News Conference: Saint Louis vs Virginia Tech First Round Postgame

News Conference: Saint Louis vs Virginia Tech First Round Postgame

shoot long contested threes. cleaned up a little bit more,
tried boards more. But I think we did a pretty good job. preventing paint touches. that. I think that’s what
helped us a bit in that area. staying locked in with energy, being in gaps, being able to
take opportunity. That was big for us to prevent some of
and easy layups. How aware were you guys of the fact digit seeds had won earlier in
the awareness at all for you guys
about upset chances? got like a feel for the
environment of the tournament. definitely didn’t want to be one
of were locked into our game. We knew what we needed to
do. coaches did a really good job of So we just wanted to stay locked
into Offensively what got you guys
clicking and then what happened in the the four
baskets? AHMED HILL: First half, I of carrying the ball, get a lot
of another. Second half, they put a lot of need to stick to that more, just poised, but the first half I the ball and just getting to the
KERRY BLACKSHEAR, JR. factor, everybody playing for
one get rebounds and run. I think
that’s what started a lot of layups we got in the first half, turnovers and push the ball.
well. MODERATOR: Anything else for the players? those guys go and open it up for
coach. Buzz, congratulations. five years at Tech. Do you feel
like getting an NCAA win is kind of the final piece, the final brick of compliments
there what you were trying to do BUZZ WILLIAMS: I don’t that I was smart enough to have
a better the next day than I was
the previous day. that the collective thought of
the have a PowerPoint presentation
on what our plan would be. what we’ve done speaks to the I think what we’ve done speaks
to the staff and their work ability,
work ethic ability. think that it’s not just this
group. staff members and all of the program from the very beginning. I don’t think organization,
whether it’s of one reason or you win because
of one person. everybody pulling in the same direction. administration, the support of
our are big pieces to the puzzle. and one day ago today that I was going to win our first NCAA
Tournament game. smart enough to think like that. wake up early, and for whatever for whatever reason, people that
to and they’re attracted to me. And I think that helps. Buzz, what did you think of
Justin’s get 27 minutes out of him his
first BUZZ WILLIAMS: that I have when five’s on the
floor. was okay. But when the ball is
in his hand, I going to make the right decision for
Virginia Tech. into the game, like I said
game, like I said yesterday, time he’ll play and he can play
this long. We wanted to do whatever we
could to was it that he could help us win BUZZ WILLIAMS: Paul, what’s up?
Thanks for coming. you say hello to my wife? Buzz, it looked like you were
maybe the box score circumstancing
stuff BUZZ WILLIAMS: Yeah. adjectives you would have. We don’t study much on the box
score. We call them white board stats. that we study, nine different
team. the box score, but I don’t like
to post game because I’m so facts. So I just like to study
that stuff people ask me questions. Can you share some of the facts
that BUZZ WILLIAMS: Yeah, so K
mentioned it. to — if we’re only talking
about the paint off the pass or the
bounce, that’s a paint touch. then, you know, the NBA lane is
one foot wider on both sides. in our practice facility that’s
painted on the floor. defensively is what I’m talking
touch. So if the opponent gets it to the box bounce, that is a box touch. studied when I was young, what
the offensively when the ball touches then defensively, what is your when the ball touches the box
prior to a shot. kind of is a derivative of that.
If the ball doesn’t touch rotation. If the ball does
touch the box, rotation. And so the next layer to that
fact contested three percentage. We changed how we play
defensively with nine regular-season games
to from that. So box touch percentage is really important.
Contested three percentage is really important. defensive
rebound percentage is really important. And I think maybe ironic is not
the right word. those three categories were the success with this season,
they’re rebounding team in the country. Well, most of the
time, if you get an rebound, it’s because rotation
was inside position. And how they
were scoring so much in half was I think they had eight
offensive rebounds. Virginia Tech is in rotation.
The shot goes up. because of the complexion of our bind. And so maybe that answers some
of your questions. could talk for a long time, but
I a condominium sending
