No Spiritual Director? No Problem!

No Spiritual Director? No Problem!

Hi, my name is Father Mike Schmitz
and this is Ascension Presents. So a lot of people ask often,
How do I get a spiritual director? Or even the question,
Do I need a spiritual director? Because if you start reading any spiritual books,
reading the lives of saints, one of the things you usually come across is that
these people, these men and women, they had some kind of spiritual director. And so people start panicking and think,
“Do I need one? I think I need a spiritual director.” Now, it can always be helpful
or often be helpful to have a spiritual guide, some kind of mentor,
some kind of person who is there to walk with you. I mean, that’s the model of Christianity is that Jesus—the rabbi, right, the master—invites the
disciples into discipleship. There’s a certain element of that
when it comes to spiritual directors, that we don’t go it alone,
we don’t have to do it on our own. The reality, of course, is that there might be a little bit of a dearth of spiritual directors who are competent and trained. Now, there are some places
that are training spiritual directors and pumping out—pumping out, is that the
right word? I’m not sure, but they’re forming some people
who are gonna do this in fantastic ways but you still might not know them. You still might not be able to track down a spiritual director for yourself. Does that mean that you’re destined to stay in like the minor leagues when it comes to holiness? Absolutely not. Well, number one: God.
God loves you. God wants you to be holy
and he’s given you the Holy Spirit. He’s placed you in the Church that he promised
the Holy Spirit will guide into all truth. So if you stay close to the Church,
if you stay close to Jesus, if you live in the presence of the Holy Spirit,
God will make you holy. Because that’s the thing, God makes you holy. So one, you have the Holy Spirit,
stay close to the Church and you’ll be good. But still we also have the Church; we have 2000 years of people who were super duper holy and they’ve written books, they’ve given talks.
They’ve actually recorded some of their thoughts on how to get holier. So here’s the deal: If you don’t know
if you can find a spiritual director, no, all is not lost. Here’s what you can do: One, you need to learn how to pray but there’s actually recordings, there’s books,
there’s great resources with how to pray. Ascension Press actually has this great thing
on how to pray— this is not a commercial for them— but it’s actually one of the great things. Father Mark Toups, a priest down in Louisiana, he did this program for Ascension Press called Oremus. It means “let us pray” in Latin. Oremus. If you don’t like to read and stuff and I know you don’t because you’re watching this video, but just watch through this Oremus
and you’ll be taught how to pray in the great and deep tradition
of the Catholic Church. So Oremus, number one. Number two, (bing!)
here is Father Jacques Phillipe called Time for God. Super good, really great book and also thin, because I know you don’t like readings because you’re watching a video. Alright, how to pray: Oremus,
Time for God. Another thing. Some people say,
How do I get deeper into the spiritual life? How do I understand what
God is doing in my spiritual life? Well there’s a priest,
his name is Father Thomas Dubay. And Father Thomas Dubay was just this awesome incredible priest. He died just a couple years ago but he wrote a book called
Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer. And it’s basically, How do I understand what God is doing in my life, as I’m praying? He also wrote a book called The Fire Within.
This is the condensed version. And I know you’re gonna like the condensed version,
because you’re watching a video. You don’t like to read. The next book is How do I discern though?
How do I know what God wants to me to do in my life? How do I know if he’s speaking to me?
How do I listen to him? How do I know if it’s just me speaking of myself or maybe even the evil one speaking to me? Well, Father Timothy Gallagher
is another fantastic priest, wrote a book called
The Discernment of Spirits It’s an Ignatian way to pray,
an Ignatian guide for everyday living. Discernment of Spirits, if you want to know how do I
discern God’s voice? How do I discern God’s call? There’s almost no better book, more practical book
than Discernment of Spirits. Great, so what do we have?
We have Oremus by Ascension Press We have Father Jacques Philippe
with Time for God. We have Father Thomas Dubay
with Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer. We have Father Timothy Gallagher
with Discernment of Spirits. Let’s go classic.
Let’s go a little bit more old-school. What’s one more traditional book if you’re like,
“Listen, those guys aren’t declared saints yet. Who knows if they’re ever gonna be.
I’m sticking with the saints.” I’ll say this.
Alright, there’s a guy named St. Francis de Sales, That is right, SAINT Francis DeSales and he wrote this book Introduction to the Devout Life. What you want to do if you’re like, “I stick with the classics,” this is a classic that is, what they call, eminently readable, right?
Super readable is how I say it, in my normal way. These five resources would be absolutely fantastic. If you can’t find a spiritual director,
don’t even worry about it. Trust the Holy Spirit
that God will continue to guide you and stay close to these resources,
these are great resources that the Church has given us through the lives of these holy people. Lastly, of course,
what did God give us? God gave us his book.
He gave us his Word, right? He gave us the Word and the sacraments. You want to know how you
can get closer to the Lord? Stay close to his Word. Stay close to his sacraments. Live as a disciple of Jesus in the Church. Trust in the Holy Spirit. You become a great saint. From all of us here at Ascension Presents,
my name is Father Mike. God bless.

