Of Saints and Necromancers (Pencils & Prayer Ropes)

Of Saints and Necromancers (Pencils & Prayer Ropes)

hello my siblings in Christ I’m Boyan and today we will discuss on particular charge that is often level towards Orthodox and Catholics that when we pray to the Saints we engage in acraman see let me show you how Frank doesn’t actually looks like st. George pray for me see that’s all there is to it I could have done an hour-long prayer but that’s just the difference between you texting someone and getting out with that person to spend some quality time now let’s see what necromancy is necromancy is summoning the spirits of the dead in order to get favors from them and to make them reveal the unknown so let us demonstrate an act of necromancy you take a sheep and you both go to the deepest dankest darkest cave you can possibly find you sacrifice the sheep and you use its blood to provide the life force for the spirits to manifest then you engage in short Q&A you do a fan meet they threaten you you threaten them and so on sure there are probably demons but let us be honest you’re not really that interested in Blackbeard you’re just there to get information how to find his treasure perhaps you’re more interested in fancier cleaner form of necromancy known as spiritism get your friends around the table sing some incantations and voila here comes the alleged Blackbeard again with his much coveted knowledge of his trove when you practice necromancy you want that to manifest that is the sole purpose of the right when you pray to the Saints you don’t want them to appear there’s no need it’s like prayer in fact it is prayer prayer is one way you don’t need or want for Jesus to appear personally to you you’re not God special little princes you’re not Moses never never will be if you want or pray for God to personally appear to you I want you to note if God wants you to do something he will use his ordinary channels like an advice or inspiration necromancy is motivated by pride and greed greed towards material gain College prayer to st. is motivated by humility we acknowledge that our hands in prayer are weak and we need help from those athletes of Christ who did not falter at the threat of a blade or torch or bullet remember that when we pray to the Saints we pray for them to hear us in the Holy Spirit without the Holy Spirit they couldn’t hear us nor would they exist it’s not like st. Anastasia hears me first and then she forwards the prayer to God who hears it second it simply has to do with fellowship it is not as much as praying to Saints as much as it is praying with the Saints in a necromancy God plays no role even if he does he’s no more than a tool to threaten the dead into submission and that’s a no-no Saints are alive in Christ there are no dead in the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob I don’t need Clara Stein rituals to summon the saints just a friendly plea towards my fellow Christians who have gone before me so my question for you is this if someone accuses us of necromancy RV necromancer’s or are they denying the life-giving power of Christ when a faithful Christian dies does Christ in him or her die as well I think not

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  1. Who accuses us of Necromancy? I’ve heard some outlandish accusations against us Orthodox, but never that.

  2. It's interesting how far Protestants have come in their accusations. The prevalent view seems to be of the Puritans: Everything is evil outside of our immediate understanding of Scripture. It's sad because the Apostolic tradition only gives MORE life to Scripture. Even Martin Luther and Calvin accepted for example, The Blessed Virgin Mary's perpetual virginity as sound doctrine. Such an odd lot, nonetheless we should love them and point them back to Truth.

  3. Prayer to saints is motivated by an idolatrous heart. The Holy Spirit intercedes on our behalf to help us pray, not saints: "Likewise the Spirit helps us in our weakness. For we do not know what to pray for as we ought, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us with groanings too deep for words."
    Romans 8:26

  4. There is no biblical basis for any of this. You've added on to what the Scripture clearly lays out. Nowhere does it say to pray to the saints who have died.

  5. I love thee title of the video! It almost makes me want to write a novel based on that title if I weren't already procrastinating on other novel ideas.

  6. 1:50 of course you want to see God or Christ himself as all creations are as special as Moses , praying is only permitted and appropriate to one living God and only

  7. Stop praying to people who sleep in the grave and await the resurrection, you can have fellowship with your priest who you can bid to pray for you, I’m sure Saint George has his prayer box full.

  8. @bible illustrated sorry but you're teaching a Heresy!

    Because according to the Holy Scriptures (Bible) that all Departed Souls Saved or Not are in Sheol/Hades (Place of the Dead) COMPLETELY unaware of what is happening in this world. They are all waiting for the JUDGEMENT DAY/DAY OF THE LORD, THE RETURN OF JESUS CHRIST WHERE ALL DEAD WERE GOING TO BE RESURRECTED AND JUDGE.


    Also is form of IDOLATRY which is against worship GOD alone!

    For we have a Jealous Triune God.

  9. Most of this video makes a poor argument. If necromancy is to call spirits of the dead for favors, then the only reason praying to saints is not necromancy is because saints are not dead. I really don't believe prayer is prayer if it's not directed specifically at The Only Most High. Therefor, if one's says they pray to the saints they are guilty of bad vocabulary.

    Much love ♥️.

  10. This is probably the best explanation of praying to Saints I've ever heard. If proddies still don't understand it after seeing this, then nothing will make them.

    Btw I love all your pictures that accompany these! Great channel!

  11. OOoOoOoOoOo I evoke you spooky ghost of Paul, use your magical saint powers to bless and help the people of the world see truth and light OOOOOOooOoOoOoOo

  12. I'm a convert to Catholicism from protestantism. Prayers to the saints was one of the many hurdles I had to pass before crossing the Tiber. For me, it took a small thought experiment: Betty Baptist is a prayer warrior. She prays for everyone. For this reason Alex Anglican regularly asks for her prayers. Betty dies and goes straight to heaven. Is she still a member of the Body of Christ? And Christ is alive, meaning that she is alive in Him. Does she still pray? Are the saints in heaven less charitable than the saints on earth? Is she somehow less interested in Alex's salvation now that she is completely happy? No?
    It is only reasonable that powerful intercessors here on earth only become more powerful in heaven.

