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Washington Redskins 12 seconds to go in the game Niners lead
by four cars back to pass pumps to the left eight jacket when he gets it to the
pressure fires to the end zone what’s up everyone its the MNBeast and their sort of
base if you’ve never seen my footage before well you are in for a special
treat I am fixing up a fixer-upper house that’s right but we are not here for
that we are not here for that we are here for fell weekly NFL weekly NFL
weekly picks and predictions that’s right and I have in my community page
all set up ready for you it’s simple the video it sucks all right it
sucks so I got you is going to my home page click on the community page that’s
right scroll down pick all your teams every single week that you want to play
like week one there’s sixteen games just go on through there and the nice thing
about that is you can see what everybody else is picking and then make sure you
like it subscribe and also comment comments comments and tell me why and
everybody else wise you are picking the teams you’re picking woo what’s up everybody it’s the Minnesota
beast and guess what we got back picks every single week for NFL picks simple
easy way to do it just go to my home page like right in this area or home
page where all my videos and playlists are take your little mouse key or your
finger this goal vs. the community tab click on them they’re pretty simple
every single week all you gotta do is scroll down like already Denver Broncos
are at the pick and at 67% Oakland Raiders at 33% and you can see what
everybody’s percentages are you just go on here every single week and make your
picks and leave in the comments right in there below why you’re taken for example
why you’re going to go with the Tennessee Titans over the Cleveland
Browns or why everybody’s gonna be going with the Baltimore Ravens to win over
Miami Dolphins or Green Bay against the Chicago Bears
give it a like a thumbs up and comment every single week week 1 through 17 and
then come on back in here for them divisional playoffs and everything else
and we can see Stephens
ah gosh Susan’s home trying to get outside turns it up field
Patrick Peterson gets why the putter Brett Farve to pass punch to the left eight
seconds left he gets away from the pressure fires to the end zone Sanchez Tanner the Enzo see Peterson gets time when Vince Young works though hold on reveals the extemporaneous quality of
this play have relaxed was supposed to pass the ball back tomorrow but Jethro
Pugh number 75 disrupted the pattern avril act through instead for John
Mackey but ed Hinton caught it when Cornel green swiped the ball from
Henin’s hands neither teen could recover it as his picked off Finnegan has it it was
deflected off for Brandon still his feet Teddy Naveen
and finally in the Chicago Bears territory for three seconds to go so a
so so as it bounce-backs through and on to the other side this one ricocheted
off the left crossbar went through and Watson hits the bottom post and not sit
back toward into the field of play there’s a question whether the ball went
past the crossbar and came back we will take a look at
well then that’s exactly what happened and if we can freeze it one more time
we’re going to tell you see it hid that crossbar now watch as it come see right
now it’s through the goalposts the ball came to rest on the other side of the
goalpost see we were blowing it up neck up
watch as he hits the backside of the goalpost there see once it hits this
it’s already through the uprights field-goal hit the top of the drawers
when over hit the extension of the backside ever they seem to be so close they wound
up so very far away but as sometimes happens in one-sided
games one fluke play gave the Colts the chance to get back in it number 11 Greg
Landry was the fourth cold to handle the ball on this aborted field goal attempt
and instead of three points Baltimore came away with a touchdown here we go
that’s Ryan mambas good the kick is blocked it is blocked right
at the line of scrimmage picked up by Justin Jenkins Jenkins on the road at
Atlanta Territory and the ball goes down at the 45 yard line
Warner Hanzel Reggie corner comes back to the right breaking tackles big guy is
1845 and he planned it no these laterals back don’t fill with a football run
whether it is George Lucas inside the 20 inside the 15 inside the 10 headed
towards the end zone Wilton gets into the end zone and the Redskins bring for
Brees double pass still can’t find anybody retreats retreats throws it
downfield into a crowd and that is going to be intercepted coming up with it is
Kareem more green more is a new way of getting out of the end zone stealing the
ball from Paree more red intercepted they’re ready to as a band comes
on the field to help out the baby and Davidson goes back to pass throws in the
the fared almost oxen and the Patriots with it
48 to tilt will have one more play and watching the running stream as a fan
comes on the field to help out the Patriots Davidson goes back to pass
throws to the end zone the pan almost boxes and the Patriots win it 28 to 21
one more play once their mightiest Ravens a fan comes on the field to help
out the Patriots Davidson goes back the pass they’re almost Ronson and the Patriots
with 28 to 21

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