Nike The Chance Global Showcase at St. George’s Park

Nike The Chance Global Showcase at St. George’s Park

hi Java for municipal web TV we are at st. George’s Park in England where 29 young players from all around the world are competing uniting the trans global showcase all the finalists are here to fight for their spot in the Nike Academy and one of them is our very own Klaus head hi I’m Klaus ne I’m a goalkeeper from Denmark and I’m here to make my dream come true we’re here for the Nike global challenge trials and the idea of the trials over a three-day period is to test the players technically tactically physically and socially I’m looking for players who have a desire have a sparkle in their eye who show me that they really really want to be here and they really want to be part of what we’re trying to do here at the Nike Academy and that is produced professional footballers the medical examination is all about finding imbalances and imperfection in the young players and are they not feeling well is there a reason that they might not be able to perform as well as we expect them to do so it’s been a really important thing for us to do they were testing us and different kinds they were very much going in detail in their balance you have to show that you are mentally strong and you are physical strong I’ve really look enough for this this is like a new chapter for me if I’m making through this we’ve not seen these players before you don’t know what the surprise is going to be really obviously we’re very happy what’s what’s here in front of our eyes so for me it’s a really exciting time for the coaches that are in working with us it’s an exciting time so hopefully there’s lots more surprises to come and we’ll see you know in the next 24-48 hours they’re not giving you stupid advice they’re telling you what what you need to know to learn and to get better and ultimately to get into the Academy that’s how they want to play so you’ve got to understand their their way of staff I think the awesome we play it like a team but there are still something we need to learn smugness receives a different culture from there every country it’s good competition I’m learning a lot by this this spark test is speed power agility reaction quickness that makes up those words spa players have to run quick over a short distance I have to burst quickly they have to change direction left the right they run forwards they run backwards and they jump from sanding jumps as well the more that you’ve got all these things in your lock own you can sprint and you can run and you can jump the more effective you are as a footballer what we are doing is we’re building a portfolio of these players over the weekend so do we look at this part results yes are they important very much so for me recovery is the most important ingredient for these players over this weekend you’ve seen they’ve got these wonderful facilities at their beck and call and a wonderful players lounge which Nike have produced for them they should be relaxing you know maybe they could get half an hour sleep I’m very tired it has been a long day but I have made a good performance today and in my head I think I have a good chance to make it to the Academy we came out this morning with both sets of players just to do what we call match preparation so the players went fruits and just some little technical drills in terms of feeling the ball touching the ball in the positions they were going to play and then the two coaches taking the players just worked a little bit on some set plays we want the players from his global charts to come into the Nike Academy but we need to know that they’re better than what we’ve got they want to show people they can play but I want to see them tested against the Nike Academy it’s fantastic for me to be here to have this chance to to see the games to watch the kids play to see what it means to them it’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to experience the professional environment this is every kid’s dream I should be proud of myself even if I’m not make it through to the Academy I took a spring from the right side and the ball came from the left and just came in front of me and just put it in go we won against the Academy one nil so that kind of proves something for the coaches we wanted to pick the best players on show we’re very pleased with our decisions the first player we’re joining the Nike Academy is number 30 delvis Gennaro number 15 on eg Anita number 20 is Riley sellers and if you praise elder let’s go coming up South Korea number C suit yo use the last person coming up from Sweden number 27 amount ago never give up you always believe in yourself I think this is most important thing in our life if you put this on your mind and you’re growing up with that that’s going to be good for your career I feel okay I was still chasing my dream I will not stop to just say that I have to work harder so the event has come to its end and the coaches have made their decision only six players were chosen to join the Nike Academy but all the finalists including Klaus Hanny will travel back home with an experience they will never forget the Nike challenge is over for now but the search for young talents has not stopped so keep that in mind at one day it’s your turn to shine I’m out

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  1. You guys should get a new intro, the one you are using now is really old isn't it? But great video once again obviously!

  2. Joltter, why do you not try out for the Nike Academy ?… I honestly think that you could make it into the team very easy. I am really surprised that you haven't already ! 

  3. I completly agree with Juninho, why don't you try out for the Academy? You would make an amazing impact on the team. I personally think you're a phenominal player, you should try out.

  4. It sucks being a girl and wanting to play professional football/ soccer. We have no Nike The Chance or the Academy…

  5. There is no Nike chance in Canada.
    I'm very disapointed, because we have so many talents from different countries and its kinda unfair. Also we are the second biggest country in the world.

  6. I'm always see the nike academy taining run alot.And some time they played with ball but not alot . It isn't good not runnning man.

  7. Hello Nike academy YouTube channel, I am Behzod Sharifov well talented player skillful, very hard working, good manners etc wanting to be professional one day just like others… If you have read it, please do not ignore..

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