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  1. Actually I love reading, though I suppose there are those who don't. Either way, thanks for the book recommendations, I love these videos.

  2. Actually I'm watching this video because you have such a beautiful spirit that I find contagious. Keep doing what you're doing. You give me a lot of hope 🙂

  3. Thank You dearly Father Mike! I Love You! I'm so grateful to have found you 😉 Thank you for the resources! X

    Father Stephen Valenta has been my spiritual director recently, for those interested in this subject.

  4. Of course, I've tried getting a spiritual director, but failed every time. It was such a pain, I didn't bother.

  5. Thank you, Fr Mike for being a great spirtual director yourself! And BTW, I do actually love reading! 😉

  6. One suggestion I would have is try to find a religious order. A parish priest may be busy sometimes to meet and he could even be transferred to another parish across the diocese. People in a religious order may have a more structured schedule so they can have more of an idea of their availability and they are less likely to move. Go on a religious order's website and see if it is possible to contact the order to get a spiritual director. I go to school that has a religious order on campus, but I'm certainly planning on meeting with my spiritual director even after I graduate.

  7. I'm always jealous of Romeo and Juliet for literally just being like, "I'm gonna go talk to the Friar, brb"😂. Also, do you think you could make a video talking about/giving advice for scrupulosity fueled by OCD? I would very much so appreciate it if you could. Thank you for all your work and God bless!

  8. Fr. Mike you are totally awesome! I am sure the saints are smiling in heaven every time you release another video!

  9. Fr. Mike you r basically my spiritual director because if I ever have a question I look up on your channel to see if you have something similar to it 😄(or I ask my dad)

  10. Well! Staying close to the sacraments might be hard if you live 200 km away from the nearest church or chapel.

  11. You have a really good video there and I love the way you described the communion of saints. I don't think I ever thought of them quite that way. 🙂

  12. Maybe there could be a follow up and finding a spiritual mentor and the importance of community auth people in similar vocations (married, single/serving, priesthood/ect).

    Can you make a list of these and put them in the video description?

  13. My Saint spiritual director are: St. Theresia of Lisieux and St. Theresa Avila. Read their books, love the way they pray, really suits me. And they little way of St. Theresia, is my way to holiness. Amen.

  14. Of course you're not because you're watching this. That is so true. Videos like yours are so easy that one cannot help but binge watch them.

  15. U talk too fast makes me dizzy. I can only listen for like a few mins at a time pause u.
    I think u could use gift of silence……..

  16. I had just complained to my parents yesterday that I was having trouble with figuring out how to find a spiritual director, and then I stumbled upon your video. Wasn't even looking for it–just came up as a recommended video on YouTube! Best part? I LOVE to read, so this list is going to be awesome!

  17. Father please continue with discussions of spiritual guidance for the laity. This is a very underdeveloped part of catholic life and I would like to hear much more about it. There is a derth of spiritual directors and the laity seeks guidance in the journey to holiness. Please help! What are the basic spiritual means of Holiness? how to we keep on the path to holiness? what are the resources to become holy?

  18. I recently contacted a religious community about visiting them and the superior said I would need to be working with a spiritual director first.

  19. This man makes me laugh! That is such a great gift.

    I avail myself of spiritual direction when I make a yearly retreat with the Franciscans, and find it meaningful.

    The retreats feature many hours of unstructured time (perfect for those who read or write or wander prayerfully. My nephew tells me of his Jesuit retreats, and I flash him my hippie loving smile in return. Those are not (so much) for me.

  20. On your recommendation I started reading 'An Introduction to the Devout Life' by Saint Francis de Sales, and within the first few chapters he stresses the importance of finding a spiritual director, as you call it. lol.

  21. I don't like reading but I don't mind trying the one using Ignatius spirituality 'cause I like their meditations and silent retreats. Fr. Mike, could you please put the names of the books with their authors in the comments on this video? I have some problems with the spelling of the author's names.

  22. God help us. I still wish I had a Spiritual mentor intimately familiar and zealous for The Gospel of Life and all that entails.

  23. I usually suggest my people start with a book called St. George and the Dragon by Fr. Edward Hayes. A book of modern day parables that give many people an Ah-Ha moment and good for starting discussions. I also use it in our RCIA classes.

  24. When God answers your prayers by guiding several videos your way. Thank you, momma Mary and thank you Fr. Mike!

  25. All your videos are great, Fr. Mike, but this one was very helpful for me right now. Very timely. I appreciate all your videos and your ministry. Thank you so much! You're in my prayers. God bless you and your priesthood.

  26. Matthew 6:7 But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do.

  27. late to the party, as usual, but one of the books I love, and read long before I converted, was Brother Lawrence's The Practice Of The Presence Of God. I bought it 38 years ago but only converted 7 years ago! Simple enough for this non-intellectual reader but hugely influential in my spiritual life.