  13. Ok before I go any further after having watched this video, I feel compelled to ask this question. Have you read all of the Bible 📖 ❓I’m talking about every book from Genesis to Revelation and every book in between them.

  14. I'm Roman Catholic from Brazil, Necromancy/Spiritism is a very common accusation that protestants here use against catholics. I've always think their argument was dumb as fu**, But the way you present their argument in the video make them look even dumber. Hahahaha
    Thanks for the video, Very informative and entertaining.
    God bless you, and all Apostolic Churches!

  15. I enjoy your videos and have subscribed. I am rather fascinated with and respect many of the Orthodox positions and you explain them well. This is one of the concerns I have with the theology though. You yourself described the definition of necromancy (forbidden in Deut. 18:10-12) as asking the dead for a favor and admitted that when one does that there is the likely possibility that you might be contacting a demon lying to you. Aren't you asking those who have passed on for a favor when you ask them to pray for you? I know you would say no, but i am not sure of that. Couldn't a devil trick you by making that prayer request seem to be fulfilled and use that to cause you to trust it enough to ask it for help again? Now, I totally agree that the Christians who have passed on from this life to the next are certainly still alive and know more than we do about what is going on here according to Hebrews 12:1, but the bible clearly states that we are only to attempt to contact God for help (according to 1 Timothy 2:5) "For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus." Only one. Not several who have passed on. That is a definite stumbling block for me with the Orthodox's theology. On another topic, I have a question for you: Do you think that Christian baptists will be in Heaven or only the Orthodox?

  16. Our deceased brothers and sisters in Christ Are alive In Christ.
    The "sleep" that is mentioned is bodily ( physical death)
    The soul is animated and conscious in Christ. We ask the saints to pray WITH us.

  17. Sorry to bust your bubble but anyone who died and has been buried (either a non believer or a saint) is 100% DEAD to us, he is no longer counted among the living!.Is irrelevant where he end up (in heaven or in hell) after death the main fact remains ,he is DEAD and we can not see him or contact him!.The only way for us to talk to this dead Christian saint is after the resurrection when all people who died in Christ are resurrected to an eternal life with Christ.Other than that you should NOT try to talk to a dead person/saint , that is strictly prohibited by God according to the Bible.

  18. Thank you. This is the best explanation I've seen for this practice yet.

    There is one big thing that stands out to me: "If God wants you to do something, He will use His ordinary channels." And that's just the thing. Nowhere in Scripture does it tell us to address prayers to those who have fallen asleep. It seems to me that if God wants us to do something, He'll tell us in His Word.

    Of course, those people who accuse you of "idolatry" and "necromancy" are way off base.

  19. If the departed saints in Heaven were dead imagine how awkward the Transfiguration at Tabor would be. I can imagine the Disciples seeing Moses, trying their darnest not to speak to him, lest they accidentally commit necromancy (truth be told, this wouldn't count with the Elijah since he was taken up alive).

  20. People also rarely understand what is meant by "praying" to a saint. The term prayer originally meant simply to "ask or to implore." We aren't praying to the saints as deities or as we pray to God. We are simply asking them to pray for us, just as we would ask a sibling or friend to pray for us. Even Scripture tells us that the saints are alive in Christ, so we're hardly praying to the dead.

  21. LOL, what you described as "praying/speaking to the familiar Spirits of physically dead Believers/Saints in order to get the favor of their assistance" is exactly the definition of NECROMANCY. Necromancy is NOT just asking the Spirits of the dead for info on the "unknown" — necromancy is the very ACT of communing/speaking to these Spirits, and it doesn't matter if the familiar Spirit was a Saint/Believer or unbeliever. Look what happened to King Saul because he spoke/asked assistance from the familiar Spirit of physically dead Saint Samuel (1Samuel 28:15, 1Chron 10:14)

  22. Is "praying to" the saints even the right phrase? I'm simply asking a fellow Christian to pray for me, are we not instructed to do this?

  23. When certain saints and mystics recognised in the Church have claimed that they saw Christ or the Theotokos, either in a dream or while awake, how is this decided? Who within the Church gives the "okay" for it? I am still a new convert, as you know, and this question always left me wondering even while I was still a Roman Catholic.

  24. So tempted to share this to my mostly-Protestant Facebook friends, but worried they may find some of the more sinister images a bit off-putting. Regardless, you are a talented guy, Bojan!

  25. Demons manifest in the icons too.The fake miracles that happened with moving Mary statuets or whatever icon miracle thats demons manifesting.Praying to the saints it is necromancy.That how Satan comes ,,dont worry sweetie is just a little prayer.You just ask the person to pray for you.Dont worry God wont consider it as necromancy because blah blah".Why all this? Just pray in Jesus name alone.Have a personal relationship with Him not religion.Jesus destroyed religion to pieces in Matthew 23:9 And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.
    So Jesus says dont do it.Why do you disobey Jesus?

  26. The saints are ALIVE in heaven not dead, we pray that they help us in our petition to God but they are not our gods. The Christian life is all about life and the saints are already living their eternal life with God, they're "on the team" (so to speak) and can help us attain what is good and helpful for our own journey. Like this: "Pray for us oh Holy Mother of God that we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ", that's not so bad is it?

  27. Thank you so much. I have waited 28 years until you explain this to me. Thank you. Could you please make a video about the prayer robe?

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