New possibilities with spiritual awareness

New possibilities with spiritual awareness

Michael: Peace and blessings, everyone. I love you all as well. Don’t get nervous because you hear the word
reverend in front of my name. I’m not religious. As a matter of fact, religious people are
trying not to go to hell, spiritual people have already been there. And so we’re keenly aware that there is a
divine presence that’s never in absence, that it is our very life and being, that we’re
emanations of it, and that is seeking to become conscious of us, as each and every one of
us. Look around the room for a moment and see
all the people that you’ve fallen in love with during these five days of transformation
and celebration. Just release a dynamic prayer for all of these
beings, that they may wake up to their extraordinariness, that their magnificence, and realize, of course,
as the law says that you only get to keep what you give away. So, as you are indeed casting prayer on all
of these individuals is getting on you first. Now, localize it just a little bit and look
at someone sitting right next to you and look at that being and say, “Oh, my God.” Audience: Oh, my God. Michael: Out of 7.5 billion people, I get
to sit next to you. Audience: Out of 7.5 billion people, I get
to sit next to you. Michael: And we’ve got something to say to
each other. Audience: And we’ve got something to say to
each other. Michael: Now, say this, “You are extraordinary.” Audience: You are extraordinary. Michael: There are gifts within you. Audience: There are gifts within you. Michael: There’s dynamic love within you. Audience: There’s dynamic love within you. Michael: There’s infinite intelligence within
you. Audience: There’s infinite intelligence within
you. Michael: And you have come to set it free. Audience: And you have come to set it free. Michael: To make a mighty difference on this
planet. Audience: To make a mighty difference on this
planet. Michael: Let’s do this. Audience: Let’s do this. Michael: Let’s be this. Audience: Let’s be this. Michael: In the here and now. Audience: In the here and now. Michael: And so it is. Audience: And so it is. Michael: Give a high five or a hug, whatever
you have to do to seal the deal. And be keenly aware as you already know from
the beginning of our time together on Wednesday or whenever that day was, that you’ve been
co-creating a field of love and beauty and intelligence, a field that is real as electromagnetism
or gravity, a field of love and beauty and intelligence is becoming active in you more
and more and more and more, that’s pulling you out of the world of lack and limitation,
scarcity, not-enoughness, impossibility, thinking, racism, bigotry, homophobia. That world, you are pulled out of that world. And the conversations that you are having
is beginning to create, and for many of you, is already magnifying the world that you are
already living in. All of you know by now that there’s a difference
between the world and the planet. The world is a synergetic network of conversations,
beliefs, perceptions, attitude, experiences that create world. And the planet is, of course, Gaia. It’s three fourth water, it’s alive, it’s
vibrating, it’s energy is becoming more and more awake and more alive every minute that
we’re here. And so there’s a difference between the planet
and the world. Two people can stand on the same place on
the planet but be in two different worlds based on their inner perceptions, their beliefs,
their attitude, and their opinions. So, you have created a field in which you
are inviting yourselves to be in a world of possibility, to be in a world of intelligence,
to be in a world of inspiration, to be in a world where the activation of your gifts,
talents, and capacities become so vibrationally real to you that all that you see are open
doors and possibilities, that all that you see are your assignments for downloading the
world that most people can’t see and anchoring it in time and space through your conversation,
through your work, through your actions, through your deeds, and through your attitude. You’re coming to an awareness as you’ve heard
the speakers speak this particular week, you have come to an awareness that there is a
difference between consciousness and content. We throw the word consciousness around all
of the time, but sometimes we need to just break it down. And there is a difference between consciousness
and the content of your consciousness. Just as there is a difference between the
ocean and the pollution in the ocean. They are not the same thing. Your consciousness, your awareness. You, as an avenue of awareness is not the
same as the content that is flowing through. The beliefs, the experiences, your perception
of your past experiences, that’s content. But your consciousness is your absolute awareness. That God-consciousness, that love consciousness,
that peace consciousness. You are becoming aware that you are aware
and because of this week and the extraordinary work that you’re doing upon yourselves, you’re
learning to separate yourself from content as identity and step into an ever-expanding
awareness where you have choice to begin to identify yourself with that nominal awareness,
