North West Struggles To Carry Chicago In Kim Kardashian’s Heels At True Thompson’s 1st Bday – The D

North West Struggles To Carry Chicago In Kim Kardashian’s Heels At True Thompson’s 1st Bday  – The D

North West tried to pull off the impossible at True’s birthday party: rocking Kim Kardashian’s stilettos AND carrying around her baby sister, Chicago    Nobody ever said slaying was easy. North West, 5, is trying to follow in her fashionable mom’s footsteps — literally — by sneakily rocking her clothes whenever she has the chance North was spotted trying to make her way around cousin True Thompson‘s first birthday while wearing Kim Kardashian‘s heels! They were maybe just a little too big for North, who was having a lot of difficulty balancing on the stiletto sandals To add to the dilemma, she was attempting to walk near a pool while carrying her one-year-old sister, Chicago West Talk about a recipe for disaster. North is tiny, and she eventually had to ditch Chicago, who’s basically half her size Thankfully, someone captured the super cute moment at the birthday bash on video, which you can watch below!    How cute is it that Northie and Chicago are wearing matching outfits to the family party? They’re both rocking chic dresses featuring orange and yellow feathers on the sleeves that look like fire Very Katniss Everdeen of them. Snatching her mom’s heels is far from the first time that she tried to cop her mom’s style North was caught once smearing black lipstick, undoubtedly from Kim’s personally collection, on her face for one of dad Kanye West‘s Sunday Services She looked so cute! Kim’s a fan of wearing “mommy and me” outfits with her eldest daughter, too! They matched perfectly at a recent church service in snakeskin two-pieces North’s outfit was a long-sleeved tee and shorts, while Kim’s was a jacket in the same pattern  When she’s a bit older, it’s clear that North will take over the reigns as the most fashionable chick in the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan In fact, our sister publication WWD named her as “the future” when they made her their cover model for their “Beauty Inc ” issue! She gave off serious aughts vibes in a candy-colored spread, wearing a Prada peach dress, rainbow combat boots, and a lavender crop top View this post on Instagram #PressPlay: #NorthWest was committed to wearing those heels yesterday!! 😂 #CutenessOverload A post shared by The Shade Room (@theshaderoom) on Apr 15, 2019 at 6:11pm PDT  As soon as Chicago learns how to walk, we know that she’s going to take her fashion cues from her mom and big sister — and we can’t wait to see what that looks like

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