earth, so the opportunity to
fish for dinner is big. I just get in my canoe and paddle out, in 10 minutes I can catch a fish. But when it’s windy and
too rough out there, I can lay on the couch
and fish out of the house. I was hoping to make a lot
more money as an artist, so subsistence living
was our only opportunity to have anything as artists. We could never buy real estate, so we had to make our own. It was a great opportunity to actually move away from the city, to see if we could prosper out here. Now 24 years later, we’re still doing it. – I can’t imagine living any other way. I feel completely fulfilled. – (laughs) That’s good, hon. (Catherine laughs) That’s really nice. I’m working on it. (bright music)

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  1. What a beautiful story. I'm saving up right now to be able to afford a small plot of land on the country side. It is my dream to live remotely and live off produce from farming. Hopefully my mom will join me, she is great at gardening and hopefully she will teach me.

  2. Why does this remind of a film set for popeye when I’ve been to the real one in Malta and it’s nothing like it

  3. Can’t wait to see some beautiful pipelines pumping raw Alberta bitumen to the west coast!!! Weeeew Alberta baby!

  4. Wow that's great they probably have the best secluded area in North america. That's how many places around the world kept invaders away by water access only. That's really fresh air and water up north and very peaceful their going to have healthy long lives!

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