with that which is beyond phenomena, that which has never been born, that which will
never die, that which is your real life, which is extraordinary, which is light, and love,
and luminosity. And the moment that you begin to disidentify
yourself with the historical self, with the content, in that instant, you become available
to rich inspiration. No longer mentation, no longer the regurgitation
and the rehashing of the thoughts that are reemerging from your historical self that
has created a construct, a world of safety, a world of convenience, a world of comfort
zone, compulsive behaviors, defense mechanisms, and defense mechanisms that will keep you
safe within the construct that the historical self is creating. Are you following what I’m saying? Audience: Yes. Michael: Am I speaking too fast? Audience: No. Michael: All right. And so in that instant, when you begin to
disassociate yourself or have aha moments, insights into you ever-expanding awareness
of your oneness with love and beauty and intelligence. This moment of choice. Choice is a function of expanded awareness,
everything else’s reaction within the construct. In that moment, you begin to break free, you
begin to see that you have been indoctrinated by the world of appearances at the nefarious
and malicious hypnotism from mass media about the world that you live in and you have been
reacting to that particular world. Many people live in that world, is the world
of appearances, is the world of lack and limitation and fear, doubt and worry. It’s the world of business as usual. Humanity will never ever solve any of these
problems. So, just get rich, be happy until you die
or be anti bored until you die. But the moment you begin to break free from
that construct, you begin to see a different world, you begin to see a world of possibility,
you begin to see a world of opportunity, you begin to see a world where your assignment
is. In the first world of appearance is just trying
to make it in the construct of separation, comfort zones, conveniences. In the second world, you see opportunities,
you see possibilities. Every being that came up here during this
particular week talked about seeing opportunity and possibility even if it emerged from pain. Whether it emerged from pain or insight, it
motivated them to see the world differently. And then as you continue in your spiritual
practices, as you continue making high choices, as you continue having transformational conversation,
as you continue to study, as you continue to open yourself up to insight and revelation,
you begin to see a different world, totally. You begin to see a world untouched by time
and space. Many years ago for me, as I was attending
USC as a psychobiology major, my trajectory was med school at that particular time and
I began to have a series of inner experiences that I labeled pathological. I was in the psychology department. You don’t talk about dreams and visions, you
don’t talk about leaving your body, you don’t talk about traveling and hearing conversations
and getting it validated. That stuff was crazy. So, the first thing I stopped doing at that
moment was I stopped smoking weed. I said, “There’s something going on here. I can’t control it. It’s got to be the cannabis sativa. It’s got to be.” But the inner dynamic that was occurring got
more and more amplified until one day I was in a lucid dream and I was stabbed in the
heart and the pain was excruciating and I died. And when I woke up from that lucid dream,
I could see that we were surrounded by this luminous presence. It was animate and inanimate objects. Everything was glowing with it. The beauty beyond description, the life essence,
moving through everything, beyond what I even ever knew about at that particular time and
the love that I felt penetrating every cell of my body temple, that unconditional, all
conditional, agendaless love at the core of my being shattered my perception of the world
at that particular time, and I could see a different world untouched by time and circumstances. It was real. That world for many years was more real than
anything and it took me a period of time to integrate that so that I just didn’t look
like a freaked out Jesus freak kind of guy. People thought I lost my mind because nothing
in this particular world had any importance to me. People were running around making money and
doing all this stuff. I said, “Can’t you see this world that is
everywhere? That your falls are overflowing with the love
and beauty and intelligence, and a dynamic good that is infinite within you that you’ve
never were born, you’ll never gonna die, is a constant folding of a life that is within
you as a unique expression of infinite potential. Oh, shut up Michael. I could see it. And so that first world is of appearance world,
the weapons of mass destruction called our media keep us in that particular world. Fight and flight, fear, doubt, and worry,
lack limitations, scarcity, not-enoughness. Just take care of yourself and be anti bored
until you die. And then openings happen and you begin to
see the world differently. There are opportunities in this world, there
are possibilities, there’s potential, there’s assignments. The world provides for us our assignment to
