Odell Beckham Jr. is Kickin’ it with Bayern Munich | OBJ Going Global | NFL

Soccer was what I played when I was three years old. It was the first sport I ever really played, and it was truly my first love. I had the chance when I was about 13, going into 14 year old. I had been playing in these little premiere leagues of soccer, training and practice with the national team. And at that age I could never really even fathom to leave your family, to chase your dream. I can’t read a single word that I see out here. I’m heading to go see the FC Bayern Munich team right now. A friend of mine is David Alaba. We’re going to see him along with Xabi Alonso. These are phenomenal athletes, some of the best players in the world. Nice to meet you. How’re you doing? My friends can never pronounce your name right. My team here, they don’t know how to pronounce it. – It’s Xabi.
– Xabi. These guys’ names are just embedded in my brain from playing FIFA and scoring goals, hearing their names. You know? I’ve been playing FIFA since 2001. You’re kind of a professional at FIFA? I’m all right. I can probably stay but I’m sure you’ll do better than I would. Oh man! I love soccer that much to where it’s cool for me to be able to see this, you know, see the production, see what they do. That’s gonna make the stands jump up right there. With your football, it’s soft to land. -Right.
– You need to really stay so strong. To watch is okay. To play, I couldn’t make it. It’s the same as vice versa. You’d have football players out here with nothing but red cards. Ejected. Get ’em out of here. Good catch. Oh! The funny thing is that I remember—I remember meeting David the week after the catch. Wow! What a catch by the rookie! We went out after the game. Since then on, we’ve been friends. You know, we’ve been trying to get up. It’s just hard. You know? They don’t have as much a break as we do. But to be able to meet up with him, be able to chill and just enjoy some time together. Ready? It’s surreal to me. Like I said, I didn’t think that life would come to be what it is now. I always thought it would be something like this, but I never knew until I finally got here.

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