condominium sending way. escending way. FastScripts by ASP Sports BUZZ WILLIAMS: Ford Ford. JAVON BESS: Javon Bess. Hasahn We welcome Saint Louis to the
dais. MODERATOR: Okay. We welcome
Saint Louis to the dais. We’re joined by Javon Bess,
Hasahn French and coach Travis Ford. Coach, we’ll turn it
over to you. TRAVIS FORD: First just Tech on a really good
performance the best as they move forward. talk about these guys. The guys
in our locker room, I just them have made me a better
person, a better coach. about winning. They’ve made me
a better person, through all the things that we’ve been
through. they’ve tested me on many person and better coach
hopefully we’ve been through. And, you know, we’ve been through a lot in three years.
Took over a program that was dead last out of 14 teams. were picked dead last our first
year. get players to believe in a
vision that’s not there. trying to get them to believe in
do. And hopefully they see that. room, these two guys believed in
that vision. long way in just three years. or four weeks how much I told
them any day of the week. I’ll go to war. anybody. I think the second half who we are, and I told them I
can go out that way. sleep good tonight, because this
is a team that doesn’t give up. This is a group of young men
that came from a lot of different
places. and they’ve just — they’ve
taught me so much. for that.
MODERATOR: Thanks, coach. For both you guys, coach just
talked you guys showed in the second
half. away from you in the first half? JAVON BESS: We just came out
too slow. relied on we didn’t have big
second the conference tournament. them, it hurts. Hurt us in the
end. HASAHN FRENCH: I agree feel like the first half we
really were in the second half, as you
guys could see. the little things in the first half half, we would have been fine. Javon, can you just reflect on
your bill Ken. I know it was a tough
way to go out JAVON BESS: I feel like it was
a good way to go out. got to be with guys that I love.
play at the next level. teammates for that. I wouldn’t
trade it for the world. great experience here at SLU.
foundation team blue. This is the standard now. freshmen
and sophomores. This is the standard. back going. The
tournament is nothing less. making the tournament is a
failure ^ ‰. Hasahn, moving forward next
season, see from the team and what do you order to make that next step?
HASAHN FRENCH: As Javon said, this is the standard. I
believe that we set a great need next year. Coach has done
great this year leading us. last year did a great job
leading us. that next year and I’m just
going to try to follow his lead. leader for this team next year
I’m better, way better. Work hard
this summer and the new guys are coming in try to show them
the way. guys like Javon Bess and see how and look at those guys and think
like that. MODERATOR: Anything else? ^ ‰ Coach, I was just wonder if you
could about that, especially the first 10, 12
minutes. sense nerves or just was
Virginia Tech do you feel that good? TRAVIS FORD: I thought we were
very sluggish. we had early fatigue. And I’ve
seen that before. guys have been on such a roller And a few things I was concerned
about address it with our team, we
beat this team last year. knew that. Virginia Tech had
been talking a lot about that. we didn’t talk a lot about it when you win the game and you’re
a whole lot of good. I know they did a lot of it to
try to their team as well as I would have. aggressively. And we were just sluggish and
couldn’t going. And just felt like we were just in
quick sand. stat went against everything
that think we had two offensive
rebounds off 16 missed shots. we had 12 turnovers in the first
half. I can go down the line. think they shot whatever
percentage, some crazy percentage. know, that’s not really common
for us. So we had a little talk at
So we had a little talk at adjustments, some pretty big found their second wind, found regrouped and made a run at it. ball, couple of loose balls that
we easy to say, but could have
gotten But Virginia Tech, give them
credit. reason they finished at the top
of best league in America in the
ACC, best league in America in the ACC, Duke and go
down the line. basketball team we just played,
coached. they play defense is kind of
bit. And give them credit. up but I’m just really proud of
how and went out and really played
well Coach, I know it was a tough way
to go guys you have coming back and the would you say
that this is the forward, to be playing in the
Big TRAVIS FORD: Well, yeah. start thinking ahead too much,
but absolutely. thing I talked to our team about
in was I don’t know how many teams
— America, how many teams have in three years, year and year