activate our gifts, talents, and capacities so that we take that assignment and that assignment
as we move towards that particular assignment, activating our gifts, talents, and capacities,
our life begins to change. That which is latent within us becomes active,
that which is potential becomes possible. And we become different beings moving in the
direction of what’s possible and then continuing our inner dynamic work, we begin to see a
world, perhaps it’s called a vision, perhaps it’s called a dynamic dream of possibility. And from that moment on, we’re pulled by this
transcended vision that becomes more and more imminent with every step that we take towards
the activation of our potential and we end up living in that world even when we’re in
time and space. When Lisa Nichols was playing that particular
tape, recording of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, he had the capacity to live in the finished
dream even though he was going through the slings and arrows and oppression and degradation
in time and space. The world that he wanted to live in was more
real to him than the temporary experience that he was going through. There comes a moment when we can see and describe
that world of possibility and it begins to activate our nervous system, it begins to
activate everything and we see it. It informs our thought called inspiration,
it informs our conversation called blessings, it informs our work of our hands called gifts,
and we live in that world even before the manifestation of that world occurs. And as Tom Chi reminded us today, even if
you fail walking in the direction of that world, your energy, the template, the vibratory
frequency that you released goes into the newest fear of the middle of the atmosphere
of the planet and it assists everyone continuing to unfold and grow, develop, and unfold to
their greatest yet to be. As a matter of fact, when we talk about spiritual
terminology and we hear the word image and likeness of God, people don’t break that down
as well. And then thankfully, if you look in the mirror
and you say, “I’m looking good today. God is looking really good today.” But no, no, no. We’re talking about a formless, intangible
substance of love, beauty, and intelligence, it’s conscious of itself. The image and likeness of God means you share
a faculty with the infinite and that faculty is reflective consciousness, that you have
the ability to think independent of circumstances, you have the ability to think independent
of your historical self, you have the ability to think independent of anything that’s happened
to you and to make a new choice. The moment that that emerged in human consciousness,
natural evolution stopped. And now all evolution is participatory. You have to participate in your own unfolding. It’s not just gonna happen for you. It’s only gonna happen according to your ability
to participate as you’re doing this week. You’re participating with new ideas, new insights,
new relationships, new revelations, shifting your priorities. You’re participating so that that evolutionary
impulse that governs all creativity, that evolutionary impulse is another name for God. That evolutionary impulse, you’re giving it
permission to take over, you’re surrendering to it so that you’re pulled by the new world,
the eternal world of joy, and harmony, and happiness, and love, and peace, and you’re
participating in with your moment by moment by moment choice. Are you picking up what I’m putting down? Audience: Yes. Michael: Are you getting it? And so as we’re moving through these three
worlds, as we’re moving through these three worlds, we begin to navigate through these
three worlds through many ways. You’ve heard people talk about it. Some people were motivated by pain and it
woke them up, some people were inspired by an idea that captured them and it wouldn’t
turn them loose. Whether it’s pain or insight, we’re growing,
developing, and unfolding. And from that stage two consciousness that
Vishen talked to you about in the construct of my four stages of spirits, growth, development
and unfoldment. Stage two is motivation, external motivation. That’s Stage two. Stage three is inspiration from the mind of
the infinite when you’re captured by an idea. Stages two. You learn how to program your mind because
your mind in many cases has been misprogrammed. You’ve been told that you’re not worthy, you’ve
been told it is not enough, you’ve been told that the world doesn’t work. You’ve been told all of these things and so
you become aware that you have a mind, but you’re not your mind and you can begin to
program your mind. You begin to tell it what you want it to think,
you begin to tell it. You’re poised, confident, and articulate,
and spiritual powerful. You begin to tell it, “All of my needs are
met,” you begin to tell it, “Everything is working together for my good.” You begin to program the mind that all that
I need is within me, anything I could want hope for and desire is already loaded and
coded within every cell of my body, temple, every cell of my being, even the spaces between
myself, our folds are overflowing with a luminous darkness that contains infinite potential. You begin to affirm and program the mind and