  28. No, God didn't place me in the church. I was led into a marriage where my spiritual life is controlled and confused to the point of being snuffed out. But then again. I guess this video is for the people who do have the Holy Spirit, who God does love and did place in the church instead of abandoning to confusion. Keep it up and don't lose it, you lucky few who manage to stay on the narrow path and find the narrow gate. All the hope the rest of us have is that the conditional immortality folks are right.

  29. Just found a spiritual director through my grandmother; a Jesuit priest! I’ve only met with him once, but speaking with him helped me draw out something I was really passionate about. I can see it’s only step one on a great spiritual journey that he’s walking with me. I would advise anyone interested, get one if you can!

  30. Fr. Mike, I know parish priests are very busy & have many sheep to care for but can they be spiritual directors to some of their sheep?

  31. Fr. Mike I love to read I just love to watch your videos too! 😂 Also I watch/listen to videos while cooking and things like that. 🙂

  32. Ok here you go people, here's Fr. Mike's list:

    1. Oremus-Fr. Mark Toups
    2. Time for God-Fr. Jacque Philippe
    3. Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer- Fr. Thomas Dubay
    4. The Discernment of Spirits- Fr. Timothy Gallagher
    5. Introduction to the Devout Life-St. Francis de Sales


    And you are welcome!hahaha

  33. St. Frances de Sales wont jump for this nonscense in his name either. He is the divine spouse this second time around of the sister who was married with children and be came a sister later in life. They own a home in the suburbs of Philadelphia now and her kids are their kids. He is the one by the way in my life when he was living in an apartment in the same complex as me and St. Bartholomew another who said,"Come on Lenore,you will remmeber the man Im fixing you up with that sings Karaoche at the ItaliAn restaurant up the street from here if you coime with me there. St. Bartholomew thought it a great idea too. "Well, where do I know Him from?" "You knew him when you were going to Mravian." I said, "You mean Timmy Mullen, whose family owned the Lehigh Structural Steel Company and we were going out when I was At MoraviAn>" "Maybe, just come and we will ointroduce you to him." So,I went and it was my old flame,ubut he called himself Billy Pangonis after hthe white flight from Philadelphia to West Chester. So yes I rememmbered him As Billy Pangonis but that wasnt his name then. His name was Dr. Louis Daily with a PhD in Human Development from Bryn Mahr University. and by the way I was About the only virgin back then in 1972 but I am A very good actress and no one woulkd ever think ythat anyway. See I can fit in. Even my good friend Val, who underneath was a Passiuonist nun the second time around from the Passionist nuns iun Scranton never came across as a virgin. But anyway yes. He And I broke up because he said he was seeing a nurse. ThT WAS mARY. she grAduated in Nursing from Temple before she went to Medical School at HahnAmann University. But anyway ,who Also wzalks in horrified that MichAel the Archangel was cheating on her. She called herswelf Lorraine. She was St. Monica. She walks iun,:"Who is the woman,Louis?" And she made a big scene he was cheating on him in front oif the cips who went there and everything. It was called Albert on Grant Avenue in Northeast Philadelphia. so yes. My life wAsnt easy like Mother Threseas or Mother angwelicas who beg for billionsw. Mine was prettry personal and no oner helped my family or Marys or any ofr the other saints go to school but their own families. But anyway, he was St. James the Greater friend when I met him at alvernia College.

  34. Thank you God, thank you fr. Mike for giving us a way to become closer to God in a modern way, in a modern era. I love this channel

  35. Fr. Mike, I was an Oblate Sister of St Francis deSales many years ago, and have a great devotion to St Francis deSales. Though I eventually decided the religious life was not my vocation before taking final vows, I have continued to follow the Salesian way in my spiritual life these past 30 years. I do agree with you about the Introduction to a Devout Life. It is a simple way to lead a deep life. I make my Direction of Intention prior to each daily action. God bless you father. We sorely need more priests like yourself.

  36. If some DO like to read there is a book by St. Thomas More, "The Sadness Of Christ"; a beautiful book. And also books by Peter Kreeft and C.S. Lewis.

  37. Love your videos…. But to be honest felt very insulted to be told I didn't like to read just because I was watching a video….

  38. Any books on Ignatian Discernment are very helpful also ☺️☺️☺️, St Therese of Avila trusted the Ignatian discernment method that priests used when listening to her, ☺️

  39. I want a person to listen to me in my weaknesses of faith. Could that be the job of a spiritual director?

  40. Learn how to pray: Oremus by Father Mark Toups (Louisianna, Ascension Presents); Time for God by Father Jaques Phillipe; two books The Fire Within & Deep Conversion, Deep Prayer by Father Thomas Dubay; The Discernment of Spirits by Father Timothy Gallagher; Introduction to the Devout Life by St Francis De Sales – all good for Spiritual Direction if you can't find a Spiritual Director

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