and better every year. And that’s a
testament to the guys in locker room and sticking
together through tough times. told them, you learn so much
through adversity. much, if you allow yourself. during tough times, and we’ve
had some tough times. humble enough to sit back and
learn benefit you down the road. It
can really benefit you. think we’ve used — you know,
we’ve you know, we’ve been able to use get better and continue to
improve the program. we’ve had great support from the
everybody. And this — I said it from the
first it from the first day of my press program and get it to where, it
takes everybody. everybody. Managers. round of applause in the locker
room. Coaches. everybody. I mean this is — it’s not easy. of long hours. And a lot of
sacrifices and And when you get to experience you know, winning is fun. memory of a lifetime. But the
relationships that were built that locker room that will last
Making it to the NCAA’s a blast, to leave SLU, that’s what this
is all about. you get to experience — if you’re lucky
enough. this is — you know, you earn the right to be here. just kind of a bonus Coach, can you tell me what you
hope Jordan take away from this
TRAVIS FORD: Yeah. seniors, they get a taste of
this because they had no clue. They
had no idea. of the NCAA Tournament. They’ve always
watched it on TV. they didn’t really grasp what this is
all about. explain it to them, you know. really don’t
know. And I can remember the very
first time went to the NCAA Tournament as a player and as a
coach. you experience it, you just want
it You know, when you — when it’s interesting to see how
people respond. comfortable in success, and some much harder to want more of it. respond to this, and I think more of this and they want to
even do more. lot of valuable experience from
this. Travis, you talked yesterday
about how buzz and kind of all along
there. defense today that made it such
a TRAVIS FORD: Well, it’s They do a great job of
protecting the paint. do a great job of getting in the gaps
and they’re fast and quick. The biggest thing I was
concerned speed, compared to us we’re a
physical team. and quickness and they use that
on offense, from cutting to passing. especially in the first half, of
keeping us off the glass. back to being us. back to
being us in the second half they had us taking a lot of long rebound than shots at the rim. get the ball where we wanted to
get did a much better job of getting
offensive rebounding and playing way we wanted the game to be
from the beginning. But give them credit. great job of forcing us into first half. Tough shots are
hard to rebound. Coach, can you talk a little bit
about and what you think his future holds? TRAVIS FORD: TRAVIS FORD: Javon is — I’ve
said it many times. a young man who’s really made an because he’s about all the right
things. really done a great job of
raising young man. I’ve had the privilege to know
Javon for three years. those three years I’ve never had to missing a class, missing an
anything. Nothing. He has set an example for our
other and I use him all the time, to what yourself a player. I’ll never forget, I told him and his father on a
recruiting he wanted to get better at shooting Michigan State they had him
playing wing. ^ ‰. And he wanted to learn. Well, a lot of
kids say it. A lot of players will talk a great and what they want to accomplish and the extra. They all
gotta show up for practice. show up for weight lifting. But
what do you do in your spare time? extra? That’s what
he’s about. He’s made himself a player.
going to have a chance to play at the next level. there’s any question he’ll have
a level because of the tangible that he has as a person. because you could ask every
single person in our locker room. They would Alltel you the exact
same Bess. There wouldn’t be any hesitation
of /SKWRA*FRPB Bess. And I’ve just, like I said, he’s
made he’s made me a better coach, a really enjoyed being around him
every day. And yes, coaching him, but I’ve just his
presence every day and watching the right way and put in the
time Be humble, be very humble about
it. sit up here all night long
talking about Javon Bess. MODERATOR: Thank you, coach.
TRAVIS FORD: Thank you. MODERATOR: Thanks, folks. FastScripts by ASAP Sports

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  1. Proud of SLU and can see that Coach Ford has developed a strong culture of perseverance and resiliency. Great job by VA Tech and wish them well.

  2. Listening to Coach Ford rave about Javon Bess shows what respecting the process and making the right choices can do for your future.

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