then you segue way into a more of a stage three awareness where you’re humble enough
to ask for help, to be available, to be open, to be receptive, yielding, allowing, surrendering
not to a reluctant deity outside of yourself, but surrendering to the presence within you,
surrendering to the next stage of your own unfoldment, surrendering to the next stage
of your own evolving talents and gifts. You learn to ask for help. Now, a few months ago I was in Costa Rica
and I was out in the ocean and I got caught in a riptide. And I didn’t realize I had gone really out
in the ocean. I grew up in Los Angeles and went to the beach
all the time. We would never… It wasn’t a beach trip until we went on and
touch the buoy and then we would swim back in. So, I turned around and I was way out. My daughter was with me, she’s like a little
ant on the beach. And I said, “Whoa, I better get back in.” And I couldn’t. The riptide had pulled me. So, I tried to swim to the side like we do,
but there was another current coming in and I couldn’t move and I was exhausted. And so I thought to myself, I have these prophetic
dreams sometimes. I scanned my mind and I said, “Did I have
any dreams that this was my last day on the planet?” Now, we can laugh about it now. But in that moment, I was saying, “Am I going
to get back in?” And so I checked everything, I don’t have
any dreams of this is my last day. Okay. I think I’m gonna get in. And then there was a moment in which I got
dunked and I was under and I swallowed a lot of water and I had such peace. And I said, “Well, if this is it, this is
really cool. But no, no, no. This is not, I’m not doing this.” So, I programmed my mind, I said, “Regardless
of how tired the body gets, keep on swimming in. Regardless of how tired the body is, do not
pay attention to the body, keep on swimming.” And then what came out of my mouth was, “Help. I need help here.” I didn’t say it consciously, it just came
out. “Help. I need help.” Now, there was no one on the beach but my
daughter. There was no one coming for help, physically. I say the “Help. I need help here.” And there was a quiet that happened and then
this small wave came and gave me a little momentum. Then another small wave came, gave me a more
momentum, and then the third wave came and I started coming. It still took me a long time to get in. And I hurt my left shoulder trying to swim
but I finally got in. When I touched that sand, oh, my God. Thank you, God. Thank you, whatever name you wanna be called. But I finally got in and I took me a long
time to recover. But I came back home and I was telling a friend
of mine who’s a medium, I just told him about this experience. I said, “You know, I was in Costa Rica and
this thing happened and…” And then she started looking and she says,
“Can I look? Can I look?” And I said, “Yeah. Go ahead. Look.” She said “You asked for help out loud?” I said yes. She said, “When you asked for help at that
moment, an archangel swooped down and ruffled the water three times for you to get in?” I say it’s exactly what happened. And it reminded me, one. Of humility to ask for help. It also reminded me on an ancestral realm,
on a shamanically realm, no one can interfere unless you ask for help. And so on one level, you program your mind
so that it is fit, it is fit for success and wellbeing, it is fit for progress and unfoldment
and evolution. You program it. And the other level, you open yourself up
and you ask for help, you become available. In other words, your AQ always trumps your
IQ. Your availability quotient is stronger than
your intelligence quotient. If in fact you open yourself and become available
to insight and revelation, you ask for help. You become available to the presence that
is everywhere, the intelligence, the insights that you’re living, moving, and having your
beingness in, the world in which your physical, I can’t see, the world in which your ears
can’t hear, you begin to become so available even if you think you’re unworthy, even if
you think you’re not smart enough, even if you think you’re too young or too old, your
availability, your ability to be open will trump the IQ and you’ll find yourself radiating
a presence, you’ll find yourself radiating intelligence, and what will emerge in your
field are possibilities. In other words, in stage two, there’s attraction. You’re attracting things to you. Stage three, there is no attraction, it’s
radiation, it’s already within you. You now are available to it and you begin
to radiate. And since we live in a field of infinite potential,
when that inner condition becomes right, the potential rises, it’s emerging. The gifts emerge, the possibilities emerge. There’s no cause and effect at this level. There’s everything already exist in the field
of infinite potential. And now you’ve become the right being through
your availability and that which is already here emerges via your radiation. Are you picking up what I’m putting down here? Audience: Yes. Michael: You catching this? And so in stage two, you have mind power. Sometimes that turns to willfulness. Stage three. You have willingness. Where there’s willfulness, there’s a wall,
where there is willingness, there’s a way. It’s a different frequency, a different vibration,
different frequency, different vibration. Take a breath here. Release. Take another breath. And so here you go. Continue to feel this. Continue to feel this. You have content, you identify with your content,
you begin to identify primarily as a historical being. You identify with your expanded awareness
through affirmative prayer, meditation, life visioning, yoga, whatever technology you’re
using, you begin to identify with the light in the luminosity of your being. You do not put down your human incarnation,
you do not put down your historical being that is your lampshade, but it is not the
light. We get to celebrate our lampshades. We’re black, we’re white, we’re straight,
we’re gay, we’re bi, we’re trans, whatever we are, we get to celebrate the lampshades,
but that’s not our primary identity. That’s the shade. The primary identity is a historical being
that never had a birth, that’s radiating and glowing through the lampshade. And here’s what happens as you incrementally
have insights into that awareness, you become impervious to the laws that had been set in
motion by the lampshade. In other words, every temporary identity has
its own mental laws, and stereotypes, and glass ceilings, and things as to how people
think about you based on the color of your skin or your gender. They have their own mental laws. When you begin to identify with inside revelations,
you can’t pretend your way there. You begin to identify with your historical
self. You transcend those temporary mental laws
and you begin to evoke a law of love, and beauty, and resurrection, and renewal, and
transcendence. It starts to take over your existence and
you begin to realize that for so long you had not been in touch with reality, you’ve
only been in touch with your thoughts about reality. Two different constructs. Two different constructs. I’ll give you two examples. One, when I was attending Morehouse College,
before I went to SC, we used to do a practical joke. I don’t know why we called it practical. But we would take a book of matches, light
a match, blow it out, and then we’d go touch somebody really fast with a cold match. They thought they were being touched with
the hot match and they would form a heat blister. And they’d be all upset and say, “No, no,
no. You did that. You thought you were being touched by a hot
match and so your thought about that reality created that experience, follow me.” And we have a crowd. And then they would do it to somebody. And at the end of the day, people’s coming
into an awareness that their thinking was producing the heat, producing the blister,
but it wasn’t a match. Now, few years ago I was coming home from
a conference. It was a conference that we put on a season
for nonviolence conference and the aegis of the Association for Global New Thought. Matter of fact, that was the last time I saw
Yolanda King, the eldest daughter of Martin Luther King Jr alive, she was a member of
my congregation. And on the way to the airport, I got into
the airport uncustomarily early because I always have drama around airports. I always stay where I am too long because
I love where I am. “Oh, I’ve got to go. Okay.” And so I got there uncustomary early, but
I noticed I didn’t have any names on my baggage. So, I reached behind the band there to get
some baggage tags and I was writing, and I looked up and I saw this police officer looking
at me. He was staring at me. And so I tried to ignore him. And you know what happens when you ignore
somebody, you’re engaged with them. So, I’m trying not to pay attention to this
police officer. Get down on my knees, I’m writing my name
on the bag, put it on the baggage. He gets on his walkie talkie, and then there
are two police officers standing there. So, my historical self is thinking, “Did I
do something wrong going behind there? I haven’t done anything, why is he staring
at me?” So, I tried to ignore them both. So, I get down on my knees, I’m writing and
I can feel them coming up behind me. And he says, “Sir.” I said, “Yes.” He said, “Me and my wife drew a line in the
sand ever since we saw you in The Secret and we were staring at you because we wanted to
make sure that was you because you changed our lives so much. So, I called my friend over here and I wanted
to introduce him to you because ever since we saw you, we followed your work, we googled
you, we went on all this stuff and we started taking your classes. And I’m leaving this job in August because
I’m gonna go for my bliss now, and my wife is taking all these women classes and we just
wanted to hug you.” And so I’m standing in front of the airport
hugging these two, which I thought were police officers. I’m hugging these two peace officers. And we’re just hanging out at the airport
just hugging and exchanging numbers and going through this. But the point is, I had an experience of my
thought about reality. Now, let’s expand that for a moment. Let’s say I was really nervous and upset,
and cortisol started running through my body, and my hemispheres stopped talking to each
other, and my immune system started to become squished, and I speeded up my blood pressure,
and my aging started to increase. All of that would have been created by my
thought about reality had nothing to do with what was real. What was real is two men were in love with
me and wanted a hug. In the historical self who had had different
relationships with police officers. Like, it’s a whole different thing, you know,
was creating the reality and the construct within reality and I was experiencing that
particular construct. You know, it would have had nothing to do
with what is real. The humanity through viewing through the lens
of merely the historical self has created a construct, a world that it tries to be anti
bored, it tries to cope, defend, and have compulsive behaviors, and you’re here breaking
free, breaking free. And so people ask, if we continue to do this
kind of work, we continue to meet, we continue to collaborate, we continue to dive deep and
activate our potential, we continue to understand the universal principles that govern reality. Is this going to save the world? And I say, “No, no, no. You’re asking the wrong question.” We don’t wanna save the world. Do you wanna save the world where bigotry
is still existing? Do you wanna save the world where homophobia
is still existing? Do you wanna save the world where there’s
a big gap between the haves and the have nots? Do you wanna save the world where people actually
think they can build a wall against Mexicans? Do you wanna save the world? Do you wanna save the world in which we’re
eating depleted noodled food? And do you wanna save the world in which we’re
polluting our environment and the oceans? Do you wanna save the world in which there’s
mass incarceration? Do you wanna save the world in which our taxpayer
dollars is going to build more and more and more and more weapons while the other weapons
are sold on the black market to fuel other wars on the planet for somebody’s profit? Do you wanna save that world? Audience: No. Michael: No. We’re not here to save the world because the
world is different from the planet. We are here to serve an emerging paradigm,
we’re here to serve a paradigm that we’re beginning to articulate at a gathering like
this, we’re beginning to articulate a new world, a possibility. We’re beginning to articulate it. And as we begin to describe and articulate
this world, it begins to show up. You begin to collaborate. Collaboration is the new sexy at this stage
of our evolution, you know, in which your competition is fading and the new sexy is
collaboration. Who are you collaborating with? Who are you working with? Who are you sharing with? Who are you sharing your resources with? It becomes the new sexy. So, we’re not here to save the world, we’re
here to serve that which was previously invisible. Articulate it until we become the instruments
of its visibility. You begin to ask yourself, am I representing
with my thought, my word, and my deeds this world that I’m beginning to see? It begins to allow you to have moments of
sobriety, not just free from alcohol, I’m talking of, and drugs, a moment of polarity
is what I’m about to say or do. Does it represent the emerging paradigm that
I wanna live in? It becomes a dimension of our practice so
that we all anchor and then we begin to as we’ve talked about here at this conference. The last time I was with Tom Chi we were at
a Success 3.0 conference in Denver two years ago around Halloween. And he came with his big brain as he always
does and wowed everybody. And I had the privilege of closing the conference
with a description of what Success 3.0 meant. And I said, and this is so fitting for us
here. I said, “Success 1.0 is I get rich,” 1.0,
I’m getting rich by any means necessary. I’m gonna be rich, I’m gonna have all of my
needs met. Success 2.0 is I get rich and I become a philanthropist. I wanna get rich and when I get rich, I’m
gonna give. When I get rich, I’m gonna share. When I get rich, I’m gonna support things
I believe in. Success 3.0 is in my business model is my
give back. In my business model as I am developing my
business already built within that particular model is my give back where I’m supporting
the emerging paradigm so that my business is fueling and funding the world I want to
live in. You guys are 3.0 success moguls. That’s where you’re living. That’s your dynamic. You’re not just trying to get rich, you’re
not gonna wait till you get rich to do something good on the planet. It becomes a part of your DNA and it comes
from the fabric of your being when you have a realization. As I already said, the fulfillment, it’s about
fulfillment, not feelfullment. It’s not about feelfullment, it’s about fulfillment. And that comes with an awareness that I was
thinking as Tom Chi was talking about the galaxies and the universes and everything. I remember this story about this little girl
who was in a science module in her class, and the teacher asked the students, “What
is a universe?” And she said “The universe is one big orgasm.” She wanted to say organism, but she said,
“It’s one big orgasm.” And the teacher said, “That gives a new meaning
to the Big Bang theory.” But here’s the deal. The proverbial big bang from this infinite
void of infinite possibility, the luminous darkness that is the kosmos with a K that
undifferentiated wholeness of life and love and beauty and intelligence, that birthed
cosmos, and universe, and galaxies, and trillions of galaxies within every universe. That did not come because we’re worshiping
or celebrating a lonely God. It wasn’t, “God is lonely so I’m gonna produce
some people and some universities so I’m not lonely.” No. It was out of a moment of celebration, it
wasn’t orgasm. It was a moment of total celebration, total
fulfillment, bursting into expression. You are here to localize a cosmic celebration. You are here, you’ve been dancing and celebrating
since the time you got here, you have been hugging and embracing since the time you got
here. You are localizing a cosmic celebration with
the awareness that you’re already fulfilled. Everything you could want, hope for, and desire
is within you and that you’re setting it free. And so your moment by moment celebration,
your moment by moment claim that you need is met, your moment by moment coming out of
the construct created by your historical self, fear, doubt what we lack, limitation, not-enoughness,
your moment by moment, insight, revelation, satori, your moment by moment giving, your
moment by moment walking in the direction of your vision. And a vision is allowing a dynamic celebration
to take place. Now, I want you to do something for a moment. I want you to close your eyes for a moment
and I want you to consider when the surface mind is running amok. When the surface mind from the historical
self is having sway. What does it say that you’re missing in your
life? Now, we know from a quantum level, from a
spiritual level, there’s nothing missing in you at all. You’re not looking for anything to complete
you outside of yourself. On a spiritual level, this is so. You know that everything you can want, hope
for, and desire is within you. You know inside there’s a fulfillment. You may not know it all the time. Maybe this particular entry into A-Fest is
activating that within you. But there are times when the surface mind
says, “I wish I had more… Fill in the blank.” More money, more prosperity, more peace of
mind, more health, more love in my life. Whatever it is that appears to be lacking,
just be aware of that, what that surface mind is saying. And I’m gonna take you on just a brief journey. I want you now to become aware of someone
in your life or someone that you know where that particular quality of life is not an
issue for them. That when you think about them, they’re living
that particular quality in abundance. Maybe they’re surrounded by love, or they’re
oozing with prosperity, or oozing with a dynamic success. 3.0 Success, they’re oozing with a sense of
peace. So, when you think about them and you see
them in your mind’s eye, they seem to have what appears to be lacking in your life. So, first thing I want you to do is to be
aware that you can only see that in them if it’s in you, even if it’s in incipiency, in
embryonic state. What have you to see it, it has to be somewhere
within you and you are projecting it on them. So, right now, take a deep breath, release
the sound of ah, and embrace the dynamic possibility, that that which you’re looking at, you’re
looking with. That which you’re looking at, you’re looking
with the quality. Next step, as you see them, I want you to
begin to celebrate the good that’s in their life. You’re gonna transcend the egoic perception
of if there’s good over there, or if success has happened over there, or if beauty has
happened over there, love has happened over there. The ego might say, “Well, there’s less of
it for me.” That’s a thought inside the construct of separation,
a thought about reality that’s not true, that which is real is infinite. You are a unique being in a field of infinitude
with a mandate to reflect and to reveal the cosmos in a way that has never happened before
because no one can be you. So, right now, I want you to think about a
moment and maybe Juan Pablo will help us in this particular moment. I want you to think about a moment of sheer
celebration, a moment in which you were caught up in the rapture of celebrating, and I want
you right now as you’re thinking about that being that appears to have something that
you don’t have, I want you to celebrate their good fortune as if it’s your own. Stomp, scream, shout right now. Just enter into the vibration of celebration. Let go. Let go. Let go. Feel the celebration. You can stand up. You can stand up at this moment. Now, here’s what you’re doing. You’re thinking about the being that appears
to have more than you, that appears to be reeking with the dynamic quality of good that
you don’t have. Celebrate them. Scream. Somebody, scream up in here. Somebody shout up in here. Let your body feel it. Let your body feel it. We’re celebrating them. If good is happening anyway, good is happening
where you are. If anyone has been successful, it means it’s
imprinted within the newest fear and you can be successful. The ego has no control in this moment of celebration,
you’re celebrating their good fortune. Somebody scream. Somebody shout. Give me some drums. Hit it. Let your body do what it wants to do. You’re in the frequency of celebration. Feel it. Feel it. Somebody scream. We got infinite power, infinite energy. Okay. Bring it down. Bring it down. Now, I want you to feel a moment, a moment
in your life in which that particular quality was not an issue for you, before experience
and your interpretation of the experience came and you began to think, “I’m not worthy,”
began to think, “I’m not enough. I don’t have enough,” began to think, “The
good is happening over there. Therefore, it can’t happen over here.” Before all of that. And if you can’t think of a moment, re-engineer
your imagination. So, you imagine what it feels like to have
that quality and abundance. First, you remember it. If the memory isn’t there, you imagine it. You got it? Audience: Yeah. Michael: Now, take a breath, release the sound
of ah. I’m gonna ask you to take a breath. In the second, I’m gonna ask you to take a
breath and you’re gonna hold it for a couple of seconds. When you hear the clap of my hand, you’re
gonna magnify that feeling times 10. Take a breath, hold, magnify. You’re activating the mystic chord of memory. When you had all of your needs met on every
level so that you’re living from a sense of fulfillment, not feelfullment, a sense of
giving, sense of generosity. The world does not have anything for you,
you have everything for the world. You have come bearing gifts, talents, and
capacities. The world doesn’t have anything for you. You have everything for the world and because
of your uniqueness, your own…this infinite intelligence never repeats itself, never does
a do over, never makes a mistake. So, you, as an expression of infinitude, have
a mandate to be you. You’re beautiful. That means be the full you. Be the full you, beautiful. Be the full you, beautiful. Be the full you. Now, feel into your memory are re-engineered. Feel the qualities right there within you. What you have to give to the world is not
lacking in you. It’s real. Now, let’s amp up the celebration. Celebrate that you’ve gotten it, celebrate
that is within you, celebrate that the entire universe is on your side seeking to become
conscious of it self as your life. It’s friendly, it wants you to be you because
only you can be you. Celebrate that everything you could want and
hope for and desire, you’ve already got it and you’re not trying to get it, you’re trying
to let it, you’re trying to allow it, you’re trying to yield to it, you’re seeking to surrender
to it. You’re open. Somebody scream. Let the celebration continue. You’re celebrating yourself now that you got
it and you got it to give it. You only get to keep what you give away. Somebody scream. Move that body, move that body, move that
body, move that body. Repeat after me. All my needs are met. Audience: All my needs are met. Michael: All my needs are met. Audience: All my needs are met. Michael: All my needs are met. Audience: All my needs are met. Michael: I’ve got so much to give. Audience: I’ve got so much to give. Michael: I’ve got so much life to live. Audience: I’ve got so much life to live. Michael: I’ve got so much to give. Audience: I’ve got so much to give. Michael: I’ve got so much to give. Audience: I’ve got so much to give. Michael: I’ve got love to give. Audience: I’ve got love to give. Michael: I’ve got peace to share. Audience: I’ve got peace to share. Michael: I’ve got joy to share. Audience: I’ve got joy to share. Michael: I’ve got intelligence to circulate. Audience: I’ve got intelligence to circulate. Michael: I’ve got gifts to give. Audience: I’ve got gifts to give. Michael: I’ve got gifts to give. Audience: I’ve got gifts to give. Michael: I’ve got gifts to give. Audience: I’ve got gifts to give. Michael: And it’s happening right now. Audience: And it’s happening right now. Michael: When?. Audience: Right now. Michael: When? Audience: Now. Michael: When? Audience: Now. Michael: When? Audience: Now. Michael: Somebody scream. Roar. Roar. [00:48:20]
[music] [00:48:32] I’m just your rocking DJ from LA here to say,
hey, hey, hey. Who loves you, baby? It always begins where it always begins. That is within. We begin to see an ultimate reality and as
we see it, it sets us free. Somebody scream about it. Take a deep breath, release. And be aware that as you continue consciously
on your journey, you bump into amnesia and deja vu happening at the same time. You begin to forget your historical self as
your real identity, which you feel like you’ve been here before. It’s a homecoming. You’re not in the past, you’re not in the
future, and you’re not in the present. The past, shame, blame, immature pride. Future, ambition and fear. Present, sometimes it’s embarrassment and
vanity. It can become an open door for the eternal
now. A moment in which you are free. Those insights, freedom, free to choose out
of the construct. Your good is not in your comfort zone, your
good is not in the convenient zone. The good is outside of your present paradigm. Everything you’re doing is about breaking
free, that you’re guided, you’re available, you’re open to help. Collaboration. You’re open to help from the wisdom that’s
all around you, you’re open to help and you yield to it. Indeed, something wonderful is happening and
it’s happening through you, now. Peace and blessings to you. Peace and blessings.

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